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Outspoken feminist bi babe from 🇧🇲🇨🇦 I’m the boss @WhiteSquirrelCo 📦 Former journo & con organizer (She/Her) Icon by @gabbyness

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My game of the year so far is the 3D walkthrough of this house:
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀Hey, so I need to pay a bill like today, so does anyone want to make on offer on this 11 x 17 original Heathen draw…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @aunjuli @ohcararara tagging my two tea friends!! Look at this!!! @TheJenya @JazzlynStone It’s so CREEPY @catiemonster Well they probably volunteered!! @JazzlynStone 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄4586.
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @TheNedBarnett And move on to the sequel?? @OhHeyDJ @catiemonster I mean... that’s kind of rad though??? @OhHeyDJ 100% same @EricaBottger That’s pretty cool! @ScottForbes I think there was an update for the US election like preventing you from doing normal RTs, but people… @Britterson Very much: same.
@joy_ang That last picture would be the perfect pitch for a true crime/hornet drama.I miss regular RTs 😭 @RonDanChan @Cattifer YES!!!! I would love to see that!! @TojoTheThief Whoa!! They look so cool!Ceiling crocodiles!! is 90% of my conversations with @jimdemonakos in one image 😝 @TheNedBarnett @kellhound @kellhound @SamMaggs This feels very targeted 😅 @monkeyminion The best we’ve gotten at our house is “Tim Dimosockoff”
@hellocookie 😍🦇 @Beavs Awww so sweet!!
@StephLaberis This is absolutely gorgeous!!!I will never understand people who demand refunds for orders they regret. If you don’t have the money, or the perso…“Americans need to be prepared for the possibility of experiencing a roller coaster ride as the votes are counted,… my head, it’s some person who tried to make an inspirational poster but chose an image with the branding guideli…🤔Twitter, I have a question for you, based on the poster in this photo. Is the phrase “the eagle faces forward” mea…
@liliuhms 😭 thank you so much, that’s so nice of you! 💕 @Britterson YAY!!! @liliuhms Right now, three! For the holidays maybe two more helpers? @liliuhms Oh it’s 💯 gonna happen for sureChants of “TOE BEANS! TOE BEANS! TOE BEANS!” Ringing through the warehouse right now. 😝The Nectar Anthology for Trans Femme & ​Non Binary Erotic comics is now open for submissions, edited by myself and…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀we gotta expand the entire federal judiciary
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when medusa showers is it like this or like this
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀AITA for eating sexy potatoes?
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀I'm legitimately shook. Canadians for years have worked in the animation industry, not unionized, and it's led to s…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @SamMaggs WHAT @theverbalthing We made the butter tonight!! Tomorrow we’re making bread!I see myself in this and do not like it one bit.
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀If you own an online shop: may I gently recommend a “shop all” option that is clearly visible from the get-go. Whe…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @marcusto HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!Where was this energy when people attacked Tessa Thompson for being casted as valkyrie, where was this energy when…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there is no such thing as pre-existing conditions. It is an invention of h…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @lianakangas 🍔 📖 @liliuhms
@liliuhms SQUIRREL OR CHIPMUNK PLEASE @loudlysilent Paging @JennRavenna, seems like your jam... Jim just reminded me I promised not to buy more plants this year. (I just bought three more twenty minutes ago shhhh) @FemmeFaeTali @TheNedBarnett Hi Jeffrey!!!!Gotta move books and figures off my shelves, make space for more plant babies!! @DailenOgden Whoaaaa!!! Nice!!! @FemmeFaeTali @TheNedBarnett’ve been channeling my anxiety into plants this year, and I already have 15 to take care of, but also LRT is goals.... 👀 🌱 🌿☘️what a difference a year makes
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀i’m boosting this again because this is an incredible opportunity. Even if you don’t feel ready, just try. you neve…
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@KerinCunningham Absolutely, rollercoaster is the perfect word.Short comic about artists becoming less active/personal on Twitter. Will put up an alt text version later.
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @KerinCunningham Such a familiar feeling!!! Excitement/dread 😝me, watching cleveland booker's first episode: dear star trek writers, your intentions are extremely transparent...…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @kagwheeler Yeah, it’s great!!Content warnings for: gaslighting, eugenics, emotional abuse, and mushrooms1/ BREAKING: Current mayor targets Seattle’s Black community by slashing the Equity Fund in yet another display of…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀This book is great and creeped me out a lot!! @beckyandfrank (Sorry that should say: is what I use for USPS, I’ve got separate accounts for UPS and DHL) @beckyandfrank 👋🏼 I use ShippingEasy, which connects to my account for USPS, UPS, and DHL shipping rates. @peternowak @marcusto This is rad AF, Marcus!!!!Pum 🎃 witch of the giant sword (:< The first Pumpkin Hunter out of 3 for a lil' personal project of mine~
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀A Crocodile, Edward Topsell, 1658
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀A Hippopotamus, Jacob van Maerlant, c. 1350
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@heyjenbartel @KikiDoodleTweet @clementeworks I love this @eglads Yayyyy!!!Black bears with knives are “virtually harmless,” according to a new study by the knife wielding black bear associa…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀Are you thready?? 😏 @RoguePrintCo made EMBROIDERY KITS based on my Wolf Moon design, and there’s only a handful le…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀I feel like I’m a 4, but idk?? @ChrisSamnee This whole series is gorgeous but CASS!!!! Is the best one!!! @jxiaoo This video has me cry laughing I’m so sorryIt is generally agreed that the modern Spiritualist movement began on April 1, 1848, in the village of Hydesville,…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @gabbyness Nope!! I’m an Expert and it’s definitely Number One. @gabbyness Probably number one!! @albinwonderland @victoriaying That’s so rad! I love that they’re a Canadian business too, makes me feel extra good for some reason 😝 @victoriaying @weredawgz @TheNedBarnett @shriekapedia Ooooo!!! Such a cool coincidence!we all joke about these assholes having access to some vaguely defined "rich people medicine," drugs us poors don't…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀 @weredawgz @TheNedBarnett @victoriaying @shriekapedia Right?????!!! @weredawgz @TheNedBarnett @victoriaying @shriekapedia Nice!!!!! I’m eagerly awaiting my new ink shipment from this… @TheNedBarnett @victoriaying There’s a club??? (Here’s my fav) @shingworks Yooooooo Return to Sender!!! Was that by @verabee??Mitch McConnell blocking coronavirus relief legislation for 155 days, legislation to restore Voting Rights Act for…
Retweeted by Andrea 🦀I would love to hear from artists who took part in online/virtual cons this year—what were your experiences like? H…
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