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Been there. Done that. Founder - Founder - Curator -, CXI awards.

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ना चाहत के अंदाज़ अलग, ना दिल के जज़्बात अलग, थी सारी बात लकीरों की, तेरे हाथ अलग मेरे हाथ अलग…#aurBatao @ashoklalla @NakulShenoy Trying to get some discounts on personal travel. But @TreeboHotels @oyorooms Fabhotels @euphoRHEA congratulations and to many more. God bless. @shantanub Looks Pune when i am there around 2-4 jan @shantanub 2019 is getting over. So 2020 it is? Pune or PowaiSuprtb
Retweeted by AD @anaggh I once saw couple of girls with overcoat and boots in Andheri in Jan. The temperature was 20 degrees 🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by AD @niks_1985 @anaggh Main kisi ko Michigan mein yahi bol raha tha, aap logon ke liye around 20 deg Fahrenheit is cold…
Retweeted by ADIt’s not only INDIA 😂😂
Retweeted by AD😆
Retweeted by ADNot just Indian owned and run companies. Some of the MNCs have the same problem.
Retweeted by ADAnd Director of more CVs (TA)
Retweeted by AD @agrawalsanjeev @D_Brat @ved_hrm 20-25 Jan mostly @yudhvir1980 20-24 Jan mostly @Vevolve ,😂😂🙏 public forum and all sir. @Deepakkhemani8 @santoshsingh1 Keep lookout on calendly which will have other dates and time @anindya0909 Take a look at AD To meet #Milnahai2020 by @anaggh: a look at AD To meet #Milnahai2020 by @anaggh: @bsridhar00 @anuraag_saxena 1. Learn to appreciate humour. 2. Appreciate opinion. 3. Check background of perso… @sushmasarraf Weekend is friends and family. Some saturday do make an exception @D_Brat @agrawalsanjeev @tushar @JoyAndLife We shall chat @anaggh @hvgoenka You forgot to add Managing Director, Cover ups & Rationalisation :)
Retweeted by AD @carona_m Currently #TheOneHourMentor is scheduled 4/3 and 5/3 @santoshsingh1 Thane Vashi sirf milna hai - 15/16 January 2020OMG, that's bang on !!
Retweeted by AD @anaggh @hvgoenka Looks very much like how the government runs too Sir !
Retweeted by AD @anaggh You left out the VP Deception - usually the max hot air guy... Makes everyone in and out of the company bel…
Retweeted by AD @anaggh No company / management is perfect, even the fortune 500 ones. What is most amusing? Employees who keeps co…
Retweeted by AD @amandeep14 cc @manojgjha @hvgoenka @CorterConsult Yes. And the earlier screenshot was an old 2015 from there only @D_Brat Check my profileDoes your company, organisation resemble anything vaguely similar. Time to seek out #TheOneHourMentor @dharmeshba @peakbengaluru Superb. Loved it. Guess I should do a similar one on people who come for mentor ship requests.#Thread #mustread is a specific AGENDA driven meet seeking decision making assistance by Professionals, CXOs, Busin… is my list of people on Twitter for a NO AGENDA MEET. Maybe everyone in a city or just a couple of yo… 23-25 dec Baroda 26-27 dec Calendar for #TheOneHourMentor shall open soon. Chapter 2… waking you up from deep sleep to check 'sir, would you like to buy something to eat' has to be legally p…
Retweeted by ADGreat framework. Could well work beyond India
Retweeted by ADAdd : VP of “connections” and under him Directiors of Govt., Political Party, Shady guys
Retweeted by AD @anaggh दिये जलते है फूल खिलते हैं बड़ी मुश्किल से मगर दुनिया में दोस्त मिलते है
Retweeted by ADChapter 2 is scheduled in the week of December 23 and we are going to be joined by Mr @Anaggh Desai, our guest expe…
Retweeted by ADवक़्त की यारी तो हर कोई करता है मेरे दोस्त मजा तो तब आये जब वक़्त बदल जाये और यार ना बदले !!I declare 30 days of ‘winter’ officially open. This is based on fans rotating on 2, AC on 24 & woollens being seen. #bombaywinters
@agrawalsanjeev @D_Brat @tushar @JoyAndLife 2021 plan mein it si going to be an ORG with many more. Wait and watch @blahssome @bisprad Congratulations! And still 50 to go @agrawalsanjeev @D_Brat @tushar @JoyAndLife Equity open. Bolo @JoyAndLife @D_Brat @tushar Debu.... Rose by any other name and all that. Remember free and all that as an advice… @aayushc @D_Brat @tushar @JoyAndLife Sir calendar is declared open @D_Brat @tushar @JoyAndLife 😂😂🙏#mustread @nikster007 hour mentor. Many seem to be asking for "Job related, or personal advice". Should I? @D_Brat @tushar @JoyAndLife @ashoklalla @NakulShenoy Trying to get some discounts on personal travel. But @TreeboHotels @oyorooms FabhotelsIf you like pretty stationery, check this out 😍
Retweeted by ADOnce more for anyone who hasn’t heard this— I work in cancer diagnostics. With top pharma leads, reference labs, ho…
Retweeted by AD @BHAVITA8 @helloanand @ku1deep @Ktens @b50 @Netra @shiladitya @unitechy @iMayavi @miten @theflyingsikh @hardik! Your friend Anaggh has invited you to FabHotels to get Rs. 700 off on your bookings at FabHotels. Register usin… Lawyer Sahiba. Happy birthday. Hope you’re having a great one. And to the coming year also kyunki Party Abhi baaki hai. @NehaT_ @parthivpatel 1. Sir 30+ saal bahut papad bale 2. Kabhi hamari One hour Mentor sabha dekhiye or 3. Join an evenin… #SaturdayBrightness #CoffeeandScotchClub Indian owned and run companies. meetings concluded that there is no way to prevent terrorist attacks by citizen’s actions. But a citizen’s role… @gauravgjain @helloanand @b50 @Netra @shiladitya @unitechy @iMayavi @ku1deep @miten @theflyingsikh @hardik Maybe pi… @theflyingsikh @Ktens @helloanand @ku1deep @b50 @Netra @shiladitya @unitechy @iMayavi @miten @hardik @gauravgjain I… @helloanand @ku1deep @Ktens @b50 @Netra @shiladitya @unitechy @iMayavi @miten @theflyingsikh @hardik @gauravgjain A…
Thank you guys for the huge love and support for It's almost 1 month of releasing on…
Retweeted by AD @S_Sivakumar Interesting. Is the attrition Annualized basis?I find different category of industries successful at retention in diff ways @keithdsouza That’s a plan. Looking forwardThe difficulty in being good is that people also think you’re an idiot.ज़िन्दगी एक हसीन ख़्वाब है, जिसमें जीने की चाहत होनी चाहिये । ग़म खुद ही ख़ुशी में बदल जायेंगे, सिर्फ मुस्कुराने की आदत होनी चाहिये। @KiranManral It was hedging. Ask kirit. And the market flopped. @Harishk Why didn't you attend the influencer summit? Now ask @AmitHPanchal @bharatpotdar @Harishk @ROUTEOFPIE @SaajJain @imrahuljadhav @girishmallya - @GetEvangelized @chtrbox_tech everyone selling their U2 tickets?
Retweeted by ADOi @GabbbarSingh Happy birthday. Hope you've had a wonderful day and year ahead. @eastbengal @hotstartweets @karthiks @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz @sourabhmishra @DuttaAnirudha @tushar @anubhavanand when are both of you meeting. Mon or tue @eastbengal @karthiks @DuttaAnirudha @arunava @joybhattacharj @parthodasgupta @paritoshZero It is. Earlier I had re… @sahilk @bhatnaturally I prefer story and instgram. Though Lucky has just scraped my website of blogging. Also nobody calls me any longer. @dupisandhu @agrawalsanjeev I am now wondering if dupi is related to Debu and JoyHappy birthday @chhavi have a wonderful day and year.True fact about alcohol: Ya to ye kambakht kam pad jaati hai, ya zyada ho jaati hai! @theflyingsikh @b50 @nikster007 @schmmuck @JoyAndLife @nikhil_merchant @Harishk @chin80 @anilchintz @SuNarayan1971 @b50 @nikster007 @schmmuck @JoyAndLife @nikhil_merchant @Harishk @chin80 @anilchintz @SuNarayan1971 And here… @mayankdhingra @Netra @Coverfox @Cashify_ Share if you find them. My program asks the same Q to which most entrepre… @blahssome I couldn’t understand CAB but went to my old salon yesterday. They explained better than twitter @nikster007 @blahssome I am non political. @blahssome 🤣🤣🤣Yes....our first IP slated for next year. 11th and 12th January! @PourFestival
Retweeted by ADBuy now. If 10 people buy I get free. cc @schmmuck @JoyAndLife @nikster007 @nikhil_merchant @Harishk @chin80 @anaggh The "dance of democracy", however, continues till a few months later.
Retweeted by AD @ikaveri Everything.Read this somewhere “….democracy starts and ends with elections” spoken/written by the educated who forget to vote.Bengali in every gully! According to @hotstartweets's India Watch Report 2019, 35% of Bengali consumption on Hots…
Retweeted by AD @priyankawriting @D_Brat Will do so where applicable on my ‘One Hour Mentor’. Debu priyanka and many others are the… @D_Brat :) @priyankawriting