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@johnjarrold Newly arrived in London in 1990, I went to my very first book signing at Dillons. I bought a copy of C… @writeclimbrun Lowell, Waltham, Dedham.... @cstross I already have an old Buffy-themed sweatshirt that says, “There’s an apocalypse? Must be Tuesday.” @mishellbaker @ecmyers They, um, exist already? I wanted them last year but they don’t make them for my eye issues.!
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @la_belle_laide @lauriemuchnick I have another rant about how Bad Education deliberately avoids an accurate depicti… @la_belle_laide @lauriemuchnick No, I actually have a longer rant about how Queens and Brooklyn are physically, if… @la_belle_laide @lauriemuchnick Yeah, I didn’t even bring that up!
@LironiThicc Maybe that’s a town, though, not a city. It’s been 35 years since I was there. Also, Tz’fat, but… @LironiThicc Ooh! And Caesarea. So pretty there! @LironiThicc Jaffa, Eilat, Beersheva @csecooney @tithenai @lunelyre Sorry, I just have this. (Plus the audiobooks of Piranesi (finished) and Once and Fu… @mitzpa I wish my nephews didn’t move across the country, though! @lauriemuchnick That’s true. I just also get annoyed by people who think it’s a monolith with one Lon Guyland accent. @lauriemuchnick Where on Long Island? I mean, it’s 200 miles long! Growing up in Patchogue vs. growing up in Roslyn… what we do? Every mag needs support to keep going. Even more so during pandemic. Support your favorite mags.…
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@jjdebenedictis @sanepagirl Korilla BBQ makes kimchi bacon fried rice. Or they used to. @peripateticmeg Dunno about any of you, but I plan to give this a socially distanced try at some point. @Bibliogato Ooh. I listened to a very nice Bar Mitzvah speech this morning, but it was decidedly lacking in that kind of delightful snark.
@TheBloggess It’s kiwi berry season. They’re tiny, smooth kiwis that you can just pop into your mouth. Love them. Solves the issue.
@sl_huang @tordotcom @TorDotComPub Knowing who’s writing this, I know the fight scenes will be justifiably epic. Cannot wait. @tordotcom @sl_huang @TorDotComPub I hope by the time it pubs, you can come back to the New York Review of Science…
@catvalente I signed up to be a Siggi’s Yogurt brand ambassador in 2019. Sometimes the love of yogurt does not leav… @TheKaufmann @EllenDatlow Budget Breakfast: Honey-vanilla with coffee cake crumble. I think that was it. I love Oddfellows. @EllenDatlow @TheKaufmann I got ice cream in Brooklyn Bridge Park! @NotLasers There’s also an entire subreddit of drawings in which Garfield is an eldritch abomination who has Jon i… @clpolk Trader Joe’s Autumn Maple coffee with stevia and skim milk foam in my giant Calamityware mug (“Things Could…
@KTBryski I don’t know you, but this Internet stranger thinks a small pumpkin is a darling gift. Good luck with your date.Please do not check in on your strong friends right now. We barely have the energy to lie to ourselves. Just send e…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @prof_dainy @julieannablock @shaindelr Both sides of my family gave half-Yiddish, half-Hebrew names (much to the an…
@lauriemuchnick @ellenbwright I think a lot about Daniel Pinkwater’s Lizard Music. Today’s kids won’t know about Wa… @jeffvandermeer @midtownreader @murderbydeath @mcdbooks There’s a Finch soundtrack, too! Was trying to persuade Bla…
@ArkadyMartine Also the bottle looks like a corn cob. Which is delightful. @ArkadyMartine There is a Mexican corn liquor called Nixta Licor de Elote. If you put lime juice and smoked chili b… shal Ich give thee up Nevir shal Ich lat thee doun Nevir shal Ich runne arounde and desert thee Nevir shal Ic…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @shunn Keeps the powder dry and the action quicker @TobySinbad @SarahJoSmiley @TomatoGrandpa I bet you’d probably like the Switchblade Sisters podcast: @shunn I still love Moxy Fruvous. And loathe Ghomeshi for what he did. (“I hope you like the double barrel/I think… @chrismpepper @djolder Whereas I always thought they were singing, “ I see a brand-new horizon.” When I eventually… posted a photo @ Brooklyn Cat Cafe posted a photo @ Brooklyn Heights
@PrinceJvstin But do you have a dramatic video clip of yourself biting into a dictionary?The moon will be closed for renovations this week. Please do not look at or think about the moon during this time. Thank you.
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @ArsenaultRivera Are we in the middle of the absolutely destined apocalypse? Who can say. (Also I just learned now… @tashadrinkstea Vita Nostra is about a Russian university with crappy food and accommodations. (And no one ever say… @jennyrae Is there a bonus section where you talk about how Ferdinand and Isabella were terrible people?NEWMAN!
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @WriteTeachPlay @csecooney They suit you! @jennyrae Well, I haven’t used calculus in at least 25 years. But I would never understand most of those little drawings. @jennyrae Having spent 18 months copying and recoding Common Core math questions several years back, I strongly agr…
@clairemcnear Does...does Marianne Jean-Baptiste need money? I would have thought her too classy for this. @opsoniteblue @tadethompson The podcast is called Reply All.please enjoy MIKE BENCE POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY HIS HANDSOME WEREFLY
Retweeted by Amy GoldschlagerTell me about a time where someone was NTA. Good stories only in this thread!
Retweeted by Amy GoldschlagerNYRSF Readings: C.L. Polk 10/6/20 via @YouTube
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @lavietidhar Like, Tang Dynasty-era Judge Dee? Fascinated to see where you go with this. @maureenjohnson Amy Goldschlager, book/audiobook reviewer @dreamoforgonon Louise Gluck was one of them. I still have copies of the many poetry books I grabbed from the shel… @dreamoforgonon This is indirect, but 30 years ago I worked for The Ecco Press, which was independent at the time.…"I the Fly do solemnly swear that nothing shall keep me from fulfilling my scared vow — to erase crime from the fac…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @csecooney @TorDotComPub @EllenDatlow And listeners are the best. We all love Chaz. @ellenbwright Never saw Maleficent, saw Hocus Pocus in the theater and thought it was an incredible waste of talent… @ErewhonBooks @clpolk @AmyGoldschlager You can watch the archive at
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlagerin other breaking news WARLORD GHOST MIKE PENCE has been released from his tomb and is already wandering halls near…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlagerexclusive photo obtained by billings examiner of WARLORD GHOST MIKE PENCE being summoned from his painting for toni…
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@PrinceJvstin I’m not ashamed of my N.Y. accent, but I’d much rather have a Welsh one. It’s so pretty! Also, Wales… HAVE THE POWER TO PROVE LOVE IS REAL there are songs and books and spaghetti recipes and new perspectives and m…
Retweeted by Amy GoldschlagerThe back of the manager's head struck the wall with with a sharp crack. "I am a barbarian from the mist-shrouded hi…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @JohnJosephAdams I’m so sorry. You’ve been doing great work there. @JohnPicacio @NancyHightower Always does. @NancyHightower @JohnPicacio All of us with that mask should go out in a socially distant group and freak people out. ;-) @ninocipri Except that Janet Maslin is their genre books editor; literaCHOOR gets covered by Michiko Kakutani. Maslin should just own it. @eliselemassena @Stpolishook Best of luck to you! (Former assistant editor at Dial Books for Young Readers/associat…
That’s just half an hour from now! Don’t forget to connect! @csecooney I used Amazon, but those ones on Etsy that someone else posted look prettier! @The_Big_Quiet “Do something else, be someone else for the next couple of months, until we can see how the land lies.”MacArthur Fellow @nkjemisin is pushing against the conventions of epic fantasy and science fiction genres while exp…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @cinnamonlafemme If an Internet stranger can love you in an entirely platonic, absolutely non-creepy way, then I lo…! Whew. I can finally let the cat out of the bag, but I am part of this year's class of MacArthur Fellows! In AMA…
Retweeted by Amy GoldschlagerTONIGHT! @clpolk is reading with our good friends of the New York Review of Science Fiction, hosted by @JimFreund &…
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @csecooney You can get vinyl stickers to replace the faded letters on your keyboard. I put them on a month ago, and… look forward to you seeing me there! (Unless you're @clpolk, I won't see you.) I listen to the "next week" teaser on David Tennant Does a Podcast With..., I often don't recognize who his fu… @veryheathmiller You mean AudioFile magazine? I bet you’ll be back on that cover before you know it! @peripateticmeg Well, my 50th didn’t happen the way I expected, but you know? It was all right. I felt loved and ap…
That’s tomorrow! @AITA_reddit The marriage should’ve been over after the thumb incident, if not before.Philip K. Dick: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.”
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @McFlyCahill90 @BrendaPeynado @NK_Adjei @Annaleen @larimah @seananmcguire @nkjemisin I love that story that’s in th… @TheKaufmann @grady_hendrix I also have a clear memory of visiting the Union Sq one in its original location; I was… @TheKaufmann @grady_hendrix My grandfather ran the mailroom for Chanel and Dior on 9 W. 57th St. In high school, I'… @TheKaufmann @grady_hendrix Well, the original Union Square location used to have a lot more books in the 1980s, in… @TheKaufmann @grady_hendrix I loved the second Forbidden Planet with its spiral staircase! @ThatRabbiCohen Last year a Chabad guy DID come up to me with the lulav and etrog and said the prayers with me. I w…🤣😂🤣😂
Retweeted by Amy Goldschlager @Sarah_Guan I’ll take 4, please.
@andreakail Pretty sure they make the pillow shams. Your way is possibly less expensive, though. @andreakail My shower curtain says hi. (And thanks to a friend of mine, so do my hand towels and pencils. I wore ho… @Richard_Kadrey That’s me, in front of the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. @ChuckTingle Chag sameach! Etrogs for everyone!