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Proud Nicaraguan-AMERICAN. I ❤️ hyphens. Catch me on @CNN @Telemundo @TheView. Failed dieter. This is my country. I’m not going back anywhere. Deal w/it.

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What an amazing human being, @RepRaskin is. I saw my parents bury my brother. There is no more devastating blow, no…
The first Latina Supreme Court Justice will administer the oath of office to the first woman Vice President, also a… you all following the first @SecondGentleman, yet? So much to like about Doug Emhoff. I admire how he and Kama… for God’s sake. Just give Trump a little mesh bag of Jordan almonds, and let him get on his way. The Schlapps,… try-outs for Dancing With The Fallen Stars are time consuming...
Thoughts and prayers... Not emotionally equipped to thank Pence for calling to congratulate VP-elect @KamalaHarris, 4 damn days bef…, Mrs. Birther. You are delusional. You are complicit with your shameful husband. Your family’s legacy is cor… this reason alone, Trump should be stripped of his post-Presidential perks. That a demented, opportunistic narc… wonder if anybody knows this guy? If you do please contact the @fbi
Retweeted by Ana Navarro-CárdenasHold on just a little bit longer, America. Just a few more days. A new day is dawning.
Few have been as loyal and constant w/Trump as Pence and Giuiliani. He’s turned on them both. One’s getting death t… school therapist...., you used to call yourself @JoeBiden’s friend. We even saw you get all choked-up when talking about him. Th… really don’t care. Do you? Can’t wait to have ⁦@DrBiden, for whom “Be Best” is not just an empty slogan but a wa… owning slaves is an impeachable offense, Trump should be impeached a third time. For God knows what reason, Lind…
Trump has more impeachments than any President in history. But, at least he still has less impeachments than wives and bankruptcies.Thank you, @RepLizCheney, @HerreraBeutler, @RepJohnKatko, @RepKinzinger, @RepFredUpton, @RepNewhouse, @RepMeijer,… divisive, destructive criminal will go down in history as the first President to be impeached twice. His name a… Republicans acknowledge they put Trump over country, sold their souls to the devil in exchange for whatever b… Bard of Hialeah. Republicans have to take back their Party. Is this who they want to be. The Republican tent has become a 5… God. This is what Trump has wrought. The US Capitol looks like they are guarding a war zone. None of this woul… God. I can’t fathom this. This must be fully investigated. If this is true, it is criminal. They should be expel… week, Republicans have bitched and moaned over losing Twitter followers, being kicked-off Harvard IOP Board, h… My. God. I just realized Ken Cucinelli is still one of the top officials at DHS, in charge of security at the… the life of me, I don’t get how complicit Republicans can be so blindly loyal to Trump. For 4 years, Pence look… -with few exceptions- you sold your souls to the devil. You screwed the country and enabled a mad-man.…
Read this remarkable statement by @RepLizCheney. Donald Trump will be impeached again, and it will be a bipartisan… verb-tense. He already bears responsibility, Rob. is heart-breaking. COVID is leaving such an emotional toll on America. Thank you, @sarasidnerCNN for your huma… us TODAY for virtual launch of @iopfsu w/@MittRomney and @Sen_JoeManchin. I’m so proud of my husband,… @iopfsu launches today! Join us at the virtual launch w/@MittRomney and @JoeManchinWV. So proud of my husband,… What kind of animal would do this? Oh yes. The same type of animal that would beat a police officer to death… Navarro: I call bull. Trump never represented GOP values - CNN Video
It’s a free country. He’s perfectly free to starve himself to death. Trump will be the first US President to be impeached twice. He leaves a well-earned legacy of shame, infamy…, please. You are rewriting history while I’m not there to set you straight. Need I remind you, you lost on a… grateful to those who helped develop vaccines. So relieved my dad got his today. Thank you to angels at… have libraries.
Let me get this straight... A company banning gay weddings from their establishment b/c it violates their principl… you watch nothing else today, I urge you to watch this. Thank you @jaketapper for speaking truth. He delivered a…, Marco, spare us the sanctimonious bullshit. You knew who Trump was all along. Yet, you campaigned hard fo… don’t have the stomach to watch people like Mick Mulvaney, who was complicit with Trump until literally, 4 days a… Republicans like Graham, McConnell, and others were willing to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about a blo… hasn’t changed suddenly. He’s the same dark-hearted narcissist. What’s changed is he lost. That’s why some in…
Never forget. @HawleyMO and @tedcruz are self-serving opportunists who fed people lies, which incited them to viole…’t Trump apologists see the irony of going on Twitter to whine about being censored by Twitter? Nobody’s banned…’s a beautiful day in the @Twitter neighborhood., y’all, just a reminder that @KamalaHarris called for Trump to be banned from Twitter back in 2019, because she… @Instacart banned him, yet?
Trump enablers, those opportunists who put political ambition over country and decency, do not get to erase history… don’t get to do this, you disgusting opportunist. You don’t get to ignore your role and responsibility in all o…
.@SpeakerPelosi, Do it now! @MittRomney speech is worth watching. Every Republican who has compromised their principles to accommodate a m… you have enabled of Trump for 4 years, if you continued supporting him after Charlottesville, quitting now, with…’s been a long time since I agree with Marco on anything. He is speaking the truth here. Even after yesterday’s… Supreme Court nominee. No Cuba policy. No feigned abortion position. No tax break. Nothing, none of it, justifie… had never heard of @HawleyMO until this stunt. And dog, you are ridiculous. A political prostitute.I wish I’d nev… didn’t happen in a vacuum. Trump thinks he can get away w/overturning an election thru violence b/c elected R…
ICYMI because you were distracted by the coup attempt, @ossoff was declared the winner in his US Senate race this a… a bunch of Black & Brown people storming the Capitol, sitting at Senate President’s chair, trespassing into… complicit +150 Republicans who supported Trump’s charade, who told people there was election fraud, who encou…, you have added fuel to the fire, you servile hypocrite. You have amplified lies and conspiracy theories… of you Republicans in elected positions and right-wing media who have enabled, emboldened, and normalized Trump… we are witnessing, rabid, violent mobs storming the Capitol to overturn legitimate election results, this is p… years ago, millions of women marched in DC and around the country, in protest of Trump’s swearing-in. It was pea… Cruz is speaking on the floor of the Senate. He just asked Senators to be less servile. Yes, seriously. You re… Mitch McConnell is giving a powerful, unifying speech, putting country over Party. It’s remarkable. I think… a clown show. A futile spectacle to curry favor of Trump supporters, avoid Trump mean-tweets and threat of a…! it with me, nice and slow to enjoy every syllable: Former Georgia Senator, David Purdue. Former (bought her s… when Purdue pretended not to be able to pronounce @KamalaHarris’ name? Remember McConnell refused to reco… misogynist, racist President and his cowardly accomplices in Georgia were beaten in no small part because of St… of results of the Senate races, a big thank you to Election workers in Georgia. They worked hard to exec…
Georgia voters—If you're in line before the polls close at 7 pm, stay there. You have the right to vote, no matter…
Retweeted by Ana Navarro-CárdenasMost athletes like and respect their team owners, at least publicly. With the exception of decrepit racist, Donald…, this immigrant is very proud of you! Wonderful appointments. Congratulations to all. 🇺🇸 got it! I’ll be back on @TheView on Fridays. mood. V🍑TE!, but...I thought you said the Georgia elections were fraudulent and rigged.! Georgia! Georgia! Please V🍑TE the Trump lemmings out!Georgia, the nation’s depending on you. No biggie. If u encounter any voting issues, report them. Call 888-730-581…
Gotta hold on just a little bit longer, amiga. Just a little bit longer. 15 days. 16 hours. 7 minutes. If you need a ride to the polls tomorrow. Or your friends may need a ride to the polls in Georgia...text me! 718-400-7118!
Retweeted by Ana Navarro-CárdenasI know it’s crazy to thank Members of Congress for respecting the Constitution, and not wanting to overturn electio… months, Republicans said, if Democrats got elected, they’d turn America into Venezuela. Ironic. It’s dictators… won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. Biden won. No m… is abuse of power. Trump used Presidential bully pulpit, to bully another American for his personal benefit. I…
Lord. So many Republicans gone rabid. Some are just idiots. That’s ok. We’re a representative democracy. Idiots des… ❤️ him b/c he wakes up happy, grateful most mornings. Despite being a life-long GOP, he never compromised his pri…
+130 Republican House Members and a dozen Republican Senators are willing to play games threatening democracy and T… is a craven political move by some Republican Senators with greater aspirations, who hope to ingratiate themse… will. In 18 days. 1 hour. 14 minutes. 🇺🇸 Biden should bring in ⁦@OrkinPest⁩ to get rid of all the cockroaches, rats and parasitic insects who’ve inhabi… loses no opportunity to scam people. None. That he scammed the suck-ups who frequent Mar-a-Lago, is a rather…
Really? It’s a little late for that. your eye on @FrancisSuarez, the Mayor of Miami. This a good piece about his instinct and initiative. In my opi… days, 38 minutes, 52 seconds until @JoeBiden swears-in. clip right here, was the best thing on TV last night. 😂