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Mildly inoffensive former Squaddie and Welshman in Kent! Cardiff City supporter and non-murdering truck driver.

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Fair play to the Tories, finding ways to be even more scummy every single day! @eshaanakbar Immigrant! 😂😂😂 @Haveawordpod Alright Lids, had to pause mid-podcast to make sure my disgust was noted. Now, I like a joke as much…
@adamrowecomedy Manics have announced 2 shows at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena on 4th & 5th Dec 2020. The first night will be a…
Retweeted by Andrew Morris @Haveawordpod Is that the same pic we’re going to use when he goes back to school?!Me: My hands are so dry! British Social Media: YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY YOU STILL HAVE HANDS, PEOPLE ARE DYING... @NetflixUK Shutter Island E.T Napoleon Dynamite Dunkirk Naked Gun United 93 Darkest Hour Eddie The Eagle Silver Linings PlaybookThis thread is spot on. @Haveawordpod Alright Lids, has anyone else said about having problems trying to sign up to Patreon? Just wondering…
@adamrowecomedy Fantastic! 😂 Piers and his Strange mob are absolute noshers!Can’t wait for Season 3 after seeing this... @SunderlandAFC Season 3 should be interesting...Clap For Boris? Why are British people so weird? #ClapForBoris @adamrowecomedy @Haveawordpod What kind of animal gets dressed top to bottom anyway?! Pants, socks, shorts, top.“Boris has a family!” Weep the bastions of civil discourse who believe the 120,000+ people killed by the Tories were all reclusive nomads.
Retweeted by Andrew MorrisDon't hijack #ClapForTheNHS to #ClapForBoris. The real daily heroes are NHS/Carers/Keyworkers etc Not him Boris li…
Retweeted by Andrew MorrisI wish I was rich enough to know wether I had Coronavirus or not. @bushontheradio For my 1000 snack, I always have two boiled eggs and a pack of Mini Cheddars... the fact that Johnson is a racist homophobic misogynistic vile man who surrounded himself with eugenicist, th…
Retweeted by Andrew Morris
@adamrowecomedy Her twitter bio definitely says she’s a feminist too...!This was funny to start with, the comments after made it even better! 😂😂😂
@liamjdbutler @MirrorPolitics Didn’t see this coming... @DailyMirror Can’t believe all these nurses can’t just be satisfied with a weekly clap. PPE and a suitable wage? No thanks! @piersmorgan She’s not going to shag you.Of course it isn’t, it never will be, nurses will be back to being scum of the earth again as soon as this pandemic… @CrimeLdn Great to see the Twitter lynch mob out in force...the bloke has obviously got OCD which manifests in havi… @2010LeeHurst But Karen on Facebook said that we’re all going to die from it?! @adamrowecomedy Deaf even...fuck off autocorrect! @adamrowecomedy Is this for dead Welsh people?! @DanHasAPodcast How’s the head Dave?! 😂 @worldmeetdani Too many dodgy jokes at the ready! 😂 @adamrowecomedy Sounds like Karen behaviour!Just catching up on Cuckoo (only a few years behind...) @TamlaKari just went and disappeared on us?! 😱 @RedHandedthepod #Same @adamrowecomedy @PopworldBaby I’ve got time for this!Fair play, didn’t realise we could stop doing the whole social distancing thing now that the sun is out... @adamrowecomedy Fishbowls at Popworld if we’re ever allowed out again?!
@ImLewisEllis @davbywater @Haveawordpod Do we have a secret handshake yet? @Haveawordpod Have you broke Freddy Quinne yet?!Premier League clubs using the furlough scheme doesn’t sit right with me at all. I can’t believe that the clubs h… @Haveawordpod So moist for this. @DailyMirror We’ve all been there.
@adamrowecomedy I don’t even know you anymore. @absoluteradio @RealDysonator Loved these guys in Tiger King. @piersmorgan @RobbieSavage8 Let the proverbial dick swinging commence... @Jamiehuwroberts One turns you gay, the other feeds you to the cats!A Venn diagram.
Retweeted by Andrew Morris @Haveawordpod Lids, that Bitch has gone too far this time! Baskin did it. #ThatBitch
@gemmadee1989 It gets weirder! @gemmadee1989 #ThatBitch @Haveawordpod @MediumShimmer @Haveawordpod @pepsi @pepsi I used to be a full blown cocaine addict, I would often do anything to get my next fix,… @robmulholland @FreddyQuinne @DaneBaptweets @tezilyas else timing their daily run so that they end up finishing down their street around 2000?! #ClapForCarersCarole Baskin did it. #TigerKing #TigerKingNetflixTo all you lids stuck at home during lockdown, and anyone who loves a podcast, get amongst this @Haveawordpod podca… @GaryLineker Oh come on Gary, surely you’re not this naive.
@adamrowecomedy Didn’t realise you could get high from Radox! @adamrowecomedy @adamrowecomedy Don’t forget to talc yourself after as well, like ya Nan. @Haveawordpod I’m semi in anticipation. @TheView @KimKardashian @Haveawordpod @Haveawordpod Are those white flowers, or his pile of scrunched up jizz tissues? @GreggsOfficial
@adamrowecomedy Depends, what’s the dress code? If I’ve got to wear more than my pants I’m not interested. @DanHasAPodcast @Haveawordpod I’m a fan of Pam! 😂 @Haveawordpod Alright lids, quick question...who’s Pam? #AskingForAFriend...My favourite part of Capitalism is when the government and taxpayer has to bail private companies out every few years! 😍😍😍
@Haveawordpod If it annoys Dave, I want more singing! @adamrowecomedy I thought proper trousers were only for court anyway? @adamrowecomedy No worries, just pick a smell that works best for you! 👍🏼 Vanilla or gravy could work judging on previous pods! 😂 @adamrowecomedy Alright lid! Just catching up with the latest podcast, wanted to let you know that I have one of th…
@sian_cosgrove This is Jessie, she’s sulking because I moved her off my chest! @Coombs_A Not a bad collection there! 👍🏼Not sure which is worse, Kate McCann clutching for attention and telling people to stay home...or the people consta… @nooouch Great to see you here Kate... 🙄 @Sonjamclaughlan We need more victim blaming, that’ll solve it! @Haveawordpod Hey Dave, you ok Hun? X
@adamrowecomedy @pm_sammy If it makes you feel better, it means less sleep for me! 😭😭 @pm_sammy Am I getting an extra hour in bed or not?! 😂A fetish website having to supply our NHS with protective equipment? At least they’ll be wipe clean I suppose., can anyone tell me, are the bloody clocks changing tonight?! @DanHasAPodcast @Haveawordpod Dead to me. @DanHasAPodcast @Haveawordpod What’re those green and red things all about?! @sgwat27 @liamjdbutler @MediumShimmer On my way!Don’t even know what day it is anymore...
Shalom Jackie!!! #FridayNightDinner #FridayFeeling #IsItTimeYet @erica_hukin Baldness!🙌 @Haveawordpod That mouthy lass who works in the club! @piersmorgan Piers, crazy as it seems, not everything is about you.Conservative ministers going down with CoronaVirus the day after everyone finding out that even in a pandemic like… @MediumShimmer I’ll sell you some toilet roll and pasta... #Stockpiled