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@tnielsenhayden @LauraJMG Even before the votes are in, he's demonstrated that he doesn't really care if his supporters live or die. @teresempierre Congrats! What a great magazine to become a part of. @Iddybud @JoeBiden Almost every time the Republicans warn about some abhorant thing the left might do if elected it… @LauraJMG True. They've gerrymandered and used other tactics. They are so brazen about it this time. I think they'r… fear is telling and so ugly. I hope it foreshadows change. How did the GOP get to be so brazenly anti-vote?… writer uses keyboard, pen, and sometimes... body language.
@Trollbreath42 @ElizabethCobbe @_paulings @Sid__j I know that @karigrafia is up for any kind of pie as long as it h… @Trollbreath42 @ElizabethCobbe @_paulings @Sid__j I would think blue would be an important component, but there's always food coloring. @ElizabethCobbe @_paulings @Sid__j So, what would a blueberry wave pie taste like. I'm thinking blueberry, nutmeg,… @ElizabethCobbe @_paulings @Sid__j I need a pie. Come on, Texas!!! @endorphinique I beg you mercy. Mercy for the blurb. It ain't done no one wrong, guv'nor! @_paulings @ElizabethCobbe @Sid__j My mind would be blown. I don't expect it. I don't believe it'll happen... but i… @_paulings @ElizabethCobbe @Sid__j I think Obama's been killing it in his Pennsylvania speeches. He's repped for co… or the Golden Girls of space are gonna getcha. you hear a lie that you know is false one time... it’s false. If you hear a lie that you know is false you hear… @renarossner Hey, this was me yesterday. The words would not flow for the first few paragraphs. In fact, pretty sur… @Trollbreath42 Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Great cover. Great cameos. Elizabeth Warren doing the Time Warp? Rock on! #VoteA great cover with some amazing (and surprising) cameos! And, oh yeah.... vote, Vote, VOTE, and if you didn't hear… Trump, the Postal service was one of the most reliable government operations in the country. Now, he and his… @jfleit That we can not trust the USPS is just one more act of malice that needs to be wrighted. That they sabotag… side wants you to vote. The other side goes to court to prevent your vote from counting. It’s really that simple. #VOTE.
@ericsmithrocks I remember seeing 42nd Street years ago. When the song, "We're in the Money" came up it was because… @tnielsenhayden Factual errors scare me. My first professional gig was writing commentaries for local NPR and even… a closed mouth gathers no feet, sometimes it's worth it to speak out. @Debbie_Boots @BenJN25_29 @lotsofuss Sadly, there are many really intelligent people who vote for short sighted rea… @dmtoft I think many politicians are driven by both noble and selfish aspirations. However, we suffer from some who… got their Supreme Court Justice. No need for them to vote this year. They got what they need. @jfleit I think that Coney Barrett will be a bad judge, but I think she's a legit choice. As far as impeachment goe…! No surprise, but booooooo!!!
New story has reached the 30k mark. Still feeling good about it. This one has lots of sketches. @aptshadow The moon is clearly a dirty camera lens. All of Earth is nothing more than a cancelled reality TV show. @kmveohongs The only thing that might be be better is when you’re in the throes of writing and that shiver runs do… @Robbotron Someone hot who wants to do a hot activity? Sounds Faustian to me.
@NVGhost005 @atrupar Every other nation in the world has done better than we have. That means we are doing somethin…, I just read that pre-COVID, Trump's performance on the DOW Jones ranked 6th among Presidents since FDR. After C… baffles me how certain groups think they can ignore or insult a virus into submission. If it's serious then tr… @CChrisrose On two levels, since Smaug was also a thief. It is the story of thieves trying to regain their turf fro…
@luna_luminarium I can one up that. I booted up and my screen went purple and translucent. Luckily, it wound up on… @_lowpH I'm not sure if this is the effect you were going for, but... yikes! @SarahAveryBooks @molo_writes @KolarRachel That is so cool. I think I've only been listed in a book acknowledgement… @SarahAveryBooks Yay! I remember really enjoying the premise and story! @BT_Musings Retail desperation? @LabyrinthRat Count me as one who didn't realize they were that recent a phenomenon. @CChrisrose @philmargolies This is the one we all adlibbed to during the VP singalongs, right? That was such fun!The Batusi is harder than it looks @co_rapunzel4 Recently, during a townhall on NBC one of the questioners said told him he was so handsome when he sm… @BangRadioHour @HTTRChamps Of course I would want us to turn it around and make the playoffs. Now, if making the pl…! Too many characters, plants, unique details. This story is going to require a world bible. @CChrisrose Wow! So very cool, Chris! @endorphinique Happy share what I know and what I experienced. There are probably better scuba-centric tours. Mine…
@endorphinique That’d be amazing. Snorkeling is the best I can do. If the world ever becomes calm enough let me r… @philmargolies @darthrami The Berlin Wall coming down. I was pretty young, but I remember everyone being really excited about it. @endorphinique Well if nothing else, 2020 provided plenty of troubled water. @RebeccaRennerFL Thank you for voting. @endorphinique @AngryBlackLady I'm pretty much a pacifist, but yeah... @JohnCornyn Being a superpower relies on being ahead of the technological curve. So, advancing alternative energies… @adotnon dynamic of who “won” the debate ought to be replaced with who’s better for the country. #PresidentialDebateThis is among the things that Trump and McConnell should be investigated for. McConnell has fought improving our na… well-mannered lie causes as much harm as any other lie.
@bhvide @JohnJosephAdams Yay! It’s a good day when awesome people are recognized. @karigrafia I’m sorry I hope it gets better. I wish I could offer you a haven.Donald Trump: For four years, I lied, stole, ripped you off, and screwed you every way I could think of. I even tal… @Trollbreath42 That works. I chuckled when reading it. @Joannechocolat @theJeremyVine or caffeine headache.
@philmargolies I thought the same thing. Luckily, I got one when I took my Mom to vote. :)NB: @kwelkernbc. This horrific Trump act must be discussed on Thursday night. Our media has spent way too much time…
Retweeted by Andrew HillerFriends help friends vote... or at least memorialize the occasion. @philmargolies @RKDuncanAuthor @ViableParadise Happy birthday, Robin. May your stories be plentiful and end well. @philmargolies Oy vey. @Mama_Kath @ThePlumLineGS @LauraJMG I can believe that. After all, look how few have the will to stand up to Trump.… @Mama_Kath @ThePlumLineGS @LauraJMG I think a lot of it is Mitch, but listening to the hearings and other venues wh… @LauraJMG We are people of imagination. I just hope mine is working overtime.Is it good. It's brilliant! ... but is it good? #amwriting @perrault777 @GeorgeTakei He's making it up. No where in the Bible did it ever state, "And lo, a rapist shall lead them all." @ThePlumLineGS @LauraJMG Their priorities are never Americans in need. Their priority is only in securing and maintaining power. @LauraJMG I read someone said that "Herd Immunity" is to disease mitigation as "Thoughts and Prayers" are to gun control. @LauraJMG The thing I fear even more than complacency is outright dishonesty. We've seen how openly and brazenly th… does Halloween mean to you? For me, it was never about horror, but about a celebration of wonder and imaginat… @natasha_lane1 Boo.“When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder the…
Retweeted by Andrew Hiller @CChrisrose @DougJBalloon You just chose Lake town because it's featured in The Hobbit ;) @LauraJMG @Sid__j
@cecsquared No sales tax. Dupont headquarters. @CathyJoeGPT @MollyJongFast I bet the White House set a pre-condition that she not wear a mask and chose to comply. @NiviaEvans haven't been this prolific in a while. 26,000 words in about two weeks and the thing is still picking up steam.… @P_H_Lee All houses deserve a random penguin @FondaJLee Yes. Also, why can't it begin! @RandilynIsIn Are envisioning a dunk tank? I think I'd be too worried about catching COVID to pop any of them, but… @celinegounder @TinaMorphis MAGA is supposed to stand for Make America Great Again. Well, I can't help thinking abo… @BCDreyer I remember hearing stories about how Americans pulled together, rationed, and sacrificed for each other d… @LauraJMG @Sid__j I’ve lost my mind. Luckily, there’s a two for one sale at Abbie Normal’s.Vote. @AlisonMaloni @realDonaldTrump Maybe it starts when you put children in cages? @bejoan5 @MSNBC But Trump and the GOP voted to have no platform. @brianklaas @TinaMorphis Trump has developed a two-part pandemic strategy 1) Insult the virus into submission 2) I… for Roberts. The way I see it, votes should be treated the same way as an income tax filing. As long as the f… bless this patriot. Shame on those who make it that tough for our citizens to vote. @Amy_Siskind Georgia has suffered from several stolen elections recently. Can they win without procedural shenaniga…