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@JimmyP215 @jmartNYT “Seen as”Pew Research Poll: Donald Trump's job approval plummets 18 net points, falling to 29-68. Just 29% of Americans app…
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@brbrbrantley Only if they have the power of voodoo
Hey @joegildermusic. Had a question about your StudioLive mixing board if you have a second to chat via DM.
#BarbaraismyKim @SamWineman IT’S EVERYWHERE @SamWineman @PsychoBastardo @PsychoBastardo
@JorCru That score ♥️ @ImChrisYoungTomorrow, I’m introducing my resolution to expel the members of Congress who tried to overturn the election and inc…
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellLet’s see’em. #NoFlyList
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@LizManashil @SamWineman @russnickel, happy birthday to me! @FANGORIA @SamWineman I'm afraid not. @SamWineman @SharkBoyToronto @WaeLRudaD @BiggerBoat78 @MagnusApollo @BiggerBoat78 ........ @BiggerBoat78 @YorkshireTX Excellent @Craig_M78 @BiggerBoat78 @cheeksv I.... know @Dalboz17 Honestly, it kind of flew by... @adamlubitow @PhilNobileJr @adamlubitow Not late for the West Coast! @Bjacobs2k2 Mmmm @kawaiinot @RichardBColon @zachforzombies @megmaccormas @AllyHerron3 Awesomer @BiggerBoat78 Saving that one for later! @AsylumRow @HorrorGirlProbs Thank you! @djhberg @hillymack You don't have to have pants in real life either. @TeeBaby4eva @Mel72609 I want it now... @kimmikillzombie 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 @brbrbrantley PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS @BehindJensLens @JThomasOfficial @MichaelVarrati @PupTyke #PokéPerfection @MichaelVarrati @HorrorGeekMel #SquadGoals @GaylyDreadful <3<3<3<3 it's my birthday! Send me a GIF
@ColorsOfTheWi13 @saltyknd @ariehkovler Absolutely.My birthday is the only day of the year I remember I have a @LinkedIn account. @FLOTUS unity without accountability. DON’T WANT TO MAKE A GOLDEN APPLE USING SCIENCE @zachforzombies @jesshaleyfierce Hey thanks buddy! Happy birthday @jesshaleyfierce!I loved sitting down with @FANGORIA. You should sign up for a subscription and join the Fangoria family this year! LIVE on YouTube! Convo x Fango goes all-in on the holiday spirit as @HorrorGirlProbs interviews composer…
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellThank you! Cheers 🤘 wonderful to each other.When Sue came to our facility, she told everyone to call her “Aunt Sue” because “everybody does”. She’s recovering…
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🔵 me trying to get work done 🟢 2021 so far @tarastrong Me trying to work vs current eventsConfirmed that some police were involved in the Capitol attack yesterday #CapitolRiots
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell @zeldawilliams I hate this timeline. @ariehkovler But wait. Fox News said it was ANTIFA. Why would they lie? @CawthornforNC have some respect for your colleagues and wear a mask. @cheeksv @cheeksv @NBCNews Hearing no objections to the states that Trump won. Why is that?Over 100 members of the Republican house caucus side with the separatists who occupied the capitol in an attempt to…
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellI'm old enough to remember when the big story was Trump being taped committing a felony. But that was 2 days ago.
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell @GaylyDreadful Reported and blocked were 14,000+ arrests at the George Floyd protests. Only 13 arrests today so far today in DC for seditionists…
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell“White Americans aren’t afraid of the cops. White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committ…
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MAGA breaking windows at the Capitol building are treated better by law enforcement than BLM breaking windows at a… @Twitter SHUT DOWN HIS ACCOUNT NOW BEFORE PEOPLE GET HURT @realDonaldTrumpSeveral people got on to a scaffolding outside Senate, took it to second floor, which looked like the area where Mc…
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell @jonfavs @HawleyMO A story in three tweets. people are still alive because they are white. McCarthy is on Fox News, saying that when he was a federal prosecutor, he prosecuted terrorists for the same…
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell @JorCru This is saving my mood.I guess we'll never know why these protesters are being treated differently than BLM.
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellImagine what would happen if BLM did THIS
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellPolice have guns drawn. We are hiding behind chairs and tables on House gallery
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell @charlie_savage He is drunk with power and using it to direct his supporters. When he says they are "on the side of… is terrorism
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellIf we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it.
Retweeted by Andrew Scott Bell"Law and Order" Trump supporters have breached the U.S. Capitol building. More:
Retweeted by Andrew Scott BellHard to tell but I think I heard someone scream "White Power." @MrsBradyAnn Yes. @alicewetterlund @AWolfeful Just circling back to check in on this.Let's be clear. Republicans are only trying to sew doubt in the integrity of elections they lose.
@jakestfrm77 @ZackMartlaw @RepJimBanks lol millions of times?