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fuuuuuuu Starlink's kind of blown up over the past 48 hours. Let's get some things straight. Despite their creator ins…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @keith31345919 @doug_ellison Feel feee to provide any evidence independent of what Elon Musk has said that SpaceX h… 5G destroying weather prediction and satellites destroying astronomy, it looks to me like the scientists an… musk isn't even a snake oil salesman. He's just a guy at a bar, telling everyone stories about he was a snake…
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@crecenteb That’s the hype loop. Totally different.I cannot overstate what a scam this whole deal has been.
Retweeted by Andrew DoullI know people are excited about those images of the train of SpaceX Starlink satellites, but it gives me pause. Th…
Retweeted by Andrew Doulli wrote like 6000 words on open world games in a drug-fueled haze the drug was called "a lack of sleep"
Retweeted by Andrew DoullWith all of that said, if someone doesn't announce a sequel to 50 Cent Blood on the Sand at E3 this year, the show is dead to me.
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Retweeted by Andrew DoullDetails are important. hanging out with a friend who is notorious for messing with the neighbourhood. Evidence below. @GridSageGames What’s the visualiser?
Who knew a kiwi icon had been in space all this time?
Retweeted by Andrew DoullA British Prime Minister is found resigned to her fate. Suspicion falls on Westminster’s indecisive MPs, angry that…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @upulie Shout out to all the friends I made on the doors outside the clubs.Social media is in love with yiayia, the Greek grandmother who gives food across the fence to her young neighbours…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @upulie The last flat I lived in in Auckland, the largely Polynesian congregation of the church next door would bri… paediatricians, Try this.
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @gordonj2k why can’t you just let people be aspirational about milkshakes? @docsquiddy Shotgun is a four letter word followed by a three letter word @Aaronflint1 @ptychomancer ThisSuper excited to share this story about how @Mojang, @fenomas, and @NorthKingdom worked together to bring…
Retweeted by Andrew DoullTIL there’s an open source voxel engine which gets to use Minecraft as it’s example code :)
Realises that the likeliest commercial use case for that AI thing people are playing with will be used to punch up… @ALWyvern @unormal (I should probably not joke about serious issues like this). @ALWyvern @unormal Practise food mindfulness to remind yourself of the organic meat sack body you tumble around tra… @unormal I have inherited my grandparents’ 1930s depression era never throw food away and so I used to eat the kids… @unormal It’s pretty cheap to sit in a cafe during the day and a bar at night and just order drinks and no food. @Dungeonmans @unormal Also stop buying any snack food that you actually like. @Dungeonmans @unormal Time lock the fridge and put on the drum machine. @unormal There are massive fucking finger quotes around “weird” in that last tweet btw. @unormal Find a job where you don’t work from home is really important btw. @unormal It’s weird realising like this whole structure of norms and social assumptions exists just to perpetuate a… @unormal The real problem for me is other people not respecting your decisions, like almost any social occasion. O… @unormal The individual parts of weight loss are all fun: Weight lifting is really fun and good for your mental hea… @unormal In my admittedly limited experience of weight loss, it’s not losing it that’s the hardest part: it’s keepi… reading "Fallout models and radiological countermeasure evaluations" @AlssfahK @Slate It’s the other half they’re worried about.Upshot: 5G spectrum is very near a frequency emitted by water vapor, that weather satellites and other detectors us…
Retweeted by Andrew DoullGiant mecha near my office. @fivefifths People eventually going to realise GRRM managed to get only one book out after AtLA was released and th…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @fivefifths People eventually going to realise GRRM managed to get only one book out after AtLA was released and th… the Last Airbender, and I say this unironically
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@docsquiddy Not played it but it strikes me as writers using the need for brand recognition (the game has to has “s… user files a ticket requesting a feature that's already available in the software. The junior dev mocks them. T…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @unormal Yes/No/Cancel/AbortThis is the best coincidence in all of game design. @unormal HIDEO @unormal [Cheque] [Savings] [Credit]The difference between the Bush administration and the current right wing is Bush was athletic enough to duck thrown objects.GoT finale/last season was actually really satisfying. Which is my main problem with it.
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @colewehrle bringing Eklund design techniques to the masses. @smh Comment: So your side won? Swallow your pride and just accept the years of broken election promises to come gracefully
explain this one atheists
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Retweeted by Andrew DoullWHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS?!
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @MaxineBeta @MD_Lafrance @straczynski So you’re somehow assuming that the entrenched economic system that delivers… @MaxineBeta @MD_Lafrance @straczynski You’re not understanding my argument and are just repeating cliches. @_Fallonious_ @EscoBlades Person of Interest Twin Peaks Sense8 tried but was a glorious failure.Avatar: The Last Airbender
Retweeted by Andrew DoullNow name female directors. is extraordinary, and maybe a bit different to what many people think is going on.
Retweeted by Andrew DoullRecently I was reviewing the financial records for everybody's favorite internet libertarian organization, @EFF. My…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @MaxineBeta @MD_Lafrance @straczynski Star Trek pretends that post-scarcity economies means that economic issues di… @MaxineBeta @MD_Lafrance @straczynski I understand what you’re driving at but art needs an audience to be art and n… @IlanMuskat So after reading both episode summaries it turns out... neither of them. Maybe I’ve synthesised a Trek… @MaxineBeta @MD_Lafrance @straczynski Ok. What exactly is art for its own sake?It is literally impossible to understand plot points in the second Matrix movie without playing a video game.This is not quite technically true. I have seen the original first episode of ToS. @jrhennessy I also have no problem as long as the next one is a romantic comedy about him meeting a cute librarian.Stalking is a post-scarcity privilege. feel like this is on the verge of some profound realisation about the difference between good and bad lore. Trek is great because it’s entirely possible to enjoy the movies from only knowing the memes.Oxygen isn’t free. spicy GoT take... @JnthnMorse @MD_Lafrance @straczynski 100x this. What happens when you quit your job or get fired years from Earth?… @MD_Lafrance @straczynski Part of art is designing for the audience - something that capitalism excels at incentivi… @MaxineBeta @MD_Lafrance @straczynski We are charged for oxygen. Part of the taxes you pay is a direct decision on…
@MD_Lafrance @straczynski Scarcity is not the issue. Music is not scarce now. The issue is popularity. A post-scarc… @MD_Lafrance @straczynski Why would the current trends in post scarcity economies which lead to greater inequality…'t read the book but loved that show (til they ruined Clexa). But it's sci-fi, not an unpublished epic fantasy…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @leonicka The 100. @greatwetshart @patrickklepek Twin Peaks was great because it worked to deliberately subvert the speculation.Female politicians deal with daily death and rape threats, male politicians ban the sale of ice cream near their ev…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @DrNerdLove WestworldThis website... @hodapp @Naysy We go home and hit it with On the Origin of Species.Game of Thrones is set inside a huge generation ship with a faulty environmental sim. It is about to arrive at its…
Retweeted by Andrew DoullHappy World Metrology Day! Today, 7 fundamental constants of nature are redefined as exact numerical values, in tur…
Retweeted by Andrew DoullSo did Head Stark survive? @ALWyvern Now say something controversial. @ditzkoff somebody photoshop a dragon on to this
Retweeted by Andrew DoullPut the price of your indie game up and you will be rewarded appropriately. III - HBO 2020
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @docsquiddy The new Maasai tribesmen: ethical because they don’t kill anything to survive - they just bleed them a little.
Ape is sharing ASCII explosions with realistic blast waves, where blue is the negative pressure wave (source: r/Rog…
Retweeted by Andrew DoullThe Pacific Ocean is big – 165,250,000km²: – The world’s entire land area (148,940,000km²) is smaller. That’s what…
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