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drew @andrewkentt Blacksburg, VA

**insert creative ~gay~ content here**🏳️‍🌈 |VT2?|

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@lunalahari whats scarier than being emotionally available? admitting it to yourself 😰
@adam_urb hey,, thank you 😌no, i swear i don’t want to text him! -me {if i were mentally stable}
having a silly little photo shoot to boost my self esteem. (ft. manbun)
@fleetwooodzach No❤️i really thought i would make money if i stayed in blacksburg huh? @storiraven @lexi_doyle ive never related so much to a carcan’t wait to live in a place that doesn’t end in ~burg~
omg @storiraven i found the voice tweet that i thought we lost, i am here’s always like iykyk... well bitch idk & idc
Retweeted by drew @ChaseSabadaba dots on every important facial feature!! wine @alisonkate___ QUEEN IS BACK 🥺 @gay_hokie she didnt pass the vibe check @FeralGarrison RIGHT?!!!Sooo i tried to sing happy birthday when i dropped off the dessert and no one joined and i stopped in the middle of… @fleetwooodzach no💛Hey to the man whose having his 19th birthday dinner at bull and bones. Call me. 👁👄👁
yes 🤩 of my tables complimenting my nails today 🥺🥺 they all passed the vibe checkactually making money at work ???!!! @storiraven and i can’t remember what we were being bold abouthow many gays does it take to ruin a man“can you say ‘fuck’ on twitter?” i bold enough for this tweetthe more drunk i get is equivalent to how much brie i put on a cracker 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
@storiraven “I’m just going to wait in the bathroom until she gets here” 🥴🥴 @hayeelen lmaooo i think you’ll guess first tryone of the kitchen guys at b&b already blaming joe biden for shit. whose gonna tell him he isn’t president yet?i don’t care if you’re a popular account on tinder. i will not be sending a super like.was told i look like spencer from icarly. I would like to leave this planet now pls.
@VChafian Thank you!!! @storiraven I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS‼️IF I GET ONE MORE DAMN CALL I WILL HAVE A BREAKDOWN @storiraven “She looks familiar 🤔”69 inches 👁👄👁 downloading new pics what’s it like dating you? the man from tinder did not respond after i gave my snap. might make a new snapchat men in season 9 of AHS have no business being so hot
only have one from the night before 🥴🥴 miss going to parties 😪 i hate fleets? Yes. am i still going to use them? Also yes.lahari saying the white gays have colonized the 🥺 emoji... i am truly sorry @lunalahari RAWR XD??? take your ass back to tumblri used the cc option on all of my classes last semester. and we were only online for half a semester. Students shou… @lunalahari me pulling up the accounts for you @jennings_finn LAHARI SAID YOUR GROUNDED 🤧 @jennings_finn HEYYY IM GOING BACK I SWEAR😤 @jennings_finn man you don’t even go here reference: have a crush on the car wash man from tiktok. don’t hate me @kamyy_d i love kamy.d more 💛🥺if your wondering how annoying i was in middle school,,, “don’t drop that thun thun” was my ring tone
@mk_guthrie I am illiteratethinking about the night a man called me darling at work. still don’t know if he thought i was a women @JakeRussell28 maybe you should change.The fact that i really have to say lazy_boy1 when a man asks for my snapchat is honestly homophobici love tea time with @JakeRussell28 @JakeRussell28 LMAOI'M STRAIGHT! is nothing sadder than when you ghost someone on grindr and they say something like “what did i do?” or “oh o…, i want to have s*xis it h*rny twitter yet? no?
alone with wine, cheese, and shitty romcoms. dont text
If you want to meet a 15 year old who has a dirtier mouth than a navy seal, come to b&b and meet the busserlowkey 2014 was my favorite year for pop music, might make a playlist of top tier 2014 songsi know y’all already know my music taste is shit but boom clap went too hard for 2014.3 guys watching twilight at 4 am?? saturday’s are for the boys
Retweeted by drewif i’m closing at b&b you ain’t getting away with SHIT! didn’t sweep your section? YOU AINT GETTING MONEY! (excluding @storiraven)
@storiraven HAHA no i made it here on time. but if you saw me going 60 mph on UCB no you didn’t.obviously she doesn’t understand how much brie we eat at a time @lunalahari i post my snap astrology thing, are y’all going to bully me again for being a gemini?i woke up late for work so i didn’t have time to make coffee at home. made decaf at work by accident and drank thre… this is from greys anatomy and yes this is also what i’m saying to ~you~guess we’re both gonna need covid tests so i can do everything i want to do to you ✨🤪
@storiraven @lunalahari I HAVE BRIE AND CRACKERS TOO!! just have to get wine 😪 @CiaraW210 sign me up honestly @lunalahari okay he’s a keeper i guess @lexi_doyle HONORARY MENTION LMAOOOO 🤣 @storiraven 🤪🥰she isn’t lying 🥴 morning to the girls, gays, and theys! Unfortunately am awake to make $5 🥰 @allisw0nderland lmaoooo 17!GREYS ANATOMY PREMIERES TOMORROW AHHHHHH
@heyimtorian LMAOOhere 😌 featuring: two of my tatts and too much chest hair @hayeelen NOOOO🤧 @serena_nicolee YOOOO 😯🤪 @benthebeanstalk yeahwait, you’re telling me i cant have someone’s son lick my nipples for 5 MONTHSdrinking away the pain of my nips ✨🧚🏻💫 @uncleteabone happy to be here 😌 @CiaraW210 sometimes i wish i could fly under the radar FOR ONCEmy ig & most liked photo i hâte insta tbh @dongluvr not if you do it 😌 @dongluvr STEP ON ME @thief1434 lmaooo yeah both? mama didn’t raise no bitch 😤so i just got my nipples pierced
al has spent the past 15 minutes trying to get a stray cat in my car. Yes she’s drunk.