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Tom @amsterdammerung Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nerdish. Occasional programmer. Mostly harmless.

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@HeldinEU This one is, for sure!
@JohnDonker @bencoates1 Timeline doing its thing @tomkatsumi "We know. We can't fire him; he's got a wife and kids to support."
@mjg59 The fate of the stupid is Heptarchy?I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this country is at war wit…
Retweeted by Tom @ThisChrisM Not awake / awake / NULL @ThisChrisM you've not got much morning left in which to decide...
@JohnDonker He's allowed to have friends to help. @JohnDonker Says you're normal. Big diff ;) @_julesh_ When the home office ate May, and got her into power. @andraswf Before the fall @saintsoftness The past isn’t dead et seq et seq @tomkatsumi "Your parents do their best, and eventually you forgive them." @Ernekid Appeasement still doesn't work, it turns out. @APHClarkson Boring government is usually what you want. @techpractical Ah, pragmatism finally :) @techpractical Goblin America. @techpractical I boggled at a Dutch friend who explained it all to me that so much effort had been spent to pretend…
@hilliatfields Sounds brilliant, Mr Fields.Attention to any developers who wrote this code at @Facebook: I condemn your actions, and suggest that you review y…
Retweeted by Tom @APHClarkson “Elite” 😬 @HeldinEU Unlike many in confinement, this one at least seems no more than confused.
Retweeted by TomI’d missed the obvious irony here, but all credit to the photographer for illustrating an article about “Dutch reck…
Retweeted by TomMATT HANCOCK: These Footballers should take more of an interest in the lives of normal people MARCUS RASHFORD: <bec…
Retweeted by TomNow, if this isn't the coolest thing you've seen today then you need to close the refrigerator. It's an animation o…
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How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by TomWhat is Jeff Bazos saving up for?
Retweeted by Tom @HillaryMonahan Nationalise Amazon!
So, what happens now that we *know* the government is not following the science?
Retweeted by Tom @JohnDonker I'm sure the outbreak team are panicking, but the government aren't panicking anything like enough. @tinymattresses Friend of George, I'm sure we'll find out @patrick_weir Stochastic politics. @HeldinEU Good morning 🤣
@aiyeethesquid The old ones are the best. @garius It’s not his department.
The scene is set for a big political debate about the extent to which the Govt can, or should, seek to steer (or ma…
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@LeftRig57257476 @nicktolhurst @JohnDonker WINNING. From Plague Island to Plague Swamp.
@nickyforvictory Be like Jeff. @TartanLlama Morale never improves. @ChrisGiles_ Anyone inconvenient to anyone in power.
imagine doctors being like "side project checkkkkk 🥼😷👩‍⚕️"
Retweeted by TomRetweet if you haven’t stopped “hunkering down” since fucking March
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we’re only in the first inning of where masks are headed
Retweeted by Tom @sauramaia Other people's rosemary is the best thing to encounter.If you’re still wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying away from people, please share this because sometim…
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@DrAndrewV2 Did you, er, fully support your mentee in the face of supervisor misbehaviour? @tomkatsumi Keeps stuff out of your eyes. Does this matter? Depends on your risk profile. A nurse? Hell yes. Mostly… @tomkatsumi
Being an elder millennial is having committed your childhood best friend's landline to memory but not your current partner's cell phone.
Retweeted by TomTook a pic of the cat lookin out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.
Retweeted by Tom @HeldinEU Give him anything he wants 😅 @techpractical Make it from grey bricks, you’ll be fine. @HeldinEU You got some dinner? @techpractical Lego, and a blowtorch? @kevinriggle Hella sketchy
@cstross Here, Melania inspects the troops. "Onwards, Covinoids. Our victory over the fleshy ones is all but comp…
Retweeted by Tom @derekjames150 They know. They don't care. @HeldinEU A secondary worry, really. @HeldinEU He seems happy.Physics, motion, trajectories, rice grains. Source:
Retweeted by TomFilled the bath with bean bag beans and cats couldn't get enough of it
Retweeted by TomLooks like RBG successfully argued her first case before God
Retweeted by Tom @Tercet @Tercet Ask Bulgaria.yes, sharks can outswim you. but you can outrun sharks. so far in a triathlon you’re square. all comes down to who’s the faster cyclist
Retweeted by Tomthe 2020 writers' room lost us with the murder hornets but oh baby they back
Retweeted by Tom @aurynn The shortest dynasty, if not the shortest revolution. @aurynn Odds are good. @aurynn President PELOSI. @aurynn Plot twist? PLOT BROKE. @aurynn Nemesis. @JohnDonker Plot twist? “We were in uncharted territory now, making up history as we went along” more like!
how many lawyers does EU have?
Retweeted by Tom @kophoogte A healthy respect for the object @kophoogte Flat mate's asked me to help with dinner, though.
@Dooppy “Oh no not again” @JohnDonker Yeah. The commonweal actually means something. Consent of the governed depends on it. @JohnDonker Europe as a whole having some trouble these last few years. @JohnDonker Dutch bureaucracy seemed so functional last year. @techpractical The Acorn RiscPC came in horizontal slices, each with a drive bay or two, and a riser card allowed m… @techpractical Once again a RiscPC case for actual PCs?
@kevinriggle :) I had the impression, though, that there was a cultural aspect: a reaction to stolid, sensible Germ… @Stonekettle The right to life ends at birth. @kevinriggle That ought to be how it is, but you saw the Deutsche Bank stuff the last few days, didn’t you? @aurynn Argh. @aurynn Does anyone support visual voicemail at all? Two UK networks and one Dutch and nothing.
A lot of you absolutely do not think of organizational structure and policy as part of your tech stack, and it shows.
Retweeted by Tom @molybdomantic English caff in Amsterdam to be called THE BUTCHERS’ APRON. Or possibly GERMAN BITE. @kophoogte there's a magic realism bot tweet somewhere: a poet wakes up transformed into a library, and their lover is secretly pleased.Well. That didn't work out, did it?
💋❤️🎉💐👏 That’s good, right?
@HeldinEU Brittany’s revenge. North Holland will take Harwich. @histoftech “That would be immortality enough.” @tinymattresses More intense relaxation about the rich. I liked the 90s, but not that bit. @saintsoftness Two minute hate for Leon Rosselson.
@oneplusme Callipers: the first bias laundry @bencoates1 yes minister dot mpg @histoftech My employer just published a netiquette document in all seriousness.