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Suit for 30 years Hospitality, Logistics, Travel, Ecommerce, Speciality Retail. Now Mentor, Advisor to CEOs, Founders, SME | #1plus99 | #T1HM

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Just posted a photo @chin80 @ICICI_Direct Yes. Let’s see. Trial. To when I have moar money like you, Nik, RayThanks Guys, Indians can now directly buy US stocks. But 1 share of Google costs the equivalent of Rs 1 lakh+. Whic… @shiladitya @aktiwary @bombaylives @nikster007 @Vested_finance Thanks Guys, Indians can now directly buy US stocks.… made idli sambhar chutney day. @bhatnaturally So what happens to those figures if 5 million without a job and allRemember this. days. @ramkid Thank you.#MustRead #positivity @Harishk @adadithya @beastoftraal @bhatnaturally @GulPanag @HoeZaay Nope. The burn of VCs has to be offline and Mas… @varunkuthe @adadithya @unacademy @Dream11 @CRED_club Claiming to be loyalty program and it’s nothing but gratifica… @adadithya @pavanmehta @unacademy @Dream11 @CRED_club Credit card increase has to be over 700 cibil or CRED is usel… @adadithya @unacademy @Dream11 @CRED_club They need to burn it. Because their behaviour doesn’t support the brand :) @shiladitya @aktiwary @bombaylives @nikster007 @Vested_finance Nice. Trying out my broker but don’t have millions like you hence the Q @anaggh @bombaylives @nikster007
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @anaggh @bombaylives @nikster007 HDFC global investing or Vested
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @blahssome @girishmallya Enthu theek hai. Enthu cutlet nahi chahiyeIsn’t her dancing a poem of which each movement is a word ? @ndcnn #ushnakutty
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorEasiest way to invest in Google or Apple type companies? @bombaylives @nikster007 @amitgangsta @BeingDeeSee this may be of interest to you once in a way. @SunitaDSouza_ @nikster007 That’s for pickup Hp. But yes panipuri and Vadapao is minting itErgo Amazon and FK sale announcement again.
Things are still hard. The world is still insane. But none of that will matter soon because my son is going to be a…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorJust posted a photo East. Near Chinai college needed for my former colleague- please spread the word. Cc @dilipkpandey
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor14 things folks do when startups are dead...
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @blahssome A SmartPhone. @anaggh @KiranManral @UmaTalreja @kumarraja1 @Harshita1970 @RasciOnline Pls RT. Thanks.…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorPandemic has made no fucking difference to @Uber_Support @Olacabs and the mostly shitty tractor drivers. Absolutely… for Today. this product. Bought from IKEA @SkWip @neetakolhatkar 😂😂 World over taxes are similar. Basics are local push and demanded. Educated people take ou… topic. #interestingpost @nikster007 @anaggh Good piece on the topic
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorRead this. Practice this. @amitgangsta @BeingDeeSee this may be of interest to you once in a way.Any musicians got any recommendations for online singing lessons? Either videos or courses? I'm talking about singi…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorThis place is just beautiful. I've been here (pre-pandemic) and it's owned by a good friend. If you're looking to h…
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Anyone have a unbiased view on why this farm bill is not good if it aims to remove middlemen /APMCs.
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorWe didn’t start the fire 🔥... The Old Monk Mutton @ The Legacy Kitchen #TheLegacyKitchen @kunalvijayakar @anaggh
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor+91 22-35197549 Bank Scam Nos. Aka Collection agency who claims that ‘BANK has approved calling any time and to all… @deepakshenoy +1Good VFM. Recommended by @chin800 and Neil. pencil and sharpener. 0.7 mm on Twitter who are from Maharashtra, how many of you would be interested in attending a session designed aro…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorIt's easy to think you've got all the answers when none of the responsibility lies with you.
@IndranilAlways #LeSigh @G10Bud :) sab khatam @KingKatriar 🙏 @duaakhil @DTHAPAR @karanmotto That is the USP @theflyingsikh Colour widget goes to the calendar with a tap? @ashoklalla Sorry sir deleted @surekhapillai #MatmeriLogo through life everyday assuming everyone is having a tough day.
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorSide gig which turned permanent in a hotel that paid ₹435. @imjondsouza Hahaha booze also appreciated. A chivas bought for 3000 is today at 11000 and similar @RaiSwatiRai Yes. Used to travel every month 1994 to nearly 2008 so DFS zindabad and used to have deals etc. @nehaguptade @DTHAPAR Saw the glenlivet 21 and all at some ₹30000 chivas 18 at ₹10000. Remember buying at 35-40% of… rishto mein izzat aur dar ka farak pata hi nahi chalta. @surekhapillai Why? Have I ever complained or pointed out the difference. Anybody here knows that I go to quarter b… to @rjch3r I learnt that HMT Watches has resumed production (some time in 2019) and that you can now get you…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @theflyingsikh @dakuwithchaku @gauravgjain Imagine my plight. Do bail gaadi kheench rahe hai and I am sitting there… According to some new rule which no collection agent is able to prove “Banks can locate family mobile nos fro… @DTHAPAR @neetakolhatkar @sm63 @deepikapadukone Peace. Let’s close this. My fault. @sm63 Sanjaybhai tame maara Namobhai jeva laago chhoModelling for a new product after a long time. Need to practice some more. In the mean time if you have a beard, G…, Anushka, Deepika, our Mantri log all playing the ‘card’ whatever that works. @sm63 @deepikapadukone Has it been verified by doctors and relevant people or this media based on WhatsApp found?Specially for the Start up Founders and Entrepreneurs. @dakuwithchaku @gauravgjain Damn this Dreams need to stop or at least be caught and explained. My day before had GJ… my own sanity, I need to believe, firmly, that my best, most intense days are ahead, not behind.
Any illustrators on my timeline, would you please get in touch? You must be based in Mumbai. This is a paid project…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @vaitheek @zigzackly Vaithee Respect and Jealousy.If you can laugh when you are completely broken up, then there can be nothing that can break you next time... @UmaTalreja There was a voucher scheme that my sister paid for two years at 50% off. And gave my address as her c/o… @surekhapillai Hahahahahahaha. As if somebody would dare to do that. Kuch bhi. FridaykoSaree goal, fitness goal, feel good, smile. All in one video. Watch Eshna Kutty. @ndcnn 's daughter.
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @theflyingsikh Interesting. Like everyone else you do not have folders but single app. I want to see if Apple allow… day. Registration getting done and dusted today. And the webinar is at 6.30 pm today. Easy to say but difficult to practise this. #T1HM
Most Painful. #UniversityofWhatsapp*All Petrol pumps ought to display this* *Basic rate 20.50* *Central govt tax 41.50* (एक्साइज ड्यूटी…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @bhatnaturally @DeepXP @ScissorTongue @b50 @theflyingsikh @preshit Yeah but not financial and stuff. @CNBCTV18News @berges Bergie pls explain in English. Kitna Runway hai aur increment mila ki nahi. @bhatnaturally @DeepXP @ScissorTongue @b50 @theflyingsikh @preshit Same as me. I want my financial in one folder, d… 14 playing around with a widget or two. How clean does your screen look? What changes have you done? Batao.… bad times everyone can't help you and in good times everyone isn't happy for you. @itsaakashyadav I read 3-4 books at the same time. 1 hour afternoon and 1.5 hours in the night. A movie during aft… @guptasonali @suddentwilight If you ladies talk about getting old. I am already ancient.As I get older, I have come to believe and recognise that the only way to lead a happy life is to find new ways of…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorIn Bengali, maal has many meanings. A few: Maal khabi? (Alcohol) Uff, ki maal, mairi. (Eye candy) Maal ta koi? Daa…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorSahi jawab!!
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @MeghaaGhosh @thesatbir Book probably Rubberband or similar Pen is Caran d AcheIt’s going to be devastating for his contemporaries and now colleagues in the commentary box like Styris, Brett Lee…
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentorNetflix - 115 Amazon 25 ZEE5 -25 (but not working thanks to times prime) Kindle - 50 books + US unlimited Hard Copy… Alternatively, rich food can make you sleep on a weekday afternoon too. #burp
Retweeted by AD #TheOneHourMentor @G10Bud 👍🏼👍🏼 @iRahulJadhav @suddentwilight @darthdevi Super. Put that on the menu for our session what say @Harishk can have alo…