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Andrew Gillum @AndrewGillum Tallahassee, Florida

Father of three. Husband to R. Jai. Proud Floridian.

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When GOP politicians tell you they stand w/the people of Venezuela, know the facts. The Trump administration contin…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumThere is no denying who @realDonaldTrump is or what he represents. For those who supported him for reasons other th… to hear about Acting @PPFA & @PPact President @alexismcgill! I trust that under her leadership, Planned Par…
Florida’s junior U.S. Senator @SenRickScott calling @TheDemocrats Party anti-Semitic is insulting, false, & dangero…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumHow many kids have to have their dream of going to college or serving their country stolen from them every day beca…
Retweeted by Andrew Gillum“What the people want is very simple - they want an America as good as its promise.” - Barbara Jordan“I can’t breathe.” x 11 #EricGarner #ThisIsAmerica
.@realDonaldTrump, @SenRickScott, & @marcorubio prove once again that their election year pandering to the Latinx c… should be campaigning against President Pence in 2020. @realDonaldTrump has earned impeachment. Give it to him.
The #RacistInChief is aided and abetted by silence. His cult in Congress is the problem — people like @tedcruz &…
US diplomacy, w/o our disastrous POTUS! Thank you @Beyonce and Jay Z. 💪🏾 @Bakari_Sellers @CNN “Cuse something has got to be done” about this (in my grandmamas coice) @Bakari_Sellers @JohnMorganESQ @GovRonDeSantis John, remember when you called me to drop out & work for Phil because you couldn't l… @jaketapper @DailyCaller @Bakari_Sellers Seriously, folks!!!! We. Don’t. All. Look. Alike! in a room, figure it out, & stop going after each other. @AOC, @IlhanMN, @RashidaTlaib, & @AyannaPressley repre…’s never a bad time to take a selfie with @jaketapper and @RepBarragan on set the of #CNNSOTU
I hate that the country has been worked up into this crisis by our own domestic terror, @realDonaldTrump , but plea… Sunday on #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper: @RepBarragan, @amandacarpenter, @AndrewGillum, & @ScottJenningsKY. Tune in!
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#ConozcaSusDerechos: NO abra la 🚪 Si piden entrar, pregunte por orden firmada por juez📝 Si NO tienen orden, niegue…
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Illegal is not a noun. Illegal is not a noun. Illegal is not a noun..@AndrewGillum the former Florida gubernatorial candidate, told me in an interview that the training is “long overd…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumThe rent in @realDonaldTrump & @RonDeSantisFL’s head is free, but our work to register and re-engage one million ne…
.@AndrewGillum is busy getting to the 'work' to ensure your trust in voter power again
Retweeted by Andrew Gillum#EEUU Andrew Gillum: "El candidato ideal es quien hable de futuro y no sólo de @RealDonaldTrump"
Retweeted by Andrew GillumExcept the record shows you had the evidence in 2007. Remember the 53-page indictment, the phone records, the trash…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumShame on @MarcoRubio for his continued inaction. @SecretaryAcosta must resign now. @juliacraven @NABJ 👊🏾
Want to beat Trump in 2020? Then register people to vote. Neither demographics nor hatred of Trump will be enou…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumKeep up the fight, @ericswalwell. 👊🏾 We need your voice in Congress to end the everyday gun violence and mass shoo…’s shameful politicians in Tallahassee are still blocking Medicaid Expansion in Florida. That’s why it’s so impo…
They came. They conquered. Congratulations @USWNT, y’all earned it!!! #WhoRunTheWorld 🇺🇸
🙏🏾 for all the injured and first responders. I hope this isn’t as bad as it looks.
Keep perfecting this union, y’all. 👊🏾 🇺🇸 #FourthOfJuly
I’ve been officially trolled (via US post mail) by the Trump campaign. #NotTodaySatan
Bravo @AndrewWarrenFL . A “rocket docket” to help fulfill the promise of A4. Let’s hope this serves as an example f… @ava A meeting with a murderous dictator who assassinates his own family members would be beneath the station of…
@LeaBlackMiami 🙏🏾Facing South Florida: One-on-one with former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum #Politics #FacingSouthFlorida
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@CoryBooker @KamalaHarris When you know your sister can handle it, but you come through for the squad anyway...’s how to fight the new Florida poll tax. RT to help us get the word out., Forward Florida Action will help lead the work of voter registration for over 4 million unregistered Flo… sickens me to make this ask, but I am supporting Desmond Meade and their effort to help pay fines and fees of re…* The average income of the formerly incarcerated Floridians who registered to vote between January and March is ne…* Of the formerly incarcerated Floridians who registered to vote between January and March of this year, more than…* Nearly 100 times more formerly incarcerated Floridians registered in the first three months of 2019 than in previous odd years.I’m not calling DeSantis a racist, but his poll tax sure is... We will fight this every step of the way.
50 years ago, brave LGBTQ heroes rebelled against a police raid embodying systemic oppression against who they were… @meenaharris Your auntie KILLED it!!!! 💪🏾 great seeing you last night.
@ilyseh @TheDemocrats 👊🏾Ran into the amazing @AndrewGillum at the @TheDemocrats reception in Miami. Love this guy.
Retweeted by Andrew GillumThis is so wrong — voters should pick their leaders, not the other way around. This ruling is a threat to truly rep…'re here watching the #DemDebate! How do the rest of ya'll think our candidates are doing? treat seeing @AndrewGillum before tonight’s #DemocraticDebate. Thanks for being a champion for sexual and reprodu…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumThe @AndrewGillum #GillumSurge back for the #DemDebate watch party.
Retweeted by Andrew GillumWhat an amazing #DemDebate watch party @AndrewGillum is hosting tonight!
Retweeted by Andrew Gillum.@AndrewGillum says tonight is the beginning of the end of the Trump administration. “I’m candidate-agnostic” right…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumLive from the Democratic Presidential Debate Watch Party open at our #DemDebate watch party. Come on out.
Excited to be @amperstudiosmia with @AndrewGillum, @FlaDems, and @DNC to watch the first #DemocraticDebate!
Retweeted by Andrew GillumT-minus 2 hours until doors open at @AndrewGillum’s #DemDebate watch party — with @CNN here & ready to get your rea…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumThere's still time to join @TheDemocrats, @AndrewGillum and @FlaDems to watch the FIRST #Democratic debates in…
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In #Miami tomorrow? We should hang out and watch the first Democratic Presidential Debate together at…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumNo one knows Florida like @AndrewGillum. No one knows debates like Andrew. And there's no one better to watch the…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumEager to see how the candidates differentiate themselves if you’re in Miami come through to this debate watch part…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumThrowback picture of @AndrewGillum at our massive march last year outside the Homestead concentration camp for chil…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumI'm going to be watching the #DemDebate tomorrow night in Miami with VERY special guests @AishaMoodMills,… @maddow shout-out for @AndrewGillum, @FlaDems and @TheDemocrats debate watch party! RSVP here:…
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TFW I learn you haven't RSVP'ed to our #DemDebate 📺 party Wednesday in beautiful Miami, Florida. RSVP ASAP:…’s in Miami this week for the #DemocraticDebate? Join us at this! I’m one of the @special guests”😜
Retweeted by Andrew Gillum @AndrewGillum @DNC @FlaDems @peoplefor I’ll be there!
Retweeted by Andrew Gillum🙋🏽‍♂️ Ayyyyye! See you there! 🙌🏽🙏🏽
Retweeted by Andrew GillumI'm used to watching debates with @AndrewGillum from the side of the stage. And having a hell of a time because he'…
Retweeted by Andrew GillumWho's coming to Miami to watch the #DemDebate with me??? Invite here: We've got the @DNC,… year we were fighting for immigration and asylum laws that embrace the decency and diversity of our nation.…
@Bakari_Sellers @Bakari_Sellers Seriously think that we’re missing out on a possible hustle!!! 🤔 @Bakari_Sellers The lies you tell! 🤥
Members of the great Masai tribe greet one another with a question, not a salutation. They ask, "how are the childr…
@HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump 👊🏾 x 2,865,075Remembering #Juneteenth goes beyond the historic importance of this day as a victory for human equality. It’s als… you must be EXHAUSTED! Cause you’ve been running through @realDonaldTrump small mind for a LONG time. 😩
LISTEN: Coming off the heels of his 2018 race, @AndrewGillum talks about local elections, voting rights, and the fu…
Retweeted by Andrew Gillum @JeffreyGuterman 👊🏾When @realDonaldTrump goes low in Florida today, and you know he will, remember what my grandmother taught me...…
Always be organizing. 👊🏾🇺🇸🗳 Thanks @TinaPolsky & @AbermanDana for hosting us in Delray Beach, Florida tonight.
Cheers to all the Fathers celebrating the BEST job on earth - Dad! #FathersDay19
🚨🚨🚨PSA from this Sunday’s guests - @sweethomeFL & @AndrewGillum! Y’all better tune in to @961Jamz at 9:30a!
Retweeted by Andrew GillumIf you or your family have questions about #SB168, here is a resource to help protect your rights. I promise I will… signing this bill, Desantis is endorsing a dangerous policy that aims to frighten, target, and persecute thousan… stand with immigrant families, and American families of immigrant descent, against legislation that enables thei… Desantis' anti-immigrant bill signed today is an extension of Donald Trump's attacks on immigrant families acro…
We all saw @AndrewGillum & @sweethomeFL on the campaign trail in 2018, but Sunday at 9:30a on @961Jamz, we’re gonna…
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Don't let hate win. Join me in contributing $49 to @onePULSEorg today. #OrlandoStrong Barrios Martinez, 21. A. Ortiz-Jimenez, 25. Davon Brown, 29.