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i honestly really hated this part :/ i don't know if they thought it was funny. it made me so uncomfortable a wasp nest started screaming saw a balloon started screaming louder #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@bigtimerocky incredible wallpaperat some point i started getting stockholm syndrome on the island and figured i might as well catch enough trash to…'m losing my goddamn mind i've been up all night trying to find the last fucking March fish that i need for my col… would 100% be a reply guy's the golden deer for ya
Retweeted by amy nguyento catch the stringfish i must become the stringfish i am ready #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by amy nguyenCouldn’t put this in the video for obvious reasons so here you go
Retweeted by amy nguyen @shu 💓 @hazelcough okay okay i will include you in tags for future cupcake content!!! @JaapFrolich i've had it before and not been amazed 😭 i will take any port in a storm @tundal45 @elight @dustyburwell @ghod i will referee this dispute. there are good authentic burritos. there is also… @_brianlam YES THANK YOU FOR NOTICINGcontext: i posted a picture of a cupcake on slack one time and now my coworkers are demanding cupcake content every… 3: now producing premium cupcake content for my coworkers @isosteph this explains so much about this "exercise" i recently learned about've been going through a lot of mixed feelings lately with travel/immigration complications due to covid... I thou… two favorite things right now are animal crossing and innovative payments experiences
Same energy
Retweeted by amy nguyen @isosteph the desperation @helenhousandi HOWWWW @oliverzheng @panda_rocks2020 that's fair, and I'm not judging engineers who have difficult circumstances, but I'd… understand that not all software engineers make policy decisions, but... we are the ones who have to write the co… @nicolelzhu @carter_sherman that is a great review because i tend to skip over unrealistically chaste dramas!
joined a zoom call with my family then proceeded to mute them so I could messenger call my friends and play animal… @sophaskins @sailorhg ayyyy if either of you want this lmk i can mail it over 🤩 goes to WHO. Says it’s suffering pandemic. Feels alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vagu…
Retweeted by amy nguyen @asolove oof @sigje we don't because real-time monitors on splunk get evaluated before indexing and we found that our indexers would slow down too much
in love with this wallpaper! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH can't make QR codes yet, but here's the Cardcaptor Sakura design! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #AnimalCrossingDesigns *bugging family in US to play animal crossing with me* 3pm: *catching up on animal crossing alone time* 5pm:… moving to singapore, my internal clock got extremely calibrated to the world and now I'm always aware of ~4 t…
I've been making an onsen :) #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by amy nguyenthe situation: A had lunch with B. B tested positive. A had been in contact with many people since then (not me) bu…'m not depressed i'm social distancingtoday i learned that something i flaked on a few days ago turned out to have been a potential covid exposure and i…"hope your week is off to a good start" ... no when my manager asks me why I'm on twitter during work hours frame all of my chores in terms of "twitch plays ___" now and refuse to do anything i can't stream on twitch. let… i could conjure my interviewer persona (competent, confident, helpful, relaxed) in literally any other aspect of my lifeme: time is a meaningless construct that we should discard when it no longer holds value, in these times where we a…
In Vietnamese, I have to know every pronoun for every variation of parental relation, e.g. 𝘤𝘩𝘶́ for dad's younger b…
Retweeted by amy nguyentrying to relate to my wfh friends like me: haha i'm wearing pajama pants right now them: me too! me: i haven't… animal crossing
day 7: still playing hearthstone constantly but now the phone is on the floor under my face as i attempt to do one… Tuesday 24 March update of our coronavirus mortality trajectories tracker • US curve began gently, but is rap…
Retweeted by amy nguyenAmazon workers test positive for Covid-19 at six U.S. warehouses: The spike in positive tests for the disease caus…
Retweeted by amy nguyenI just can't with this 😂 @memeappetit
Retweeted by amy nguyencucumber implies cucumbest and also cucumbee @jennschiffer Hayao Miyazaki invented Ruby on Rails
Retweeted by amy nguyen
I can't tell if he understands the significance of saying "packed churches" - two of singapore's biggest outbreak c… all started because I wanted to try cool sleeves’m excited for this to go live! It’s so valuable for us to demystify and advocate for impactful, rewarding, and su…
Retweeted by amy nguyenwhen you're building weeb island you gotta do sword art online... I need to go to sleep 😅 but I think the sword and… @sailorhg @mintlodica hello 👀 I'm unreasonably excited about this one 🌟💖🌟 I extended the wings onto the sleeves!!!!! @amyngyn Singapore airlines has been updating their site basically right away, as soon as they change/cancel flight…
Retweeted by amy nguyenI want to track how many flights are currently still operating for SIN -> SFO/LAX because I am worried about my fut… need every work email to be prefaced with "yes i know pandemic is ravaging the world but like i gotta send this e… @herlifeinpixels same on the information withholding. I can't tell my mom the truth: if I leave singapore to go bac… shops have set up spacers to limit the number of guests and keep everyone in the queue apart by 1 meter. ther… "I'm laughing because if I don't laugh I'll start crying" moment - I washed my elbows with handsoap for twe… @whitnizzles yes!! it's quite good
I hope I can get the villagers to wear my designs. weeb island is happening #animalcrossing reference... he is mankind's greatest weapon will not apologize for wanting to see the dere side of captain levi #animalcrossing got too excited by the possibilities and made Marianne while I was at it. I wish I could find a sadder face for h… found a quiet little private beach hiding behind a cliff on the far side of my island. I'm gonna put a TV and a s…! HILDA!! don't make me work too hard! #AnimalCrossing @darth won’t you please help him?!
Retweeted by amy nguyenI'm still working on my nature corner, but I'm really happy with it now. goldfish and koi and games! #AnimalCrossing
my desire to protect my mental health by reading less covid news and my urge to click on every slick NYT data viz b… people: maybe i'll get into baking or bodyweight fitness or meditation while at home me: what if i carry a… @SaeidKian saeid don't be uninclusive!! some of us have been playing animal crossing 8 hours a day!!' @niallds actually yeah unclear :(does anyone want to play twitch does my grocery delivery orderI deleted this tweet because I don't want anyone to retweet it because I am wrong. it turns out that "work pass" an… will provide you the essential service of being a drain on your resources and building you a sick payments APIme: no i swear playing animal crossing for eight hours yesterday was great for my mental health also me: POLE VAUL… @wongmjane told my friends in the US weeks ago, get groceries and toilet paper now before the lines get long. they didn't listen!!
I wish I cared about my own wellbeing as much as I care about making sure my switch and all of my controllers are fully chargeddid I sleep enough? no but am I ok? also no
Retweeted by amy nguyenin animal crossing you can't use the ATM on other people's islands… they need some kind of global bell and treasury network, or gbtn
Retweeted by amy nguyen @keithkurson me!!!consequences of not unlocking the museum yet. the world is my museum. had the opposite of this today 🙈 I forgot I was streaming and my coworkers were watching and I called someone a l… spoilers!! - you can sell leaf umbrellas for more than the price of the weeds - get a slingshot ea… twitter is sending me into a depressive spiral and i need to log off... time to open /r/coronavirusWorst day of my career. Our little @ReactTraining won't survive payroll in this pandemic and had to throw in the t…
Retweeted by amy nguyengonna stream hearthstone battlegrounds for an hour or so, let's hang out and chat! announcement out of night pajamas into fresh saturday morning pajamas is an act of self-care
I got oranges! I went with "Pulau Home" for the island name (pulau = "island" in Malay) because I wanted to make a… did everyone name their animal crossing islands?! and what fruit did you get? tell me everything! @keithkurson oranges over here!![makes larry david face]
Retweeted by amy nguyen @herlifeinpixels hannah I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I'll keep you in my thoughts 💓what if I'm... not at all okay... with the uncertainty and isolation this pandemic had forced upon us... haha just kidding... unless?