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Andbox @andbox_official New York, NY

Home of NY’s VALORANT team | Representing NYC on the world stage @nyxl, @subliners, @aydan, @CDNThe3rd, @MikeLabelle, @zoomaa, @RealBobbyPlays, @BrianAlcazar

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You didn't think we were finished, did you? Welcome to the Andbox family, @vice_cs. Let's get it. #EverUpward ABSOLUTE DISRESPECT FROM CRAYON TO END THE GAME! Want your share of clip-worthy BM plays? Join us today for ou…
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i think i have a problem @PlayVALORANT
Retweeted by AndboxAllow us to officially introduce you to @madacsgo. Welcome to the family. #EverUpward join us in wishing @seb_fps a happy birthday! 🥳 We hope you have nothing but wins in ranked today.
Finally got my hands on some Ceez merch, and I’m sooooo happy!!! #RODAF #LadyViewage Best hoodie I’ve EVER owned!!…
Retweeted by Andbox @ASTROGaming So ours is in the mail right? @PlayVALORANT @senithw_ @valesports_na @madacsgo @yayFPS @seb_fps @Hiko @jcStani @poizFPS You know it 😎Try and click their heads before they click yours.
Petition for @PlayVALORANT to add stickers. #EverUpward in on the $250+ and an @andbox_official VOD review? Burn bright at our #Valorant Qualifier this Friday and yo…
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Andbox #Warmups: A sandbox for creatives in esports and beyond to experiment and push the boundaries of what's poss…
Introducing Andbox #Warmups, a sandbox for creatives in esports and beyond. in Power @DMX. @CDNThe3rd Congrats to the winners @HazyPotter & @_mattyVibes - DMs incoming.GGs to @Immortals as our run at #VCTChallengersNA ends. Rough loss but we'll bounce back stronger in the next close…'s patience pays off with a nasty 3K. #EverUpward #VCTChallengersNA bounce back with a clean retake from the squad. #EverUpward #VCTChallengersNA
YOU SHALL NOT PASS #EverUpward #VCTChallengersNA closes out the round with precision and puts us off to a great start to map 1. #EverUpward's all or nothing as we face @Immortals in the lower bracket of #VCTChallengersNA. #EverUpward ⁣ ⁣ 🔴 LIVE at… @100Thieves. It's a tough loss but our run isn't over yet. Our comeback in the lower bracket begins later tonig… doesn't need to see you or even use a gun to clutch it out. #EverUpward #VCTChallengersNA's INSANE clutch with .09 seconds left on the defuse! #EverUpward #VCT nice 1v3 from @seb_fps helps us start off map 2 right. #EverUpward #VCT the pistol round brings us one step closer to a tie. site defense from the boys.'re giving it all we've got against @100Thieves in #VCTChallengersNA. #EverUpward ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🔴 LIVE at… for Day 1 of #VALORANTChallengers? 😎 Check out today's first @valesports_na matches and schedule: 🅰…
Retweeted by AndboxWe kick off our run at the #VCTChallengersNA closed against @100Thieves. The action starts at 3PM ET. ⁣ ⁣ Let's get… Vision Strikers to Baby Yoda memes, check out @seb_fps's answers to our five questions below. You can catch hi…
Retweeted by AndboxThe @CDNThe3rd x Andbox collection is live [+]Sometimes you get what you deserve and other times you have to take it. Match day. Excited to battle. @andbox_official
Retweeted by AndboxSTILL L I V E for our Merch Dropping in 10 mins! Stayed up for my #RODAF and my #RODAF st…
Retweeted by AndboxSimple. 1. Follow Me 2. Follow ⁦@andbox_official⁩ 3. Retweet this Tweet And within 24 hours ANDBOX will be pickin…
Retweeted by Andbox @CDNThe3rd Only 3 of these exist in the world, who will be the other lucky 2? 👀 @pix_uwu @CDNThe3rd July 2019 collection. You missed it Eva. at 11AM ET. @CDNThe3rd x Andb[+]x back at it again.
Today, we say goodbye to @ReboVAL. Thank you for your leadership and we wish you the absolute best in your next cha…
You heard @AaronnFtw, give it to him.
A sneak peek of Thursday's drop [+] @CDNThe3rd x Andbox. #TheViewage @valesports_na @100Thieves @builtbygamers @Cloud9 @Envy @Immortals @version1gg @XSETGAMING's no shortage of talent in NA, and this weekend proved it. The teams moving on to #VCTChallengersNA Week 1 Ma…
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @NobleGG Great games vs a good team. Best of luck in the future. Happy to qualify for the closed qualifier…
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 against @NobleGG , those guys are underrated with a lot of potential GGWP to them. We are in the closed qualifier 😁
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @NobleGG and we qualified for closed #VCT! gg's! really close games. we got a lot of work to do. LETS GO BOIS @andbox_official
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @NobleGG You guys are insane ggwp! Qualified for #VCT closed! See you guys then!😁
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @NobleGG really close games we qualified for #VCT closed wp boys!!! @wardino @yayFPS @seb_fps @AaronnFtw @madacsgo @vice_cs
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 against @NobleGG our pistols were ROUGH (1-5) but super happy! we qualify for the closed 😁
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 @NobleGG Qualified for #VCT closed, team is insane. Time to get to work😏
Retweeted by AndboxDON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK The squad held it down and got the W over @NobleGG in a nailbiter of a last map. GGs to t…, @AaronnFtw, and @yayFPS keeping cool under pressure. won a pistol 😎 #VCT
Sheeeeeeesh @AaronnFtw. Cleaning it up at the end of the round for the thrifty. #VCT Sage @yayFPS with the wall kill #VCT face off against @NobleGG for a spot in the Closed Qualifiers. 🔴 LIVE over at against @NobleGG for a spot in the closed qualifier Come support the gang @yayFPS @seb_fps @AaronnFtw
Retweeted by Andbox @yayFPS Nice.
2-1 vs @KnightsGG they played really well, good luck to them in the next quali 😃 Playing @NobleGG either tomorrow or Sunday to qualify!
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 against @KnightsGG We play against @NobleGG tomorrow for a spot in the closed😉
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @KnightsGG Intense games there fellers GG'sWP Playing @NobleGG to qualify for closed 👊(Sunday I think?) #VCT
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @KnightsGG close & fun games! 😅 Gg's to them. Playing @NobleGG tomorrow! #VCT
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @KnightsGG i think we enjoy making all these games close 🤣 we play @NobleGG tomorrow
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@CrucianGaming @KnightsGG 😤We're up against @KnightsGG off-stream in the NA VALORANT Challengers Opens. Let's do this. for day two! 😁
Retweeted by AndboxWon 2-1 vs @Resonate_VAL gg's #VCT
Retweeted by Andbox2-1 vs @Resonate_VAL gg'swp Playing @KnightsGG tomorrow! #VCT
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Won 2-0 vs Veggie Straws in Open Quals #VCT. GG's Onto the next one soon! :)
Retweeted by AndboxDay 1 of VCT today 😁 LFG BOYS!! @andbox_official @yayFPS @seb_fps @AaronnFtw @madacsgo
Retweeted by AndboxWe're back for Round 2 of the NA VALORANT Challengers, and it's going to be a good one 🔥 #VCT 📺Watch all of today'… @XSETGAMING @GirlsWhoCode @Interscope @TeamLiquid @Cloud9 @ElevateGG Thankful to be a part of this with you all. Let's do it again sometime.Thank you. 🥰 With the help of our amazing community, partners & friends, XSET was able to raise $6,020 for…
Retweeted by Andbox @ASTROTR @aydan B Fountain ❌🧢VALORANT Battle Royale? 😳 I think @aydan might have caught a leak. @riotgames, when is the Senior Pro Tour being announced?
Retweeted by Andbox @oniram177 @PlayVALORANT How much. How much do we need to pay you to accidentally put this in the game? @ASTROTR We'd cop it tbh.That's a butterfly knife alright. @PlayVALORANT We know you're joking, but like what if...The VALORANT world expands. Here's your first look at VALORANT: Agents of Romance. Coming to PC soon.
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Learn more about Marsha and her institute: is her fearlessness and determination that have made a lasting impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. The Marsha P. J… in our graphic is Marsha P. Johnson, a black transgender woman from New York who led the gay liberation mo… on International #TransDayOfVisibility, we proudly stand with and support members of the transgender communit… who’s back? NYXL merch returns with some of our most popular items and all new pieces. The New York is Back…
Retweeted by Andboxlol imagine trying to use the frenzy normally fixed that mistake real quick 🙃
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"Sheeeeeeeeesh, that's a solid S. S for suuuure." — @aaronnftw b0i, @ReboVAL, and @seb_fps sit down to settle the… @_Tridd @Hurricane @NewKings_OW @NekkraGaming 🔥First we had goats… now we have ponies? Is this a petting zoo? Join us for our One Trick Ponies #Overwatch tournam…
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What rank did you start with and what rank are you now?unfortunately lost 0-2 to @Cloud9 ggs to them. we place 2nd in the @nerdstgamers monthly 10k not bad with 2 days of prac 😂
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GG 0-2 vs @Cloud9 in final will do better next time! proud how we played with just a few days of practice with @vice_cs
Retweeted by Andbox0-2 vs @Cloud9 for the March NSG 10k finals placed 2nd GGWP to them and all the teams we played! Wanted that win…
Retweeted by Andbox @Cloud9 @nerdstgamers Ggwp 🤝GG's to @Cloud9 we fall 0-2. Well played series from them! We'll come back swingin'. On that note, we place 2nd i…
Retweeted by Andbox0-2 vs @Cloud9.👨‍🏫 rough final but good showing this weekend with no practice🤠
Retweeted by Andbox0-2 against @cloud9 and placed 2nd in NSG monthly ggwp they're insane!
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