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People of color have suffered disproportionately during this pandemic. The Senate needs to act now and pass a compr…
The Senate is back. We’re in session. America can’t wait any longer, we need a vote on COVID relief right now.It’s simple: masks work. Wear one.For millions of Americans, paid family and sick leave is about to end as coronavirus cases spike. That’s not accept…’s what I call a win! #Skol listen to our nurses, like Lacie. Take this seriously.
Once again, Native people in this state and across the country showed up and showed out at the ballot box. We are n…
Retweeted by Amy KlobucharTragic events like the Cedar-Riverside fire in Minneapolis can be prevented. .@TinaSmithMN and I are leading a bil… more and more schools go back to online learning, I’m urging my colleagues to pass my bipartisan bill to expand… may view Jim Ramstad memorial service online Sunday. can think of a better way to spend your time. Or $3 million.
Breaking news overnight that DOESN’T make everyone panic? This is how you know the transition is happening. and local governments are on the front line every day supporting our businesses and communities through this… recent study found 800 small businesses a day are closing across the country. That’s unacceptable. I spoke with…
No matter what, Minnesotans will always show off their holiday spirit! so many families this year we did a zoom Thanksgiving with John’s family.  John’s parents (Bill and Marilyn) h…
Groups like the USO show our soldiers that we remember their sacrifice. To U.S. Army Cpl. Kayla Lystad of the Minne… for our country, our democracy, and for @JoeBiden’s leadership during tough times. Though this Thanksgivin… makes a Thanksgiving pie for us. The only problem, she is in New York so we can only virtually taste it! We… w/some time on our hands &no major Thanksgiving prep John & I have never watched this much of the Macy’s Thanksg… Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 🦃 🦃 Thanksgiving may look different right now, but family alone is a… looks a little different this year than it did in 2019 for @KamalaHarris and me! than 2,000 people died from COVID-19 yesterday. Someone lost a loved one every 40 seconds of the day. Please t…
Winter is around the corner and far too many families are deciding between eating or heating their homes. It’s unac…’s official: Joe Biden wins Minnesota! was so excited to join @HillaryClinton and @TheRealDratch at this year’s Women’s Power Tea! We talked about how p… a frontline worker. is so sobering. Show it to anyone who doesn’t believe how bad this is right now. Resurgent COVID-19 races th…
Millions of Americans have suffered from these careless practices. I’ve worked tirelessly to put an end to the op… Joe Biden said, this foreign policy and national security team shows the world that America is back and ready… way to start the week meeting virtually with small business owners and manufacturers from McLeod, Swift, Nobl… Connolly was a St. Paul treasure. Love to her family today. my tour of all 87 Minnesota counties after a virtual meeting w/ small business owners & an event with Mea… —as a former U.S. Senator & Secretary of State—will be an excellent leader on climate issues and I look…
Time to get out the TRANSITION “emergency confetti” for a moment of true good news 🎉 Thanksgiving everyone! GSA ascertains Biden as winner, lets transition begin. response to this virus should be guided by science, not politics. @JoeBiden knows that. to my friend, former Klobuchar staffer and fellow Minnesotan Jake Sullivan! I think back to this p… leaders are speaking out. Refusing to start the transition process is bad for the economy, especially duri…’s about time we have leaders that will end the chaos and the confusion.’s restaurants are suffering. That’s why I’m so proud to sponsor the bipartisan RESTAURANTS Act and lead the…
This @vikings offense is so much fun to watch today. We are ahead again!Remember to stay safe, wear a mask, get tested and stay home if possible. Lives are on the line. this pandemic, food security has become a major issue for our friends and neighbors. Please consider giving…“No beds anywhere” This is the word from our Hospitals. No party or gathering is worth it right now. Stay safe &… of the evening...this is over....and PA Republican Senator Pat Toomey says so too: In scathing opinion, federa… and Democrats know that @JoeBiden won this election. It’s time for everyone to acknowledge that and get…
Increased access to testing is an essential part of containing this pandemic. If you’re feeling symptoms, or potent… election is over. It’s time to move on and begin the transition for the sake of the American people. is a really tough time for our state, but there is hope on the horizon.  I joined Dr. Ana Nunez at the Univer… workers and small businesses are the lifeblood of this nation and they can’t wait any longer. My colleagues o…
Even the best prepared hospitals in the country are struggling to cope with the influx of COVID patients. America n… birthday to our aviators wearing, ice cream eating, Scranton born and bred President Elect @JoeBiden! Secretary of State to certify election for Biden. love to @Maddow & Susan. I got to know Susan a bit over the years & they are as in love as Rachel describes… set record for Give to the Max Day, giving $22 million. recount done says Georgia Republican Secretary of State. No fraud. Biden wins. To national Republican lea…
Even during a pandemic, Santa will find a way! Peterson has been a friend and mentor and gave his all for his district and rural America. I love this Glen… businesses, particularly small businesses owned by people of color, have been decimated by this pandemic. It’… is leadership. Krebs has bipartisan support for the dutiful and honorable work he has done. He deserves a medal, not to be…’s “beyond political norm-breaking. This is a direct assault on democracy. That an American president would even… change is an existential crisis for this nation and the world. @JoeBiden will work tirelessly to stop and r…
Thanksgiving will certainly look different this year, but just because we are apart doesn’t mean that we aren’t tog…’m so proud of my friend @cindymccain for putting country over party. want to focus on what we're seeing all over this country, not just in tech. We're seeing more and more consolidat… Krebs did his job without fear or favor. The President not only fired someone who has protected our democracy… is the interview I did at the end of last week about the good work of Chris Krebs and why he shouldn’t be fire… is patriotism. Firing public servants for just doing their jobs is not. Trump administration just fired Chris Krebs. I know this guy. He is in charge of protecting our critical infras…
Report from the senate floor: Federal Reserve nominee Shelton just went down. That was a good result for the countr… gift for my husband John for Christmas @BarackObama ! Can’t wait to read it. shh 🤐 everyone...don’t tell h… of M needed green light to move ahead w/their proposal for fast & effective testing. We don’t have enough tests t… lead Dem on Senate rules committee, Just finished up a Smithsonian hearing on the two bipartisan bills for a Lat… it might have been ugly...and not too exciting...but a win is a win. Vikings hold on for a ugly 19-13 win agai… job @Vikings Always nice to beat the Bears.For the sake of Americans’ health and our country’s national security, administration needs to accelerate the trans…
Americans are struggling right now to pay the bills, put food on the table and make ends meet. I’m so proud and exc… pandemic has affected all of us, but communities of color have been hit particularly hard. America needs rea… health experts have warned that this year’s flu season may be even worse than normal if large numbers of peo… a mask.Page after page.... They aren’t just statistics. This is who we are losing.
I joined @BarbaraCEO and Dr. Madeleine Gagnon @GilletteChildrn today to share one simple but critical message: It’… many lives have been lost. And yet Donald Trump continues to ignore this crisis. We need economic action and hel… is the time for action. Now is the time for leadership.
Now let’s get to work. Republican and Democratic election officials have said this has been one of the most secure elections in Ameri… you @Chef_Sean for your work to preserve an important part of Minnesota’s--and America’s--heritage.'s what U.S. is losing as transition is delayed.
America needs national leadership during this pandemic. Lives are on the line. a win! is a trailblazer and an inspiration. Krebs is a dedicated public servant who puts country over party, and he shouldn’t be worried about getting fi… election update: Biden’s lead insurmountable in Arizona as his margin grows in Maricopa County isn’t a partisan issue. The American people have spoken.
And which state had the highest percentage of eligible voters vote this year? Hmmmm.... Krebs goes to work every day to protect our country from Cybersecurity attacks, including our elections. He’s… made a great choice for his next Chief of Staff. @RonaldKlain has the experience that we need during this pandemic.Getting the coronavirus under control needs to be our country’s top priority. It is directly related to getting the…