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@AnnaHenschel It is, but it’s also normal to cry while writing your actual thesis or as a procrastination method to…
@relish_books One of the best books I’ve read this year! a vibrant afternoon with Mr Loverman today! @BernardineEvari can’t get enough of your writing, your amazingly r… @PriyaMulji @Waterstones Very good reading tastes! @relish_books @bookofthemonth Which one are you after? @EHawkes13 @yearsofreading @zessomerville @HoZ_Books @DebutsUk2020 Saw the cover and thought of The Year of the Flood 🤭😅
@jamesellson3 Oh wow thank you for sharing this. Looks awesome! If we go up north we’ll definitely have it as an option! @PriyaMulji @Waterstones Maybe I can recommend the ones on this list? @Karine_Graham @CandiceC_W Definitely! Would start with Girl, Woman, Other and then move on to Mr Loverman. You can… @writers_reading @growriter Awesome! Glad you liked them @ffarokhi @booksaremybag @kacencallender Thank you for sharing that! Will take a look!
@MadreWolf Agree! Have you read Girl, Woman, Other or any other from Evaristo? They’re very very good too! @PriyaMulji @Waterstones Don’t we all? If you tell me what genres you like I can recommend some book lists 🤗 @franquinn @lucyjanesantos_ I knew they’re good at flexibility and hunting, but cooking... that’s a new one! @PriyaMulji @Waterstones Looks like someone wants some reading inspiration! What genres are you interested in? @KirstyReviews What are you reading? @lucyjanesantos_ Knowing cats it’s probably hiding between all the nooks and crevices between books and furniture @franquinn @lucyjanesantos_ Is the food furry? 🤔😂 @gottimeforbooks Sad but true! Have you tried audiobooks though? @jamesellson3 Oh like the steam engine Watts? That’s so cool! He was also a chemist 🤗 @publishingpea @jessicaldavx Yep I made the list 😁 but will update it with more books soon! @DivineDespair Ohh did you get all of them?? 😱 @DivineDespair Tell us which books are they! 🤗 @writers_reading Thank you! Have you read any others from her or any others on this list? @jontranslates @DanielHarris Evaristo is amazingly talented! I’m reading my third book from her now and can’t put i… @nomad_sw18 @BernardineEvari I can completely echo your thoughts! I’m only halfway through it but can still feel th… @writers_reading @BernardineEvari I can’t put it down! Evaristo is such a talented writer! @nytimesbooks We should all be supporting them! 🥺Independent booksellers are desperate for customers to return, and not just for an online reading
Retweeted by Ana Milana 🧪📚💻🙋🏻‍♀️ @kirsti79 @LibraryBoltonft @boltonnhsft @nhs_bolton Very good recommendations! Have also recommended them here @SealedWithMatte Hey I also loved Queenie! Could recommend any book from Evaristo if you’re looking for your next r… @MadreWolf @CandiceC_W Ahh such a moving book and the characters felt so real! I can’t understand why Queenie would… @OrangeJulius7 Ohh what a good book! Have you read any others on this list? @HarrowLibs This is such a powerful, fast paced and honest book! Would also recommend the other ones here @zoejtd @claudnia_ I agree with your reading recommendations! Would suggest any books on this list @BookOfCinz @rixieeg @shoesbyFIS Queenie will glue you to your spot and keep you reading non stop! Such a good book! @jessicaldavx @publishingpea Have you read any others on this list? @Karine_Graham @CandiceC_W Totally! Loved Queenie! On a similar note have you read any books by Evaristo?
@dshaggyshepherd @AliLanghorn Fully agree with you on that! I guess it’s just a matter of taste and of how you’re currently feeling 🙂 @yshennan Oh god that’s so sad 🥺 @BernardineEvari @Bruneluni @arvonfoundation Just out of curiosity, is sojourning one of your favourite words? It d… @sallylepage I’d rather see that than a photo of only male scientists which I’ve seen before 🤭 @BookTWs How can we have one favourite book!? That’s so little! 🙈😭 @marrillcollins @BookTWs I like how you included the “recent” part! Very well said! @samanthasweede Your tweet instantly makes me think of Invisible Women 📚 @relish_books @MichaelJBooks Is that about teamwork? 🤔😅 or couldn’t it have been a smaller group of detectives? Maybe would be cheaper? 😁😂 @jamesellson3 You want to say you live in what was once her house? 🤭😱 @digs_em @Bookmadjo @SophieCous @arrowpublishing @Rachel90Kennedy This time next year... the world will be covidless? 🥳 @Bruneluni @BernardineEvari By the way did you just try to pull a Winsome twist with Carmel in Mr Loverman? 😅😱 @Bruneluni @BernardineEvari Oh wow congratulations Bernardine and that is so so so well deserved!🤩🤩 I’m currently r…
English is the JavaScript of human languages
Retweeted by Ana Milana 🧪📚💻🙋🏻‍♀️ @elinor_hurst @goodreads It’s ok so far, maybe a 6.5/10
@ffarokhi @booksaremybag @kacencallender Oh please tell me more about it 😁 @elinor_hurst @goodreads Great choice! On an unrelated genre but a related insect I’m reading The Bees 🐝😅 @Morrisons I tweeted earlier this week but didn’t get a feasible solution 😕 Why can’t we turn off substitutes? We… @jamesellson3 Like the fact that bees kill invading wasps by covering them with loads of bees until wasps overheat!… @jamesellson3 Great thanks! Saw your profile and you’re a beekeeper? Since you like bees and books, have you read T…
@_beesteele Couldn’t have said it better! Great reasoning, meh year 😭 @jamesellson3 Haven’t read that one but I loved Never Let me Go by the same author. I also tried The Remains of the…’t call her bossy, call her a leader!🤩 Amazing how the same traits can be described by such different words! It… @WeinsteinEdu This list is AMAZING 🤩 thanks for sharing! Did you come up with it? @EvieBar @haringeycouncil @Veolia Heya I know this is a bit of a slow response but did you get any reply from them?… only this were true 😅
@elliott_king @aleksandrabking @SocialDilemma_ @MintTwist I agree with your point on the human need for recognition… @elliott_king @aleksandrabking @SocialDilemma_ @MintTwist That’s indeed a measure of recognition but it has some ca… @FionaKindness3 Glad you liked it! Enjoy GWO 🤗
@jamesellson3 @gpwigglesworth Oh how was it? I’m currently waiting for it to be delivered home 😁 @pollyrowena @sophieinspace Ah I love her writing! I’m waiting for a copy of Mr Loverman to be delivered this week 🤗 @austennerd @gpwigglesworth Let me know how you find it! I’m waiting for Mr Loverman to arrive @pollyrowena @sophieinspace Very good choices! Have you read any others on this list? @cwaclibraries Indeed she’s such a great author! I’m waiting for Mr Loverman to arrive in the post. In the meantime… @Nyawiramugo2 Definitely try GWO, it’s really good! @FionaKindness3 Thank you for sharing! Have you read any books on this list? @GlasgowLib Thank you for sharing this list! Will it be permanently available? 🙂 @elliott_king @aleksandrabking @SocialDilemma_ @MintTwist Don’t define yourself by your likes! Very well said Alexandra! 🤩 @jamesellson3 @gpwigglesworth She’s amazing! Just finished Blonde Roots again by Evaristo and it was eye opening! H… @austennerd @gpwigglesworth Such a good book! Have you read any others from Evaristo? @gpwigglesworth @WendyBurke101 GWO is absolutely wonderful! If you want some related reads check out the ones here This is a true story 😔 #100daysofcode #codenewbie #codenewbies #codinglife #code #girlswhocode #webdev
Retweeted by Ana Milana 🧪📚💻🙋🏻‍♀️ @relish_books Thank you! Will check it out 🤗
Anyone read 🐝 The Bees 🐝 by Laline Paull? Any thoughts/recommendations? #BookTwitter #BookReview #books #booklovers @osborne_dean What came first, the egg or the chicken? @BPJacksonMusic Oh no! Am I to blame for the book recommendation? 😅😅 @tootiehead I smell the desperation and run away 😅 @relish_books Ha I see! 😅 I’ve been looking for thrillers. Any recommendations? 🤗 @relish_books That’s quite a change in genre! @Morrisons Thank you for that! But how will that be solved though? Can you guarantee I will not get any replacements in future deliveries? @Morrisons Hey guys I would really appreciate a response
@BookSuperhero2 @Magnocarta @DauntSummertown @jessicahanak @CherwellFriends How did you come across it? Had never h… @Morrisons We would much rather not get a specific item instead of getting automatic replacements that we have not… @amberlbull @Morrisons Hey @morrisons instead of constantly sending replacements for out of stock items is there a… @rachbookreviews Oh thank you for that! Will check it out 😁
@Catheri94452625 Oh wow that really sounds quite interesting! Thank you 🙂 @Catheri94452625 Thanks! Will check it out @watsoneers @OurSharedShelf I guess it wasn’t just about existing close to it. These poor girls were taught to lick… @watsoneers @OurSharedShelf Yep what happened at Chernobyl was really sad 🥺 @BarnabyWalter @ClareJanetMason Were we meant to read both titles as a single sentence? Hold your breath strangers? @whimsicalmamaa Very well said! Did you buy anything? @adland Welcome to the world of “the client is always right” 👍🥳Some #history mixed with #Science for everyone looking for their next reads and films 📚🧪☢️