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Music, and videos about music. 2 million on YouTube. No pronoun preferences. New app @flipsampler now available for all iOS devices!

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@steak_umm @reddit_AMA @reddit I’m here for you being here for itDoing a @reddit_AMA on Thursday! Hopefully see you there 💖 @hvandenbergh @flipsampler Thank you, Harry! Enjoy! @FlextaMcSignalz @flipsampler not yet but we are working on integrating it! our focus was to make it as good as it… @aaronbieber @flipsampler iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch :) @aaronbieber @flipsampler i mean the ultimate move would be to buy an ios device but your interest is duly noted 😄Super bitcrushy first jam from @LVGHST 😃 @jakeindalecio @flipsampler Thanks! Hope you have a lot of fun with it! @AimN @flipsampler Thanks Aimee! @LVGHST @flipsampler 🙌 @LVGHST @flipsampler Or wait lol click the link @LVGHST @flipsampler Try just flip? @hatter185 Thanks for sharing! @arthurxmedic Sick!Seems like @flipsampler is already available in Canada and the US! Anyone from elsewhere w… @notnevi @itsPusher @chuck_suttonn @flipsampler @kilamanzego Woo! To add to that, you can also live record any app…'s Flip promises to be a fast but feature-packed sample-based music-making app
Retweeted by Andrew Huang @DarthDoobious @flipsampler $9.99US but $7.99 during launch week! @Jayenkai @flipsampler @chuck_suttonn @kilamanzego @itsPusher in some countries' stores but not others, should be f… out this beat I made in @flipsampler! A mix of my samples and stuff from…'s been really cool seeing the comments on this video and how many different ways people are hearing the same thi…
@chuck_suttonn @Ableton @reasonstudios @chromonicci Chuck brain is too bigI’m not entirely sure yet, he came from the future!! @penilepaladin We have completed the sequence, the portal has been unlocked @velosobruno The easiest way is AirDrop but Flip can also access any sounds in the Files appNew video! I made music with 4 time signatures at the same time @CorbinBBAustin We support stem export in .wav format @elchris414 Not in a direct way but there are def a lot of overlaps in functionality @fac_corvest Coming in the future!Reminder that I am RELEASING AN APP on Wednesday and it’s going to be 🔥 and will allow you to create 🔥 and the pric… an energy drink, blasting a speed metal playlist, and ANSWERING EMAILSSSSSS 🤘👹🤘Tried playing John Cage 4’33” in 4/33 time. Surprisingly easy
Baby’s already dancing in the womb whenever we put on the Beach Boys 😃🙌Which one is prettier? @SoyuzMics 😍
ok so @essabowser bought this great water bottle and i decided to get one but i wanted to see what the different si… PRODUCER PRO TIP: Speed up your editing workflow by only recording takes that are very bad in 2020: Mainstream music keeps getting worse, you really have to search for good artists nowadays People i…
Just put on jeans for the first time since the start of the pandemic and my legs and butt were extremely offendedIn-depth video on this here! difference between polymeters and polyrhythms! @Hainbach101 @flipsampler Sometimes it’s just the perfect way to end thiAHHHHH @GeraintHarrison @flipsampler 😄😄SO FLIPPING EXCITED @flipsampler @Quinnfuzzball ah yes PLANNING i've heard of this! @themenniss the next best thinganyone figured out work/life balance yet? lmk
@LadyHGriffith so precious!Who wants to be the first to subscribe to @flipsampler's YouTube? :) @Evan_Hadfield the kind of toilet roll holder that's just a bar sticking out of the wall. who tf invented the littl… @jrose_papasin 🙏 honestly the full video was edited and then i thought of that a couple hours before uploading lol😂 how i'm picturing my subscribers from now on’s Theory Thursday! @mkaic_ 🥰 @jjbbllkk I LOVE ADORABLE ANIMAL PREFERENCES @echoofcreation we decided to never increase the price - you can sign up for the mailing list at… 👀i'm not gonna jump on whatever sound is currently trending and make music that everyone's going to hate in 5 years…
@ward_otr @flipsampler @jakob_haq has a good video on this @Xander11012 @flipsampler it costs less than a pizza :) @dankuntz @flipsampler hey cool stuff i'm following :)this single snail's house tweet made it all worth it 🥰 - my own music making app - dropping Dec 2nd!! Sign up to be notified when it drops and get 20% off 👉… @THEK0UNT @anomaliebeats Two kings @97Danypt @Behringer and now they've copied arturia's keystep, which is already affordable and available everywhereget ready for this insanity @Behringer No one is saying you’re not allowed to do what you’re doing (though that remains surprising) - we’re say…
hello this synth is super sick and you can get it for free’s also 64 years old and not computer savvy at all. So, no excuses if you’ve always wanted to get into this. Set…’s never touched music software before, and after a few youtube videos she’s making micro timing adjustments and… mom learned Audacity so she could mix recordings of her choir singing individually at home while the pandemic prevents them from meeting
Have you listened to Freak yet? 👽 = weak on doing another video about FREE music tools! What are your faves? Here's the last one if you wanted to… @6GhosT9 I’m all for masks but this is me literally going behind my house and then coming back intried going outside today @KyappuTV I dig their stuff! @JulianStorig Not sure if you saw the article I linked. Even if they weren’t cloning all these designs, if a compan… @StudioCompyfox @actuallyzaf @BaidhRahul Lots of messes in capitalism, no doubt. Which is why the Corksniffer debac…
@ClayGreene Arturia and Korg have a bunch of absolutely amazing stuff in the $250-750 range @nixsindj It’s the best time ever to be an artist starting out. So much is affordable and even free. You don’t need… @markzaffin I'm hoping that enough people are convinced to not support them that it's worth whatever "all PR is good PR" we’re doing hereMy response to folks saying it's the only way they can afford a certain type of synth: you can create music with so… @Teddy1000Tod - singling out and attacking a journalist - trademarking his name so he can't use it - suing people w… @daskriechtier Less bad but not good @ottovanzanten Giant company attacking an individual journalist and also trademarking his name so that he can't use… @puikheid I mean is there any easier bit of audio gear to create than a patch bayI'm anti Behringer forever after they showed their true colors with Peter Kirn And each n…👽 FREAK 👽 your tabs right now and share below @Harahune 😂Still not buying anything thoIG shopping tab. The guitar pedals tell me the algorithm’s working and I think everything else means they think I’m… @svraj__ 🙏Four artists trying to make a track with the @ArturiaOfficial Microfreak being the ONLY instrument allowed - check… @ChristopherRuiz Love hearing that, I hope it brings you all the joy!*mentions the music gear in a video* “ugh shut up and get to the music, how much are they paying you to say that”…
@evankroske 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏4 Producers rave happening on my channel right now! Friday!