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@raihan_ im going to the hospital fest in NYC but I miiiight be back for this one
I declare. good dubstep can make a comeback shh
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @cellulartelly you are fucker to him nowIn our latest video essay, we dive into the mythology behind Drexciya, Detroit electro's most influential duo
Retweeted by Andrew Ryceshouts to @DJMoxie for the narration as usual!With the help of the very talented RA Films team, I wrote and helped put together a video essay about the mythology…
yes, i got to talk about blackgaze on RAI reviewed the new Bliss Signal album from @Mumdance & @wifesounds on @profound_lore @_Axm3d i am not~it's the most wonderful time of the year~ @blackmadonnachi courtesy of @DJ_Seinfeld 💫Coming tomorrow on RA. 🌊
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @regularfantasy No cuz it was yesterday :( @regularfantasy Wiltern theatre :///the motto @stayearly no but it was this weird cup that filled up from the bottom
love to drink 1 glass of wine and gas up my friends on insta stories @raihan_ it was short but incredible @gabrielszatan just last night for a benefit gigCave In is playing a cover of Harvest Moon. Ok. @lovefingers this was for one (1) serving @lovefingers what’s a slab @AlexBurkat_ I’m shook @baharkhadem not even! I’m at the wiltern. But the bartender also gave me a “shot” of tequila that was basically 3 shots so Ok.$16 PBR is another level of Los Angeles that I’m not ready for"Untilted" by Autechre (2005)
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @coopersaver miss uSome heterosexual bars just feel like a tinder playpenGoing to the Is*s reunion tonight I am unbelievably excited
@mikcowley I’m in LA rn wearing a jacket!!!!!!! @PederNoir everyone should
@cellulartelly i can't say the same @raihan_ where do i apply as supervisor @UpliftedDolphin classic @UpliftedDolphin ~~~new version~~~ @UpliftedDolphin oh no you're right i got too excited🚨🚨🚨new DESIRE track 🚨🚨🚨 @likeholywine he crawled so we could walkBurn? @LGBTMayo #bluewave #instagay #gayresistance @PederNoir Drake also quite snackish tbh 👀fuck your Netflix and chill what’s your @HE_VALENCIA Susan looks like a freakhearing barenaked ladies on the radio / in the store in the USA is WILDwhen are we having the Mary Jane Girls critical reevaluation tho
rainbow goldfish is the craziest snack i've ever eaten. shit doesn't taste how it looks#mysticdata @robertpecinajr omg i love himA spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of their massive hit 'The Final Countdown', which reached number one in…
Retweeted by Andrew Ryceokay, i'm sorry to say but... we stan @dj_tennis 😍i mean also this guy obv being 5% as talented as Ryuichi Sakamoto family in their temporary home“Pedicure gang get your fingernails done” is the most transcendent lyric of the year @PetittroisLA*aloiso voice* French restaurants are crazy. how are you charging $89 for a piece of soleupdated hierarchy of human needs: 1. self-actualization 2. talking shit about ppl in your social circle 3. talking…
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shout out to the elementary school across the street from my apartment inexplicably blasting summer of 69 into the schoolyard @liam_o wow, do we stan???? @liam_o I need to know more about this*led zeppelin voice* does anybody remember verritt?Staind O)))
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@sunilsharpe mayhem!! @maymindmusic didn't really fit in neatly anywhere, particularly because it's an example of activism and dialogue b… me wonder where @GavinNewsom stands on this bizarrely divisive issue."California's laws regulating late-night drinking have been on the books since 1913," Brown said, as if not updatin…"I believe we have enough mischief from midnight to 2 without adding two more hours of mayhem," says the 80 year ol… on from my opinion piece earlier today, this from two weeks ago is a complete joke and good example of the up… @violetakaviolet yes!I wrote an op-ed about the next step for keeping nightlife culture alive @chippy_nonstop unfortunately yes
this pug of the most boring conversations in the world is someone trying to convince you that you NEED to do mushrooms,…
@likeholywine points were madesweet angels a miracle when you find a restaurant in the US that will split a “check” four ways
@BAKEGLA @FourTet i’m excited by this tweetanthem Panabrite / @normchambers alert @mbootyspoon thank you for finally acknowledging mereal alt country hoursnothing gets in my Pacific Northwest bones as much as this album @glorbis @macho_xango Syrah is my fave too and also you look great! @minkahunter wow I didn’t know this was a thing until now and that’s so misguided I hate the c**tr* l*ft @kullijhan imagine eating a bowl of leaves
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @kullijhan s a m e @kasracritical oh dearAt peak season, brown bears can add up to four pounds of weight a day. Bear 409 looks like she had no trouble wit…
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these Vatican Shadow track titles are getting increasingly random
Retweeted by Andrew Ryceanother "only andrew" moment
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @andrewryce the moment when you go from "andrew absolutely wrote this" to "no one in the world could've written thi…
Retweeted by Andrew RyceI wrote about my five favourite performances at this year's @Together Festival in Boston reviewed the new EP from @Peverelist, which is also the 50th release on @idlehandsrecs @JimmyMaheras yes sir @PederNoir I’m all over this alreadya new mix from me + some q&a 💌 big gold star if u can find the unreleased bit from me in there. so stoked to have…
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@PederNoir noI reviewed the latest record from @xophiexweetland's Planet Euphorique label, this time from @jamieenns AKA Big Zen…