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It took one year to get my dad bod, and one day to lose it to Efron.

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If you don’t zoom in, Billy Owens looks like the weight of the world finally crushed @richeisen in 2036. @ALionEye I really wanna say it was Nate doing the running in the final year of Zook. But I could be wrong. Aside… @ALionEye Didn’t Zook or Beckman do something like this (without the safety) on 4th down with time running out one…
@wischlist Same, just in orange and blue in 20s style. How AWESOME would it be to have unis with these colors @B1GKurt @wischlist Hahaha my mistake! @DCanty24 Im not even a fry guy and I fully support this. @wischlist Ditto. 1. Red Grange was The Galloping Ghost 2. Red Grange didn’t actually wear gray. 3. Seems to im… @ALionEye Hell, even Grange’s STATUE is meant to look orange and blue @ALionEye Anti. 1. Red Grange was The Galloping Ghost 2. Red Grange didn’t actually wear gray. 3. Seems to impl… @wischlist I’d listen to Jon Miller reading the book phone book. Tremendous pipes, hilarious and friendly. Lucky… @LonTayESPNCU @wischlist Haha one caveat! Footnote to my analysis is that it assumes more than a couple minutes o… @caseyboguslaw @wischlist Then your conformity will include itchy calves and annoying pleats. @wischlist My theory on this: If you’re in grade school or middle school, it’s cause you simply hate pants. If… @Techslacker @DPiper247 ^I mean Brad’s quote and spin, not yours. While I didn’t have as high of expectations as… @Techslacker @DPiper247 Look, I’m happy to finish 21-22 like last year. I also think we’ll be playing our best ball… @DPiper247 While he’s got a point, one could infer his implication that Illinois basketball was wildly overrated by AP and coaches’ polls. @IlliniMBB Big mistake for SOS anyway signing UT-Martin when ND became available. While I bet you signed UT-Marti… @ALionEye This @PeteLaVette @JWerner247 Jason subtly and cleverly helped finesse-argue terrible on-field Ricky decisions all year… @caseyboguslaw Phenomenal. @JarrettBellini This is a Norm MacDonald Weekend Update-style blurb. And I’m, as the kids say, HERE FOR IT. @Jacopo_della_Q Me: “I just want as many Americans as possible to be as happy, healthy and safe as possible, consid… @BigDreamin927 @SouthsideZo @JamesFox917 @Andy_Masur1 Me too. @JamesFox917 @Andy_Masur1 Agreed. Not only was he pleasant to listen to, himself—with good pipes, good savvy in the… at all the positive PR generated over simply stealing a solid broadcaster from the North Side. Can you imagi… @JWonCATCHING “TWTW: The Will To Win.” @HawkHarrelsonMan say what you will but James Corden is looking better than ever! @ABC That sound is, as the kids say these days, nightmare fuel. @jasonlanc96 @Reecedavoice To add to lack of post moves for Kofi, I’m also seeing lack of touch around the rim and…
@caseyboguslaw I would love to have Schwarber. So does Eloy DH if we get both Schwarber and Springer? @JamesFox917 I want Andrew Vaughn. He’s my favorite Sox prospect since I was 12, when my grandparents got me a subs… @wischlist Very disappointed about what I saw on the court last night. That said, staff has given us reason to be… @ALionEye I think low angle was overused, but it’s awesome to have in small doses and before teams get into halfcourt sets.Giorgi, Hawkins, and Curbelo’s flashes were the only bright spots for me. Miller wasn’t, but it wasn’t a discoura… @wischlist I’ll be rooting for Baylor to beat Gonzaga.This #Illini team is nowhere near ready. What an absolute poochscrew by its stars tonight. This is last year’s Arizona game.Just gotta hope we keep it within 12 at this point. #IlliniHelluva “legacy game” for Kofi and Ayo tonight. Jeez. #IlliniSlipping away for the #Illini.Ugly, ugly form on Ayo’s shot tonight. #IlliniAndre Curbelo is willing to get in there and draw fouls. That’s a “my guy” quality right there. #IlliniAtta boy Andre. If they foul you, make them think about it. #Illini @wischlist He’s showing a lot of grit tonight on top of the finesse stretch-4 profile we’ve been reading about.Thanks for showing up, Kofi. #IlliniAyo and Kofi got bailed out with a 20-minute reprieve. Now they either wake up for second half or #Illini have almost no shot.Trent doesn’t bring enough on offense (or on defense vs a team with any length at all) to be worth all this death t… it weren’t for Giorgi we’d be down a TON right now. #IlliniCOLEMAN BLOCKINS!! #IlliniWelcome back, Giorgi. #Illini way in heck this year’s Kofi would’ve matched Giorgi’s overall production this half for the #IlliniAyo playing hero ball too early for the #IlliniGiorgi with a tremendous game so farDa’Monte completely overmatched right now. Not his fault but he’s not in position to succeed for the #Illini.We look bad to start off. Kofi is either a Thunder dunk, a missed shot, a missed free throw or a foul for the… @caseyboguslaw I’m betting it was an over-reliance on video—not cheating kind—but video analysis between every at-b…
@JWerner247 Mixed feelings about Tony La Russa... but he could drop dead on March 29, with Eloy and TA7 giving him… @aubrey_huff @Jacopo_della_Q Michael Jackson’s This Is It @Jacopo_della_Q Julie, Julia and Giuliani“Frankly, my dear, if you or someone you love is a Yankees season ticket holder who’s been diagnosed with mesotheli… @flemdawg97 I might be a complete idiot for entertaining the possibility. I just have a very strong feeling about… @IlliniMBB @GoIUPAT Especially after first three games, I’d just love to see a post move, any touch at all around… wouldn’t do this, only because I’ve stated my feelings numerous times that Vaughn will be an MVP, and soon. Tha…
😍 @JamesFox917 Really happy about Menechino staying, and I think Super Joe is a HUGE upgrade from Capra at 3B. Not… @caseyboguslaw and he don’t care @caseyboguslaw Amen. Agreed. @SoxOn35th That’s a lie. I love Super Joe at 3B @SoxOn35th Love Menechino enough to completely make up for my complete indifference on the rest. @caseyboguslaw Color me excited to have retained Frank Menechino. I can’twait to see him for (let’s presume) a full… to an LA Fitness locker room near you... @ABC Yeah this is some message board hoax @JamieApody Yes
@MLBONFOX @caseyboguslaw They’re the hot new DJ in town @MLB Was and still is... ever since the first big league game I attended on May 7, 1994. #BigHurt
If Reinsdorf actually cares about righting past wrongs, this would be a better move than TLR for the #WhiteSox. @PuzzlerMike @CBSNews @JeffDaly Only off by about 7% where the rest of the distance covers 152,000,000,000,000,000… God I’ve avoided gambling but yes.
@AB1132 I like Steak n Shake, and I’ve never had Whataburger (that I can remember), but judging purely from social… QB arm heirloom in Cooper’s WR body. Uh oh. @wischlist Me too. Honestly I think it’d be worth it for most of them, too. @curlycomedy Who needs 2 when you can make billions on 7 and 8.I’d almost give my heartbeat to take Kris Bryant on the #WhiteSox. @AB1132 Five Guys
#Illini got so fat and happy on cupcakes, they had no room for a biscuit. Almost choked. @IlliniFootball @ILLequipment Don’t like it. Branding matters. Shoulda gone OBO. 🔶🔷🔶 You guys need someone with so… Miller. Wow. #IlliniCockburn absolutely needs to get some semblance of touch around the rim. Monster dunks are fun, but gotta be able t… at the future like 😎. #Illini
That halftime show was pop/hip hop with a Southern twang and trucks. @clangan09 calls it “Country.” @TheBigHurt_35 Thankful to see this message from my favorite athlete of all time (that I was too embarrassed to say… @JWerner247 Feliz Part Deux (well actually Dos) @AB1132 I take no pleasure in his struggles… But I certainly never loved him the way most of Illini Nation did. M… we aren’t winning any SOS points yet, but can’t win ‘em all of you don’t win the first two. Great day to be an #Illini fan.I guess it’s cool that Adam Miller chose the #Illini.... 😉Yesterday, Trent was a negative in a dominant team performance. Today, he’s probably Player of the Game in an unins… @wischlist This. I think Da’Monte will be an underrated threat from outside, too.Atta boy, Trent. Come alive with that stroke. #Illini