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Andrea Rene @andrearene Los Angeles, CA

Co-founder of @WhatsGood_Games // champagne enthusiast // steward of fun times

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It’s even better in video!!! @E_Vaan @LEGO_Group kind of @LEGO_Group to release this amazing Nintendo set on my birthday!! 🥳🎁🎉
@mariamilal The part about cops and her other video got me 😂🤪 @shinobi602 Yeah I'll ride that poverty line any day! @LogitechG Listen here social team, don't toy with my emotions by putting purple lighting on these bad boys. (but P… @viktor_xiii That is what the dev team said in interviews to me as well...but I'm skeptical right now. There was st… @Hawk_SE I spoke about my gameplay impressions after the stream yesterday (going to clip it on YT later) but yes, I… @WhatWhenDan Closer, saying that would indicate that they originated the idea of world events, which they did not.… @pmartin89 100%, it was my biggest critique after playing.It's Monday and @BlondeNerd and I are back with @WhatsGood_Games LIVE today! Got questions about what's been happen… @B_Nasty21 Yes and agreed! @SpectrumKingdom Most definitely NOT delusional, side quests are integral to any good RPG/action-adventure. I absol… @tgbert From what I've seen they are bit more untraditional. Think world events similar to what we saw in RDR2 inst… favorite in the Yakuza franchise! I still suggest staring with Yakuza 0 - which is also on Game Pass - then Kiwa…
Retweeted by Andrea ReneSplitting hairs over what you call them doesn't make doing the side content any less real or relevant to Eivor's pr… headline feels like a semantics/clickbait issue. In my 3+ hrs I ran into many side quests and I spoke with the… @mobilesinper @johntdrake DUH I totally forgot about vinegar!! Thanks fam ❤️
Join the Resistance and take back London in #WatchDogsLegion, launching October 29! #UbiForward
Retweeted by Andrea ReneWho is pumped for #UbiForward this morning!! We're watching along live NOW at and I'll have…
Retweeted by Andrea Rene @Phasmatis8 @steinekin @XboxP3 @Xbox Dang. Well thanks for letting me know! @energyfury Don’t be ashamed! I would sit and wait for minutes at a time to stealth through parts. Once you get to…
@09mshatraw @XboxP3 @Xbox That is not the same shirt but I like that one too!But @XboxP3 where do I get that @Xbox #pride shirt?? 👀🏳️‍🌈 @kelseydangerous You look amazing!!! Love the balloons!It IS a straight up power vacuum with E3 gone. TOO REAL DEVOLVER @theGrizz91 @RianaTweetsNow Oh man these are cool! Where did you get them?LOL this @devolverdigital “Direct” starting out ridiculous as expected. “Upfucked the bar” and “maximum level ninja…
@JamesStevenson @lauramustard @SIN1STERSNAKE @KITKATGaming SNAP!!!!! HYPE!!! @KITKATGaming OH HELLO THERE 🤓We're more than halfway through this year, so it's time to check-in and talk about our current Game of the Year pic…
Retweeted by Andrea ReneHad a blast in #Destiny2 last night with @RianaTweetsNow @Renjamin13 @GuardianOcelot @EndorphinsSC and the What’s G… you a creator on @YouTube? You'll probably find this explanation of RPM vs CPM helpful! Monetization has always… @SalmonsDontDie @ScooterMagruder @energyfury @Kahjahkins Me too! Let's play something again maybe?? You getting back into Destiny?? @ScooterMagruder @energyfury @Kahjahkins Oh boy all the feels! Where’s @SalmonsDontDie at??Okay it’s time for @RianaTweetsNow to join up! I’d you want to hear about her canned mimosas and watch us play PvP… need to test some stuff ahead of this weekend so I’m going to stream the new @DestinyTheGame #Destiny2 Prophecy d…
@flipsparky360uk @elgatogaming 👀👀👀👀👀 @dannyjasin You’re so welcome! @SoAfterISaid @TheProCasual @steimer Ohhh yes way more. @16BitsOfAwesome @steimer It’s a privilege men can afford, women can not. @steimer I don’t even know what your favorite restaurant is!! But real talk: I FEEL this post. Maintaining a social…
@KestrelYYC Seems pretty good! @G0ldnFen1x I appreciate all the interesting stats, but just because cats are domesticated it doesn't erase DNA ten… @grrlaction Mav is definitely a good soft boy as well and he only goes on the concrete section of our fenced in yar…🤓🎙️🤤🐉😷😘... LOL WHAT?? @Adam407 Oh man that would be rough, but this lizard had many opportunities to run away and it didn’tShould I have stopped my cat? It’s in his instinct to hunt and he clearly didn’t kill it. (It lives to face off aga…’m having a soft philosophical debate with @johntdrake about our cat hunting a tiny lizard in the backyard. My cat… @heymitchkrassin They are signed leatherbound which is why the high price but it is pretty steep for a book.I’ve never Britt grunted over something so fast 😍😍😍 gimme gimme gimme #StormlightArchive @svenj @WhatsGood_Games It is challenging sometimes. If I have to type a lot I move my keyboard (it’s wireless) to… @svenj @WhatsGood_Games Thank you!! @MaximumCortez @BlessingJr @KindaFunnyVids I never thought I’d side with Nick on anything but yes, a hamburger does… @AlexaRayC OMG!!! 🤩🤩🤩 @TaraMBruno Can you send her to motivate me?
Excited to attend a virtual event for #WatchDogsLegion & #AssassinsCreedValhalla today! I’ll have thoughts/gameplay…
@AgentTinsley I feel like I could use that money...hmmm maybe do it for science?!? @Mike_Haracz @DiGiorno OH. MY. GOD. 🥐🍕😍 @AgentTinsley I want some now too!!! Guess I know what I’m making tonight :) @Hoss_9424 @KindaFunnyVids Enjoy it!! @MeeTest01 Oh yes I’ve been watching @NSSteph @grrlaction @ObiCynKenobi @kateburning @gennhaver That’s fast work Steph!
@grrlaction I can make you one! Cross stitch is quite relaxing :) @JerJerJarvis Oh dang! I think it seemed odd to me they felt that label necessary when the movie is called...Twiste… @grrlaction @joeynoelle I just really want a remake! (Or a sequel) Would love to see 2020 weather tech ⛈ @RianaTweetsNow @HyperScapeGame @WhatsGood_Games 👀👀👀👀Decided to watch an amazing classic tonight “Twister” and noticed this warning 🤔🌪🌪🌪Since w…
@Tltd_Mike Frozen @KetelOne 😁 @mariamilal I GOT YOU @donfubar @Melly_Mel0309 WOOOO CONGRATS YOU TWO!!! 🍾🍾🍾Put my bartending skills to use with these festive layered shots! #HappyFourth 🇺🇸 @steimer @jacquicollins_ Crushed it! @mobilesinper OMG DYING 🤤🤤🤤🤤 I’m a sucker for butterscotch! @ORNGandBLVCK @WhatsGood_Games @steimer @BlondeNerd @RianaTweetsNow Ooooh tempting!
@joeynoelle JOEY YOU ARE THE BESSSSSST!! I loved having more time with you when I was coming to the office. The boy… Americans have today off work ahead of the 4th of July. What a great day to commemorate our nation’s independe…
Retweeted by Andrea ReneYo this conversation definitely WENT PLACES! so glad we finally talked out our full thoughts on this game 😁
Retweeted by Andrea Rene @godfree @GoodpodsHQ @BlondeNerd @Kahjahkins @BlessingJr @theartofadaml @GrassRoutesPod Thank you friend!! Right back at ya :)Our #TheLastofUsPartll spoilercast is now live! It’s a whopper of a discussion, clocking in at over 2.5 hours. Enjo…
Retweeted by Andrea Rene @BlondeNerd Always bb 😘 @Ravelle @BlondeNerd Right?!! So fresh!!If @BlondeNerd’s gushing over Yakuza doesn’t get me to play that franchise these amazingly snazzy jackets just migh… a few comments from people lately, now that #TLOU2 has changed the game for #accessibility they hope games comi…
Retweeted by Andrea Rene @dudettecolette @JohnVignocchi Listen the swimming is TOP TIER sirIssue No. 14 of #JAMZine has arrived & will be shipping out to subscribers today! This month's issue features inte…
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@andrearene @sarahthebeef @joeynoelle @Nick_Scarpino @GameOverGreggy @netflix Excited for Andrea to carry Nick's bo…
Retweeted by Andrea Rene @sarahthebeef @joeynoelle @Nick_Scarpino @GameOverGreggy @netflix @OujaStrike @WhatsGood_Games @HyperScapeGame Have fun!!! The Hexfire is 🔥🔥🔥I know what I’m playing tonight @WhatsGood_Games @HyperScapeGame #HyperScape @andrearene
Retweeted by Andrea ReneOkay I think we’ve worked out the issues?? #HYPERSCAPE TIME with @RianaTweetsNow let’s goooooooooooo’re having unsurprising tech problems we hope to up soon! @WhatsGood_Games @andrearene @HyperScapeGame Slight delay y'all! Workin' out some technical kinks 😘
Retweeted by Andrea ReneLots of folks just started streaming @HyperScapeGame and @RianaTweetsNow and I will be joining the fray! I'm watchi… @Kahjahkins @craigums @HyperScapeGame Imma add @RianaTweetsNow on! We'll be playing starting at 11am PT ;)