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@yunic_ Boomerpeople who've never watched football in their life are tweeting rip maradona smh my head @WhippetGod Towel?
@WatcherWCB @SenKamalaHarris Watching... for 20 days @jeff_CVN65 @SenKamalaHarris Random question is your job to literally just help people breathe? Is there anything more? @DeanBrowningPA Yes dean we all agree. Trump is better than sleepy joe. We don’t want socialists @Milliam og will always be better xDJust got griefed in a csgo game cause I’m Irish pog @GamdomOfficial Done!’s a UEFA Champions League #football game you don’t want to miss! ⚽️ 🇬🇧 FC Liverpool vs FC Atalanta 🇮🇹 ⏰ 25.11…
Retweeted by .To give you a chance to bet on tomorrow’s game, let’s give away some balance! 🎁 💷 $60 Giveaway 💷 To enter: - RT &…
Retweeted by . @yunic_ @GuspyAgain @ugliest101 Just borrow man I’ll give you some back on your birthday :D @yunic_ @GuspyAgain Yes, pronounce champagne @GuspyAgain Rip dr philAnybody want my dogecoin? @yunic_ @GuspyAgain Facts @GuspyAgain Champagne without the cham @GuspyAgain Mom mom you’re mom @GuspyAgain @nub3let Woman
@Xyless @DeanBrowningPA Yeah, dean really kept up his twitter identity - openly using a trans persons correct pronouns as a gay black man @Xyless @DeanBrowningPA Is the person in the photo a trans woman or what cause I’m lost @nub3let morning @iamedensgf Mhm @mamasfavfishy Noti @VeviBR What broker? @yunic_ Just fly @BLASTPremier @TeamEndpoint
@HLTVorg the game isnt over bro @Jamlex_ @BLASTPremier Never gonna happen 😂 @Towerzzzzzz We don’t steal electronics in Ireland mens)) only potatoes @WhippetGod It’s gonna be pretty randomly-timed restrictions and shit until the vaccine comes out, sadly We’ve bee… @WhippetGod We’ve got a 5 tier one ffs @GamdomOfficial Do they have to be recent?
People so weird smh just let others live their life @OhJuganza looks good :) @MoccaMasterr @OhJuganza Why not? @WhippetGod The back side. @yunic_ Just isn’t like it’s cs but less skill and more team coordination if using abilities @yunic_ Not rly
@WhippetGod probably drinks monster too @BoopNL_ @nipsyfn @seanvpx If he had his fake website, 2fa won’t help as it’ll be like his password @WhippetGod Fuck sakeHow do I turn off stories
Overalls are so cute @kyzsy @sciffey Layn3l mok @kyzsy @sciffey Beg bitch @sciffey @kyzsy Lol @Esports_News_UK @TeamEndpoint Well that’s... huge fucking news. Well done guys! @DeanBrowningPA Ayo where’d she say that or propose that, black gay guy? @Sk3pticalhipp0 @BrianOD_News @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @rtenews He won’t win a case without evidence of any w… @Sk3pticalhipp0 @BrianOD_News @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @rtenews He won 1 out of 30 court cases.@BernieSanders PLEASE MARRY ME @GuspyAgain Hahaha penis yes I quit @Yury85389397 @Swisscelt Lol. You think the pandemic isn’t real?
@shumanskoo @swearimnotpaul Well.... @DeanBrowningPA Are you slow in the head? You wear it so that if you collected it in the past 14 days it will not b… have spent a lot of time chatting to cis people about what it's really like to be trans and the fact is that most…
Retweeted by . @krajnc_martin @vonderleyen Because they don’t deserve to be in the EU. No human rightsGet better friends lol @WhippetGod Hey
@nub3let There’s 2 different versions, ones with the wireless charging case and ones without, what does the wireles… @GuspyAgain @granzlin @nub3let Shut up @nub3let Ok I’m gonna wait until day before Black Friday and askTo anyone with air pods (real or fake), should I ask for the real ones for like €160, or get a knock off for Christmas? Or second hand? @GuspyAgain @granzlin @nub3let Fuck that meet up at twitch con 2021 @nub3let Just go on wii mate that was a banging mini game @nub3let @GuspyAgain 👁 @teksnotdead @PaddysPiano @Boogie2988 it’s gold bro @tman2177 @Boogie2988 It’s a piece of clothing mate calm your man titties, someone must respect themselves a lot to… @Postvox @WhippetGod
@kimmie_kimkim1 @Yourleader77 @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump Lol. You’re funny. @WhippetGod FactsFinally getting myself Spotify premium for Christmas poggers @Glorinsz YOU PLAYED ON OPTIC? TF? How didn’t I notice gonna lie I’m gonna lie @WhippetGod @sciffey Yup the sciffGod you sexy beautiful immaculate person @Yourleader77 @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump Likely late janruary / February 100% under Biden presidencyI’m a catholic @kyzsy I’m black @csmoneytrade Double hole @koldoziofficial @seanvpx @KilluaQZ And she can’t have an onlyfans because they check your passport and shit.. @BlushFNBR Someone in my class of 20 had corona and only 4 people got tested @PrzemJay @Education_Ire Get better soon mate @maoilean @Education_Ire Nobody goes through a ‘phase’What are you playing right now?
Retweeted by . @Complexity Fudge, it really hits different🧢 Giveaway! To Enter: 1⃣ Follow @Complexity 2⃣ 🔁+❤️ this tweet 3⃣ Reply with your favorite cupcake flavor 4⃣ More…
Retweeted by . @arsis_444 @Chris70469449 @neekolul Not sarcasm, In every other main country there is universal healthcare (some be… @Chris70469449 @neekolul Bernie communist? Lol. He’s not even left wing. @WhippetGod Idk @WhippetGod Gn
@Prem_Papers @koldoziofficial Fair enough @granzlin Couldn’t be me @sciffey @jamescharles he's so hot @GuspyAgain what penis? @bissonnette @Surgeon_General no it doesnt... @Thorin Such a bad veto for C9