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I’m so pretty orchestra of nasal sounds in the bathroom @kristinmalossi I’m an expert at late night can’t sleep reading @kristinmalossi read this if you haven’t already 😭🙈🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻coffee at the club really is g*d’s plan @raihan_ via @aquarianyesweekend at berghies
@brandonstosuy @gravesmeredith omfg @daschristabelle I only have a +1 so Sophie’s choice @ssofay meet me at 830 srsly I want someone to go with @_starv i gotchuwho wants to come with me to berghain tomorrow morning @JubileeDJ @ErisDrew something about them is very charming to me. they’re like usme, a tireless defender and advocate for the wonderful cuteness of pigeons, just got hit in the face by a pigeon
story checks out @portal_narlish omgDeafheaven is magic. This first track, what even is this? omg is the lie my god i love amy winehouse so muchah yes, third wave coffee shop aesthetic with the war on drugs playing in the background... some things are universal,,,yes i'm in berlin @winningprotocol hi!!!!! i had my first berlin nightbus experience last night, it was wildfew things are as instantly anthemic as future rapping over a zaytoven piano beat @stereogamous i mean it's def a problematic idea but it's also old-school and fun as hellthe amount of times i've had to explain what a tiki bar is to Europeans this week
sekt auf eis is the plug @wwwacht @nice_laydee i would rather go into the bathroom at laboratory @nice_laydee it’s Thursday🚨🚨NEW @bergsonist ALERT🚨🚨
Retweeted by Andrew Ryceyou say Berlin is a late night / 24 hour city ok then try getting a coffee after 7 pm @yuyuyvr @ssofay @jacquesgreene @JoeShabadu @DenisSulta @itspeach_ @eclairfifi ... i still don't get it @raihan_ ayyyyyy (miss u 2) @eric_cloutier @Will_Lynch *furiously takes notes*
overheard an airline at Copenhagen airport calling “Rui Da Silva” to the desko m g @rmccoley @anakristensen 😅 just a coincidence on the days I’ve been posting pics on Twitter
@muzkmuzkmuzk Well thank you ✨ @muzkmuzkmuzk lol why touchingslow techno in Copenhagen in Denmark are so litliving my best life in Humlebæk, Denmark’m with a gay who never heard MacArthur Park until yesterday!!! emergency cc @Chris_Caruso
@_starv omg what!! I had no idea!! Still fuckin cute and great either way @_starv are you moving in with bf
Casio e Pepeswinging in Copenhagen
this is 100% true danish fam ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thing I see in Copenhagen says “keep calm and expect to wait”brb going to Denmarkcrazy how the best verse of scorpion is a Nicki sample 🤷‍♂️ @dalecornish i somehow went three times in one week 🤷‍♂️going to the airport with dalston superstore stamp still very visible on my arm @lobstertheremin @RosyJMorris @aerielist @chinchillaah @itspeach_ @PaulP_OP @_danbeaumont @jay_d_uncan @lobstertheremin @RosyJMorris @aerielist @chinchillaah @itspeach_ @PaulP_OP @_danbeaumont @jay_d_uncan
@robertpecinajr omgfor me it’s that’s how you feel but same being friends with me am so glad we have charli xcx in our societyme @ everything and everyone
@Chris_Caruso TRUEthis push notification is violence g*d we have troye sivan for the short and perfect albumDrake’s album is about to be a mess and I’m extremely here for it @_adrxante LMAOthere is not one promoter on this planet that needs until 2022 to diversify their line-ups. 2022! driverless cars o…
Retweeted by Andrew Ryce @JohnRHealey !!! @gabrielszatan l00k liek discl0surbreakbeats are the new sriracha @gabrielszatan where r uLondon babes World Cup is like a Madonna concert for straight peoplepeople in the pub passionately singing god save the Queen with their hands over their hearts the World Cup is lit @mrsmithnyc @Drownedxo get over itthe rumours are true!!! vadim is a fabulous cook (and person) is asking a lot @BwanaBeats why don't i have it!!!!