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wow, i love the World we live in @verbena_lemon 🧐 @verbena_lemon Did you actually do this @BwanaBeats omg this is so cutedj nobu's name is a portmanteau of "north" and "bushwick" (aka ridgewood)
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @bwanabeats you are like a sniffer dog, but for trance/prog linksgood morning. @maxpearl @stereogamous poppers in the freezer! @MBrodeur thank you!!! @midlandsound @stereogamous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @modernistwitch more 👏 representation 👏 in 👏 hateful 👏 organizations 👏
Karima F - Random Loop From Doepfer Site early anthem of 2019 @kiernanlaveaux you get it @gabrielszatan thanks gabriel!!There are sets from the festival streaming throughout the feature tooI wrote about Honcho Campout, which is a wonderful expression of the healthy and growing queer dance music scene in… impression of gay twitter: gays walk quickly 😂😂😂😂😂and don't drive 😂😂😂😂😂 and like iced lattes 😂😂😂😂tops behave lik…
Retweeted by Andrew RyceA friend is staying with me... “I looked in the fridge and the only thing you have is cold brew and a bottle of ros… @pizzalane @dublab U can wish someone a happy birthday without bigging yourself upthis shit is goooood @homiethecromie Someone shoulda done it before you finished typing this tweetcoming to terms with the fact that in the year of our lo*d 2019, i now stan lana del rey
@Chris_Caruso fuck @permanent_rec bye @liam_o I hate theseI wrote about Forces' extremely strange new 'eco-grime' release inspired by conservative think tanks that dissemina… @_pem_pem the ducks are straight queer icons @TheGeeCee89 fully immersive experience, autechrei'm listening to autechre again and forgot what the point of any other music is @HE_VALENCIA big moodngood morning. @LGBTMayo @nik__wilson this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you @andrewryce Wookie!
Retweeted by Andrew Rycemy friends found the cutest dog by the freeway 😭*AOC proposes democratic socialism and also knows how to use social media* Neoliberals: now I know what makes her…
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @zz_plant 🥴the umbrella etiquette in LA is mind numbingly bad
@LGBTMayo i'm scream @sam_binga there are so so so many techno DJs specifically that are content to just play the same sound for 4 hours… @meatsweet you and me both @aquarian in a word... no @raihan_ i mean.. yeswish more techno DJs thought this way it's 11:58 and your coworker isn't ready to go for lunch suffers “overwhelming defeat” in vote over its viral marketing campaign
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @prionflux it’s SOPHIE - Immaterialthis is the greatest thing i have ever seen in my life @fysicaltherapy @MykkiBlanco The cardigangood morning. don’t listen to Marie Kondo. It is very important that you keep all the tapes. Don’t let Marie Kondo ruin the music industry.
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @BrandonWilner Name names @philford Let your imagination run wild 🤪 @gossipbabies artisanal wharf sign @philford “Twitter for Android” 🧐 @raihan_ @pizzalane this is insanely funny to me for some reason @philford 🤯goddamit
Retweeted by Andrew RyceFinally, a relatable one
tired: ryan murphy wired: róisín murphy
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @julp This happened to me at 6am this morning and I felt very satisfied @dalecornish @pinkcourtesy let's do it @verbena_lemon sorry @waddlefish truenow this is how you write a headline with the teachers marching in the pouring rain your fave could neveri didn’t exist in 2009 @adultgoth 🗣ay lil mama lemme whisper in ur ear
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @gossipbabies Simply drink fourFor your Weekend DJ Recap, pls choose from 3 following options: 1. "Still reeling from last night! What an amazing…
Retweeted by Andrew RyceThe Downward Spiral was the first experimental club music record don't @ me
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce
@nyquilsunset @chinchillaah @glorbis Luke’s posters were the first thing I thought of when I saw the original tweet<funny homosexual caption> morning. to be clear he has other tunes besides emotinium @raihan_ i wish I was there tbhBowl A.D. 12–13 Persian Earthenware
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @permanent_rec cheap caviar where!! @citymusic33 @jsaurelius @HalcyonVeil v excited for this onei feel seen @040hz I was young and stupid and in denialVatican Shadow - "Unreleased Moodymann Album Sells For Over $500 On Discogs" (Hospital Productions, 2019)
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @minkahunter Barb!! I’m so sorry 😭😭nah
yes, i use words goodwhy isn't Roy Of The Ravers extremely big and popular @_starv excuse me twins 2day reminiscing about the time i went to berghain for pride with pink eye in both my eyes and fell asleep inside panoramabar @nsig_ hakata ikkousha rightgood morning. @likeholywine sis.. wig melted @DoomTripRecords it's true my apartment becomes an igloo overnighthigh of 16 (c) in LA and the small talk becomes “are you keeping warm” @LGBTMayo @NWSGSP homophobicI’m at a diy metal venue in Pasadena called Unfair Oaks and it is extremely litthe east LA accent is so similar to the Canadian accentin altadena drinking a cotes du ventoux while bohemian rhapsody plays. how’s your night?not even at a gay bar