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@raihan_ @samgavinLA What the fuck!!!!
smashed up the gaff @PederNoir fuck that awful shitI'm DJing at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA this afternoon come thru drink some frozen drinks gimme a hi five can mourn and/or mark someone's passing without qualifying the fact that you "didn't care for their music"Behind The Music time i hear a pre-Sinead version of Nothing Compares 2 U i can't help but think what a genius addition her st…
@LMGM that’s ILLEGAL sirNight clubs need to sell cold brew and iced coffee
Retweeted by Andrew RyceI reviewed the best drum & bass album of the year so far Towers picture disc for Record Store Day is peak Record Store Day
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @kristinmalossi @Rroxymore @nowadaysnyc what a lineup ! @chalravens i feel this so hard!!
@raihan_ fuck in n out @raihan_ no but I'm going to the Genius Bar tomorrow 🤓 @raihan_ My phone bricked and I couldn't take any pictures all weekend.. imagine how *I* feel @frozenreeds Siri block "frozen reads"extremely ill idea: augmented reality app where the only sound is autechre @owen______ellis NoOOOOOOOOOO @nicolettey Probably taste good tho
@kullijhan DUDE!! I was like why is he standing there the whole time loooool @kullijhan next time I'll run up on stage @kullijhan @raihan_ you we're really good in marfa btwI reviewed the very good @THUGWIDOW album on @BLCR_Labs - one for the junglists review of @THUGWIDOW's 'Moons Of Jupiter' on @residentadvisor. Thank you @andrewryce!
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yaas queen Eileen @MichelleLhooq is fast becoming one of my favourite DJs and I haven't even had the chance to see her in person yet @dalecornish Don'tRadar Radio is suspending operations after allegations of a toxic work environment
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @HE_VALENCIA also the c word (magnify that for scottish people)
RA.620 @dgoHn_Music
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @jane__yoo @raihan_ raihan saw a funny license plate @jane__yoo been doing this all weekend and i am! ready! to! die!
@frozenreeds holy... shittechno troll level nine unlocked
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @jacquesgreene look at god
@robertpecinajr yes! @andy_oconnor it was hard to hear the names clearly. but it was mindblowingshout to texas for the best drag queens i've ever seen
@Zeeaa You can’t prove ityes it is 10:13 and i am blasting the Sasha remix of Madonna - sky fits heaven in my apartment building from klipschorn speakersi forgot that ex factor is built around could it all be so simple. Lauryn hill got dang genius (we knew this already but still)gay culture is this appearing when you type in something totally unrelated was just me and my boyfriendhelp “gottamakethatjumpgottamakegottamakegottamakethatjumpmakemmakemgotemgotemgotem” engraved on my tombstoneThis is what it would look like if Goldenvoice had the same radius clause for All Points East as they do for Coache…
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @maxpearl i don't think the point of this tweet is logic, maximusthey're catching onto me @raihan_ 💕
Roses are red Tristan Tzara was Dada
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce heads know @PederNoir maybe he should have given himself a less dumb name!111!!!!!!!!!!! @BarbieChain give in @sevagranik @MichelleLhooq jk i'm having a great time @sevagranik @MichelleLhooq everything sucks!!!! @MichelleLhooq too real @raihan_ let’s do lunch tomorrow - that’s my bday and I wanna go to sonoratown @raihan_ what are you talking about
@hellakyra yes, it is definitely a he @hellakyra reviewer too ashamed to leave his name. says a lot👏 @mariocotto @SeanDack "I was recently in Asia, and they love corn." @mariocotto other classic rock band is living up to their legacy this completely and truly? drag each otherthat escalated quickly reviewed the new EP from @RussFrumFrunds on @BRAINFEEDER @andrewryce Frilly dog in Berghain style leather muzzle and leather booties.
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @raihan_ @mariocotto don’t die on the wrong hill raihan @mariocotto i saw a bus in silver lake with these words on it yesterday. now i know, and i wish i didn'tWhen your Autechre download is complete.
Retweeted by Andrew RyceYESSSSSSSSSSSS
does anybody remember.... laughter @FlavaD crispy @itspeach_ chug. the. whole. mug.
at a gallery opening and the lighting in the bathroom cycles every 10 seconds