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We are Amazon employees who want climate leadership. Views ≠ Amazon.

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The time for pledges and PR signaling is over. Planet Earth needs to see the numbers go down. We need pollution red… dichotomy showcases long-standing environmental racism of investments in pretty green futures for white people… green stadium is being constructed in the affluent, predominantly-white Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle WA.…'s recent release of its 2019 carbon footprint - which saw emissions rise 15%/6.77 MMT in one year - followed…
ICYMI: our thread from last night about Amazon’s 2019 carbon footprint report ⤵️ We know 2020 will be even worse. Climate change does not give breaks for pandemics. We will continue to speak o… While we are glad that Amazon has released its carbon footprint so we can start holding Amazon accountable, the… Last year, Amazon released its first ever carbon footprint report only after employees spoke out & walked out to… If Amazon truly stands in solidarity w/ Black communities, it would focus the $2B Climate Pledge Fund on reducin… "Carbon intensity” allows Amazon to prop its planet-harming profits up alongside its carbon emissions & claim th… Amazon greenwashes its emissions growth by saying the year-over-year increase is less than its sales growth. But… Amazon’s CO2 emissions grew by 6.77 Millions of Metrics Tons (MMT) last year, a 15% increase from just last year… In 2018, the @IPCC_CH said that in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C and avoid catastrophic global climate… Today @Amazon released its carbon footprint for 2019. While making promises last year to be a more sustaina…
AECJ stands in support of the Whole Foods employees who were sent home from work for wearing #BlackLivesMatter mask…
There is no climate justice without racial justice. Learn more about defunding police here: for organizations to sign on: signed on to the demands to Defund Seattle Police. We ask individuals and other organizations to join us in ca… they deny our call for racial equity assessments in business decisions & eliminating the environmenta… speak louder than words. Amazon's words mean nothing when they are firing Black employees organizing for be…
Actions speak louder than words. @Amazon, instead of just saying you support the Black community, how about address… for climate justice is a fight for racial justice. We cannot build a zero carbon future w/o addressing racial…
.@AMZNforClimate found that the majority of Amazon's warehouses are located in communities of color. And they say t…
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We, @CCAEJ, along with our allies @AMZNforClimate, demand Amazon end it’s Environmental racist practices and bring…
Retweeted by Amazon Employees For Climate Justice @willcountynews Thanks for seeing through how change really happens at Amazon! We worked with @CCAEJ to show how Am…'s pollution from big diesel trucks & planes are harming communities of color living near warehouses now. We… @greenpeaceusa @emahlee @marencosta Thanks for having us on Instagram! You can listen to the 2-min speech… at the @Amazon annual shareholder meeting ... the thread continues; listen in to @marencosta and teens from… want to root out toxicity in our culture and operations, and return to Day 1. Press release:… @teamcoworker @marencosta We worked with frontline community members with @CCAEJ to show how Amazon is disproportio… @KYWeise Thanks for the coverage! Anyone can listen to our presentation (with @CCAEJ) to @JeffBezos here about how… it a coincidence that the majority of Amazon’s warehouses are located in communities of color or is that trend p…'s Board response: "We are already responsibly managing the environmental impact of our operations...on commu… @marencosta and teens from @CCAEJ just spoke to @jeffbezos during the @Amazon annual shareholder meeting to…
10/We want zero emissions by 2030 while investing first in the communities most impacted by Amazon’s pollution. We…, along with @CCAEJ, urge Amazon to address how racism is intertwined with the climate crisis and within its op… Board claims: "...[We] are already responsibly managing the environmental impact of our operations...on communities of color.”7/Instead of addressing these issues, Amazon fired warehouse workers and tech workers for raising concerns about it… & families living near Amazon’s warehouses want Amazon to take responsibility for its impact on their hea…'s Climate Pledge ignores the racial disparity of this pollution & the Board claims they’re doing enough. B…’s pollution is concentrated around its warehouses, many of which are located in majority Black and Latinx…’re back this year because the Climate Pledge is good progress but it’s not enough. Emissions from heavy diesel… year we filed a resolution asking for a climate plan. After thousands of Amazon employees publicly signed on… is @amazon’s shareholder meeting & with our partner @CCAEJ,we ask the Board to address its environmental…
9/ We, as Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, will continue working w/ our colleagues to call on Amazon to become… We still believe Amazon and its employees have an incredible opportunity to lead in these times of crises, both… The takeaway is obvious: Amazon will not become the company we know it can & must be for the future of our plane… On the other hand, Amazon’s Climate Pledge, the Bezos Earth Fund, and improvements to COVID19 safety in the ware… If a senior leader, respected throughout the tech industry, is unable to get the company to change even when it… Amazon claims they support workers criticizing their employer’s working conditions, but says this criticism must… @timbray, a VP and one of less than 16 Distinguished Engineers at Amazon, attempted to voice his concerns using… Read @timbray’s blog piece where he talks about what happened and the thoughts behind his decision to leave Amaz… We are saddened by the departure of Distinguished Engineer @timbray, VP at AWS, who quit Amazon b/c he saw a “ve…
Words of support and solidarity from @marencosta and @emahlee who were fired for standing with Amazon warehouse wor… stand in solidarity with frontline workers who have been risking their lives to help the world survive a global… you @RepJayapal for advocating for frontline workers, including paid leave, safety measures & hazard pay! “..… you for your support @RepJayapal "...extremely concerned by reports that Amazon has fired workers who led eff…’s past time, @amazon, to stop firing and starting listening to your workers—and to these 73 elected leaders and… @KCCouncil, & more city council members, thank you for signing: @JoeMcDermottWA @CMUpthegrove @KccClaudia Legislature, thank you for signing: @senjoenguyen Sen Salomon @KarenKeiser1 @monadas @votenicolemacri“All workers deserve a safe healthy workplace & compensation that allows them to provide for their families” Thank… you to the 73 elected leaders & labor leaders for your support: "Amazon has fired employees in New York, Min…
Do you work at Amazon? We want to hear from you about your #AMZNSickOut day! We're powerful together. Respond to t…"Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s the feeling of fear and standing up anyway. Today we are transformed. We…“We’ll keep going until we achieve justice, doing everything we can to make sure this world survives & ALL the peop…
MN worker: “Social distancing doesn’t work; they only focus on people who are speaking up. On the line we are shoul… science teacher, Movement of Rank and File Educators, & delegate @UFT: “An injury to one is an injury to… Live tweeting thread is continuing here 👇🏾 caregivers: “In the corporations, the people up top aren't in the trenches with us and we know best what’… @RBReich: "Corporate philanthropy is nice but it's not a curtain to hide bad employee relations. @amazon has to be… @RBReich: “This pandemic is how we handle crises in the future for public health and environmental crises. Environm… @RBReich) “Amazon has prospered more than any company in this country & it’s part of the social contract; thi… from @RBReich) “If we ever were in the same boat as we are now—rich and poor, billionaires & Americans just g…—Stop firing; start listening to your workers & @RBReich at #AMZNSickOut, talks straight to @JeffBezos: "I h… @KccClaudia “The world is only going to change if we make it change. It'll be so easy to go back to default setting… now - @RBReich LIVE on #AMZNSickOut. Tune in right now: @amazon - stop the firings; start listening!Kimaya of @climatestrikewa "It’s inspirational to see all these workers putting their jobs on the line to stand up… Heaton w/ @MazaskaTalks "Listen to Indigenous people: All our teachings go to taking care of Mother Earth...… @JKSteinberger “What Amazon is doing—collaborating with oil & gas, putting warehouse workers in unsafe conditions,… @Greg_Palast "Pollution in our communities and in our air… the COVID virus is racist. I call it Jim Coronavirus. We… @senjoenguyen represents “the Duwamish in my district & environmental impacts are here & impacting us right now. It… @RichardTrumka "You're heroes every single day & without you—logistics, food, transportation workers—the country co… @NicoleMLKCLC: “As a society we have been living with our humanity in the garbage… This is the time to talk about a…’s #AMZNSickOut is bringing together tech workers and warehouse workers to support each other. We appreciate… warehouse worker "Social distancing has become form of control over us. They're using enforcement to crackdown o… Goodman of @democracynow: “Essential workers should not be expendable workers. Coronavirus has shown the fissur… Goodman from @democracynow live NOW talking about the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Tune in here:… from @enjohnston: "When innovation is based on a model of extraction of worker labor and raw material,… @enjohnston "Tech workers have significant amount of privilege & more expensive to replace, so when you organize it… @Dch1United worker “They haven’t rearranged or rescheduled anything in light of the pandemic; because their priorit… warehouse worker: “So they eased up a little—but they did it because we demanded it. We were getting organi…“You’ve been validated because we now see the best protection for our society against a virus or any other threat i…“We want to show the world what it looks like to stand up for those who've faced retaliation from any company, esp… you @SenSanders for your support! No, we will stand for being silenced. #AMZNSickOut @amazon: stop firing &… warehouse workers: “They put measures in place only due to actions of the employees. They did it without mak… employee about #AMZNSickOut: “This is something we as employees need to pay attention to. This whole event i… tech workers on sending invites to #AMZNSickOut: “I don’t feel brave for me it was just the right thing to d… @rebeccanagle “[in] this health disparity we're facing a data disparity; not including Native Americans as category… @rebeccanagle “(Native people) only have 2% of nation’s land; over 50% of that land is oil and gas reserves. So kee… of Amazon workers & allies are tuned in to our Livestream NOW to support @marencosta and @emhalee who were…