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VR, philosophy, architecture & the messy business of running an XR studio. Architect, coder & co-founder/CEO @numenavr 🇩🇪🇺🇲🇷🇴

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@Sam__AB What do the numbers represent? @DyLhun @spatialxr @iBrews I'm not advocating realism in all situations by any means and uncanny valleys do exist.… @DyLhun I was right there with you until I tried @spatialxr w @iBrews. The feeling of being in the same room was th… @510home @iBrews I find this very hard to tackle. We don't understand these issues well enough at a cognitive level… video calls, our bodies feel that the other person is not present but the eyes & ears tell a different story… @marmishurenko I'm a fan of buckwheat as well. What's your favorite way of cooking it?
For the #RealTimeConference, @andreeavr & I hop into @TheWildXR & @spatialxr to discuss one-click #XR architecture…
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Excited to discuss the impact of digital technologies on design workflows at the @Realtime_Conf. With a nod to phi…
@WilBown @htcvive Thank you! @n1ckfg @htcvive @virtual_dario Great, thanks. Need one for that purpose alone as well. Would you also recommend Mirage in general?Are there any standalone VR headsets that give access to the passthrough camera API? Quest does not but what about… @alieninsect @jamesemarks @ScreenageKickz @TimothyLeary8 @2000_mondo @scifilondon @LabzPlay @GoGenieMo @SUBPAC @jamesemarks @alieninsect @ScreenageKickz @TimothyLeary8 @2000_mondo @scifilondon @LabzPlay @GoGenieMo @SUBPAC
@spotthereality @kentbye There are critical issues on which VR as a medium can put a twist. But we need a framework… @TomFfiske @kentbye That & Massumi struggle to express some pretty complex but real & crucial phenomena. You will f… top eight non-VR books that totally changed how I think about VR. Any non-fiction that had a major impact on y… an article on VR training that does two essential things: 1/ profusely links to studies that back up the c…
@pereirarb1 Very much agree w you. My goal w many of my tweets is to raise awareness about how simplistic our gener… discussion with @andreeavr who highlights the importance of the spatial environment in VR storytelling and ga…
Retweeted by @andreeavr @samanthagwolfe The entire marketing/visualization category - showrooms, expos, public events.
@Render4Dinner I think the best art is a clever observation on how complex and nuanced the notion of reality really is. @HuguesVincey I also worry we are not iterate enough to navigate the differences. They can be subtle & can be explo… all children draw human figures w large heads & hands bec/ that is how they think of bodies. Heads & han… the past two weeks more people have discovered the beauty, pitfalls & outright strangeness of this power we ha… @WilBown @Render4Dinner @seanmcarroll @Ri_Science His podcast, Mindscape, is amazing. @WilBown you will love the ep…
This is coming out tonight and the deep end it is! If you're in the mood for some intense talk about VR, philosophy… awesomeness of HL:A doesn't make me worry that clients will expect this level of quality from me. It makes me d… @ReloadGV That's a great correlation. My left hand sometimes goes into the ctrl+Z position when I make something wi…
This after a few focused hours. Imagine how realities will start to cross when we start spending a good chunck of o… @absolute_phil @zizke Been thinking about why CG has had such mass success in gaming but snail paced adoption in ar… @AndyFidel_ @AltspaceVR @SocialVRChat @SpatialNetworkz Definitely due for a chat! Your work in social VR is so much… @AndyFidel_ @AltspaceVR @SocialVRChat @SpatialNetworkz Hi Andy! When I click on the link it shows me 4 pm CET, not…
I'd love a game where the story is built 100% around the things that usually break immersion. This game will let pl… @DooleyMurphy @benloveridge I'm with you. 'Me' speaking is my least favorite thing in the game so far. And by that… @alexqgb I'm all for no windows but this would have been better with more skylights.Moving from the east coast to Germany as an architect has been a serious wake up call re: adoption of new technolog…
@Alex__VR That IS what I see. But I appreciate the cleverness of picking a word so rich in meaning (while ultimatel… @HermitGaming2 And cross each other. "Crossing" is so reach in meaning, easily one of the best words in the dictionary. @SLeBaron Is this in Somnium?
In praise of imperfect tweets: Just say it. Sometimes, the perfect wording, that penetrating clarity of thought doe… @prvncher And we're crossing with them...? Or we are them? @_adwardian_ Wait wait. Srsl. A road? The metaverse?Can someone just tell me- what are the animals crossing?If you need a break from Netflix & co this is the best selection of cult & award winning Eastern European films.…
@pereirarb1 Adoption of 3D software in fields that desperately need it (you would think) like architecture has been… @loleg I didn't know about this, looks amazing. @HuguesVincey Books are definitely the best but, easily digestible best sellers aside, they don't have the penetrat… @oscarmarinmiro I agree completely. Unfortunately, we seem to sink deeper every day in our obsession with 'proofs'… @oscarmarinmiro This is what we turned film into even without AI.The paradox: We rock at communicating abstract knowledge. We suck at emotional states. We only get pain or fear to…"In practice, digital transformation can be painstakingly slow, often because it takes workers much longer than exp…
@DyLhun @VRChat Is it good enough right now for live sports though? I've seen videos like this but the movements ar…
What's missing until we can add sensors to an athlete's body to capture & send their position live to rigged avatar… @Alex__VR I wish VR will "have its big moment" & it might happen. But the reality is that this technology is so com… @downtohoerth I so agree w this. I wonder if there are things we could do for each other right now. Do people need… @kellyreid Would totally love to see a demo of this. Awesome concept - sounds like something @WilBown will also be into :) @KuggenMedialab I think so too!Some say this will be a pivotal moment for VR. Not sure things are so black & white. Every aspect of our life is co… this sudden reliance on virtual spaces & communication wake us up to their potential or make everyone acutely… @kellyreid Let us know what you end up spending most time in.Important thread about how the current situation is affecting the VR community. Creative and emerging industries ar…
It's been awfully sunny & springy here for the last two days. It didn't match the fear & anxiety, like someone edit… a post about how the world would be bleak without artists & designers. I did that exercise. I went through my… @oscarmarinmiro @downtohoerth You can start a video call and walk us through the problem - might help :)
@oscarmarinmiro Yes! Also, no one's ever met an office printer, in an office, that really truly works. Puts the VR… development is hard and all but wait till to you have to redesign your website. @Alex__VR @theextendedmind @misslivirose @CreativeClo @ByHubs
Beautiful thread about the shared joy & magic of @normalvr's Half+Half. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication i… @gewang YesThe house is water. Fallingwater. Making the water fall down in one splash next. 💧💦🌊🏡🌊💦💧
@ddiakopoulos Yep. And this contributes a great deal to the burnout we see in XR. Sometimes it feels like fighting the windmills.
@andrewheumann Really cool, thank you!
@MrLeeMason Your work is beautiful. @Parseccentric @SLeBaron That's so interesting. I wonder if this type of 'fear of heights' in VR will go away with prolonged use.
@SLeBaron Ha! That cardboard is ready for my scissors as well. @DevRelCallum How polished/long would you want the demo to be, ideally (for games)? @DevRelCallum Are you exclusively looking for games?
@SLeBaron Ha that's the one thing I haven't added! For the 'real' architecture version, I will design wood railings… what? Sometimes I just start designing w cardboard. Now onto floor plans. (Though if white glue is not yr thing,… @oscarmarinmiro @pereirarb1 Ha one day. Meanwhile, I'm giving it all to walk the talk and, at some point, release s… @oscarmarinmiro @pereirarb1 'Ambient intelligence' is for me the logic of the space -which, like in traditional arc… @jamie247 @WilBown @varjodotcom @DannyBittman @SpacedPainter @KevinMackArt @VR_Rosie @JoshuaCorvinus People in XR a… @kimpall Ha love this. To be honest, while it had its appeal, it was not my favorite part of Star Trek in my teens.… @WilBown @NoMansSky I think that's because in NoMansSky you have a lot of agency. It's like a sandbox that allows y… @WilBown Love this thought a hundred times. ❤️ @jamie247 Hopefully good #MR like what can be only be done on headsets like the @varjodotcom XR-1. @DannyBittman l…
Retweeted by @andreeavr @jamie247 @WilBown @varjodotcom @DannyBittman @SpacedPainter @KevinMackArt @VR_Rosie @JoshuaCorvinus Not that I kno… @Ruben_Fro @simonstalenhag All in all, we want VR without VR :) @_jamesoloughlin Ready Player One @Ruben_Fro @simonstalenhag If this doesn't exist, someone should make it! Aside from sounds, I'd want the website t… is an insightful observation w implications for VR design. What is hidden and only implied & imagined can be s…
@Alexander_Mejia @alexqgb People in a new field are also, at times, not as open and direct about hype vs reality as we should be. @kimpall Thank you. @kimpall Just watched it. Loved it & the book is ordered. Would have liked to see some examples sprinkled through t… @mathemagie Congrats!!! Would love to chat whenever you find the time. @pereirarb1 I'm with you - I also think subjectivity and it's boundaries is THE thing to be researching in and thro… IS the most relevant aspect of VR (though yes, not for the brain). Creating and efficiently & convincingly sh… @kentbye @grantmaxwell That would be great. Even people's current views on time & other big issues are not "default… @TheLastAmadeus Totally. I also think of books as "other people's dreams we can experience" and I often think of the differences.
@loleg I agree. Part of the reason is that it's very difficult to get funding in these areas. Also very few distrib…