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Hungarian-born screenwriter. Same hat size as Ralph Fiennes, taller than Karl Marx.

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@SectorWriter philistines @TheJessieKirk @GrantWhiteTZ other spirits are available too @GrantWhiteTZ Dzerzhinsky inoculated me against the need to root out the dissenters. @GrantWhiteTZ well you can just ignore it and stick to what you do and ignore the noise#ShakespeareSunday “ Die the death: When I have slain thee with my proper hand, I'll follow those that even now f…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of Poplar and Limehouse @PeterJBPreston @SectorWriter I can wholeheartedly recommend a bidet next time. @Lwantsahusky now i don't want to be your ex boyfriend any more @Helen_Something @peterbreda2000 @nickknowles @SectorWriter last time I dared to make a joke my mentions were full of angry English people demanding… @Lwantsahusky as a matter of fact i did back in 1966It was a sensational event when one of our colleagues decided to visit Ireland. When he came back we besieged him w… @Otto_English @SectorWriter Yes, I back up my assertions with Hungarian authors, bite me. @SectorWriter while I have you: they don't have a sense of humour either. @Otto_English @SectorWriter the continentals have cuisines the english have table manners - George Mikes @SectorWriter what more can i say beyond what i've already said the english can't cook @Lwantsahusky i am not newMini Hungarian language lesson: gardening. Most compound words that use a demonym as an adjective are not very com…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of Poplar and Limehouse @BeDigby @CzechOutLuci that's a fake i have better hair @BeDigby @CzechOutLuci but I still remember the CZK-HUF exchange rate @CzechOutLuci If it works for that then go for it. I bought a pair of shoes, even though I'm not really going any… @CzechOutLuci bloody hell that's a bit steep @PaulbernalUK @katebevan @zsk @markpack not everything can be candy crush, Paul @SteveandFamily1 @crisp_les @EmuHp @jonstone731 Y'all are pathetic, you know that. @Etienne_Sheff @EmuHp X @EmuHp @SteveandFamily1 @crisp_les @jonstone731 Dang. @EmuHp their hairlines receding, their penis is flaccid and teenage girls don't find them attractive the "silver f… @SteveandFamily1 @crisp_les @EmuHp @jonstone731 Anyway, I indulged myself long enough, if you want to keep Tweeting… @SteveandFamily1 @crisp_les @EmuHp @jonstone731 And yet you spend your Sunday afternoon on Twitter moaning about th… @crisp_les @EmuHp @SteveandFamily1 @jonstone731 But hey, don't let me stop you. If that what keeps you going, good… @crisp_les @EmuHp @SteveandFamily1 @jonstone731 Les, sweetie. None of you have the first feckin' clue. You are ju… @SteveandFamily1 @crisp_les @EmuHp @jonstone731 Well done, you were able to read my Twitter bio. Have a biscuit. @EmuHp @crisp_les @SteveandFamily1 @jonstone731 Honest to God I don't know why they hate children. Almost as much as foreigners. @crisp_les @EmuHp @SteveandFamily1 @jonstone731 none of you have the first feckin' clue. it's Sunday FFS, go outside, the air is ripe. @helenpidd Why are y'all hate children, Helen? @Foonga_Beta @marvinperrott @BBCkatyaadler @StevePeers Foreigners cause racism. You heard it here first folks. @Foonga_Beta @BBCkatyaadler @StevePeers I already took your job, quit moaning.
@DrMatthewSweet The ominous "other daily necessities".Yeah, that last bit got me too. Anyway, goodnight."And indeed, the spirit of Liberalism which existed in Hungary has ceased to be. (Applause) It ceased to be in Hung…"Our duty is to tailor to our special needs a suitable Hungarian costume onto the Hungarian nation in its laws." (Cheers on both sides)"...English, French, German, every kind but Hungarian!" (Cheers from the Left)""... we have given space for legislation that slowly but surely created a situation in Hungary, that the Hungarian… Although I can't help but to notice how many would still like it to exist. On the left too. I would love… @drphiliplee1 It's nice to be first at something I guess. @politic1983 They don't like that sort of thing. Do it.I don't know what made me think of that. Carry on.Defenders of this piece of legislation are quick to point out that the word "Jewish" is nowhere to be found in the… September 1920. For the first time in the history of modern Europe, a European country has enacted the first a…“In Hungary, we are very strict that we would not like to have a parallel society, or open society or a mixed-up cu…
@katebevan i wish to get back into video editing just to justify the expense @tomescritt mind you Peter Hitchens thinks NYE was invented by the Communists. @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english they take away your job @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english they take away your job @rokatunder papírja van, tolla van, címet tudja feljelent @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english your job is taken away @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english they take away your job @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days i say if you say you are english they literally take your job @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english your job is literally taken away @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english your job is literally taken away from you @SaintTheJase @Nicovel0 @gremisch @Luiseach these days if you say you are english, your job is taken away
@PaulbernalUK settled status app @tomescritt @APHClarkson @Frances_Coppola @jonworth @justinjccolling I already put in a word to re-organise and re-deploy KFOR @Abbievdub @christiancalgie they already made me to buy a new phone with the settled status nonsense i'm going to invoice them for this @christiancalgie "they can't be refugees, they have smart phones" y'all are mugs, you know that.
@katebevan Okay, I misremembered it, I was 21. @DavidFrankal @Lwantsahusky I was thinking more along the line of getting you your very own Pacer. @katebevan I'm pretty half blind and the only reason I could have read that text at 25 is that I wasn't half blind then. Only a year later. @dorisisaway curses my Achilles heel is literally on my templeCaption competition
@FunSoph so they are bravely shun the mask but won't come to Tower Hamlets snowflakes @bernardjenkin Jenkin, you imbecile.Hungary’s foreign ministry lists journalists participating in professional trips & workshops abroad,…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of Poplar and Limehouse @lituainianach 1. the Morning Star still exists for some odd reason. 2. Stanning Cuba is so 1980s. @pokembersegg @HNTurtledove You see what I have to put up with? @calorieneutral @DeanRed123 @Luke_who_ @Michael_Dunn4 #NotAllToms @Sime0nStylites #InanimateCarbonRod2020Calls for a variation on the old Soviet era joke: ‘The government pretends to be able to test us and we pretend to…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of Poplar and Limehouse @PeteBlanchard New Order is great and a trailblazer, end of. @DavidLemon777 Their only source of pride is accomplishments of their forefathers. Sad, really. @PeteBlanchard oi @andraswf me, a linguist: New Word Order
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of Poplar and Limehouse @DavidLemon777 If you spend decades being told that you'll never rise to the accomplishments of the "Greatest Gener… can't help it, every time someone harps on about "New World Order" I think of New Order. @DavidLemon777 People are bored. And have been living in peace and relative wealth for over seventy years, that can… @Luke_who_ @Michael_Dunn4 Well, by that metric I'm definitely not "from" London. @snigskitchen @SailAwayOnBlue @tomhfh No, everyone in London is loaded or foreign. Or both. @Luke_who_ @Michael_Dunn4 I'm "of" London I think, but I'm not "from" London @Michael_Dunn4 You know what I'd get if I say "I'm from London" Jesus. @JonnElledge There is something inherently "romantic" behind the notion that every single bad thing in the world ca… @amsterdammerung @MikeStuchbery_ I'm not sure that will happen in my lifetime. @amsterdammerung @MikeStuchbery_ The idea is as old as England itself. The current iteration benefits the culminat… @soapachu i have a track and trace app "WHERE R U??? WHO R YOU WITH???" @amsterdammerung @MikeStuchbery_ There is a difference between caring about the day-to-day comings and goings of pa… @davidschneider we are only breaking the rules in a limited and specific way so it's fine @amsterdammerung @MikeStuchbery_ We tend to read him in a way to align with our own world view, because we like him… @EmuHp I have an idea for the name. It could be... something like United Kingdom.... maybe not so much "Freedom" bu… @Monde1012 @drphiliplee1 Varnish, maybe. @drphiliplee1 hardwood is flammable @teaforpterosaur new phone who dis