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I don’t think i’ve been this happy in a long time goodnight beautiful people <3 @Dimi_818 @TmarTn cm? @FindingEth @babymario @NullTruth @Renegade_Joey it’s my calling @Renegade_Joey @NullTruth hey ur cute @NullTruth (not rigged btw)Happy Friday! Giving away two battle styles ETBS. One red, one blue. Shipped completely free as long as you’re in…
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@732_NeMo aw champs qualifier was tough @babymario not gonna lie for camry’s being a more casual not luxury car the newer ones are kinda nice @SenpaiKoala 🥺🥺i ALWAYS wanted to go on this as a kid... PLEASE
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@RahKnee team huddlethis kinda fire tbh there was a spitfire nerf... didn’t see a spitfire nerf
@derekmrda LMAO i was getting that ALL last night @derekmrda oh yeah ik it’s miserable. my teammates in solo queue want to land fragment every game and can’t shoot straight at all @derekmrda arena or ranked BR don’t care @derekmrda i’m down to play later after I gym @RahKnee Valk grinding today?49ers had the 12th pick and ended up giving up TWO future first-round picks and a third round pick for Trey Lance.…
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Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @Geekyis2Good I’m still trying to just hit Masters 😭😭 @Geekyis2Good LETS GOOOO GEEK @RahKnee GOOD MORNING KINGstill wishing I had people to play apex with @StrifeFPS You are one stand up guy Andy, i’m sure she’s more than proud. Love you brother ❤️
Marissa and I went to a bird fair today and I met this cool little lad @CryinggClub shes righthonestly my bellybutton is cooler than andi’s
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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS little brother did his PreK screening and my mom told him to act silly so they’d accept him into PreK (he’s inc… arena grinding with DIMIdome and sinzthegoatlate night solo queue grind getting back to diamond @CryinggClub you got this bbbbbb 🥳 @CryinggClub not a past time if you do it EVERY DAY!!! @CryinggClub im literally smoking bc of youI’ve been watching Naruto from start to finish for the first time and I thought Sasuke was my favorite but this Itachi guy built different
Season 9 thoughts: Pros: Worlds Edge Valkyrie is viable Bow is fun/needs a nerf Arc star nerf PK on the ground Sp…
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @Geekyis2Good dude everyone wanna be the green arrow now shit is annoying. So easy to use, no tracers, no sound, obnoxious. @732_NeMo mine was the same shit is miserable @RahKnee @RReedzz1 hey 👈🏼😎👉🏼the return of the king @acesu
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @WilliamLDonovan im bout to kiss u @ScumBagHaZaRD actual gas
@timboNASTY ran into snip3down 3 times last week in the same day, it be like that LMAOi upped my quad extension to 150 from 130 and I am dying 🥲 @Xotic16 been alright, i see you’ve been frying 👀 @Xotic16 goodnight handsome @aidanthedestroy @Dimi_818 @RahKnee peeeeeyew y’all stinkvery blessed to have the people that I have around me, my roommates, my amazing supportive girlfriend, my closest f… @Mxnning 2
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @Brxdy get used to it, takes Apex years to nerf things. Makes the game look unplayablei havent even played yet and the bow looks like the most OP weapon that’s ever been in the gameHappy 5 year of being suspended 🥳🥳 IV
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@timboNASTY it’s a lonely spaceship 😭 @timboNASTY idk what the AMD comparison is but I have a i7 10700K and a 3080 and my frames dont drop of you use you… @Jaysavedtheday @Sonixs_ @KingDieNasty took my whole life time for them to finally not only get a man of talent but… @Sonixs_ @KingDieNasty @Jaysavedtheday pullin up in my Fields jersey @KingDieNasty @Jaysavedtheday @Sonixs_ fly me out @RahKnee inv @NOT_K4 yo can get replica heirlooms that characters in apex use on etsy for pretty cheap I think @NullTruth all love bro, appreciate you stopping by and supporting <3apex goat @andisaiyajin sauced me a mega steelix and shiny grimmsnarl after a break on his channel 🥰
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @Squizzward let me tail these one day and you’re getting free packs
@TrentCasper ily2 @FindingEth sicksomeones sheets really be looking like this 🤢🤢🤢 @CryinggClub phewwwww 🥵💦😭 idk how to actmy queen is the absolute bestgoodnight beautiful people ❤️
this is the favorite
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goodnight beautiful people <3 (can’t believe Justin Fields is my quarterback)this aged like fine wine @312DARIUS__ @ChicagoBears QUARTERBACK!! a fun month.
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @NOT_K4 is arguably the best QB moment in Bears franchise history.
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Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @weloveyouhassi @NOT_K4 @TrentCasper LET ME BE FUCKING EXCITED BROThis meme is finally retired @ChicagoBears
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀Niggas was one game away from the Super Bowl AND THEY DRAFTED JORDAN LOVE ON HIS ASS LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀😎🐻⬇️ @TrentCasper 🥴🥴🥴 @TrentCasper Aaron Rodgers makes your receiving core by picking teams a part. I respect the optimism but Jordan Love is NOT itJustin Fields To The Bears, Let's Check in on Barstool Chicago
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @itsMike609 we won’t need emIf Rodgers forces himself out of Green Bay who the fuck is stopping us?! @312DARIUS__ bro I still feel like i’m dreamin this shit unrealWhen and where can I order my fucking jersey. I NEED IT!!We went 8-8 with the worst QB room in the league WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINK WE GONE DO WITH A NIGGA LIKE JUSTIN FIELDS NIGGA
Retweeted by andilorian.🥀 @SenpaiKoala that is why I just tweeted what I tweeted. I’ve had to watch Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, and Jay fucking… to THE Chicago Bears, @justnfields! #BearsDraft | 🐻⬇️
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