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Andrea @andreaschmitzzz New York, NY

Motion Graphics Designer Animator, illustrator, reader, writer, baker... My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of my employers. She/Her

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Anakin murders toddlers.
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Retweeted by AndreaARTIST PSA: My accountant just told me that MASSAGES are a BUSINESS EXPENSE.
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i always wished there was more froggy furniture to go with the froggy chair...
Retweeted by AndreaHere’s a walkthrough of how this after effects rig works with a focus on the mouth. All made with Joysticks n’ Sli…
Retweeted by AndreaI don’t know how I thought suitcases were made but this wasn’t it
Retweeted by Andrea @art_abstraction @your_goblin_mom @javi_draws It never gets to that point, but they cover other good stuff in s2 a… @art_abstraction @javi_draws Carol and Tuesday! Not romance but still fab and wholesome @SummonTheWitch @javi_draws I will never be over itCome join the Netflix Animation Family! Applications for Story Trainee program is now open!!!
Retweeted by Andrea @javi_draws like Nana 👀
@brennx0r I am 7 about to turn 8, about to get glasses and an unfortunate haircut
Shanghai Batman for your TL
Retweeted by Andrea @AITA_reddit Where can we read the books, I want some pirate romancethis dude really cried because he found out his girlfriend wrote romance novels
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👑BLACK HISTORY MONTH CREATIVES/ART SHARE!👑 🌟You a black artist/writer here on twitter? Well I want to see your wor…
Retweeted by AndreaNon sequitur: IF YOU WORKED ON #BIRDSOFPREY’s ANIMATION, can we please get a show of hands? Because it was rad. T…
Retweeted by Andreahozier be like
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Link in bio What will he learn
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Diver convince octopus to trade his plastic cup for a seashell
Retweeted by Andrea#AnimalCrossingDirect Me: *shakes a tree in animal crossing* The bees:
Retweeted by Andrea @cynfinite FleabagReminder: Signups for this year's Things Took a Turn anthology are open!
Retweeted by AndreaThank you @thisjenlewis for the wonderful audio, I wanted to lip sync some froggies! 🐸
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@saintclairrrr Destroy them
@Bisinterested Remember when he was the main character? @MadEyeMadi How u doin bbI saw Birds of Prey last night, and it was a dang delight. Such a refreshing pivot from the grimdark END OF THE WOR…
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I’m always looking for illustrators for various projects (that pay money, obviously). If you have a friend/family…
Retweeted by Andrea @caitcadieux This is so good!!!!
Made the bed, kept cleaning the apartment, realized I hadn’t seen the cat for a little bit and found him like this
Retweeted by AndreaThe ability hat kid has to tell my life story so accurately actually scary
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whole set off the ringers. RT n share if you want 👋🏻👋🏻
Retweeted by AndreaIt was pointed out to me that Noah Centineo sounds like Mark Ruffalo and now I can’t stop hearing it @DanaSchwartzzz Also all the bars close at 2am and everyone has to get rides home so leave before or half hour afte… @DanaSchwartzzz Also torchys > tacodeli.Accurate 😂
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Retweeted by AndreaLet us not forget that time of when a wig fell onto a Ditto plush.
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2020 - Are you #Trans, #Nonbinary, in LA a lot? Apply to this
Retweeted by Andrea @DanaSchwartzzz Their somewhat new library downtown is really niceOWLS CAN SIT CRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE
Retweeted by Andrea💨🍑 'PARASITE' FANART! done (for now) since i can and will work on this forever. still crying over the #oscars
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The scenery in ‘The Secret World of Arrietty’ is everything 🌻🌾🌸
Retweeted by AndreaThis is, of course, also how animation is made, and I think it makes for a much more deliberate film making process…
Retweeted by AndreaLittle gifts for my future self
Retweeted by Andrea✨2020 Animation and Illustration showreel✨ Brand new reel showcasing some of my personal and client work from the…
Retweeted by AndreaThe studio who made the Sonic Movie VFX heavily overworked their artists and than was shut down by the company who…
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In Parasite (2019), the Scholar's Stone floats in the sewage water, revealing that the rock is fake & hollow: this…
Retweeted by AndreaThe best👏 An interview with an animator and director, Abel Gongora. @GongoraAbel Abel joined Science SARU in 201…
Retweeted by AndreaThere's a making-of video of the Eizouken opening that confirms Kana's pose was inspired by the Drake meme, holy sh…
Retweeted by AndreaI can’t stop laughing at the fact that blue eye is the ocean and it’s so beautiful and then brown eye is fucking so…
Retweeted by AndreaHere's a fantastic scene from A Goofy Movie when Pete tells Goofy how Max changed the map for their trip. Everythin…
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I did not know about this re: Waititi and Ragnarok. Not just a land acknowledgment ceremony, but also directly supp…
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@KnivesOut Knives Out, Hands Up, Pencils Down, Get InReminder: Signups for this year's Things Took a Turn anthology are open! done, ⁦@MatthewACherry⁩! You’ve inspired Black children to embrace what makes them unique. Thank you for draw…
Retweeted by Andrea @JimMcCarthy528 Welcome! @DelilahSDawson @LisaCron
Congrats to Monkeypaw alum @MatthewACherry on winning the Oscar last night for best animated short! Watch his fil…
Retweeted by AndreaSeeing the love for Parasite is wonderful, and I'm hoping it propels people into checking out more Korean cinema, s…
Retweeted by AndreaShout out to the drunk intern having a blast writing NYT Oscars captions.
Retweeted by AndreaThat poor man just wants a cocktail and they keep giving him an Oscar.
Retweeted by AndreaWhen you see something on Tumblr that's so true and so insightful but you can't think of anyone to share it with in…
Retweeted by Andreayou know what else i love about fanfiction? the ability to interact with their authors. like u can just write a com…
Retweeted by AndreaIt's easy to complain about the #Oscars. But every year I'm reminded of how I was inspired by these awards and the…
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Retweeted by AndreaI LOVE!!! HER!!
Retweeted by AndreaFun fact: a very high % of the people on a film set are in unions, and basically no one in a VFX house is. A cynic…
Retweeted by AndreaI got on Twitter to see how the reaction to Eminem went down and it's unanimously "Mom's spaghetti at the Oscars!?"I think it would be fair to assume (based on various articles stating as much) that many of the Academy members don…
Retweeted by Andrea @nayhomes but what if it lit up tooThis is one of the funniest things I have ever seen an awards show do, and every day from this moment forward I wil…
Retweeted by Andreawhen wizards from different factions convene a council because there is great turmoil in the land
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@LoriLeeBulloch Oh my god but it’s so great in every language. Jag Är En GummibjörnWhen I overhear someone saying they know how to reverse this weird spell that turned me into an owl
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😔😔😔goodbye mr puffyfish😔😔😔
Retweeted by AndreaFellow TV writers who help out new writers with feedback on their scripts: What’s the one note you find yourself gi…
Retweeted by Andrea2 days ago I woke up in the middle of the night and thought: I’m too scared to publish this. I then remembered…
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He's soooo much better than the Joker
Retweeted by AndreaThey’re on a mission! 🦵🦵 #PokemonSwordShield
Retweeted by AndreaY’all ever saw a owl run
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@ElizMcLovin But then it was Thursday @ElizMcLovin I thought it was Wednesdayhow did this man perfectly encapsulate the emotion of hearing mama for the first time
Retweeted by AndreaHelga Pataki was a queen
Chocolate Boy's entire character backstory has gotta be some of the saddest and most intense stuff you'll see. They…
Retweeted by Andrea @lauraporat especially mEEEEEEsephiroth’s descent into villainy makes so much sense when u get older and you remember that he’s 25 and everyday h…
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@AnimComplex Saaame, but I’m hoping that the Panimation slack picks up so that I can afford to lose a few of the fb groupsDay three of no Facebook and the world is somehow much quieterThis is great but we all know Tim Burton would never hire Black actors
Retweeted by AndreaLads!
Retweeted by Andrea.@Tomi_Adeyemi, @getnicced, @angiecthomas, @AcevedoWrites, and @azemezi are rewriting the rules of young adult fict…
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I just want to reiterate, please hire and work with these wonderful people! Support their projects as well!
Retweeted by AndreaDear art directors, publishers, commissioners & all those who have the ability to hire & PAY Black artists their wo…
Retweeted by AndreaAny motion designers available to help mentor someone? Alyssa Rosler is looking for help with C4D and AE for her se…
Retweeted by AndreaHire the authors writing Star Wars novels to write Star Wars movies and TV series you cowards.
Retweeted by AndreaWow look at how simple sponge bob boards used to be.....
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