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I only capitalize like this when I know I’m in the wrong. @ValkyrieLadyK @JoeBiden I wrote temperamentally ideal. I don’t do desperate optimism. Cheers.With this calm, sober, empathetic, uplifting Thanksgiving speech, @JoeBiden is showing that, temperamentally, he is… age of neoliberalism won't be complete until Charles Koch and James Murdoch start a social venture fund to inve… is in Fortune magazine, people. Keep up the pressure. Move the window of discussion. Make the unthinkable the… @mehdirhasan's complete conversation with @AnandWrites
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasMe: I don't care about appearances! Also me: I really need this pandemic to end so I can go back to the hilarious… @JaneZiemer @priyaparker I see you, hair twin! Sending a hug @dmbdmr No worries. Thanks for saying that.For those uninitiated with Jim: @dmbdmr I'm fine with the way I look even when it's not good. Cheers! @JaninedeNovais LOL I mean, I have a two-year-old and a five-year-old and I live under an autocrat, how am I supposed to look?Congrats on freezing the video in a frame where I look terrible! You must feel so good about yourself! I'm happy t…'s a streak of progressivism that leads to the imaginative genius of the Green New Deal. And another streak th… your ideology demands getting big things done, it's weird constantly to broadcast the impossibility of getting b…“An important truth in politics: these people actually need loud voices on the outside, pushing them to be bolder.”…
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadastrue story, backed up by history fundamental conflict in the country is replicated within the valves of @JoeBiden‘s own heart: in this moment of… here we are: the Zoom courtroom sketch. (WSJ)
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasThis is quite excellent and moving and sad from Meghan Markle.
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadas @gruntleme puzzling @theFourthChakra In fact, it was sent to me by an old schoolmate LOLA Thanksgiving idea I'm doing for my family Zoom dinner that you might try for yours. Ask everyone to send you a p… @JaneMayerNYer's magisterial book DARK MONEY now: 1: Make💰dumping costs onto society. Step 2: Donate to pols to get impunity. Step 3: Give to charity to clean…, you do not try to move on from the third item in that list by being gently accommodating of the second i… conservatism and social conservatism and Trumpist nationalism are different words for hurting the same people.Plutes gonna plute. There should be no billionaires. can Biden go bold? How does the #Resistance reinvent itself without Trump? What to do about Mitch? That and mo… provides some grounds to be hopeful about @JoeBiden’s tenure. Often, presidents have surprised us — the se… of the best interviewers in the biz knows he must go bold. Do not coddle him with the soft bigotry of deep exhalations. up shortly, I’ll be making the case for Biden to go bold so that we don’t go back to a future Trump but this…
@twichtendahl @razibkhan That I’m not sure aboutBuzzy new author @robreich @chiaracordelli @PrincetonUPress @BostonReview My show was, um, canceled. But I would love to interview… new book by @chiaracordelli -- The Privatized State -- is out today from @PrincetonUPress. Read an excerpt bel…
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadas @razibkhan others have gone with "arab heat miser" for me, though I am not arab @mandertang @mehdirhasan @peacockTV fair @PeterLeoIA @ewarren Let's text her @mehdirhasan @peacockTV I guess I have to wear a leather jacket now.Join me in the 7 pm ET hour tonight on @mehdirhasan's provocative show on @peacockTV! Syllabus:… on the #resistance afterlife theme. Love this! is donating $7 million on Giving Tuesday, in a year in which it operated as the new Fox News, platforming… @Jeremy_Borden isn't "pushing for change" and other brilliant takes from professional billionaire Mark Cuban. I'm starting to… you know what “bothsidesing” refers to, Mark? advice from @priyaparker here.
Retweeted by Anand Giridharadas @RabidBadger @JoeBiden Did you read the piece?.@JoeBiden will not be the leader he claims he wants to be if he is coddled by the soft bigotry of deep exhalations… is deep @Batibut LOL winners read all!Just going to drop this right here, with Koch-brother levels of shamelessness:'m going to do a thread of all the meaningful actions Charles Koch is taking to undo the damage he wrought now that he realizes it. 1/1We have all had an Emily Murphy in our lives.Fair warning: A subscriber shared with me this "observation: you look terrible on your Zoom appearances. You look a…'m doing another of my Zoom live chats today for The Ink. 1 pm ET. They're fun and personal and full of real dial… Charles Koch's book will make you dumber. Instead, I humbly suggest this book that unpacks how the plutes m… not accepted!
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasHey everybody, Charles Koch is sorry about breaking America, so I encourage you to read this book. Gonna. Plute. I have spent the last few years trying to warn you all about is now contained in a tweet. Trump was the warm-up. your own life and activism, what is next for you once Trump is gone? Are you hanging back? Stepping up? What… was not a departure from history but the culmination of an age. The work that may feel cathartically over is… #resistance now has to train its focus and scrutiny on people who seem decent and humane — but who are, nonethe… #resist Trump was one thing. To #resist what made him possible requires the resistance of diffuse systems, of b… all those drawn into politics in these last years, the challenge will be this: these deeper-rooted fights will… is leaving. By all means, take a breath. But don't tempt Trumpism to come raring back. Biden needs to change… America cannot afford the “resistance” to melt away once Trump goes. Because there is much in American life th… I get it. Wanting to abandon always-on #resistance and hand the keys to Biden and chill is the political equiva… many, politics will go back to being more like homework than an addictive horror movie: something you have to d… are tired. They need rest. And it is possible to feel that, whatever your differences with the president-el… live in the Trump era was to be amped up all the time, on high alert, on constant war footing, in fight-or-fligh… four forever years, President Trump has given a great many Americans a focus. Hate him or hate him, Trump was,… does the #Resistance resist now? That is the question that prompted today's essay in The Ink. And I want to… have asked Jim to send a photo of himself on Zoom so I can learn. My advice to young writers is: be brown or hav…, I even bought a ring light.All feedback from readers of is helpful, but such counsel on my appearance is especially us… @esglaude NeverIf you want to #resist not only Trumpism but also its causes, don’t coddle @JoeBiden with the soft bigotry of deep… is far too much that needs repair for resistors to step back and no longer participate. Great read by…
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasIf Trump did us any favor at all, it was in pushing a ridiculous age closer to the cliff edge. It’s time to give i… @DrAyeshaRay 🙏🏾🙏🏾A new longing is all around us: to Biden and chill. I totally get wanting to quit always-on #resistance and hand t…“This is my brother, Joe. This is my friend Marta. And this is my kin, Kin.” - and I cannot stress this enough - gov
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For example, the National Book Awards just happened, and I urge my publisher to do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols.Whenever I lose anything from now on, I will not admit to losing but rather instruct my team to "do what needs to b… I get to speak to one of my favorite, and America’s most important, philosophers and public intellectuals:…! for a chief of homeland security to define their job as the protection of Americans and, right alongside…! us your favorite Thanksgiving dish, and we’ll share some of what we know about the work behind the ingredients…
Retweeted by Anand GiridharadasMotion to stop using “czar” after the Trump era.A few weeks ago, we watched that beautiful documentary “My Octopus Teacher.” This morning, unrelatedly, I was lear… really is an inspiring essay about celebrating the holiday. My favorite line: "[Ask] what is needed from the h…
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