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Trump and the Republican Party enjoying a hostage-type relationship now, as Trump prepares to speak in Georgia tomo… legal crew lost 5 TIMES in a matter of hours today in states pivotal to his push to overturn the election. w… @Srherzfeld Thank you. I just switched back ; ). Got bored.The Trump regime has refused to allow members of Biden’s transition team to meet with officials at U.S. intelligenc… the Republican Party will just continue to look the other way for another month while Trump tries to overthrow a… @NeverCovidTrump @donwinslow Fixed it. TypoSorry typo $207.5 million.Trump's sheep donated $270 million to this con. I have been thinking about how spot on @donwinslow's #TrumpsSheep is unthinkable for an elected official - Ohio had more than 10 thousand cases today, and 129 Ohioans died. Th… @thehill @GOPChairwoman LolWe reached a new record 235,000 daily cases. An American travesty because this was preventable! We were told preci… from all the winning. California has certified per @AP. With that, Biden has officially passed 270 *certified* electoral votes. If… @ScottFishman Sorry snowflake. You lost. Reporting your tweet which is a lie.
womp womp. rats are leaving the ship. But the people involved in this cruel, evil, corrupt regime must be ostracized! @DiamondGirl1717 We need some good news. @furniture_web SighA federal judge ordered the Trump regime to fully restore DACA! the Justice Department bribery-for-a-presidential-pardon investigation, which became public this week, involv… names. Charge them with sedition! House staffers at all levels are plotting their departures as a growing number of aides to Trump are abandoni… @NYGovCuomo Governor - please start taking steps to move counties back into different phases as needed. We are losi… @putermantoU He looks like Shep @pilarwish @senatemajldr Yes! @Amy_Siskind @senatemajldr The entire senate should!
Retweeted by Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈Mitch McConnell @senatemajldr should spend the weekend working at a food bank. Try to learn some humanity. @Jim_Jordan And what have you done to correct them #GymJordan ? @RealMerrinD @Friends_Helpers Good one too!How has another week gone by with McConnell getting away with not bringing a coronavirus relief bill to the Senate… @rabiasquared How wonderful 💙What food banks and organizations are you donating to that you would recommend to those who can afford to give?So weird to see a president answer question from reporters, rather than attack them personally.Amen. to Biden talking about the troubling jobs number and the American people needing help now "we're in a cri… was made for rainy days in the pandemic. is a basket to donate to Georgia.'s not only Trump, it's the Republican Party and its leadership's silent complicity. Shameful! McConnell is an evil man. We must win Georgia and end his reign of terror. @girlmeetsgeek Feel for him tooSounds like Rudy is throwing in the towel. womp womp. as Trump rips off his supporters and attempts sedition, Melania is finding a new school for Barron. 🍑 - important runoff dates! Last day to resister to vote in the runoff is Dec 7. Please reach out to frie… The news cycles is slowly returning to more normal. Almost there - just another 4 1/3 Scaramuccis.Rick Santelli needs to smile more. And he's way too emotional... (imagine a female commentator doing this and still having a job? Nope)Rick Santelli is going to give himself a damn heart attack. Looks at the veins bulging on red-raged face! Simpl… isn't interesting in the Americans getting sick and dying. He doesn't care that his actions now are harming o… Please keep asking reporters! one big con. know he is keeping the $207.5 million, right?You can imagine the backroom deals Trump is striking to cash in on pardons. We need accountability. This can ne… latest con, attacking the fabric of our democracy to rip off his own supporters. Oh, and the Republican Party… @NYGovCuomo Governor - please start imposing restrictions in counties with high infection rates. There are no out… days.I guess Macron isn't making millions in licensing fees in Turkey in exchange for pulling US troops and abandoning o…"I think it's a great human tragedy, without question," and the "extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking - and… economy too is faltering. Congress cannot leave DC without passing relief. Governors- Now is the time. Wait no longer. You must impose restrictions and start to shut things down and/or… legacy of Mitch McConnell: being okay with Americans starving and being evicted, and a month later not recogn… @josephmccolley 💔Praying for my hometown friends in Marblehead and beyond. Please stay at home if you can 💜'm waiting for the reporting on the number of cases and deaths resulting from Trump's packed-together, mostly-mask… was all preventable. There MUST be accountability when this is over!💔💔💔 @johnvecchio4 🇺🇸💙Fucking cowards. @SaraMadAsHell Everyone is. Even VT.When New York, NJ, MA, etc were at the worst of it - our apex - in the spring, we reached 35k daily cases. Today… game: which rats stay on the sinking ship the longest. womp womp.White House communications director Alyssa Farah resigned from her post Thursday after 3½ years in the Trump admini… Biden's won by more than 7 million popular votes! Biden 81,267,708 (51.3%) Trump 74,213,015 (46.9%) 2nd big… those who missed it - yes she did."Pelosi, McConnell speak as Congress rushes to strike a Covid stimulus." This took Republican Senators working wit… have passed 210,000 daily Covid cases. * 5 states have 10,000+ cases * 38 states 1,000 or more. Nearly 2,70… have a great recipe for champagne popsicles for the occasion ; ) #IvankaForPrison
And her name is Heidi Stirrup. Hard to make this up. @Lesdoggg Damn, I just discovered you. Thank God I discovered you 👏🏽NEW: The Justice Dept.’s White House liaison has been banned from the building after she demanded DOJ staffers give…
Retweeted by Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈Unfathomable and unforgivable that 9 months into this pandemic we still do not have easy access to tests, or quick or reliable results.One full month later. You might think you woke up in a banana republic. womp. analysis reveals Georgia's Sen. Perdue is the most prolific trader in the Senate, with more than 2,596 trades i… womp. took Republican Senators fleeing from McConnell to work directly with Democrats in order to get a Covid relief p… is so shameful how our medical workers are being treated. They are like soldiers on the front line of war - lit… is on the horizon folks. We just need to get through these next few months together! "Gates said that the Uni… 💔 reap what you sow. diGenova resigned under pressure Tuesday from the elite Gridiron Club after saying Krebs should be executed.… @justinhendrix @thegarance Testing is still too hard in NY. @thegarance It's over 5% in Westchester. Same.Good! without saying. You simply CANNOT! GEORGIA VOTERS 🍑 Please confirm that you are still on the voter roll. Even if you voted in November. Yo… country was shocked when the coronavirus deaths passed the number of Americans killed on 9/11...then Korean and… is December 3. It is ONE MONTH since our election. Free and fair elections are the bedrock of American democr… @TweettheSouth @johnpavlovitz @MissBella5735 Lol @johnpavlovitz @MissBella5735 I feel the love 💕OMG @SenatorSinema's wore purple for Pence's swearing in. Love this 🌈 @davidmweissman Lol. Thanks buddy