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Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @AmyBerz NH - VT - Pennsylvania

Married, raised three kind young adults; keeping the faith; hiking, birding, writing, photography #nevertrump #loveislove #BLM #BidenHarris #VoteBlue

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“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” RGB
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@GeorgeTakei May she rest in peace 💔Joe Biden will lower our blood pressure. Vote for Joe.
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @BrianJo57 cat wrangler could’ve used you last night with a certain cricket we had to pry from the jaws of said fel… @TheTrueAmerica5 Table for one please! Resister Follow Back Party. Shhh ... follow back all who comment, retweet and like. This is a speakeasy…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @UROCKlive1 @Acyn Check out @CarmenYulinCruz ‘s recent tweet... remember her? San Juan’s mayor. Her tweet says it all. @Rschooley And in the next breath he’s “the best thing that happened to Puerto Rico” yeah ok... three years later a… like presidents who don’t feel sorry for the Taliban.👀‼️⬇️⬇️ is the “scam of all time.” @Lori_IslandGirl No clue?!? He seems to be feeling sorry for the Taliban!#MonotoneTrump drones on about the Taliban... “They’re just so tired of fighting.” I am so weirded out by this seem… says “we’re very excited about a lot of things happening in the middle east... we’re dealing very we… @RadioFreeTom *Bizzarre* damn @RadioFreeTom Very bizzare.“I’m the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico.” He really just said this.
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @RadioFreeTom “Biden has devastated the island of Puerto Rico.”Trouble sleeping? Listen to Monotone Trump live now on @cspan @RadioFreeTom Say it ain’t so! @mfstern I have a feeling that if Tina were stopped by the police for speeding or some other offense things wouldn’t go quietly or smoothly. @TeaPainUSA Newsflash Illinois... you’re North of the Mason Dixon line!?! @BlueIndiana1 @natsechobbyist @AVindman 😍 she’s super cute! @BarbaraWieczor7 @DMBfangrl76 Thanks, followed’ya back! @DavidCornDC 🤣😂 @DMBfangrl76 Thank you kindly Jen. I’ll have remember that you like #5 😃 @TheRealAndrew_ @DMBfangrl76 I’m #7500 for you please FB :) @Trump66611 He might fool a lot of suckers with that cute camel gnawing on his shoulder though don’t you think 🤔Well, I just blocked his highness the self-proclaimed “crown prince of Dubai Arab Emirates” who decided to follow m… @jfer She has a personal vendetta though against all insects... when she showed up as a kitten, all wild and starvi… @natsechobbyist I really hope America learns its lesson after this. Never again can we allow the wrong person to hold such a high office!Feeling discouraged or defeated today? Don’t worry, things will get better if we persevere. Now picture the Vindman… Biden will lower our blood pressure. Vote for Joe.Have you noticed the people who don’t want to help refugees because we “have our own poor” also don’t want to help our own poor?
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @mhdksafa Good morning! You write the best tweets!Who are you going to believe, a hundred ex-White House staffers or a dozen current ones that are trying to stay out of jail?
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @DemWrite @JoeBiden She sure schooled us all, good job!Me: “I can’t wait until @JoeBiden is #46.” Daughter (10yo): “He won’t be.” Me: “Uh - He has to win.” Daughter: “…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @Phylter52 Now cricket breath wants love. Goodnight 😴 @Raymond_LLM Pretty comfortable right here thanks! @winnie8813 @RadioFreeTom Ours loves to catch bugs... and thinks an open book=a place to nap. @Phylter52 I never knew anything about cats until she showed up, a scrawny little sick kitten, a little over a year… @KevinMikulaj Always treats when she does what we want/beg her to do ❤️ @RadioFreeTom Mine just caught a cricket... breaking news story unfolding on my page 😬 @bastokyg Hahaha! @KevinMikulaj Ok, here’s the story... I was taking the dogs out with their leashes, which were entangled, and in th… @backroads_linda My daughter claims “they’re filled with parasites!” so... yeah. @bastokyg Nooo, a baby rooster?! I guess I should be thankful! @Yvetteinsc Haha OMG you’re right!? @LolainNH Aww she does :)Just had to wrestle a live cricket away from this one, after she caught it in her mouth, ran up a flight of steps a… nice thing about people sending *the most* idiotic hate mail to our house is it helps the postal service. Also,…
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Hey, William Pelham Barr, slavery is not a " kind of restraint." It's pure EVIL.
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @natsechobbyist @AVindman Well now, a picture at some point in the future of the newest addition to the Vindman fam… @Yvetteinsc Yes thank you 🙏Disgruntled former employee
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @WhipClyburn We the people 👏233 years ago today, the Constitution was signed. Benjamin Franklin reportedly said that it created “a republic,…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @natsechobbyist Give me break, everyone who disagrees with them is “disgruntled.” No, maybe they’re just smart inde… guest lectured for a Russia class at a university in a swing state. Questions were incisive & insightful. Common…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @natsechobbyist @AVindman This is what you need ❤️ @TurnKYBlue2020 More real estate ?!Attorney General Barr is in need of a history lesson if he thinks coronavirus lockdowns are a violation against civ…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁"We, the FBI, work for the American People." -Christopher Asher Wray, FBI Director, in his testimony to Congress, 1…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁Like this tweet if you don’t need no patriotic education.Ok buddy, sure, sign that mandate for patriotic education, go ahead... now, let’s hear Melania step up to the mic a… @MeidasTouch Gaslighting doesn’t work when it comes to history. It is what it is.Guys, you do realize that you don’t have to actually follow that gaslighting former casino owner to occasionally ch…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁James Clyburn: Barr Comparing Coronavirus Lockdown to Slavery Was Most "Tone-Deaf, God-Awful Thing I’ve Ever Heard"…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁No, William. You did not go there. How dare you? Have you no moral compass to monitor your tongue? People! Who is this man? GOODNESS!
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @kgerbers4 I’ll drive. No one will suspect me 😉 fall date idea...we drive around the countryside and burn every confederate flag we see
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁stop flying the confederate flag ur literally from worcester massachusetts
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @briexnnx That ticks me off the most, like dude, you’re from the North?!? I see it all over Pennsylvania too 🤷🏻‍♀️ @mhdksafa So sick and tired of the “it’s history” argument for the continued display of this racist flag on license… need to realize that by displaying confederate flags you’re declaring pride in America’s decision to enslave..… @chipfranklin But first we must take him away from his family and friends and everything he ever knew and loved and… morning!! Vincent is very displeased with being woken up by the paparazzi.
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @AmyBerz Bill Barr thought he was coming off brave and compared quarantining to being a slave but to his chagrin…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @P_ENEMY1 This is great 👏 and should be part of a new Spoon River Anthology or something similar! @bastokyg Great idea!Whomever did this... you have some serious skills! The only thing possibly better would be to see a pair of cymbals… for the control freaks out there who are buying into the scare tactics that they must invest in a bunker t… @InTheNoosphere Barr is a monster.#Barr likens kidnapping people from their homelands and families and enslaving them to serve whites in a foreign la… COVID lock down sucks, don't get me wrong, but slavery it is not. Barr is a dip shit.
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @middleageriot Or when a Democrat votes 🤷🏻‍♀️
I think the one firm conclusion we can draw from this press conference is that Trump is pretty rattled by the react…
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @PalmerReport Please help us get #Unfollow45 to trend 🙏 @JoanneM39609651 Now you’re talking ❤️👍 @roythedogfather He was already munching on all the wildflowers, haha. I got a lot more pictures actually but have to upload them all still!If only we could get #UnfollowDJT or #Unfollow45 to trend.We don’t want his head to get any bigger than it already is 🤷🏻‍♀️Guys, you do realize that you don’t have to actually follow that gaslighting former casino owner to occasionally ch… @johnpavlovitz That Pastor Locke dude is one of them, ugh, gross!A photo of a young buck I took, thanks to my cat, believe it or not... she was intently watching something outside…'s disastrous townhall wasn't an ambush. It just showed the most incompetent President of all-time in prime time.
Retweeted by Amy B. 🇺🇸📷🍁 @thehill Looks like a voodoo doll.Hey right wingers! Check out Matthew 7: “Watch out for false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwa… @realDonaldTrump I know you graduated from Wharton but the period goes before the end quote. For example, “Republic…