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I asked him what the left should do about Joe Biden. And he made an improbable case for a kind of unity that isn't… described the pandemic as fueling a "class struggle on a global scale," setting up an epic choice about our futu… I interviewed Noam Chomsky for, and I want to share some highlights in this thread. For… really like this interview. It shows the struggle of the left (specially in the US but v applicable international…
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasWe all need a legacy @robdelaney 🙏🏾👊🏾Only now I understand what Chomsky intends with his endorsement of Biden.
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasFair covered A LOT!“Hardly a day goes by,” Arundhati Roy wrote years ago, “when I don't find myself thinking — for one reason or anoth…"The left position is you rarely support anyone. You vote against the worst. You keep the pressure and activism goi…
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasJust FYI, I’m taking a private flight to Delaware, but it’s just to buy milk.In short, Chomsky regards Biden’s candidacy as evidence of the Sanders movement’s success, despite its electoral de… was not prepared for Noam Chomsky’s take on Joe Biden. [Subscribe to and read the full i…"Take the antiwar movement, Vietnam. I myself got involved in it in 1961, when Kennedy started escalating the war.…
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasSame. Chomsky wants you to vote for Joe Biden and then haunt his dreams. The lion of the left on the pandemic, the… > promises👏🏾 they couldn’t if they didn’t exist. How are you feeling? Relative: 50-50. Me: Oh no. Anything I can do? Relative: Well, if you had bothered to b… indeed Uncle, can you pass me the chicken? Uncle: Of course I can, because you’re right here in front of me, not in t…, beta, how is your “newsletter” coming? Must be nice not having real responsibilities. But it’s no fault of y…“The kind of powerful woman who can be easily liked and admired by colleagues and rivals,” @rtraister writes, is th… it’s Kamala, please spare a thought for all of us who will now be shamed at Indian family reunions for being nei…
Also, hat tip to any federal judge who quotes Foucault.But denying immense power you hold isn't modest. It's abusive. And deceptive. And so this case is, for me, so rich… a major employer and having the gall to deny that you're an employer -- and even deny that you are the kind o… is more than a technical question of labor law. This is about whether Silicon Valley, the greatest ascendant… @winnerstakeall, I write about the cases against Uber and Lyft and their larger significance for Silicon Valley.… is big just taxes.'s time to abolish billionaires. And a serious path to doing that has finally come into view. isn't about broadcasting. This is about finding your people. I see you.There are a small number of you who will be able to understand the term "zindabadassery" when it appears in… @samdolnick @gmail 👀 @janesports @JoeBiden It's a universal-purpose spectrum. Not all selection processes have candidates at every point on the scale. @Drawmark @JoeBiden I think you are right and my 3 was a mistake..@JoeBiden is about to announce his vice-presidential pick. On a scale from 1 to 10 -- 1 being the timkainest choi… am terrified by the thought of an unambitious person as VP.A thing I have noticed reading all the stories about women's ambition as it relates to the VP pick: Those quoted on…
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasTomorrow at, Noam Chomsky has surprising things to say about Biden and Bernie and will tell… @somehardik wowI try to help people. @BernieSanders Also, just want to put this out there: WINDOW ALARM It's great to say: Ban billionaires. But none of the wealth tax proposals of recent vintage w… American democracy is lost, it will be lost in the mail. That and more in today's issue of Subscribe!In all seriousness, though, the Sanders wealth tax proposal is far more significant than has been noted. It crosse… @TheCultureur @BernieSanders @KamalaHarris I only make the scales. I leave it to the people to use them.Today I introduce the Anand Spectrum of VP Selection. The spectrum runs from the timkainest choice on one end (a 1… @BernieSanders Other offerings in this mini-issue of -- If American democracy is lost, it… billionaire wealth need a haircut -- or an amputation? Until now, even leading foes of oligarchy like… to your friends newsletters is the new hanging out @AnandWrites
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadasif you don't pay people that much to begin with, you don't have to sue to get it back just like that an activist was born. Never doubt that some children are listening. #JohnLewis #GoodTrouble
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadas @antifah_Q LOL
Chuck Schumer has a Harvard Law degree. If he’s not willing to say it’s unconstitutional for Trump to usurp Congr…
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadas @8bitpath @SenSchumer If that’s what you took away from what I said, we’re not communicating well.New York is an extraordinary place. It is many things, but it is never milquetoast. It shouldn’t be governed by fecklessness and drift.I have no problem with @SenSchumer advocating the invasion of foreign countries, as he did with Iraq, but he should… don’t think there’s anything wrong with @SenSchumer being a lobbyist for Wall Street. But he should make it offic… don’t know who it’s going to be. It’s a complicated race. His machine is strong. But you can’t keep drinking milk… York needs a new senator. Let’s get through November, and then attention must turn to 2022. is becoming the most important story of this election. Make it known. American dream may be dying, but if you follow these personal finance tips from plutocrats, you can avoid avoca… trying to perform a public service here at Trump is what happens when children are raised with a fake belief in God and with an excessively strong fath… is what the anti-anti-racism people don’t understand. Read this thread if you’re one of them.
By the way, this has been my experience throughout, and it’s revealing. I write or tweet something along these line… number of people who helped build the Giving Pledge reached out to me in the last couple years, to vent their fea… would agree’s do it billion dollars to you if you find the lie. @thoughtfulwonk To redress their underrepresentation.Columns are a small part of a big ecosystem, but I wish many of the prosperous columnists who helped bring about th… know I sound like a broken record, but think of all the people who didn’t help speechwrite the nation into this m… would be more interested in an introspective column from @Peggynoonannyc on how she helped enable this summer — a… Sonobe Unit cubes with my son. #origamilife think @priyaparker is really on to something here. The Mute Default is one of those universal norms that just em… the alternative.“During our first Zoom workout, I asked them, half-joking, ‘Do you all want to hear me grunting, or should I mute?’… are watching the laying of a dictatorial plan. back story behind the wonderful music-reaction duo. am planning to build a metal tower in Paris. This has never been done before. 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nominee has been bitten by a possibly rabid bat.
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadas Friday-night purge at the Post Office. Mail experts ousted. Trump taking over the means of election. We may look… don’t choose the timkainest option, whatever that may be.This is so good. And it illustrates how elite do-gooding serves power. Democratic Party adequate to this moment needs to be able to clap back when they go low, not just go high. It nee… some of you are pointing out, and as the article itself points out, this is all still subject to change. But the… keep wondering, why are the @ProjectLincoln ads so much better than anything from within? I’m as concerned as an… knows what they’ll do in the end. But if you want to win, you have to want to win, and you have to recognize th… have been thinking a lot about the Democratic Party’s weakness on playing to emotion, inspiring passion, giving p… inescapable answer to the overwhelming question — Where do we go from here? — is: somewhere other than where we… @Zaggytbh Lol. Compiling even that is a quite a service, I guessGreat list of people to follow.
Imagine risking your children’s lives for Donald Trump. this week's podcast, I got to talk to the brilliant @Isabelwilkerson about her new book, CASTE. Longtime listene…
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