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@x1lly DmsHow do i fix input delay?
@dcydeFTN Wish i was tooNeed someone to optimize my pc feeling mad input delay for some reason @dcydeFTN Both fucking cheatersGuess this is why i rewatch everything like 3 times 😭
@huzaak_ @kyzifnr v @kyzifnr @huzaak_Someone said my mechs are like vortexias but on keyboard 😭😭 @KenziebFN @dcydeFTN @FNCompetitive People saying theres heats but no money in them @KenziebFN @dcydeFTN @FNCompetitive On there website says all prizes have moved to finals @dcydeFTN @FNCompetitive Only money in grands apparently @dcydeFTN @FNCompetitive Ye but no point playing impossible to get money basically @Nebiwnl Thats what the whole comm is saying to mejust not praccing for fncs at all whats the point when u can only make money in grands lol, knew it was too good to… @kyzifnr @huzaak_ Yes but there was heats and getting to heats was very doable @huzaak_ Then if itd all grands im not playing it lol @huzaak_ Like weekly finals @huzaak_ And finals im sure @tubzyfn_ Everyones saying theres 0 cash in heats @tubzyfn_ YES BUT ITS UPDATED @tubzyfn_ Then why is the whole comm saying theres no money in heatsHow do u make money in fncs? @ripxjenkoo Then thats just shit why tf would they do that???? Now u have to make grands to make money? @ripxjenkoo Wdym ? Is there no money in heats ?We’ve got a meaty blog post for you today covering: ➞ #FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 5 Format, Schedule, Prize pool, Bro…
Retweeted by andrew @kainfnbr NICELooking for 1 fncs with @lildonkl2 Dm me if u have similar achievements and want to grind…
Retweeted by andrew
Going to bed will do a tier list tmrwput ur pfp below gonna go live in 15 min a tier list on stream drop ur pfp belowshould i do a tier list rn? @kyzifnr boys @RippoFN Diluting juiceI hate night time @TrxppFN @Yousrifn @lildonkl2 Come play then gLooking for 1 fncs with @lildonkl2 Dm me if u have similar achievements and want to grind… @JasVFX @Xuairi7 @ansilexx @SoberFN_ Ratio bitch @Xuairi7 @ansilexx @SoberFN_ wouldnt have it mateJust wanna sleepso bored @supereyefn Fine @Melles_ @yungbobx @forslingfn Hahahaha @BigTeaguey u have offers dm meSelling astro c40 basically brand new for £130 on ebay @SpitfireFN The whole controller comm has good mechs on keyboard, its just easy to get good mechs @CrwnFN @InvisTafi @LucargF @magifnbr @_reggierr @G2LeTsHe @beatenbjoystick BECAUSE HE IS ON KEYBOARD U RETARD @m1styFNBR NICE MY SCOTTISH BROTHER @TrxppFN @AxelEdits ty my smellysnail @AxelEdits If u put aura last 💀⚰️⚰️🏜⚱️🪦💀⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️☠️🌵🌵 @Yoyyosi yoyosi on the clip grind tonight
@m1styFNBR ❤️no cringe shit but im hurting man @Smallfn cant see it mate @lildonkl2 fine ill duo @Yousrifn @MalegGT__ noi want a god duo pls dm me ill grind 12 hrs a day if i get a good duo @AxelEdits hopefully this reaches the like goal for everyones sakegood quality will process soon youtube is taking longNEW HIGHLIGHT VIDEO edited by @AxelEdits please show some support boys❤️ @trengafx @PenguinVFX da @trengafx @PenguinVFX watch @trengafx @PenguinVFX . @trengafx @PenguinVFX yoo @trengafx @PenguinVFX OUT IN 1 hourLooking for duo for dh with similar achievements as me Vouches appreciated @m1styFNBR andrew 2.0 😮hello epic gamers @7gushy @nachofnn Whats ur point no ones talking about the game hes saying theres more to life than playin games all dayMy head is explodingvideo out today🥰 @Xuairi7 Ye its different for u but i have a choice i dont need to be sitting in all day and playin gamesthe fact i missed out going on holiday to play a fncs warmup is so weird like what the fuck was i doing @nachofnn yep i want to go and live my life not baiting why would i sit inside in supposedly the best years of your life ????Realised im just not happy playing fortnite @GCobranl @4ElementsE 🙋‍♂️ @Pappafishy yh i used to be soooo close to her like 10 months ago then lockdown now im suddenly having consistent dreams @Pappafishy Irl someone who i havent spoke to properly since lock down, how do i stop having dreams about them? Its… having dreams with the same person in it every time and its fucking up my brainGm
@SoberFN_ @kainfnbr Nah theres defo a good chance there wont be a console fncs20 likes in 10 minutes and I post me recording the tiktok and my dad walking in 😭😭😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by andrew @RimEdits @AxelEdits @salv4fn @GarvBG @chomp mate get off dick u cringe cunt @RimEdits @GarvBG @AxelEdits @chomp @salv4fn Chomps clips are shit its just the editor whos good @swege1x ?????? @huzaak_ Fucking insaneonly 600ppl can reply to this who will? @RacksFNBR Download shotcut @RacksFNBR Clip it after the game ????? @ripxjenkoo Huntsman mininew highlights out tomorrow most likely@ songs below for my next highlights please @SoberFN_ vouch @SoberFN_ FinePc is looking too clean now