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Editor of MELT on WION, advisor to Unmetric, former Editor of Storyboard; not a guru, maven or architect of any kind. DMs open.

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During the last few years, urban India has been consumed by air quality data. It’ll be fascinating (and frightening… INDIA TO HAVE 76,489 OTT PLATFORMS BY 2021.Again and again...same issue with panel discussions at conferences: 1. Anchor speaks way too much, leaving little…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @chatak Interface @AnantRangaswami Nice! Reminded me of the Hutch, vodafone ads of yesteryear :)
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @AnantRangaswami Our team will be thrilled to hear this...
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiIn all the gloom and doom about the economy, jobs & unemployment, here’s a bit of @JerrySeinfeld humour...there’s a…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @Jasbirtweets Pizzas work better, in my view.Is a ‘pizza’ chart more relatable than a ‘pie’ chart?Superb. A soft, clean, entertaining ad after ages.
@nairsameer @paritoshZero @shunalishroff @KiranManral @mrsfunnybones @PritishNandy @iShantanuS @nikkhiladvani Get an exorcist! Now! @Pro_Bharati @ICMRDELHI @shwetaPHN @PMenonIFPRI @docanoopmisra Terribly carelessIn the same way that motor vehicles are not allowed to ply without PUC certification, cities should not be allowed… @meetamalhotra @TheHardCopyCo @DesignUpConf All the bestWeMakeLosses a child I remember #Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday being celebrated with as much fanfare as any major festival.…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiHashtags are the most useless elements in advertising today. So much time spent on ‘crafting’ the ‘perfect’ hashtag…
Vodagone.I think @TVMohandasPai’s account has been hacked. Very worried. which it is proven that recruiters are not copywriters. This is truly insane. Niel Armstrong landed on the Moon surface he found Kerala Tea stall ! @SavithaKartha
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiA wonderful tribute from ⁦Sumit Roy to a true Ad legend. I remember inviting him to be on the jury of Abby awards w…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiAggi talks about the power of print advertising and a unique comparison versus TV. Must read. @ETBrandEquity
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @mohitoz What marked them apart was their wide reading, eclectic tastes & quest for knowledge; both #RamRay &…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiEvery word of this resonates so well. Especially the bit about borrowing the projector: there was a time when gentl…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiReceived my copy last evening. Must buy, must read, must learn from. ⁦@VikkiRossWrites⁩ ⁦@davetrott⁩ ⁦@markpollard⁩…
That 300 year old restaurant would run more profitably than bloody Starbucks even today
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @AnantRangaswami Next: 300 year old Chit Fund Headquarters found beneath RBI Central Office in Mumbai.
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @VikkiRossWrites WTF is with people who tweet someone else’s photo or joke as if it’s their own? I just don’t get it.Self promo alert. Feel free to judge me. Ok, so our new ad for Kotak is out. (If you haven't, here it is. Every vie…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiDid you know this connection?
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiNew business idea of the week: Fake vegetables made from 100% meat.
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiBREAKING: 300-year-old Udupi restaurant found under Starbucks.
The two measures of being a @twitter celeb. 1. Blue tick 2. Being blocked by Twitter. Neither has happened to me. I… @ddey67 Luchi alur dom is not a debate.BREAKING: AKSHAY KUMAR TO ACT IN AND AS “MAHARASHTRA CHIEF MINISTER.” @naropant Also paneer. And typos.Towards the BJP. brand ‘Made to measure’ did not exist in 1983. It’s obviously product placement at work. It’ll be interesting… potential upside of a Shiv Sena - NCP govt is, no more Amruta Fadnavis song videos & that's a major plus point.…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiAn @AnantRangaswami special!
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiBoris Johnson picked the 12th December for the general election because the majority of unis break up on the 13th s…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiRashtrawadi Sena
@thesatbir Jai Veer Hangman for Jai Veer Hanuman when I was at Sony trying to sell sponsorship for the new program.'What’s the role of a CMO at a global conglomerate?⁣ ⁣How to build a corporate master brand?⁣' Another 'educative'…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiSony TV has expressed regret for referring to Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as only ‘Shivaji’ on Kaun B…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiAnd for this one, which didn’t fit.
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiThank you for all those beautiful photographs, thank you for your art. RIP #RobertFreeman @thebeatles
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami
@dreamzdotcom Koolar, not Kooler. @ChandrusWeb McDonaldsUnder sec 144, you cannot have five or more paneer dishes in a restaurant menu.BREAKING: SUPREME COURT BANS PANEER @RohanRangaswami @jobsworth @eastbengal @parthasinha @paritoshZero
Agree. ‘People’ includes the people who own the platform, make policies for the platform and write algorithms for t… can you not smile at this?
I wrote an article for Campaign. (Don't tell Claire Beale I've posted it here free). Dx
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiTwitter has a history of doing precious little about hateful and abusive speech, and even allowing even terrorist o…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiI don't believe them. Their actions prove otherwise.
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami👏👏👏👏👏“The secret of my success? Please see below.” will #ShapeTheFuture of marketing! Watch MMA India's Chairperson - @Nairpriyahul (ED - Home Care,…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami
Congrats @DippakKhurana @Vserv. Proud to be investor #1. Wish you loads of luck!
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @_pallavighosh @nistula PLEASE, use 'policemen' and not 'cops'. On the channel as well, not just on social media. W… @priyankac19 and Kashmir, for God's sake! it's ridiculous.#AdsWeLove is a new campaign by us to drive and inspire creativity in print. Been working on it for long. The time…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @jthoyer @markpollard Same question. It seems that one cannot get it in India! @markpollardChetan Bhagat to speak at conference of BJP and Shiv Sena legislators on his new book, Half CM.Six years ago. But, dare I say, worth a read. RIP Tarla Dalal, India’s first Masterchef - Firstpost ⁦…’m in.
All the best, @punitgoenka, for the next five years in charge of Zee Entertainment.Hearty congratulations @punitgoenka! The skipper has steered his lofty galleon through treacherous waters but the o…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami“Aur kya chahiye?” wish news channels will stop saying ‘cops’ and use ‘policemen’.India’s only food writing award is back! And @ZomatoIN is proud to be associated with it. Details here:…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiI think @Twitter’s hate speech algorithm has an IQ of 12. Artificial Intelligence works only if it is intelligent, @jack.“Beta, become a lawyer when you grow up.” “Papa, what do lawyers do?” Papa:👇🏻 talented youth in demand in India’s start up industry refuse to go to NCR and even young consultants refuse pr… that non-veg is dangerous. No one dies by eating 41 bhindis. we had joined RCEP you probably would have said domestic industry will be killed. Which is a lesser evil joining…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami
We are proud to present The ⁦@ZomatoIN⁩ Excellence in Food Writing Award with ⁦@CNTraveler⁩ with a most impressive…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiTake that, Bombay! 😆😆😆
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiNo seatbelt. Breaking the law. Delhi, an excess of particulate matter is responsible for pollution. On social media, an acute shortage of artic… @Suvenk @nistula Hope it wins an Oscarf award. @Suvenk @nistula Kashmir ki kali. A cover version. @Suvenk @nistula After the film is completed, Pashmina can host a wrap party. @nistula hahaha.Wonder how many people will look at that and say 'that's not an Indian guy, that's not an Indian number plate, that…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiMust read.The Festive Spirit? by ⁦@desaisantosh⁩
It's @SunilLulla's first @nycmarathon folks. Let's send him some energy @ShibaniGharat @Shashimediabran
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@manishalakhe Chandru’s has red wine?This week, @ritzdotcom reviews 3 distinct #diwali marketing initiatives by @FortuneFoods @DelhiAirport (GMR Group)…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami @aj_meister @PayMate_IN Wonderful! Well done to all. And gratitude to all.What are the secrets of balancing brand and performance? Join Toby Jenner, Global CEO, @WavemakerGlobal in a conv…
Retweeted by Anant Rangaswami2/2 of the NCR as a business destination. If their workers can’t live comfortably and in reasonably good health, wh… Delhi NCR businesses should shut down indefinitely to mark their protest against the inaction of the political… story versus Bengal story #healthcare
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiThis photo is from a day before Diwali. 6 months ago I asked our maid, press waala, security if their kids went t…
Retweeted by Anant RangaswamiI was looking at a really boring small hotel in a very strange town in a small rarely visited country. The hotel b…
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Received by ⁦@jobsworth⁩ in London. On the way to me shortly. Looking forward to it, ⁦@ByDonkeys⁩!