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Lover. Fighter. Appreciator of fine wines. First in class at a school you probably could not get into. I just want the best and the brightest to be in charge.

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@ninobro54954322 @Catheri67020701 @kindraf @LyndonRosser @dooraven @perrybaconjr Lmao what? @perrybaconjr Yes but it’s divisive to pursue these overwhelmingly popular plans because the republicans are against them, don’t you see? @mattyglesias @JHWeissmann Well if she had played the kings Indian then he’d never get to say the title of the show so its not his fault @mattyglesias @sunraysunray I thought we weren’t elevating small accounts with bad takes?
@mattyglesias Bmi +25 is not very overweight and will sweep in many muscular people. Pretty dumb imo @daveweigel Ah, this flower will spring eternal
@ebruenig Cory booker moved into a terrible neighborhood, is vegan, and likes old school music. He’s definitely a hipster @xenocryptsite NJ and Illinois should go first @Snowden @JerryDunleavy Think that ship left long ago in his case
@mattyglesias The only thing with this is now I know you’re making buckoo bucks and I don’t think you’re an underdog anymore @Sunrisemvmt_sea @PugetSoundSage @GovInslee @Reuvencarlyle With enemies like this, fossil fuels need no allies @PugetSoundSage @Reuvencarlyle @GovInslee With enemies like this, fossil fuels need no allies
@daveweigel It is a legitimate accomplishment (in the saddest sense of the word) that trump, unlike almost every pr… @daveweigel All that said, Obama’s hand was not forced in Libya, not either bush’s in Iraq, so it’s not like every…
@histgovguy @mattyglesias I don’t agree. I don’t think those networks represent my point of view at all and I’m lef…
@MaxCRoser I would buy all the property in a small city and start a socialism
@JulsOtter Fellas, is it pro-indentured servitude to give direct financial relief to the poorest people and stop a deadly raging pandemic?
@AOC Those are about the same number of words @mattyglesias In their defense, any class lower than millionaire is icky @ryangrim It would be awesome if kids-these-days complaints forever rotate around the fit of one’s jeans... @calebwatney There’s a big sad face blocking the way of the tax credits for the low income people! Abolish feeling sad and we’re set @ryangrim Showing your age, kids don’t have saggy pants anymore bro @randygdub @ggreenwald Yeah kinda sounds like what The NY Times person said
@Redistrict Dumb trade, Trump would just run one of his kids as a proxy @akela_lacy I don’t think it was strictly because of white supremacy but of course that was part of the mix, as it… @mariana057 None chili
@ShantMM The dumbest opinion I have ever heard shared on the website and that really is saying something
@ScottAdamsSays You missed: 3. Good lawyers declined the case because it was nonsense
@mattyglesias Um Matt read the room @ezraklein Thing is, they’re not marks. These people weren’t normal people who just one day heard that Democrats ar… @nypost Good, should’ve shot her faster and taken down her friends too @Phil_Lewis_ Damn normally I hate that guy but he’s got the right idea this time @randygdub I don’t think these people were tricked, I think they don’t care if their complaints are real, the compl… @LibertarianBlue Should’ve killed her faster and the rest of the people who broke in too
@daveweigel Whatcha think @ggreenwaldFrom our Francis Chung, Sen. Josh Hawley greeting protesters in the east side of the Capitol before riots began.
Retweeted by AmusedBougeI've seen enough. Raphael Warnock (D) defeats Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) in GA's special Senate runoff. #GASEN
Retweeted by AmusedBouge
@SamSeder Except for your thoughts on mis en scene tho
@mattyglesias Does this address your concern about professional debt forgiveness as well @rickperlstein Why don’t they use an L?
@stevehwilson @mattyglesias As I mentioned, I’m not convinced every dem senator actually supports 2k checks. Rememb… @mattyglesias I agree it’s the republican’s fault mostly, but the Dems really are blowing a chance to be on the sid…
@ggreenwald @daveweigel @wadeblack I’d say it was a bluff to help Rs get the cake and eat it too (kill $, blame Ds…
@Mal2517 @NotAHandleName @jakebackpack If you made 50-60k you chose to pay 2000 a month. On income based repayment you’d have paid like 400
@constans @Atrios @jakebackpack Thank you for condescendingly explaining the PSLF program which I have been arguing… @foswi @turpin4prez @Atrios @jakebackpack Even if they’re not the plum positions they once were, they’re fine for P… @turpin4prez @foswi @Atrios @jakebackpack I only know my personal experience of having friends at his office and kn… @foswi @turpin4prez @Atrios @jakebackpack Are you under the impression that he worked there for 30 years and ended… @turpin4prez @foswi @Atrios @jakebackpack My dad worked as a PD for 30 years and 80% of his office were lifers. May… @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack Ok I have other things to do in life so this is my last post. But I am not sayin… @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack Fine, tax them and direct aid to the needy, not directly back to the ducking rich! @foswi @Atrios @jakebackpack Lol look if you insist on working at DC legal aid or Manhattan PDs that’s on you. My d… @Kazanir @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack And please don’t go around telling people PSLF is a scam because it’s not at all @Kazanir @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack I didn’t distinguish their counter examples of loans because they’re du… @Kazanir @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack I answered his incorrect statement (PSLF went into repayment only recen… @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack I have 300k in debt. It is not great. I also got a law degree from it and a very… @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack Socialists of the world unite, we need to repay the debts of the most wealthy and secure among us! @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack Also we got off track here. I have no problem with forgiving college debt. I ha… @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack If you can’t afford a kid now and think you will be able to with 10% more money, idk what to tell you @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack I’ve been on repaye for four years and every payment is documented through the s… @Atrios @jakebackpack Does the government give people 300k in free loans to start electricial work businesses? To o… @jakebackpack @Atrios Yes it did. But if your point is that the PSLF should be better run and have clear guidance,… @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack Well that 50k wouldn’t be a big deal if it’s about to be forgiven, right? @polarscribe @Atrios @jakebackpack It’s 10% of an attorney’s income buddy, spare me the crocodile tears. @Atrios @jakebackpack Call me crazy but i think it’s reasonable to expect you to chip in when you’re going the extr… @Atrios @jakebackpack ‘Lol I want the government to pay for me to get an advanced degree when I could just work a g… @jakebackpack @Atrios They get forgiven anyway by the 10 year program. They’re not a problem at all @jakebackpack Government workers get 10 year forgiveness. It’s more common for the somewhat higher paid to have mor… @jakebackpack Factually wrong on many levels but right in heart @mattyglesias Slow boring will become vox again in 5 years and you’ll have to leave to another platform
@mattyglesias I got a little chuckle out of the line ‘highly trained moral philosophers could disagree,’ as if that… @Factsareafriend @lhfang Immigrant blacks, in the US, likely live primarily in the northeast and west coast, though… @Factsareafriend @lhfang Not sure what that means. In the US, Asians live primarily in the west coast in the major… @Factsareafriend @lhfang Do black immigrants underperform in the UK? @Factsareafriend @lhfang Probably that immigrants tend to be more highly qualified and congregate in metropolitan a… @lhfang Don’t Indians live primarily in coastal wealthy areas? Of course they’re going to have higher average salar…
@mattyglesias My sense is nothing would’ve happened either way and we’d be where we are
@FrFriedPotaters @mattyglesias I’m also interested @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias Well sure but that’s why your question was vague - what you me… @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias Replaceable by another equally good one @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias I’m using a browser so i misremembered your argument - what I… @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias I don’t think we’re disagreeing @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias As for incest, that’s a plausible explanation but I could easi… @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias Well your question is very vaguely phrased. I do think there’s… @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias No, I agree natural selection is real and evolution exists, bu… @centeredcss @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias If so then it’s an honest mistake (but I guess th… @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias Certainly @Noah97885865 @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias Isn’t evolutionary biology where they try to prove why organis… @ChrisCroy @internet_jim @mattyglesias How is evolutionary biologist a profession? It’s just compete guesswork @theparkpoet @not_teh_wolf @mattyglesias O_o @xj460ss @pdxbiker503 @mattyglesias Are you talking about the misanthropes screaming at a woman for calling a rice… @jackpissman @mattyglesias Cancel not lest ye be canceled
@mattyglesias Can you at least say that people are only ignoring land vs home prices because they’re too P.C. or so…
@UAR_enjoyer @halaljew Also isn’t that income? Not the same as wages @UAR_enjoyer @halaljew Wages can go up despite efforts to depress them when your economy is growing as fast as chin… @halaljew @Masraya1979 And hmu re: Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the one child policy, Tianeman square, and any other a… @halaljew @Masraya1979 And also please let me know what your opinion is on their treatment of the Uighurs since you… @halaljew @Masraya1979 Oh ok. By the way what do you think of the CCP’s efforts to depress wages and refusal to ena… @Masraya1979 @halaljew Yeah these people are so worked up about the US’s many failures that they can’t see clearly… @halaljew @Masraya1979 What do you mean? You said you don’t want multi party democracy or civil rights. How is the…