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Amy Louise @Amylouioc Tokyo-to, Japan

Irish drawing person✨ email for work + commission info 🌿🌿 (she/her) #blacklivesmatter #enddirectprovision

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hey!! DONT DO THIS. if you find artwork on pinterest or google.. reverse image search it to see if the artist is se…
Retweeted by Amy Louise @billyuxr Yeah definitely! It’s such an interesting topic! @Thrasirshall It’s so lovely to see!! I think we’re so used to places like Britain not knowing the full history tha… some of you may know, I'm fundraising to pursue life changing top surgery! Heading toward my birthday we're almo…
Retweeted by Amy Louise @Barryoreilly98O Maddening how many english people don’t know! @billyuxr That’s so interesting!! Are you looking into all of this just for fun or will you be writing something on it or anything? @MuirennwithnoA Wow that’s absolutely crazy! Did you know why they did celebrations like is there an Irish community there or anything? @billyuxr It’s pretty interesting really like it gets referenced in so much stuff! @billyuxr Oh yeah they love throwing in to the Irish mythology into games. Fire Emblem Three Houses is absolutely l… @Corballicious Thanks for the rec! @JJ5000 No I haven’t actually! I’ll keep an eye outAnd yes I note the irony of this occurring in Japan, a country with a very bad past when it comes to aggression and… into shock yesterday when this lovely Japanese man was talking to us about Ireland and Gaeilge and then decide… @ScorchioIRE It’s such stupid logic and is just flat out lazy! People in the thread keep saying it’s not even been…
I lost track of this while I was sleeping but if anyone is reading this thread and also wants to learn about a much… @evadiminutive Omfg I give up honestlyShocked that a writer from the Great Nation that brought us top-o'-the-morning-pandering films like Darby O'Gill An…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseSo, I've made a little website to showcase my photography as I'm trying to get more paid portrait and event shoots.…
Retweeted by Amy Louise @BetterOffMalone All of it is definitely making me consider my ideas more deeply hahah @L0VEWIRE A wild time indeed!! @jamiedotdotdot They should be hiring you! @L0VEWIRE Very fair! All of this has reminded me of Channel 4’s failed famine comedy. That was a fun time on Twitter I must say @elizflaherty It’s so terrible!! Nothing holds a candle to a proper Irish accent too urrrrrggh @Be_Chuille Honestly if an entire nation is shitting on you, you’d think you’d listen @spiderfan19 Thank you!! That’s so cool! Honestly I’d love if more stuff like this could be made somehow! @L0VEWIRE Sure isn’t that all you need at the end of the day!That Gráinne Mhaol pilot is still living rent free in my head. The creator mentioned that their vision was Rose Les… @ssoapywater Omg have you read the rest of the shite in her thread?? I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt… @hazuhll Omfg that’s actually disgraceful! @DetectiveKen Yeah tbf I’d marry Persona’s interpretation of the Morrigan so it’s a thumbs up from me for the rest of them hahah @ErinHerstory Thank you!! I love that story too even though it’s so sad! @AbstractKryptid The laziness astounds me honestly! @DetectiveKen Omfg I didn’t know that at all. MAB??! @EimhinMcNamara Less money to untrustworthy people. My motto for 2021. @_ciarajane I know yeah like how on earth can someone miss the point so badly! It’s so lazy @PerzynaMika That’s so strange! @MissNeutrino Exactly!!! We’ve locations and names from eight seasons of Game of Thrones imprinted on our minds for… @deezoid @Stephen_C_Ward Omg that looks unreal! @TheGoldOrchard @DanielBurke55 It’s just lazy at the end of the day! No excuses really @TheGoldOrchard @DanielBurke55 I think the interest should be appreciated but she needs to be educated... like a lot @SeanOhBoyle Oh yeah like I wouldn’t be as pressed about the actual language of the show, even if I do wish there w… @spiderfan19 An Irish production would be such a dream, pity funding only ever goes to modern dramas half the time.… @AlexRileyDP Exactly!! No matter the language or culture it’s just so rude to go around changing names to suit you! @riadach Tá brón orm, tá mo chuid Gaeilge uafásach! Tá súil agam go bhfuil an Bèarla ceart go leor. I actually neve… @Banshee_Bonez There’s so much untapped potential really!! It’s a pity there’s not more appetite for fantasy when i… @matthewathome Absolute disgrace really!! There’s some unreal stories there too @muggins1996 That would honestly be such a dream hahahWow I really tweeted this with my whole chest, completely forgetting I’ve two film degrees. Turns out I am qualified! @hazuhll Exactly!! Absolute state honestly @theJoeGriffin @Motherfocloir Thank you!! I actually got to to run the motherfocloir account for a week because of these! 😊Someone give me money to make these. I have zero qualifications and experience but I have a trustworthy face. @CianRing Exactly!!! Most fantasy names are amalgamations of Celtic and Nordic names like??? Why would would this be different??? @Thrasirshall Woah it’s almost as if we’re a completely seperate country with its own culture, Wild stuff!I’m bringing these back since we’re all back talking about adapting Irish stories on the tl @EimhinMcNamara Exact same energy as the people who think Hillary Clinton and Thatcher are feminist icons hahah @hazuhll I didn’t even notice it was you because of your handle lol give her hell @baddestmamajama @hazuhll Honestly, this sounded cool until you brought up the idea of anglicizing her name. It’s i… Irish stories in to tv shows nd films is very very cool and more people should do that but ALSO choosing to…
@siminiecricket Yeah it’s really nice to see another person who feels that way! I’ve made so many spam accounts at… @siminiecricket Same omg I get so worried too that irl people will think it’s all lame and silly and childish and i… @sjn29 -but it’s an unnecessary expense if you’re just making posters and social graphics tbh! Like my iPad is the… @sjn29 If you’re literally just looking to do posters and graphic design then I’d say you’d be grand with one of th… matter the differences there is something that unites us artists
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A little poster for The Handmaiden (2016, Park Chan Wook), done for fun/practice 🌸🌸🌸
Retweeted by Amy LouiseA little poster for The Handmaiden (2016, Park Chan Wook), done for fun/practice 🌸🌸🌸 @ssoapywater Ultrabland is a godsend tbh!Cork lads will be like “I know a place” and will bring you to sit outside Coffee Roasters in the rain @L0VEWIRE Exactly!! Like don’t get me wrong, the skill is impressive but I just don’t think it has an awful lot to sayLike, I think photorealistic stages are part of every artist’s “journey” per say but I always love to see people mo… though the skill and talent required to do photorealistic art is really impressive I also think it’s kind of d… @aoibhyart That sucks so much I hope it’s soon!
@aoibhyart That’s actually so upsetting! Did they get rescheduled or were they just straight cancelled?the b is not silent, happy #pride
Retweeted by Amy Louise @thisismaeveq Thank you!! I need so much practice hahah @racconconnoisse Thank you!Anatomy who, honeyI may ditch this at some point but for now, I’ll tip away at it!I’ve never even had to patience to animate a full walk cycle yet somehow, I’m attempting whatever is happening here @spiderfan19 There’s even a hashtag hahaha #RTERayShowRespectNiallHoranFor Pride today here’s some LGBTQ terminology as Gaeilge: 🌈 aerach (gay) leispiach (lesbian) déghnéasach (bisexual…
Retweeted by Amy LouiseAmerican Niall Horan stans getting upset over Dustin the Turkey of all things is fucking hysterical what a silly world indeed @__a_l_l_i_e__ Omg have you seen they’re trying to trend a hashtag and all? This is so gas hahaha @BluePrimadonna_ Lol I’m just talking about when websites freak out over fadas and apostrophes haha
I look past it on most things but whenever I enter my name into an Irish website and it still gets rejected I honestly want to throw hands @Cofsbro Oh god I forgot about fadas! That must be so headwrecking! @amygils89 @dannyodwyer Oh man booking flights always makes me panic too because it doesn’t match my passport then… your surname make every website and check out self-combust when you enter it or are you not Irish? @L0VEWIRE It’s the only way at this stage @ccswifty Oh I never even heard of that one!Woke up that THAT news notification about the government and honestly haven’t been right all day because of it @StripeyMiata Yeah I saw it in March, it was cute! @ColmBairead Omfg what a wasted opportunity
@SaraC_x Ah that’s disappointing! @carlyraejervis Sounds like a fun time to me hahah @chanbell_17 Oh god that must have been so annoying! @SaraC_x Ooh was that good? I completely missed that! @katenicolexe Ooh that must have been great! Same honestly we didn’t appreciate what we had! @AwesomeFox42 I actually enjoyed that!! Bit messy towards the end but I always like Harley! @ArtMisslala So soft :( @ssoapywater Nice wan!