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@benz_63amg @soulkhan Nah you can’t see the future and you don’t decide what happens in battlerap either. Take care 😊 @benz_63amg @soulkhan Cultures change. 🤷🏻‍♂️
My wild years
Yeah I am more educated & informed about politics than most people I know, but I probably use this education more t… me proof that you donated to Bernie after this post and I pledge to log off 1 minute for every dollar raised i…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @DavidOAtkins @HeerJeet I think it willExcited Bernie has energized Hispanic voters! What would cinch it is if we could get numbers showing increased His…
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@flugennock @Earnest69366652 I followed you after Nina I retweeted a few times. Thank you for not purging me yet!My backyard rn is a stunningly depressing moment from today’s episode of The Daily. A member of the culinary union, and Ber…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with SocratesABA is conversion therapy for autistic people. It's torture. It doesn't prevent shutdown, meltdown, or overstimula…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @HeerJeet If I were a mercenary I could do backflips and throw ninja stars and do machine guns like pow! Pow pow pow!It's illegal in a lot of states for a person to feed & house the homeless. Shouldn't that be a question of freedom…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @traddegeneracy They have to find *something* that will stick and they are running out of time lol @Dosaboii @sunraysunray @_RavenouZ_ @traddegeneracy @LadyRiverdale All you have is “U mad! U mad!” Cmon do betterI was at the dump and an employee was watching me pretty carefully to ensure I sorted all my garbage properly. (Und… @AnandWrites I chortled. @flugennock avant-garde!Comrade Bees
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@regwag2003 @davo_arid @neeratanden @drmistercody @CharlesPPierce Neera avoided Twitter after this was reported lol… @regwag2003 @TheMarieFonseca @neeratanden @drmistercody @CharlesPPierce They yanked the 4,300 word report but they… @hamiljc @HeerJeet @FunnyNora @HeerJeet @paffiFlood @HeerJeet @regwag2003 The video makes it sound like the policy came from NYPD and never mentioned Bloomberg. 😩 @LippManLip @neeratanden It was classified. Article says so @TheRussOpinion It’s nice to try to remember things without google. You are performing a service imo! @jessesingal He did a tweet about how he was at a party and saw a conservative writer/pundit there and it was a lit… @FrakThePerson More like Sad about the nothingnessI volunteered for Obama in 2012. I ran for office in 2018. I am now a Bernie Victory Captain. I have an observation…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with SocratesLong live 5 Pointz
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socratesthe most important lesson I've learned as a sports fan: that you don't have to give back the fun you had during the…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @aria606 @libertyuprising @AOC Yeah and the nurse funded one is funded by nurses (not exactly dark money) and they…
The kids are still in cages.
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @kharyp @rbalabama @BernieSanders Link? For context? You deleted? 🤭 cut my own hair but nobody knows 🤫
@KevinMKruse As soon as we all come to consensus on what “Medical information” means. Lol IMO it’s all BS until w… @allahliker The Pervy Palestinians (please don’t get mad at me!)I KNOW THE GOP PLAYBOOK I worked in Kerry's war room during the swiftboat attack. I worked in HRC's war room as s…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates#Bernie has a teflon quality that infuriates his opponents. Nothing sticks because his unapologetic progressivism…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @geekbroll @Trayofbees He wasn’t a maintenance worker until he was ~50 years old. He trained pilots & then was a sa… @samosu_ @BethLynch2020 @ewarren Nah @FrakThePerson These are really good @JoshuaWhitecot1 @Bernie_Or_Vest @cmac324 Right! And while you dunk... those are scored by a jury too! Normal peopl… you posting things you dont like you're also raising awareness to all your followers about it to check it out. #IgnoreIsPowerful
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @Popehat I am considering subscribing to WaPo @jenmacramos I thought Gordon would be older! They’re both 52-53... and Wikipedia rudely doesn’t provide height/wei…
@yummyyo We’re, uh.... passionate 😬😂 @GalbraithStan24 @ClarkMatt @tristan_puig @JosiahP96 As a poor from a long line of poors (and pacifists 😎) I hereby… @complainster @kodaktyl @Nancymax5 @sivasiann @BethLynch2020 @whattheplucked @johnvmoore Don’t tell me what to focu… @complainster @kodaktyl @Nancymax5 @sivasiann @BethLynch2020 @whattheplucked @johnvmoore Oh I misunderstood. I was… @complainster @kodaktyl @Nancymax5 @sivasiann @BethLynch2020 @whattheplucked @johnvmoore But I bet he knows a guy @complainster @kodaktyl @Nancymax5 @sivasiann @BethLynch2020 @whattheplucked @johnvmoore Bloomberg probably knows a… @DrLaughNStalk I really really hope you enjoy management! GLHF @nikiyao @Naylya2 @JeffBezos I assumed it was a joke, but (seriously) people aren’t hard-wired to make intuitive as…
@kentuckyliz @disco_socialist @PeteButtigieg “Hey. It’s Lis” ? assume there’s some kind of federal regulation having to do with take-off/landing positions that prevents airline…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @colourmeamused_ @FeralHogs420 @Volceltaire Interesting friend lol. Lauren is in Cape Town, joined September 2019,… you to our benevolent billionaire who has so graciously won us these elections :)
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg How abo… @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg So are you just an interested bystander or? 😂 @dennisbhooper Drums are my favorite instrument to hear and watch! I had a cheap kit for ~5 years when I had a hous… @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg 🤷🏻‍♂️ @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg “Can have” well now you’re just…, liberty, and Miles' disaffected restlessness
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg Many stories out there, like th… @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg If Bloomberg was such an altrui… @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg Oligarch is someone with enough… @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg He’s not hateful “like Trump” b… @cj_beckerman @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg He’s a racist, sexist, oligarch, bully. 🤷🏻‍♂️So the Portland Art Museum asked if they could use one of my dad's pictures and were said of course and holy smokes…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @peterdaou You know about the Sally Albright bot stuff right? Caught red handed. Using dead people for profile pics. Just ghoulish @wineaintsweeter @EyesOnTheRight @ToddBohannon @Hebahersi @BethLynch2020 @soledadobrien Awww casul @wineaintsweeter @EyesOnTheRight @ToddBohannon @Hebahersi @BethLynch2020 @soledadobrien But how much more was it? I want to know.found a cool guy
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @wineaintsweeter @EyesOnTheRight @ToddBohannon @Hebahersi @BethLynch2020 @soledadobrien I just want to know how big the check was. @DavidHa71016344 @that_darn @fred_guttenberg @Mike2020 @MikeBloomberg Mike Bloomberg is also a bully though.
@bigtqmb I probably never will, my wife can’t & won’t stand around for hours & hours.dems are gonna look themselves in the mirror, take a deep breath and tell themselves 'we gotta get more racist'
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @LauraPlant26 @mywineguy @LisaSwinging @_joshyoung @fatmanatee What’s immoral about it? (Sincerely)Anybody can play the guitar pretty well, but only real monsters can play a bassoon well because it’s just way harde… @GeecheeInJersey @thestickerplug @Redistrict Idk Sticker Plug personally (bot? For sure?) but I do know Bloomberg is a total racist.
@hollowdadon My wife volunteered for a place that does this year-round for hospice patients & many are deeply moved… Heads - This Must Be The Place @jackallisonLOL Moore glances away whilst saying “We love you Chris” because he is to pure to be a good liar @MattBors You come for all of us 🙂 @BobSimms1978 @aedison @birbigs And the goof blocks me. Have a nice weekend in Brooklyn, Bob. Rip @BobSimms1978 @aedison @birbigs I am 38. I work for $13/hr and have no access to healthcare. I work for a small emp… @BobSimms1978 @aedison @birbigs You said he would have healthcare “One way or another” with any of the candidates. Please explain @BobSimms1978 @aedison @birbigs Yeah in order to be taken seriously you can’t go around just saying wild stuff. You…, @MikeBloomberg is trash, if your accepting money from him, your trash, if your convincing black families that h…
Retweeted by @dog_rates rhymes with Socrates @Wendys_Garden @robdelaney No, medical receipts. Like these. The thread is full of them. You ever get a really high… @CozmicSaber @Alec_Eiffel85 @BethLynch2020 @Whatapityonyou Nader supporter in 2000. And still I persist! Lol @SamLesi @JimfromBC @dwdavison Carnival barkers and clowns have different jobs re: the carnival, so conceptually it’s a little busy lol @DeedsWylie @Convolutedname I was going to make a list of pundits who cheered on the Iraq invasion but that’s like McCarthyism I guess @LauraPlant26 @LisaSwinging @_joshyoung @fatmanatee Even worse IMO is when bands make fans pay to see them play mus… @LisaSwinging @_joshyoung @fatmanatee They are giving a lot of it to charity. @TheRussOpinion I worked at Taco Bell for 2 days and they would still sell some stuff that wasn’t on the menu. I… @MD_forlife @bigtqmb @jamwilson301 He’s like 40 though right? Lol