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andrew bunch #FBPE @Andrewbunchlfc Hampshire -surrey-Granada 🇪🇸

Spanish wife who’s nurse in NHS .2 daughters one with ME ,4 dogs 1 cats did work in print media,loves football , aviation and silly people🇬🇧🇪🇸🇪🇺

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@BrendyBoyle Sooo goodThings I learned writing #Harrier809 Part 7 - When the Indian Navy asked about acquiring Yak-38 Forgers, Admiral of…
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @JGForsyth No matter what happens now he won’t last long after January. @Matt_Dean1994 @DPJHodges He’s safe until January after that I think bets are off . @EmmaKennedy @DPJHodges Definitely hear this all the time from people @Tim_Gough @mrjamesob @LBC I get this all day on my bus it’s mind boggling everything said today I’ve heard... it’s… @Oliveoyl60 @ImIncorrigible @LBC @mrjamesob Funny thing is mention britexit and they all go quiet @Oliveoyl60 @ImIncorrigible @LBC @mrjamesob Yeah probably need it @Oliveoyl60 @ImIncorrigible @LBC @mrjamesob Yeah, listening to this is exactly what I get all day from people @ImIncorrigible @LBC @mrjamesob Had about 2 hrs ago trump needed to attend Epstein parties because he needs to know what’s going on @mrjamesob Get this on my bus all day and seeing britexit being abandoned by them for COVID denial @lisaocarroll @JGForsyth Johnson will use this to ask for an extensionLooks like we’re about to be buttered up for an extension in britexit negotiations from our intrepid government. @AdamBienkov We told you to vote for Boris he’s failed can you now vote for this one
@mattskill Really goodWhen I see Trump and current state of USA, I'm reminded of prayer by Francis of Assisi. #c4news ‘Where there is di…
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @Sillyshib Lots of Britexiters are getting in a panic at the moment.
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @SamCoatesSky It’s Thursday he only works Monday to Wednesday lunchtime. @nicktolhurst He’s going to be running for the hills like a lot of the pundits @ImIncorrigible @LBC Clueless wonder. @DmitryOpines Oh oh how do o get out of this 😆 @LBC Maxine absolutely right I get the same thing on my little bus all day . @jwebbyjohn @LBC @NickFerrariLBC The britexit lady didn’t sound convincing either sounded like she was in a panic. @Otto_English Fish swimming back into our waters ?
A taxi driver saved a man from Lukashenko's SS-men❗️
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPEYou know what to do folks. If everyone who follows me retweets this, that's 50,000 views...
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPEDon’t miss “Blame It on the Public” by The Johnson 5
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE#PMQs interesting the Tory MPs keep quiet when blackford said about sturgeons leadership. @davemacladd It’s an embarrassment#PMQs It’s like trying to question a 6 year old Johnson become an embarrassment @Baddiel @JuliaHB1 World beating clean bums .
@VirtualAstro What’s going on with the space station evacuation?Do you think @Lord_Sugar and @TiceRichard and the others cajoling folks back to the office irresponsibly will now a…
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @Otto_English What was that another ramble @BethRigby He’s not a good communicator @MartinRemains Not mentioned Dom little trip @Howard_Barrett She’s definitely a stunning buildThis 👇
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @ShelaghFogarty @waitrose Noticed it on Sunday afternoon it was startingIn my new column for Middle East Eye I examine the candidates to succeed Boris Johnson if he resigns or is forced o…
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @Otto_English He thinks they’re be sent to guard Murdoch’s printworks and upgrade the SA80 to a 30 mm Bushmaster cannons . @YvonneBurdett3 I thought she was a parody @davemacladd Sitting on the throne @theousherwood We’re in a really bad place now.Who made this?
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE
#C4News Everyone will be ordering 2 pints instead of 1 .Secret footage of Boris’s trip to Perugia revealed
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @LBC @ShelaghFogarty Johnson tells so many lies even his friendly press can’t tell what’s the truth and what’s not now . @johnsweeneyroar Like twins Johnson and Blair. @warbird_nerd F4U Corsair. @TheSnowDreamer Lovely day in Farnham not a cloud I the sky. @KayBurley @grantshapps Still getting over his trip to Italy. @mikegalsworthy And the first manager in the Premiership to be sacked she’ll put her hat in the ring. @theousherwood You can do both in a day only 2 hrs in plane less in a private jet
@DrewLawDesign Chronic Piles. @TVQU1Z Citizen Smith @dorking12free @TVQU1Z It’s true @TVQU1Z @ThisisDavina Question time ? @dorking12free @TVQU1Z Funny enough in Dorking . @TVQU1Z Snooker @TVQU1Z @missdianemorgan Pauline Fowler .Goals from @R9Soldado and @Darwin_Machis give @GranadaCdeF 3 points as they celebrate their second win of the seaso…
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @TVQU1Z @JamesRobinson @ChrisMoyles @RadioX Catchphrase @TVQU1Z Great British bake off @silkmoor That’s a really nice job @TVQU1Z Boris Johnson.#CHELIV Great Chelsea got a penalty I thought Liverpool’s keeper had gone home. @DrewLawDesign Terry Fuckwitt @MSmithsonPB Strange it's about the 8th or 9th time they've said that.
@Blatehelm Would they try and shove Gove into the job for a year then get him to step down ? @withnailjones Don’t be silly his weekend starts at 12-30 Wednesdays . @DebateHazel @malcolm_grove @SarahRosemary3 @MusicSnobb @ThatTimWalker @BorisJohnson In other words Murdoch @SarahRosemary3 @MusicSnobb @ThatTimWalker @BorisJohnson Going to be comedy gold the excuses that’s going to come f… @MusicSnobb @ThatTimWalker @BorisJohnson Exactly @ThatTimWalker @BorisJohnson Getting the sob stories lined up forwhen he relieved from duty @Jonathan_MBanks Yes @Femi_Sorry Does it really matter ,my god @StigAbell Calling @Coldwar_Steve
@johnMbrooks72 M60 go for it @nicktolhurst How long before the clown Johnson will copy that . @davemacladd She’ll struggle to remember to put the plug in .This is an absolute boss tweet from ex-Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. @BorisJohnson, @michaelgove & @dominicraab t…
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @Mistywoman1 The government spent the summer blaming the teachers unions for voicing concerns, bet they won’t apologise. @BethRigby The virus will dictate when we lock down @nicktolhurst Have to wreck everything to get the lie going @nicktolhurst Panic @theousherwood @LBC Think he’s taking the piss
@DrewLawDesign Frensham Ponds. @Omz2468 As soon as her past record was made public you knew this was going to happen @gardenjardinage Trigger't worry Newcastle. We've got a cunning plan...
Retweeted by andrew bunch #FBPE @PippaCrerar Our glorious government spent the whole summer blaming the teachers unions @LBC You can see why he’s got no chance of winning the London Election. @ShelaghFogarty @LBC Our Prime Minister doesn’t help he’s completely out of his depth. @bbclaurak You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that one out . @PippaCrerar Our government have told so many lies they don’t know now what’s true and what’s not @JamesWillby The moon made of cheese to these people now. @mikegalsworthy You read some of the comments on this and it’s absolutely mind boggling. @DanKaszeta Even if they did they would dismiss it out of hand , we’re that far gone now.