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U.S. Senator from Minnesota and candidate for President. Text AMY to 91990 to join our homegrown campaign.

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Stop 9 on the #AllOfAmerica tour—Mason City in the Historic Park Inn, the last hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright…
Wow! Waterloo really showed up today (Stop 8 on the #AllOfAmerica bus tour across Iowa). Thanks to @SingleSpeedBeer off Day 2 of the #AllofAmerica Bus Tour discussing issues important to veterans here in Dubuque, Iowa. Ther… know that we need a President for #AllofAmerica — and I am traveling through this great state and all across… don't talk enough about mental health — I’m in Iowa right now, where there are only 64 public beds in the whole… 1 of the #AllOfAmerica Bus Tour across Iowa was great! We started in Linn and brought our optimistic economic a… 5 on our #AllOfAmerica Tour: A town hall with Rep. @CindyWinckler in Davenport, IA focused on women's issues.… 4 on our #AllOfAmerica Tour: A drop in to Louisa County, county number 53! This is one of my favorite parts of… great day in history. This is why I've always been a strong advocate for women in STEM, passing legislation that…
.@PattyJudgeIowa & I visited a biodiesel plant in Crawfordsville, Iowa that closed because of the Trump admin’s giv… 2 on our #AllOfAmerica Bus Tour: We're here in Keokuk County, Iowa (County number 51!) and I'm excited to be v… raised $1.5 MILLION in only 36 hours following the debate. Our message of unity and an optimistic economic agend… endorsement coming out of Iowa today! Legendary IA Senator @LizMathis1 is joining our team & I couldn't be… to have the endorsement of Iowa Rep. Andy McKean, who switched from Repub. to Dem this year because of Trum…'re here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa kicking off our #AllOfAmerica bus tour! Thanks to Iowa Sen. @LizMathis1, Rep. Andy… Watch: On a roll, @amyklobuchar storms into the #FITN presidential primary state. TODAY on @ConMonitorNews
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharNEW HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR (In the middle of a nor’easter) STOP TEN: Thanks to Patty and the Lucky D…
NEW HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP NINE: A packed house in Coos County’s Northland Restaurant & Dairy B… HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP EIGHT: Stopped by two incredible local businesses in Conway. Got to… HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP SEVEN: Learning more about the rich industrial history of Belknap Co… HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP SIX: Merrimack County's Revelstoke Coffee gives you $1 off if you br… HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP FIVE: I’ve got two words for you: maple squares. A delicious first s… HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP FOUR: Dinner last night at the historic Manchester @RedArrow24Diner.… (noun) cor•rup•tion | \kə-ˈrəp-shən\ HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP THREE: Democracy is alive and well here at my town hall in Londonder… HAMPSHIRE TEN-COUNTY THIRTY-HOUR TOUR STOP TWO: New Hampshire has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. Local c… HAMPSHIRE 30-HOUR TEN COUNTY TOUR STOP ONE: The fall leaves 🍁 are out & a little rain never stopped anyone. Fir…’ve lost a leader like no other. Elijah Cummings was a lion when standing up for his beloved Baltimore & rights &… DID IT! Together we raised $1.1M in the 24 hours since the debate! This couldn't have happened without you and y… a woman beat Donald Trump? Yes. @SpeakerPelosi does it every day.
Fresh off of the Ohio debate stage, I'm in New Hampshire! Three hours of sleep isn't stopping me from visiting all… NEWS! Yesterday, right after the #DemDebate, we had the BEST fundraising hour of the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN! This is… today on abandoning our Kurdish allies: “They’ve got a lot of sand over there, so there’s a lot of sand that… in this race wants to protect billionaires — not even the billionaire wants to protect billionaires.…’m still waiting to hear from Donald Trump how abandoning the Kurds for slaughter and coddling up to dictators lik… fantastic debate! We saw our momentum build throughout the night — visit and help us grow… I have done is win. I've won districts Trump carried by 20 points. I have won every race, every place, every t…, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio all tried to effectively ban abortions this y…'m fighting for real plans, not pipe dreams. If you want our next president to get real results, then chip in $5… 1 out of 2 Americans have a family member or close friend who struggles with addiction. I have a plan to add… is correct: The Senate should move immediately to pass legislation requiring background checks on al…
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharI don’t see a moral equivalency between our country and Russia. Period. #DemDebateSen. Klobuchar: "I wouldn't even be up on this stage if it wasn't for unions and the dignity of work" #DemDebate
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharNo one is going to trust us. Not our NATO allies, not Israel, not the international community. We have to restore t… Donald Trump signed the tax bill he actually told his friends at Mar-a-Lago, “You all just got a lot richer.”…”Nobody on this stage wants to protect billionaires — not even the billionaire wants to protect billionaires." #DemDebateAmy Klobuchar on "Medicare for All:" "I appreciate Elizabeth's work. But again, the difference between a plan and a…
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharLet's not trash Obamacare. The difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. #DemDebateCalling Ukraine for political dirt doesn't make America great again. Leaving the Kurds for slaughter doesn't make A…
It's time! I'm about to take the debate stage here in Ohio and make my case for an optimistic economic agenda for a… time to get the headphones on... you, Yvette! My team and I had a great time. honor of the debate today, check out our daughter Abigail’s video. (And join her in helping us break through all… to take the stage tonight in Ohio for the #DemDebate! Let’s build on our momentum going into the debate — d… #DemDebate is tomorrow! Our daughter Abigail wanted to help raise my “name ID,” so she made this video:
Donald Trump has damaged our allies’ trust in us — I’ll start repairing those relationships starting on my first da… shared my optimistic economic agenda and my plan to win in 2020 at the fantastic Ohio Democratic Party dinner hos… courts are having to reject one Trump administration initiative after another. This administration has very lit… you, @Juanita_Brent! District 12 is lucky to have you.
We're now in Dayton, OH for the third stop on the Swing State Swing. Spoke with a survivor of the mass shooting tha… to go @Vikings! Defense reminding us why they’re the best, offense putting on a real show. Great game against a… are doing what this administration won’t do — they are taking bold action to address the climate crisis. As… the country, people are looking for someone to end the chaos of this administration and unite us with an opt… sanctions after the fact will stop this. None. No rallies or chants or tweets will bring back dead children.… Chuck asks Senator Klobuchar if there is anything the Senate can do to "put the toothpaste back in the tube"…
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Just more proof as to why the Republican/Trump tax bill was a windfall for the wealthy and why it will be such a bi… #2 on this Swing State Swing — thank you for the warm welcome, Cleveland! And a special thanks to State Rep… time here in Toledo, Ohio on the first stop of my Swing State Swing! Thank you to Rep @Marcy_Kaptur for i… say I need a viral moment to win this thing. So I thought I’d go on @BillMaher the same night as…"I think Americans don't want the loudest voice in the room anymore – they've got that in the White House. I think…
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I went on @TheBeatWithAri and shared what my experience as a prosecutor tells me: that the information we have on D… At some point the President needs to listen to that old Clash song: “I fought the law and the law wo… you @kchildsgraham for sharing your story. I’m honored to have you as a part of our team., four, three, two, one. As I said at the @HRC and @CNN #EqualityForum, every vote counts. And when we take bac… media platforms need truth standard for paid ads just like TV&radio& newspapers. And we should pass my Hones… young man who survived the discredited practice of conversion therapy asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar if she would work…
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharThe President just attacked Somali Americans in his rally in Minnesota. Immigrants and refugees have helped make ou… Trump is off the rails. We will stop this man..@amyklobuchar in 2018:
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharDonald Trump just said that Minnesota will vote for him in 2020 — I won’t let that happen. You can join me in stopp…
Today’s #MentalHealthDay and it’s an important reminder that we need to do more to support the one in five American… our newest constituency group... #babiesforamy! Current voting power: 0 Adorability: 13/10 Trump is bringing his hateful rhetoric to my home state of Minnesota today. Join me in signing this petitio… go back to “Mar-a-Lago.” At least you can pronounce that. Just another reason I can take this guy in th… arrests on campaign finance charges of two Giuliani associates big deal and what I’ve been saying all alon… from New Hampshire: Proud to have the endorsement of Peter Burling! you’ll visit MN Mr. President, & yes, hang out w/your pals, but it won’t be “easy” to meet new friends: “Tru… Trump is coming to my home state of Minnesota. He thinks he can win in the Midwest— but if I’m leading the t…
G'mar Chatimah Tovah to all observing Yom Kippur.My mom was told she had to quit teaching when she was pregnant with me. As @rweingarten points out here, this used… Kurds are our friends and have been on the frontline in the war against ISIS since day one. Our President sold them out. He failed them.The Founders knew something like this might happen and put checks in place to rein in any administration that doesn… to Minnesota Secretary of State @MNSteveSimon and local & state leaders for joining me yesterday in Golden V… Klobuchar says the report that Trump told Secy. of Energy Rick Perry and State Dept. officials to talk to Giul…
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Our women athletes making us proud again on the global stage — congrats to Simone Biles and Minnesota’s own Sunisa… it on. once told me that if he came to MN one more time in 2016, he would have won it. Well here’s what… Knelman, born in 1910, is 109 years old, as sharp as can be, and supporting me for President. OK, Democratic f… Carter continues building homes for people in need. This is what we used to expect from our leaders: true…