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Hungarian-born screenwriter. Same hat size as Ralph Fiennes, taller than Karl Marx.

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It's an incredible script, you wouldn't have seen it, it goes to a different school.
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker Folk @LwantsGillian Social distancing @LwantsGillian I'm sorry about that @LwantsGillian what happened to your elbow @RosenaAllinTran let me tell you what i think @drphiliplee1 GameStop 2077 @davidallengreen pls my public procurement is dying @ClippedHussar @NataliaAntonova someone is shorting shoulders @DeanRed123 where are the mittens dean @paperghost @Nibus @marthaunplugged me at the border"one EU diplomat said the cases were probably down to officials not having enough clarity around the new rules, rat…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker Folk @LorenzoBrauer @GuitarmoogMusic good for you, pet @GuitarmoogMusic @AdrianFarrellAT you finned c*nt @NVeszpremi That's what they want us to think. This government operates eerily similarly to one I left behind...Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995, but make it like a film. Let’s roll.
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker FolkTell me again why digital status is good? (And I'm not even going to touch the legality of these inquiries at the b… @GuitarmoogMusic Three Telecasters Outside Ebbing, Missouri. @HNTurtledove if only there was a legislature... @LwantsGillian yes, Godzilla destroyed my home but that won't make me a fan of the MUTO. @MisterRatt @ClippedHussar @rich028 @LwantsGillian @ClippedHussar @rich028 @MisterRatt what do you think of poor shitposters @DieterFrikadell It's all fun and games but I fear at the end of the day we'll give all our money to the bankers. Again.Big Short II. @soapachu Sherry served too cold @guypratt Then you should definitely never watch Wonder Woman with me. @Frances_Coppola everyone I don't like is a boomer @drphiliplee1 I don't miss being pelted by chalk @JXB101 everything is about brexit so this must be brexit i just haven't decided if this is good brexit or bad brexit @lituainianach i'm tired @lituainianach That's going to be this year's "well, he got Brexit done" @andraswf Of course, this will mean absolutely fuck all in practice - Brits will probably even be allowed to travel…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker Folk @PaulbernalUK @TheWordOfCarrie core constituency doesn't care either @lituainianach what do you reckon, a Summer leadership challenge? @Fletche73012320 @AudreyAurus1 @paperghost I'm so glad you are back and I can tell you again to fuck off.Entirely cool and normal that everyone in the replies is criticising the "hypocrisy" (not a very good criticism any…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker Folk @TomTugendhat "open borders" get in the sea @DavidFrankal we can't have that people might use themand you tell me there's absolutely nothing wrong with Capitalism. @PaulbernalUK the fact that they do it voluntarily, without coercion and in many cases for free, that's what baffles me. @HNTurtledove that explains England @ij_ford lemon drizzle is okay
@YesMissMurphy 'cause the English always boil them to death eat it raw @YesMissMurphy that's a lie @MisterRatt okay that was a good idea that went too far way too far @omaromalleykhan and if you are *really* good you'll get a syndicated radio show and a newspaper column too, for go… @omaromalleykhan no, if you have a platform for your expertise in A that means you must pontificate on issues A-Z @MisterRatt @paperghost For £50k I'm willing to stay and put up with God Emperor Boris Johnson. @teaforpterosaur her dad was Czech and apparently the jury is still out if us lot counts as white @MisterRatt @paperghost fiscally responsible racismthe home office took over voluntary returns in january 2016 [pdf]
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker Folk @drphiliplee1 he's a legend @drphiliplee1 don't talk down yourself, you also scored a new hat @zoekennedy That note on the bookshelf though... bit tacky @JimMFelton Just a reminder, the last one we had about a hundred years ago, this country lost 250.000 So we have some way to go. @JimMFelton so what do you reckon, 3 point lead in the polls? @JackDeeth who is this @EmuHp @PublicChaffinch I know women, the bigger the loaf the better they like it. @paperghost Although I can't help but to think of the Express front page: "TAXPAYERS MONEY TO IMMIGRANTS FOR FREE!" @paperghost I mean we could say this "carrot" is... progress? @senstarlight we are this close to Waterworld @Nick_Wellings and since i'm not dead and aunt Mabel is not dead the angry old hag that means the virus is a hoax and open the pubs @MityaReznikov @oneinatree @NataliaAntonova @ForeignPolicy As much as I enjoy this conversation my entertainment is… @Nick_Wellings Mine is 3 @Andino1974 @agoodfireburns sorry, the asteroid is trailing by 3% @PublicChaffinch your large adult loaf son @peterbreda2000 17/10, would touch bellyso, I'm taking bets how how many percentage points will be the Tory lead tomorrow. @agoodfireburns and they will be reelected @paperghost @Fletche73012320 @AudreyAurus1 Cheap troll is cheap. A cursory glance at his timeline confirmed that he… @MityaReznikov @oneinatree @NataliaAntonova @ForeignPolicy Doesn't matter, the brave man blocked me. @andrew_jeans You know what, I'm not even going to touch that. @Fletche73012320 @paperghost @AudreyAurus1 "If in doubt,don't rock the boat." You know what, fuck you and fuck your boat. @jpshaddock I always thought "serving suggestion" was just part of the English sense of humour. @jpshaddock "Serves two" hold my beer @almostconverge @sztiv5 @SeanKDLA I'm seriously tempted to open a can and call it a day. @almostconverge Yeah, I'm not going to list everything just from this last week, but once again I'm glad to be 2000 kms away. @LwantsGillian ew(said Constitution was drafted by a friend of the PM on an iPad during his daily commute, and incidentally was caug… a middle of a pandemic, the most important thing to do is to codify into Constitution that "dad is a man, mum is… @oneinatree @NataliaAntonova @ForeignPolicy That's one heck of a word salad there Johnny. @Frances_Coppola So that means... you are behind Bitcoin @chaipatel0 trust the cabbage to the goat @tomescritt CAT CAM @paperghost @peterbreda2000 not my problem #homeofficeattitudes @peterbreda2000 @paperghost I make it easy, I count only the changes from 2015 onwards @paperghost request permission to beat the living shit out of him @lituainianach someone will tell us in a minute how it's a misdirect or something @hugorifkind so let's #notallenglishmen the whole thing let Scotland go. @pokembersegg okay boomer @JenHasSocksOn @DeanRed123 You made it your own. It's going to be excellent.I’ll never be allowed into Hungary again. Added mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, a lot of garlic, a few dashes of Maggi…
Retweeted by Lord Space Hungarian of the Beaker Folk @JenHasSocksOn Don't be ridiculous, that looks absolutely gorgeous. @katebevan nothing is too dear to the kibitzer @Sara_Rose_G yeah, okay you can now stop listing the Conservative front bench. they might be worse than the Devil… @Sara_Rose_G hang on what do they mean by "whoever replaces him potentially being worse"? an inanimate carbon rod can do a better job @Don_Shipp @DanKaszeta ah, an indoor loo @CylonNumber7 curses @DeanRed123 @JulieOwenMoylan @ij_ford ian didn't do it