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MagyarMike @anderzijds140 Hungary | Netherlands | France

Michael. Dutchman living in Hungary & France. Vegetable with hat πŸ„ | Animal with house 🐌 | Krisztina To open an icecream shop May 2021, ChΓ’tillon-sur-Indre.

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@crampell @macchica26 'New appointed doctor by Trump widely respected.' @Angry_Staffer @macchica26 Getting one step closer again. @BellaRisttaa 😊 @locuta @erisgeenzwart Hij heeft de verkiezingen nu al zo vaak gewonnen dat hij tot zijn 100e in het Witte Huis kan blijven. @BellaRisttaa 'FAKEFLASH' might be the accurate announcement. @JoeNBC @macchica26 The Collapse of Circus 'One Term Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.
@kylegriffin1 @macchica26 Joe Biden won this entire elections so many times, he can stay in office until his 100th birthday. #blessyou @NYCRogue1 @LauraBray__ Not the ones about the diapers. @Ingeborgvraagt 'Ik heb al geplast', door Liesje Nak 😊. @mortenmorland Well I noticed you are appreciated by many people as they enjoy your mild humour and ability to say… @mocha813 If you would help me find the Ultimate Hashtag for it, that will have huge impact, I want to give it a try 😁. @mocha813 Good observation - he actually is 😊! @Ingeborgvraagt Rijlessen - het is lang geleden maar ik spreek uit ervaring. @averymilieu Haha, yes! @Ingeborgvraagt Ik dacht altijd aan 84, dat ik precies de helft van deze eeuw zou meemaken en een beetje een idee h… @averymilieu He is dragged out the Oval Office (see through left window 😊....I got overwhelmed in less than 24 hours for posting this cartoon. A few people asked who the cartoonist is. Hone… @PalmerReport @WonderWoman934 Melania getting her divorce - now that's a massive dump. @NightlyPolitics @WonderWoman934 When irony rules. @JordanSteinAB Thank you so much, I do appreciate it πŸ‘πŸ™! @librastain That's an interesting observation! Maybe he starts with windows... @JordanSteinAB Please help me on the beans stuff if you can; I am overwhelmed by likes, retweets and comments - but… @SanSocialists They are present actually. Watch the sidetable and the carpet... @MeidasTouch @Perduesenate @NydiaTisdale Just delivering the extra votes he will be shy of on January 5 - nothing to worry about πŸ˜‰. @jaketapper So true, I guess we need another blue wave here as well... @Rob20_11 Ja hoor, jarenlang met wiskunde. Good luck, weatherman πŸ€. @MeidasTouch @TallulahSC Pay attention folks.GA. @xNeonKnight Thank you so much! @VeeFree3 @atomicspencer True. @BronxFinFanLFGM @freddyatton Took them with him. It's urgent. @wheredkittygo @JoanieReb Look once more 😊. @minrberts @JoeBiden He and his team will manage. @vanativ557 It sure is! @SlipperyFrog89 Underneath. @olcumbus he could just grab a dozen and put them in his pocket - before he was dragged out of the Oval Office @e_nandes2 Thanks for the article! @cents5818 I agree. @e_nandes2 Is there not some sort of law protecting it?Mooi dan kunnen we Murder Most Foul er tenminste in stemmen! #BobDylan @gemini_lethal 😊! @State48Dem Rumour has it he is being dragged out (see through left window) the Oval Office - so perhaps there's ju… @Alavei1 He has a few... and broke a few as well. He kept the Huawei πŸ˜‰. @Alavei1 He is!!! Pills in his pocket 😊. @Alavei1 Perhaps he took them with him on his way out... @lindseybitz I guess so! @jasonroner It sure is! πŸ˜‰ @rhdrhs @DorkAngel I see a black string coming down so... possible! @ninakillham You bet! @Nomad_Prophetc I don't think they are symbols. @Skyjudge4NFL @VoteBlue4Us It can be both, it can be all that's being swept under the carpet too... 😱 @dat_hemi Haha, yes! @Musetrigger So true... @FlyingH20Tanker WE WON BY A LOT! 😊 @JennJayBee πŸ™ @signalsandsoun1 You're observing well 😊. @b_lab0147 It's possible. @ryankibby Thank you for owing me more credits than I could ever deserve, but I wouldn't rule out he's the obsessed one. @KR3EP76 "Best Pee You've Ever Seen." @ryankibby Actually the pee = his tan. @TangentOdyssey Do I like that American spirit! THNX. @mebennui @Cindy_52s True. @IWantOuttaDebt 9. Everything swept under the carpet for 4 years @montereyjack66 Study the sidetable and the carpet 😊. @montereyjack66 the dragged Trump... @CyndyCanty You said... and you are right I'm afraid. Nothing to thank me for, pleasure! @hsmcnp @realDonaldTrump He won't I guess. He will go ahead diapering around some 40+ days. @PatCSportsFan @Angela80sBaby YEP. @PatCSportsFan @Angela80sBaby There IS a Russian connection - somewhere on the right though 😳. @PatCSportsFan @Angela80sBaby I can imagine that - but no 😁. @TapuCocoaBK Thank YOU 😊. @TheRiskyMotion Hahaha - that's so good!!! ("And it's gonna be great, The Greatest Clean Up You Have Ever Seen!" @TheRealOVA @HotBlondeSlut Russia HEAD Quarters. @BridgetBundy ... the dragged Trump. @Hazelgreenhalo *diaper meaning @Angela80sBaby It sure is πŸ‘! @LARichardson2 @DorkAngel My source in Rosslyn says you're close πŸ‘. @joncorral There you go! @MaxDazzleBottom ... might even be his orange tanner πŸ˜‰. @averymilieu Well he sure swept a lot under the carpet... @_msjad *diaper @QuakeJuicy 😊. Depends weren't left behind - very much in need of. @DorkAngel One of the mysteries. @moiraogreene This cartoon really has diaper meaning - I mean deeper. @RockWithAMouth I agree, the cartoon has diaper meaning - I mean deeper. @DaveBra58960000 *leave @DaveBra58960000 Didn't left it, very much in need 😁😁😁. @pal_patches Fantastic isn't it!!!Can study this for minutes 😁. #stopthestupid @Soofco LaΓ«hcim - wow! Typisch een bijzettafeltje 😊. @LauraBray__ The only big thing happening is his loss. @MollyNagle3 @RonaldKlain Even with one foot he kicks ass πŸ˜‰. @robertwolf32 @RonaldKlain @jrpsaki @KBeds @SymoneDSanders @K_JeanPierre Is that girlpowerrrrrrr or what! #Congrats
@KeesD92 ONmacht.Er kan vannacht een buitje sneeuw vallen hier, lees ik zojuist. @Sifill_LDF @rangichan Trump still having problems finding the word 'democracy'. @_jesuisnina Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ze zijn weer terug, de #retronina's! #apendrolVoor Emine en haar vrienden en familie. Niets zo sterk als het woord - geschreven kracht van argumenten Het is da… waar en niet gelogen: nog nooit van mijn leven zag ik een #formule1 wedstrijd (ik heb er ook absoluut geen ver… @KelRebel @overlistener Ach nee toch! Ze had juist zo'n sterk betoog gehouden, zoals ik ze maar zelden tegenkom hi…