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I'm a bit sarky, a bit snarky and so eye-rolly its a wonder they stay in my head.

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@kaL12578 Tainted Love - Soft Cell. 'Baby, baby, baby, where did our love go?' - no really, we need to find it I th… @brianblessed Please, it would be a passionate and epic government!Shall I run for PM?
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@EliMatthewson Both would have loved the joke I bet.
Found our 3yo hiding in the bathroom with a giant Tupperware of Christmas cookies and honestly I’m just mad I didn’t think of it first.
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@RevRichardColes There's not enough acid in the world for me to.
@jk_rowling Confused at this one, a quick Google tells you heaps here about the science of sex that shows the gende… @RevRichardColes It's a tragedy that someone has taught them that this is the path to God. A bizarre and twisted wa… @RevRichardColes Their stuff has nothing to do with you. Your love is apparent. 🌹
this is my review of cats
Retweeted by Andra @davidfarrier I felt that from the trailer. When you're thinking Kill Me Now halfway through the trailer, it's a ba…
@gyllenackles @mishacollins Editing is beautiful and necessary and shows one's true grit. @mishacollins It's like ninja, just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there.Tonight at bedtime Maison said, “Let’s have a chat about what we believe in.” And then she eased me in, “Do you bel…
Retweeted by Andra @AstroKatie They're so much better than ellipses. More dynamic.Just a NZ police officer pulling a massive gun on an elderly man at a soup kitchen while a billboard for Compassion…
Retweeted by Andra @davidfarrier Yeah that seems way more stressful than just talking like a human.That day has arrived. You better lube up.
Retweeted by AndraYou got what you deserved.
Retweeted by AndraI’ll find you anyway.
Retweeted by AndraHarsh but true? @Alexa99 @Amazonmusicuk
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The missing “it” in this tweet is going to haunt me. (“about it” not “about”)
Retweeted by AndraI’m not even saying don’t step up to experts I’m really just saying don’t be simultaneously a jerk about and also wrong.
Retweeted by AndraOther buttons I would like: “You should have figured out WHO MADE THIS *before* tweeting it” “Joke ripped from re…
Retweeted by AndraIf Twitter had a reporting button for “incorrectly and condescendingly explaining an expert’s field of expertise to…
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This morning, we were the #1 Cookbook on Amazon! But we were #8 in Books overall, which put us 5 places behind Donn…
Retweeted by Andra @mishacollins His dad bought in bulk, but none of the recipes taste any good. When he eats his words they're going…
I grew up poor & my family struggled with food insecurity. It's something no kid should face. Healthy food should b…
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@samfendermusic @BBCR1 Could not agree more about the ukelele, also fuck the recorder.Clearly going places. And could not agree more about the ukelele, also fuck the recorder.👏👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by Andra @nbhdweekender @samfendermusic Just saw this episode of Norton in New Zealand. You'll be getting an influx of kiwi…
@TaikaWaititi @VancityReynolds I could not be more on board for this chur bros.For once, this is the first time we’ll be in a movie together for the first time!
Retweeted by AndraI had no idea you were such a gorgeous kid. Oh, that’s me.
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me explaining to my boyfriend why we’re going to straight pride
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Can’t believe I’ll be in this amazing show @bringthefunny thanks to @nbc !!! Let’s show America what this hobbit ca…
Retweeted by AndraNBC's new comedy competition show Bring the Funny premieres in July. @nbc @bringthefunny
Retweeted by AndraJarred, we love you♥️ There, it had to be said before everyone else acts like they said it first♥️
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@howardhour let Russell Howard know, his greeting of Diane Abbott was shocking. She said no 3 times to a hug & he f… you should take from the executive branch of our government openly defying the judicial branch today over Flyn…
Retweeted by AndraAlso, let us not forget your friend Putin is allowing for the systematic abuse and persecution of our LGBTQ brother…
Retweeted by AndraYou can’t celebrate us during pride & reject us the rest of the year; stripping rights from our trans family in mil…
Retweeted by AndraI have no problem with it, but we all need to admit it’s weird that orthodontists have convinced us to pay to move…
Retweeted by AndraIDK who needs to hear this, but poverty-wage workers cannot budget their way to economic stability. Offering financ…
Retweeted by AndraThe closest the Bible gets to mentioning abortion by name is Numbers 5:11-31, which recommends inducing a miscarria…
Retweeted by Andra150 - days in 2019 150 - mass shootings 2,876,775 - thoughts and prayers tweets from cowardly public leaders 93…
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@LucySussex That first group of finalists for Non Fiction set the bar incredibly high. IN DARK PLACES, BLOCKBUSTER,…
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“The point has never been that babies matter. The point is that women don’t.” -@PennyRed
Retweeted by AndraIt’s also more than twice as likely to be fatal if you’re black as it is if you’re white.
Retweeted by AndraThe thought of anyone being forced to carry a pregnancy to term in America is horrifying, for reasons that include…
Retweeted by Andra @webmz_ The fact that there’s no way to make an argument that a 6-week-old embryo is more sophisticated or consciou…
Retweeted by AndraTonight UK. Tonight! BBC2
Retweeted by AndraI’m just a womb, standing in front of a fascist, asking for the same rights as a corpse
Retweeted by AndraRon Howard, Brian Glazer To Boycott GA If Abortion Bill Stands
Retweeted by Andra @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Andra @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by AndraThis will be the next frontier by the oppressive Trump regime: taking away access to abortion pills “A European org…
Retweeted by AndraWe cannot go back to the days before Roe v. Wade when women were dying from unsafe abortions. Women should be able…
Retweeted by AndraHey people who think it’s ok to FORCE a woman to carry a pregnancy to term, what’s it like being a garbage human?
Retweeted by AndraAlabama is a sanctuary state for men who want to control women
Retweeted by AndraThe president claiming the FBI’s investigation was “TREASON“ reminds me that a Russian once said, “A lie told often…
Retweeted by AndraTaking down Confederate monuments is not erasing history - it's declaring that some parts of history belong in a museum, not on a pedestal.
Retweeted by AndraTrump wants to talk about First Amendment issues, but clearly he's struggling to come up with examples of *actual*…
Retweeted by AndraIf you're wondering how my day is going, I just tried to plug my wallet into my phone charger. Send coffee.
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When did you become radicalized by the U.S. health care non-system?
Retweeted by Andramy cousin, a working single mom, had a seizure in the shower, hit her head and died. she had medication to effectiv…
Retweeted by Andra @talios Fair enough. Can't like that though. @talios Laced? It will give you type 2-diabetes by looking at it, like everything else I eat. @talios It's amazing. Mrs Miggins.#amwriting I've given up sleep and am living entirely on cookie dough, but it's totally fine.
Twitter is so savage it reminds me of my childhood.Is Twitter R18 or can I get my kids to maintain my account. Also if it's not, why not? Also is there a kid's Twit…
Retweeted by Andra @talios Makes sense.Is Twitter R18 or can I get my kids to maintain my account. Also if it's not, why not? Also is there a kid's Twit…'s wrong with me that I feel sorry for the toys that got culled?
No guns are allowed at the NRA convention. Guess all those armed teachers they want will have to leave their guns i…
Retweeted by Andra @3sunzzz Get help @3sunzzz @BobbyOrrfan4 Slowly back awayIf I have to be honest, Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate we have for 2020.
Retweeted by AndraThis is why Twitter is amazing...Sorry...awful, this is why Twitter is awful. anger and hostility destroy our peace of mind, it is they that are our real enemy. Anger ruins our health;…
Retweeted by AndraChildren often write letters backwards because, elsewhere in life, they’re learning that reflected versions of thin…
Retweeted by AndraThere's a radio station in town with a "weirdest thing you've seen this week" contest. I feel like I'll win every week if I called. 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by AndraRN:"I need to draw some blood so we could check out your liver, kidney, etc..." Pt:"What does blood have to do with my body?" 😳😳😳😳
Retweeted by AndraMitt Romney is so sickened by Trump's criminality that it's going to make him just sick to his stomach to continue…
Retweeted by Andra @qikipedia Them an NZ rugby league players apparently. @AstroKatie @garyrogers Gotta break with tradition in America sometime. Sigh. @AstroKatie Oh Katie, you always know just what to say to brighten my day. From your lips to the big bang's...hmmm.Let’s have an impeachment, shall we?
Retweeted by AndraI just read (unconfirmed) that it took 55 days of night shoots to film the next episode of Game of Thrones!? How ep…
Retweeted by AndraI don't come on twitter that much anymore because the current political climate makes me want to get in the fetal p…
Retweeted by Andra @zachbraff This feels like the only sane response. @joelcomm Hendrix @davidhogg111 fuck around and | 👀 | \ / ____| |_____ / ✊__/ \_✊ Obliterate the NRA 🥰
Retweeted by Andra @davidhogg111 You must be feeling super cute.met these 2 people today in new zealand. their narrative was exactly as you’d expect: those in control are lying to…
Retweeted by Andra @davidfarrier It's all NASA's fault, which is why the Earth has only been flat since 1958. *whispers Copernicus*