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Political economy, public policy, civic participation. And yes, AI. Professor of Practice @criemcirm @mcgillu. Fellow @opennorth. Past @webfoundation She/her

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Elements of corporate capture include: - Community Manipulation - Economic Diplomacy - Judicial Interference - Leg…"Corporate capture refers to the means by which an economic elite undermine the realization of human rights and the… Capture: Definition and Characteristics
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Once again, we need to #breakupbigtech ! So many brilliant scholars & journalists tweeting out the facts today (and…
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Microsoft has a higher market cap (1.54T) than Amazon (1.3T), Google (1.04T), and Facebook (660B), yet they've mana…
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"The European Commission declined to comment."How is this real? no circumstances, even in a pandemic, should a deal for a core part of the City’s digital infrastructure be s…
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu8000 people from around the world are joining @rightscon's first-ever virtual summit! Our session with @herahussain
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The Anti-Harassment Tools Team at @Wikimedia is looking for a full-time, remote software engineer to work on featur…
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"Offshore financial centers are estimated to hold up to $36 trillion in cash, gold, and securities, not including t… Report on the State of Resources Provided to Support Scholars Against Harassment, Trolling, and Doxxing While D…
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@ChagulaniShabie @EvaThomann @raulpacheco Congrats @ChagulaniShabie!
@TeddyWoodhouse @Dama_Yanthy Thank you! Will try this out today 😎 @Dama_Yanthy The struggle is real, especially on hot days. So thanks for this thread, it's really helpful!
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The kindest thing you can do for the victims and survivors today, on the 25th anniversary, during an era of disinfo…
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From “Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups” by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun via… forget this.
New! Check out the AI ecosystem in Canada dataset - created to better understand the entities that operate in it.…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuWeird request! I am looking for a (progressive) economist that would be up for semi-regular conversations about da…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuA very useful tool for anyone who is trying to even begin to understand the institutional who is who of AI in Canad…
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu @MichSpieler Thank you Mich! @TraceyLauriault @OpenGovCan @opennorth 🙏🏼 @TraceyLauriault @cippic Thank you Tracey!
@JHvanGeuns Thank YOU 😘 @_jack_poulson @p2173 Thanks for this! Let me know how it progresses. @jhereia 🙏🏼💕Folks studying AI, smart cities, tech & power relations between state/non-state actors should all check this out! T…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuUpdate: AI ecosystem map as a dataset now published: An initial report from this research… @_jack_poulson @p2173 Hello! Your project looks awesome. Would be great to connect. I'm researching public sector f… @aketchum22 Thanks @aketchum22!Lobbying and Contracting Explorer - focused on tech. I don't know who's behind this (thank…
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu"What is needed is a field that exposes and critiques systems that concentrate power, while co-creating new systems…"When the field of AI believes it is neutral, it both fails to notice biased data and builds systems that sanctify… more about this research on @CriemCirm: you to Elissa Kayal for creating this dataset with me, and to @JHvanGeuns, @ystvns, @ArzenChan, and… is just the start. It would be great to turn this into a global dataset/list. If that is of interest to you, let me know.Feedback welcome! Are the columns useful? If yes, which ones? Should we add another column? What should it be about… AI ecosystem dataset includes 710+ public and private sector entities that work with, research, fund and/or pro…! Check out the AI ecosystem in Canada dataset - created to better understand the entities that operate in it.…
Hey public interest tech, data science, #AI & #AIEthics folks, you won't want to miss this @Yale @YaleLawSch talk o…
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This is huge. The ACM is calling for an "immediate suspension of the current and future private and governmental us…
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Open banking is *not* open data. tbh, I don't understand how it made it into the 'open' ecosystem at all.Above is the FT take on open banking. Open banking is also a system that gives commercial banks less control over…"Open banking, which gives customers more control over how their bank, credit card and savings data are shared, has…"Mastercard is to buy US open-banking company Finicity in a $1 billion deal, expanding its footprint in a growing a…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuThis is a beautiful thread. There's ONLY one party that benefits from colonialism: the coloniser
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuI wrote something to respond to questions flying around about what cities can do next to tackle the centuries of sy…
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@drpamelalirio Thanks for this articleThis is....oddly the best way to explain inherent biases and why status quo “accuracy” is a trash metric.
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu @RuralHuman That's for sure @RuralHuman New buzz words💀 @RuralHuman Still getting to know them. Here we have both nonprofit accelerators (incubators)… @RuralHuman For sure. SO many questions. Also I just realized that incubators are accelerators. So confusing. Why n… @RuralHuman And accelerators.That moment when you find entities that are built to support startups and realize they are not actually companies b… Private Limited Company - N.S. Limited Company - Limited Liability Company - Domestic Limited Liability Company -… they don't have a privacy policy. Then good luck searching for something like Creative Ventures.One of the best examples I've found so far of multijurisdictional incorporation of a private investor in the AI eco… policies on company websites are useful for finding the legal status of company names, aside from the URL o… @drpamelalirio @MitacsCanada @KevinVanDuysen I welcome his input. Plan to publish it by the end of next week.VCs are a nightmare to categorize by legal status because of the amount of entities available under one umbrella na… @herahussain the best answer IMOWhat a surprise:"" "______ AI"Current status
@ekoner !!! I can't wait to hear allllll about it
Since I was dunking on AI, just wanted to say a thing about my field: history of technology has too often uncritica…
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Public infrastructure for the public interest for the collective for the people now."We need everyone to become aware of what’s at stake, so we can take back our public infrastructure, and build our…"This is not a job for grassroots movements alone. To burn down #digitalcolonialism we need governments, municipali…"We need a reinvented knowledge and data commons, and we need to innovate collaborative, publicly funded forms of a…"We do not need to resist it, we need to end it. We need accelerated regulatory reform in the spirit of antitrust… reminder: "Digital colonialism is the new deployment of a quasi-imperial power over a vast number of people, with… is the new way to talk about business intelligence.You *cannot* predict criminality from biometric data. Such an important, beautifully argued letter - may it travel…
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Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuThe top 5 readings that are helping me dream up radical AI right now (a thread) 1/5 A People's Guide to AI by…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuIs Tech Solutionism dead yet?
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuWe welcome the news Springer will not be publishing the article in question, but our demands are unmet. How did thi…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuWhite Men in ML are behaving like White Men IRL: minimizing harms, mischaracterizing problems, and most of all, ign…
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu @drpamelalirio @IVADO_Qc @TircherP @RimKholti @HanenGi @atg_abhishek @mtlaiethics @ceobillionaire @Montreal_AI resource for the Fall emergency remote teaching!
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuThis is the worst way forward with AI. It is unethical to fund or publish scholarship like this.
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuSpringer Nature plans to publish an article "A Deep Neural Network Model to Predict Criminality Using Image Process…
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu @craigaatkinson Appropriate for whom?In case it needed to be said explicitly - This isn’t a call for “diversity” in datasets or “improved accuracy” in p…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuWe have an exciting opportunity for a trauma-informed therapist and counselor to join our team for a 6-month consul…
Retweeted by Ana BrandusescuCombatting Anti-Blackness in the AI Community: In this work, we aim to elucidate the scale and scope of anti-Black…
Retweeted by Ana Brandusescu"Had Google and Apple aimed to provide an info tool anyone could develop for their safety, rather than asking gover…"Do Google or Apple get to tell a democratically elected government or its public health institutions what they may…“ local authorities look for ways to defund policing, new technologies may be one of the carceral ‘solutions’…
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@drpamelalirio @KevinVanDuysen @Montreal_AI @ObservatoireIA No, just a list of names unfortunately. Those details would be really useful.