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poetry / physical (2015), playtime (2018) , pandemonium (2021) from @jonathancape / @chriswellbelove looks after me

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@beehartyeah Alas I don’t but perhaps I can work on some!Thanks for this lovely clip, @CheltLitFest!
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@Andreamsmall Always @alisonLcooper Aw thanks!btw this took less than 5 seconds to correct and it’s vital work to make our virtual learning accessible for everyoneAuto-captioning my lectures is going well. 🦵🏻
Amazing to see @TodBookFest in the @guardianculture Best Online Culture this Autumn love art that critiques/ satirises a very certain kind of English masculinity , so I’m very much enjoying this ne… @heidiwilliamson @HollandAndreaUK @BloodaxeBooks @CafeWriters @whatwereadnow @kostyanaut I’ve registered for it!Readers' notes for the ten collections on the T. S. Eliot Prize shortlist have now been released, for individual re…
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@j_r_appleyard Thanks so much :) xgreat to have a real copy of the first issue of @BragWriters ; here it is, against a grey Mancunian sky good
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanIf you get a chance, pick up the latest @FreemanReads with some wicked stories, and the glorious 'Swan' by the awes…
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'swan' from Andrew McMillan's upcoming collection: Pandemonium. "arms forcing the water away like prising someone…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillan @NzeluWrites shan’tSee you there in an hour🚨 New Poem 🚨 @lithub have today published ‘swan’ , from the new issue of Freeman’s and forthcoming in Pandemonium… @heidiwilliamson @BloodaxeBooks Thanks for writing it! Xa book this year that moved me to tears was @heidiwilliamson ‘s Return by Minor Road; a heartbreaking account of t…’re not bit part players in the UK. We’re all here, we all pay taxes, we all vote, we’re all listening. I think t…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanThis. It also isn’t enough to ring us up and ask us to talk on your show for three minutes and think you’ve ticked…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanDear news organisations, please invest outside London. I know Brexit was a moment but this too feels like a moment:…
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@SimonCostello13 Thanks Simon!🦢 @write_or_ty thanks so much! @helentookey1 Anthracite or black orchid @helentookey1 Tom Ford!here’s a sneak peek at the minimal contents page for ‘pandemonium’ forthcoming next May 📖 you there tomorrow! brings back happy memories of me and @mj_sprackland setting up @CakePoetry ; eventful times such as the price of… excited for this new magazine by @McrWritingSchl MMU students! Check it out! of a Film, the new @niven_govinden book is here in proof! Thanks so much @SharLovegrove and @dialoguebooks @SharLovegrove @niven_govinden @dialoguebooks Done! So sorry! Will do another one now! @SharLovegrove @niven_govinden @dialoguebooks Sorry just realised your email is visible in that tweet @SharLovegrove Shall I remove
intelligent editors, or were run down by the drunken taxicabs of Absolute Reality,
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanJoin me and @AndrewPoetry for an in-depth discussion of where this novel comes from! Topics include GLAMOUR, FASHIO…
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@Scott_Hadley @brokensleep It’s great! Thanks for writing it!I enjoyed this memoir/philosophical treatise/series of essays by @Scott_Hadley from @brokensleep @jamesliammcd @JoshuaJudson @YorkLitFest Thanks for joining!Last event of the day! Join now - it’s free! We have signed bookplates from @AndrewPoetry winging their way to us.…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanat a virtual lit fest, for @YorkLitFest ; answering questions as me and @JoshuaJudson read. Come say hi! you there at 5pm! @dogwithoutlegs @MattHaighPoetry What’s that?
@MattHaighPoetry Ah, Poetry Book Society will tend to list each book submitted for consideration for selection eac… @MattHaighPoetry I didn’t know they listed books? @sarahhymas No that’s for somewhere else. 🪑 The grey one I’ve had for 4/5 years. It’s v comfy (though needs an ext… @sarahhymas this one is on its way tho so don’t commit too soon @sarahhymas yes @sarahhymas Made . ComTOMORROW 17 Oct Join @AndrewPoetry whose first collection is the only poetry book to win The Guardian First Book Aw…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanExcited for all three of these and a particular honour to blurb @kostyanaut“Listen. The rug is wet because/ I stood here” evening at 5pm I’ll be reading some new, never-before-heard poems from the first section of pandemonium at… @Katyemdavies @BoroughPress @HarperCollinsUK @GreeneandHeaton Fabulous to hear @JessGreengrass 😘 @JessGreengrass I’m sure I will! I see your preferred shortlistee from our year on the Sunday Times has already blurbed it 😭and the new novel by great Irish writer Billy O’Callaghan, hitting the shops in January amazing @JessGreengrass new novel which I can’t wait to read, coming out next April recent book arrivals: all the young men, by Ruth Coker Burks, the story of a young single mother at the forefr… @Tess_J_Parker don’t let her fool youfriday
part seven of my eight part poem, ‘swan’; published in this new issue of Freeman’s, themed around love… was great fun judging the @WinPoetryFest competition, over 2500+ poems, of which Lewis, below, turned out to be… a non-debut writer is hard,being a queer writer in a commercial world which might often push you to smooth ou…
@jamesliammcd the poem will be in Freeman's which I highly recommend; and then ultimately in Pandemoniumpart 5 of my 7 part poem about queerness and Matthew Bourne's re-imagining of Swan Lake. The whole thing is in the…
I am not sure all people living outside of the extra measures realise how much harder it’s been not being allowed t…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanSomeone in GM pointed out to me this week that northern leaders are an *asset* to govt in this, so long as they und…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanIt isn’t just that a bunch of northerners can’t go out on the piss. It’s the onset of a long winter with an ever de…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillanTo echo what @NinaWarhurst said earlier: we’ve been banned from going round each other’s houses since the end of Ju…
Retweeted by Andrew McMillan @oliisaac_ Thanks for your great poem! @LewisBuxton93 @jamesliammcd My legacyIt’s crazy that during a pandemic you end up scrolling anxiously through twitter to find out if your city is about…
Read this book over the last couple of days and it’s brilliant- can’t wait for it to be published next year! so far nothing is happening but it’s not happening beautifully in this second instalment of Jon Fosse’s septol… @ForestPoets @BCoidan @WinPoetryFest A great poem! @SimonFMiddleton @WinPoetryFest @LewisBuxton93 Thanks for a brilliant reading of your poem simon! @nickiheinen @WinPoetryFest Thanks for a brilliant poem! @stephenson_pj @WinPoetryFest Such a great poem! Thanks for allowing me to read it @MaryMulhol @WinPoetryFest thanks for your brilliant poem! @gajinwords I'm doing my very best @jamesliammcd That’s very lovely to hear! Keep writing! X @gajinwords oh wow! A collectors item! @Concordmoose @WinPoetryFest oh no! Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for your brilliant poem x @THopkinsPoet @WinPoetryFest @BenVerinder @stephenson_pj @mermanpoet @MaryMulhol @jamesliammcd @TamsinHopkins @SpiroPoetry @WinPoetryFest I don't need telling twice! @mermanpoet @HMTruscott @WinPoetryFest a great reading Serge, thankyou! @ToutoungiC @WinPoetryFest thanks so much for your brilliant poem! @jamesliammcd @WinPoetryFest @LewisBuxton93 huge congratulations! @lcpalmerpoet @WinPoetryFest @clairecollison1 @LewisBuxton93 thanks so much for the poem! @elenacroitoru @WinPoetryFest thanks so much for your poemCongratulations to all the poets in this afternoon's @WinPoetryFest Prize event; what a wonderful bunch of poems and poets!. @GodzillaKent and @brokensleep have been doing great things for poetry; I'm hoping he has a speedy recovery x @steve_bamlett 😇Moved some things around in the house and reminded how much I love this piece by Judith Brotman called ‘Life in Pro… to hear some wonderful poetry this afternoon you all there!!