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Retweeted by Andrew JeacockOne of the most amazing things about the @SpaceX and @NASA crewed mission is all the young kids who will now dream…
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@KSIOlajidebt when you burn down and loot your own community, causing low wage workers to lose their jobs, essentia…
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockGreat tweet jackass!
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @Dominos_UK I’ve dm’d youYep that’s enough twitter for me. Full of hypocrites and riot supporters.
2020 I wrong in thinking this is not the right response to the awful killing of George Floyd. I’ve just seen the of… @benshapiro @Timcast @BridgetPhetasy @bariweiss may I ask, all I’m seeing across twitter at the moment is overwhel… @Jaack Honestly you can’t beat weetabix or cornflakes @oliviagatwood @jack @TwitterYeah burn the city that’ll prove your point. ‘MuricaFun fact: some people have an internal narrative and some don't As in, some people's thoughts are like sentences t…
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These guys say they support the protests but not the looting. Showed up to help this tobacco store owner stop peopl…
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @Jaack Skips are underrated @Jaack Perfect follow up from the daily update 😎Tough one but I’m gonna have to go revenge of the sith a tracer tells me I've been in contact with someone who has the virus, I don't want to be "instructed to self-is…
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockThe algorithm shadowbans me, demonetizes me and does all kinds of wacky shit and you know what? I don't care! I'm j…
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@LetsGiveItASpin Kim watching the stream from dinner as they hover over the 1500
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockI hope everyone has a nice day EXCEPT FOR THE PERSON WHO DECIDED TO PUT FEEBAS IN 10K EGGS
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockJust imagine if @joerogan started vlogging #JoeRogan @Jaack They’ve got you nailed, *jack clears throat* “I’ve made a severe..” @WeaponizedOpin1 @GashyG91 Get these guys to run the county @Jaack Can’t believe she friend zoned him like that @Jaack Can’t take anyone seriously who has I.C.O.N in their bio
"Both parties demand totalitarian-like devotion to their ideology and if you’re indifferent, apathetic or nuanced i…
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @alessio_cfc @SpoonerSays_ I’d have dropped a few misogynistic comments tooYou’ll be surprised what hidden gems you find right off the street
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockIt says a lot about our standards as a nation that both people running for president are mentally unfit for office.
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @ItsFleeceKing Please upload on YouTube ! :) @TrueGeordieTG @lozcast @CaptainKetch still one of my favourite podcasts, rewatching to try and find some motivation
Here’s the press breaking social distancing rules to report on Dominic Cummings breaking social distancing rules 😂…
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockThe Biggest News in UFO HISTORY | No Questions... UFO's Are REAL! via @YouTube
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockKEEMSTAR
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockPlease let weird & passionate people (like me) take risks and make mistakes. If they succeed, they just might create something amazing.
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock#DominicCummings they all made it last as long as possible, and we all know why Bank holiday premium is the worst Judge’s house round of X Factor I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @Jaack @Deji LolWhether you think Dominic Cummings is right or wrong, we do not boo people in the street, or make them feel unable…
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The cast & crew first learned of it when they saw the finished film. When we shot it, Vader's line was "You don't k…
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @Tony_Diver Why is nobody questioning the reporters. We rely on these people too. Clearly don’t give sh*ts about social distancing. Tragic. @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs my friend @SpoonerSays_ said he’d give me 10k if I could do it. @MYSTIC7 to Harry Potter x @cdauphin @BridgetPhetasy @elonmusk @Timcast @joerogan @AndrewYang can do this togetherWhich one are you watching? is a waffler pass it on
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockAnyone that thinks this is ok is mental. Reporters completely ignoring social distancing to try and question someon… Cummings heads to Downing Street after reports of a second trip ... via @YouTube @impaulsiveshows @LoganPaul @mikemajlak please get @Timcast on !
@whoisaddison you’ve got a friend in me @Leonhart54YT @SpoonerSays_ @piersmorgan ever since Trump unfollowed you you’ve been a whiny little bitch.British soldiers. swear Twitter is just an echo chamber. It creates its own news stories and then gets debunked on the same platform.Get the facts right Piers, you’re not right about everything. would be funny if you could get anything on site, most things sold out or not right size :( - p.s) great vid
STOP excluding the B from LGBT. im fucking sick of it. British people should be proud of who they are. fuck you.
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacockso my dog jumped out of my window today...
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june 5th 🎓 @13ReasonsWhy @netflix
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @PokemonGoApp Release better boxes in store xCancel Cancel Culture!
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockAnnouncement: the podcast is moving to spotify! Starting on September 1 the podcast will be available on Spotify as…
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockKeemstar wears gfuel hat in every video & has gfuel on his desk in every video, its as much a part of him as his be…
Retweeted by Andrew JeacockSome sci-fi shi @whoisaddison hey @PokemonGoApp please release boxes containing remote raid passes - thanks @ItsFleeceKing I was just curious, what do you do for work, and how come you don’t upload YouTube content? Your Twitter is great :)#STARWARSBattlefrontII #XboxShare
@KSIOlajidebt @KEEMSTAR Where did this come from? I thought they got along nowThe fourth and final season of #13ReasonsWhy debuts on #Netflix in June. Watch the trailer:
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please vote for Weedle. thank you!!!!
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@PokemonGoApp Guys come on, release better boxesUFO’s ARE REAL The public: *clapping* @REVERSALx7 @trnrtips Holy crap, I remember this guy. I’m sure he was one of the first Pokemon Go youtubers I watched ...? @AlfieIndra @Deji Absolute banger. ..Waiting .... a song completely out of @Deji’s awful video titles! 🔥 Brand new video out now: P…
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp is there any way of you releasing any more valuable boxes in the future? I…
@SpoonerSays_ @BGordonMusic Haha shoulda woulda coulda’m going give $12,750 to someone random who retweets this tweet because today is my Grandpa Pulte’s old birthday 🎁…
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don’t keep people in your life who constantly prove to you why they shouldn’t be
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@LaurenAlexis_x @mikemajlak
@JaacksHappyHour Shit scared of liking a video of any girl on TikTok because I don’t know her age
@chelsea1012 63,67i admire how when babies dont want to hold something anymore they just drop it
Retweeted by Andrew Jeacock @cooIjr @alessio_cfc @SommerRay 😤fuck it i’m gonna start an only fans..
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@chelsea1012 53,57
@KEEMSTAR Kiss my arse @alessio_cfc
@WillDHislop @alessio_cfc
So, I made a custom Zoom background for my next meeting where I bring myself a cup of tea.
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