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Amy Louise @Amylouioc Cork, Ireland

illustrator🌿 films 🌿 writer @benothingclub 🌿 trying her best 🌱 (she/her) views are my own #blm #enddirectprovision 💌

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Meet our team! Introducing our first contributor - Anna Mac ✨ Anna Mac is an aspiring creative, emphasis on aspi…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseLGBTQ+ PRODUCTION DESIGNER AND CINEMATOGRAPHER WANTED We’re putting together a team for the short script I’m devel…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseMe and my friends are finally relaunching this and we're very very excited! Please check it out and follow us for a…
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Retweeted by Amy LouiseEveryday I stray further from god's light and this is the proofI feel really ill and I'd like to claim it's an actual illness but really I stayed up until 4am reading Haikyuu fan… and friends are super excited about this!!! Come join us on FEBRUARY 1ST for articles on what we love and hope y…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseThe third lockdown was the sign for us to reboot our little project! The Be Nothing Club is re-launching on Feb 1st…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseCome hang out with just a bunch of nobodies this Feb 1st! ✨
Retweeted by Amy LouiseWE STARTIN SOMETHIN (again)
Retweeted by Amy LouiseMe and my friends are finally relaunching this and we're very very excited! Please check it out and follow us for a… @OptimusPrinkeps also omfg that is adorable 😭😭 @OptimusPrinkeps omfg currently very jealous of the characters you have
Daily tweets from the Ghibli account are literally the only keeping me going right now ngl
Sorry to anyone who follows me for actual art I’ve been playing Genshin Impact. Here’s some doodles of Lisa because… @BrianSagdeev Thank you I'm so glad ye liked it!! The confidence will come eventually hahah
@motherofnaggins Emphasising “it’s a draft” is such a must hahahah @Richie_Sombrero Thank you 🥺🥺Patiently waiting for the day I develop this wild thing called “confidence”*me every time I send someone a commission wip* “honestly this is pure shit sorry can’t believe I’m sending this ho…, but it's film funds that are targeted at supposed "emerging filmmakers" but insist you must have completed at…
Heya guys! Looking to gather a list of creatives who have recently graduated from an art or design course or have b…
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Trying to remember to use this more so anyway follow me on letterboxd for bad film opinions xx @veronikahvee They've only done the first one unfortunately!! a set of the three would be so unreal 😭 @Technicallyowen yeah the artist seemed to do that a lot with their pieces in the book! They're all so gorgeous! Ho… myself to a late Christmas present and I’m so obsessed. The Folio Society’s illustrated edition of Howl’s M…
@aoibhyart Omg I did nearly the exact same order the other day 😭 no better time really! @AwesomeFox42 thank you!!!🥰🥰 @AwesomeFox42 Hahah same I always assume everyone is my age, never younger or older 😅 thank you!! I wish I practice… many teenage nostalgia trends on my tl this eveningDrawing at 16 // Drawing at 24 pictured but still relevant is the fact I obsessively watched all the American Pie and Resident Evil films mult… movies defined your teenage years? ✨ Ngl I think I empathised with Veronica in Heathers a little too much…
@LostWolfling I’ll take one lightbulb even! Anything!Not me forgetting we live in the 21st centuryOk but do 20th century lesbians not exist lads like c’mon I loved Portrait of a Lady on Fire but do we need a copy… @adrianwojtas Yeah I’ve read most of them already 😭😭 thank you though!! I’ll definitely check out the others!Taking manga recs if anyone’s got any btw because I gotta fill those brain voids.Honestly pure emotional rn idk how I got so emotionally attached to a load of drawings playing volleyball but I didFinally finished reading Haikyuu and now I’m ✨crying✨ @pinkfluffboy Really? Gas hahah I recommend it! @SeanNorthridge This looks so cool!! @Kinley_R_Art Delete these Louis Walsh might get ideas 😭😭 @karolinecelly do you think he knows how to do finger heartsThe kiddos will make a y2k aesthetic video on TikTok and add Clueless and Jawbreaker I can’t take this any longer let me off
@Kinley_R_Art You just know they'd have the worst fanbase and allNot a day goes by where one of our ministers isn't a top trend. They're like a shite K-Pop group but instead of bei… @karolinecelly Omg thank you for reminding me of this. Also watching clips from the stage show has become part of m…'t believe I only reached the time skip chapter of Haikyuu this morning it honestly feels like I've been reading it for ten yearsIn case anyone was wondering, I'm doing absolutely fine right now and my mental health is GRAND @_M_egg Omg that’s so rude!! they could at least say “we’re going in a different direction, thanks anyway!” or SOMETHING @_M_egg thank you idk I'm not too sure about the colours or how I painted it idk 😭😭Looking at this now and I don't like it LOL back to the literal drawing board I suppose
These cakes have been living rent free in my head I wanna make one so badly by the frog cakes 🐸 🌈 thoughts on these frogs I’ve just drawn @jbreffni Still questionable, too much singing!Just realising I don’t think I’ve ever heard a positive story about a group of nuns"Direct provision is the Magdalene laundry of modern times" we've heard this for over 20yrs, what is being done to…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseLike, any Irish person defending them is just, gross. But witnessing many women today on Twitter read the reports a… all the things I don’t understand, Irish women defending the actions of the church and state is currently top of the list.Hi #PortfolioDay I'm Adrian, a Polish-Irish photographer and art director based in Ireland. I like to make moody c…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseMy daily struggle very galling to see "it was so long ago, it was a different country then" style takes on #motherandbabyhomes w…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseYouuu remember fire emblem right they always aired it after fosters
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The Creative Process in 43 Hayao Miyazaki Screengrabs (Context:
Retweeted by Amy LouiseIf you’re wondering how people stood idly by and did nothing about the mother and baby homes wait until you hear ab…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseWow what a wonderful day to remember that this country, currently the most infected country in world for covid, als… the government. (Via IG)
Retweeted by Amy LouiseHello! I’m Paige and I like to draw fantastical and mythological characters! I specialise in colour, concept, and c…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseExcuse me but what the fuck
Retweeted by Amy LouiseHi ! i’m Aoibh, an irish animation student that loves bright colours c: 🌸💕🌈 I’m currently making my final year film…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseHi #PortfolioDay I'm JP, a queer writer/colorist living in Ireland. Currently writing the upcoming Irish mytholog…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseHi there #PortfolioDay I’m Aysia, an Irish artist specialising in portraiture! I am also working on my own illustr…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseHey it's #PortfolioDay !! I'm Katelyn a freelance graphic designer & illustrator based in Ireland 💜 ✨…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseHello! I'm Hayley, Irish illustrator and comic book artist. My muses are motorsport, 90s video games and vintage ma…
Retweeted by Amy Louise @Buttercupantae Honestly valid, Bratz were another league entirely hahahHi Portfolio Day! Recycling my last tweet because these are still my fave pieces ✨🍃 I love colour, plants and tons… on Mattel, my Barbies, wherever they are, have been an active members of the LGBT+ community since around 199… I'm Neil, a 3D artist based in Cork, Ireland. I am available for remote/freelance work! 🎨…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseIt's #PortfolioDay. Hi I'm Triona and I mostly colour comics for various companies like Marvel, Vault, Image and mo…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseTime for another #PortfolioDay post! Very available for editorial and other illustration work. Just email me and we…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseThis is actually my first #Portfolioday ! Heyo, my names Katie, I'm a queer artist and I love to make comics and D&…
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Anybody use notion? I've finally started attempting to organise my life and I want inspo! @karolinecelly Omg I saw a similar one of these with older photos yesterday... wtf is with this bizarre subgenre🤢
Ok I’m being good and DRAWING @ChangoPongo But... I must farm more primogems 😪😪funny relatable art meme
Retweeted by Amy LouiseDo I draw or play more Genshin Impact. That is the question. @TheOneTrueHo Oooh amazing that makes me feel so much better hahah @TheOneTrueHo Thank you!! Yeah I noticed that but I never realised that 10 wishes at a time were better than 1, I'v… @TheOneTrueHo I don’t even know who I want 😭 I’m obsessed with Diluc but everyone wants Albedo which is sort of mak… morning everyone, just watched a TikTok of some Brit thirsting over the BLACK AND TANS so I think it’s time to go back to bed
After getting extremely invested in Genshin Impact. I work all week so I can spend my money on an anime husbando lo…👑🖤 #1YearWithShadow #btsfanart
Retweeted by Amy Louise @Klavigavi It’s so good 😭 Impa is definitely one of the best characters to play too!! Her powers are so funGhibli redraw just because 🌿🌱 #HowlsMovingCastle #Ghibli
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