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Andy @AndrewEllis__ Scotland

🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Aggressively Positive Podcaster | Mr. Motivator | Teaching Streamers to Grow Their Business | πŸ“§

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Nobody is going to know about your content if you don't tell them about it Stop worrying if you are going to annoy…
Your words carry a lot of weight, even if you don't think it Be kind, be understanding, just be a decent person alright? πŸ’› @JustDebUwU Good Morning/afternoon deb πŸ’› @ImMahti ;) @x0meow Let's make it an amazing stream Linda, I know you always do πŸ’› @Yazzzleberry 2 years holy shit Yaz I am so proud of you πŸ’› @iMoparHD I hope you have a great day at work πŸ’› @_abzisdaking_ Let's make it a great one my man πŸ’› @ChibiDixie Chibi holy crap thank you so much for this lovely message! I am so happy that you enjoy the videos ser… @MatchPoint012 I appreciate you so dam much brother πŸ’› @bubblegutstv This is true, it is a whole different ball game. Scheduled tweets for me work better with things like… @ZazeIHD THINGS WE LOVE TO SEE @LordCuddleBear OKAY YOU BETTER STOP BEING SO AMAZING πŸ’›πŸ’› @JaywalkingGames πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› @TheeTeeZee Let's make it a great one my man πŸ’› @kainecloud You god dam know it brother πŸ’› @tduck_ttv I have been great sir! Really great to hear you are keeping well πŸ’› @tarioTV @ImMahti @ImStallionTV @Wizzologyy @ConcentratedMnd @AyJokar @Fresheys @Storkyyy1 Mate right??!! I always hated him @DomGoodall I love this dom, it's always important to be with yourself πŸ’› @JaywalkingGames Keep doing all you can, that is all you can ever ask of yourself πŸ’› @ImMahti @ImStallionTV @Wizzologyy @ConcentratedMnd @AyJokar @tarioTV @Fresheys @Storkyyy1 Man fuckin hell throwbac… @SuperUnluckyMe1 I appreciate you so dam much man, thank you, seriously πŸ’› @PumaLSx You better of had a great day brotherπŸ’› @zepaulgamer I hope you have too brother πŸ’› @mikeyperk You know we always do brother πŸ’› @WolfKnightKhan @Alisera I love that wolf, keep being you πŸ’› @ImMythical_TTV Always brother, keep working hard πŸ’› @Alisera Interesting take, I like it @BensEthos Honestly dont worry about it too much, sometimes the systems people use work, but making it into your ow… @danYELLtwitch I really hope they add this soon as it would help them both working as one @reaper_j3 I am great sir thank you so much, you have a good day? @ThreeHerringPro I know you gonna crush it too πŸ’› @FuzzyDuckTV You know we do πŸ’› @SlysterLIVE I know you did too brother πŸ’› @NeonValkyrie Fair, sometimes the spontaneous tweets are the best anyway @MatchPoint012 πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› @BeccaBeckery EVENING πŸ’› @RizzanTV I just love the pfp man ahahahaha @LadyStilinskiTV I hope you did too Laura πŸ’› @ScotsmanGrumpy I know you made it a great one πŸ’› @Joeyking25 I feel that for sure joey, I do the same bro @Andym6769 Thank you so much my man πŸ’› @Devina_Phoenix Thank you so much for believing in what I do, seriously means more than you know πŸ’› @Devina_Phoenix It is just beside the emoji bit for me but can be good for some things @0_0Crimson THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU πŸ’› @BowlsTW Just on twitter itself my man, it should be anyway next to your emoji bit @0_0Crimson I feel that for sure, just be yourself, cause from my point of view and many others, you are pretty fuckin awesome @streetgrind_ I can confirm, Street is one of my favourite humans of all timeI can confirm, his Instagram content is top tier for streamers πŸ’―
Retweeted by Andy @Ares_GOW_ @CFrostwolf I think it was added only a month or so ago for everyone but can be good for sure @MrsWaterLily I am so happy it could help Lily πŸ’› @nathanrob__ I feel that and do the same sometimes to get me off the app and onto something more productive @JaxAndJake YOU BETTER STOP BEING SO DAM AMAZING πŸ’› @Code_Manic Yo that means the world to me Manny πŸ’› @ravenclaw0044 Thank you so dam much πŸ’› @KaijuKiriyama I appreciate you so much wanting to check it out πŸ’› @devshvrp I am the same brother, I do this too @StadiumBeats I love that man, I know for a fact it can help with stuff like this @BeccaBeckery You have no idea how happy it makes me, seriously thank you πŸ’› @dastardlyemu I am the same man, can just help keep me on track sometimes @B_Ron1417 I do the same brother, I just do what I feels right @Itsthemikejames I feel that brother, whatever comes to me I usually just get out there @SmarmyTank I feel that, everything works different for each individual @sloppyJerome I feel that brother, great way to spread it out @GameMistress I love it! @lilylefae Ye they have had it in for a little while now, only started using it recently for some things here and there @gdotbeaber @electricitywave ahahahahaah let me get that sorted @KaijuKiriyama I love that you are trying to get into finding that place you want to be, keep pushing forward πŸ’› @electricitywave I feel the same brother, if it just comes natural, it really is so much easier just to get what yo… @BeccaBeckery I feel that, some of mine are, some are just spur of the moment @DeviatedDroid I feel that for sure, it can be hard to do exactly what you are wanting. I guess it just takes time @Gremlin785 I love that man, I feel for sure it can help with planning when you know you are going to be out @mounty_h21 @ALIOGTV I am so happy you enjoyed it brother πŸ’› @DomGoodall I am so happy I could help dom, thank you for being you πŸ’› @zepaulgamer Thank you so much brother πŸ’› @xxmisfitzxx You are actually incredible, thank you so much πŸ’›πŸ’› @WeeRazzy I am so proud of you for everything you are doing and have done πŸ’› @Devildog_TV YOU KNOW WE GONNA MAKE IT A GREAT DAY WHEN THAT'S THE CASE @Wizzologyy ahahahaaha I am so sorry brother @SirenHellVixen I just want you to know it is fine to want to make money, you put hard work into this πŸ’› @kainecloud I appreciate you for everything you do brother, thank you so much πŸ’› @chechiing I love this so much! Great to hear you are wanting to push yourself to be better! I am currently workin… @FlashForce4000 I appreciate you so much for being you brother proud of you for everything you are working toward πŸ’› @RubbishGamer83 If that is what you want to do Joey, you do you mate. Keep being yourself πŸ’› @SuperUnluckyMe1 If you aren't, then it is perfectly fine. If you want to do this as a job, then you will have to a… @ZazeIHD I am great my man thank you, what you got on the agenda for the weekend? @ImMacTire I appreciate you coming to stop by brother πŸ’› @GraviteaUK ahahaahaha you have me there sir @TakeOnMike Honestly brother, it can be the change we need @SirDerpyCreeper I am so happy you are!! It makes me happy to hear you have been feeling great! @PakGames808 It can be so hard to keep up with everything you want to do. I know you are doing your best πŸ’› @AList400 I love it animated, keep working hard πŸ’› @ayo_river You are so right Fox and often, we never have what we need to create what we want, but never let it stop you πŸ’› @NinjaFrye @BookishSpider @FLASHmeYourD @TSA_Toxxi @musicpenguin77 @Esskayplays @Sup_Force @NerdyGooner… @nostalgic_retro @PawsitiveKittie @Twitch @ashnichrist You create the content you want to create, people will like… @Rej1_ @nathanrob__ @ImMahti @Wizzologyy YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO TELL EACH OTHERI tried a lot of different things before getting to where I am now I burned out being on too many platforms, creat… @bubblegutstv But she so cuteEveryday isn't a happy and positive one, it is just not realistic What you need to understand is that, it's okay t…