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16th level information technologist, 5th level game designer | writing Sixty Years in Space, All Terrors are My Own for High Frontier RPG | pronoun he/him

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fuck english
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @saintburns @brockwilbur No shit.Classic #roguelike Angband gets a 4.2.0 release, basically the biggest changes to the game since forever--two new r…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @saintburns @brockwilbur Ah so that makes torture okay @seanthearena @brockwilbur Its not a joke. I thought it would be a great movie for my kids to watch. And it wasn’t.
@saintburns @brockwilbur @SuperboyNova @smurfee_mcgee @brockwilbur Tried this with my kids and they bounced off hard. The Matrix requires a… @SarahTheRebel @brockwilbur This was my first movie. Dad took me when I was 9ish. @seanthearena @brockwilbur The Princess Bride has a scene where someone is tortured to death. Don’t start with the Princess Bride. @brockwilbur @docsquiddy I haven’t followed the whole thread but I hope it was the crowd chanting Machete Order over and over again.
@ToughSf @jasonfenske13 So Titan really is for petrol heads. @unormal RAID @ptychomancer @unormal @lizardengland New meme, who this? @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig And enough poetry that you’re undervaluing the sounds of words @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig I have written enough technical documentation to know you are overrating the utility of… @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig Twin idioglossia happens all the time. It’s just those twins would have been like gods to everyone else @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig The part I’m objecting to is you thinking we only grunted as opposed to having a fully… @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig Just read the article. @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig Nope. Way more sophisticated. @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig Vocal chords have had their modern form for 600 kya. So we’ve been talking talking for that long. @nyrath Of course Twitter puts screen shots out of order. @nyrath It’s on an email so here goes. @SarahJ_Berry They. There’s two of them. @SarahJ_Berry Thanks! Going to buy this for my 8 year olds birthdays. Australian author is a bonus 👍 @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig It’s the way we’ve been talking that radically changed 70 kya. Best explanation I’ve se… @unormal @GreyAlien @nivrig We’ve been talking for 600kya so no. @unormal @leighalexander Hey I spent 2014-2019 writing two RPG PDFs.Great ‘if you indie game makes a million dollars you’re probably not quite breaking even’ thread. @nyrath There’s a dry Deimos thread on the High Frontier 4th ed that you should probably see. Unless you’ve update atomic rockets already. @keithburgun At least they’ve heard of you. @unormal Sick of your constant denialism. Everything will be burned then washed away, and forgotten in the microplastics of time. @stevewfolds @lgrangeia @thegrugq @stevewfolds @lgrangeia @thegrugq iOS is patched if you’re on 12.4 @lgrangeia It’s not clear to me if patching one end of the session is sufficient ie turns the exploit into a DoS. @AlotReally @realHiramUGrant @RedicanMel @cparker1182 @iproposethis His boss is the American people.
In the conflict between the orbiting boomers and the millennial 100, Bellamy is the quintessential Gen-Xer 1/78As the 100 moves forward through its seasons, redeploying events such as wars and terrorist attacks chronologically… @KawaiiDragoness @ptychomancer (By making you laugh for a second). @KawaiiDragoness @ptychomancer Hope this helps! @Komrad_Iron @jjmacnab *Infiltrating civil rights organisations. @Enichan @getter7seven The people who need to learn this lesson are also incapable of seeing what is occurring in f… @craigperko Good pots are designed to straighten their bases as they expand while heating, bringing the pot surface… @craigperko After you’ve finished obviously :) (Although younger me has made this mistake too). @craigperko Also letting them cool down rather than putting cold water in them while they’re hot is very important.
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @ottomizer @justtweetinman @Andrew_Denney @FRNSW @7NewsSydney You shouldn’t be allowed near a gun because you’re su… be honest, every dice is just a crater tho.Only a little bitter I was already doing this for High Frontier RPG’s terrain maps. @Beschizza @pixelfootgames @unormal I’m hoping the latest exploration improvements fix things but yeah exploring af… @unormal I’ve bounced after every update. My biggest issue is with the UI which they have somehow made worse with u…
@ottomizer @justtweetinman @Andrew_Denney @FRNSW @7NewsSydney You are clearly dangerous and should never be permitt… @mtrc Hummus. Lots of hummus. @mtrc You will realise at some point you will be eating skinless grilled chicken breast and not much else for the rest of your life. @vectorpoem @NoMansSky @innesmck Quietly excited by the fact this is a UI-focused update.Academically interested in the present state of procedural generation / guided randomisation in 3D videogames. Who’…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @chrislesage @mikeBithell @ambrosiussen_p Houdini is also awesome because one of the academy award winning develope… @sfmnemonic @gturpin @mathof1 @fcw
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @Luck_of_Duck @unormal Hogibbon is Zelda’s hobgoblinTbh this is the most realistic explanation I could think of too. @Luck_of_Duck @unormal Gibbon is hog evolution @unormal Was in a SQL session earlier and all I can think about now is Caves of CRUD. @ottomizer @justtweetinman @Andrew_Denney @FRNSW @7NewsSydney Ah yes of course. @flantz There was no safe way of not tweeting this @flantz The secret cabal has big zugzwangsthis write-up of the 7 Day Broughlike is a beautiful exploration of the qualities that make Michael Brough's games…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @unormal Last night I caught myself saying “Not great, not terrible” to my wife about something that was terrible @unormal Shit I feel for an obvious trolling wrong information on the Internet post by @unormal @unormal angry now for reasons I obviously can’t go into.I mean this guy is a paid professional speaker advocating for open identity to audiences including legal and medica… sat through a presentation from someone talking about the search for his sperm donor father and I had forgotte… @ptychomancer Be like Kojima and make everything canon.
One of the most poetic pieces of writing I’ve read this year. wrote a brief against the idea of the Anthropocene for @TheAtlantic. Humanity's claims on deep time are unearned,…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 Ah yes. I am swayed by your books and newspapers and movies and mu… of nerd culture sending their best and brightest today. @kukuruyo @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @brandonerd12 Maybe get some self-awareness @kukuruyo @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @brandonerd12 Jesus my dude. You’ve definitely made it clear which decade you grew up in. @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 The reason modern nerd culture is mainstream is because men who le… @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 The article is how personal computers were marketed as boys toys i… @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 Ah yes. Star Wars has nothing to do with toy adverting in the 1980… @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 Just checking that you’re attempting to say that modern nerd cultu… @kukuruyo @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @brandonerd12 That graph of women entering comp sci is no data how exactly? @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 It literally is about how people were marketed culture in the 1980s. @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 @mochedda21 @JesusLovesPasta @xegrinn @JohnQPublic100 @chrostian123 @brandonerd12 @IMDBorg I’m assuming he’s being sarcastic. @xegrinn @mochedda21 @JohnQPublic100 @JesusLovesPasta @chrostian123 @brandonerd12 @IMDBorg Arguments are not fights. @DougWalkerTGWTG @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 @xegrinn @JohnQPublic100 @JesusLovesPasta @chrostian123 @brandonerd12 @IMDBorg This hell site is for changing peopl…
Retweeted by Andrew Doull @Sarochi1 @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 It’s a soap opera. @kukuruyo I used to work in a video store where you could actually rent that movie from. What service can you stream it from now? @kukuruyo I’m more of a nerd than you could ever be. @TheAmazingAsuka It’s called the 80s. @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 Twin Peaks had the best science fiction episode on TV in 2017. @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 You’ve pretty much summed up nerd culture in a tweet. @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 Ok let’s do your take then. Name one nerd cultural artefact as good as Twin Peaks. @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 What do you think nerds do for a job? @AngeloNero_West @ARedJay1 @CantankerCarl @kukuruyo @brandonerd12 Because nerd taste is not good