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if you make fun of me for this at least you can call me bio-degredable blm

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me *cracks knuckles* sonic: holy shit
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@flindis you're on thin ice here buddy @glamoureptile ... Whatis this funny? too niche? should I nuke my account? probably @FrickinDelanie Orange you glad I didn't say something elseme *cracks knuckles* sonic: holy shit
@chuuew @BigJDubz Either that or they're way too knowledgeable about a horse's fifth leg @MissyXMartinez it's time somebody took a stand @AubriePesky are the people ready? doubtfulextremely hot take incoming: tiddies @leftiloosi WHO MADE IT @lynndewitttoya mines working maybe they just don't like youn @ryan2one3 that's what you get for cheering for the leafs @FeelingEuphoric honestly I just want your face on my timeline as often as possible @mudzhyri πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @OwlFWGKTA I can't believe I paid @OwlFWGKTA I'm still fucking tilted at thisI think I should get bangs @Browtweaten no❀️ @Browtweaten can't fucking unsee that @chudneyspears So you're a dream girl? @TheHyyyype [it's what we deserve] @TheHyyyype *maintaining eye contact* so I've bean told @ashhhhhhole ASHLEY @TheHyyyype getting in on the ground floor herebecca: *fries beans* rebecca: *refries beans*
Retweeted by a n d r e wcop *drawing his gun* me: dude you suck at art @RobDenBleyker @abernothing Only 90s kids remember the 90s @abernothing @RobDenBleyker Yeah like I said 1999 @StoneAgeRadio13 πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @RobDenBleyker @abernothing Ellen weren't you like born in 1999 or something @ltpenguin_ @brandopvpi I'm shit faced constantly because of how often it's stolen @AubriePesky mash em? hardly knew em! @RejectedRedhead @BernieSanders Really was just looking for an excuse to tag him tbh @RejectedRedhead I'd never kick @BernieSanders off a planeyes I was a virgin why do you askturns out you CAN lie on the internet @DrakeGatsby Ok awolnation @DrakeGatsby Is this my fault @Vikrant0Singh @TheHyyyype c o w a r d @ellewasamistake AM AWARE I POSTED THIS AT 8:32am. WHY ARE WE YELLING @PunchlinesX @flindis Who the fuck is saving ME from ME though @bakedkaytato I'm right behind youWHO FUCKING MADE THIS LMAO @__halez The best is when they do better than your original @Browtweaten how is this any bett- oh I get it
Me: so X marks the spot Pirate: yes Me: but you don't want people to find it Pirate: yes Girl pirate: how about a g spot
Retweeted by a n d r e w @jazz_inmypants Make America Baked Again @nateandmufasa @MichaelaOkla hey @matchu_chutrain what was your turtle named @EmilieErika only the one? @Skoog You mean happy fleshlight day everybody @KylePlantEmoji @JoeBiden Yo @realdonaldjtrump this aged well @TheInkedCanuck Careful what you fucking wish for dudeguy just waking up from a coma: so how would you describe Trump's presidency? me: imagine for four years, every da… @Coll3enG @sushipregnancy I meant I love Rissa too but yes Trudeau if you're reading this Colleen is my lovingly we… @Coll3enG @sushipregnancy Me2I’M GONNA MISS OUR LITTLE CHATS
Retweeted by a n d r e w @TheHyyyype This is my favourite tweet in four yearsπŸ‘πŸ‘ @rudy_betrayed When did Cell say "#BREAKING US President Trump says he will 'be back in some form' " @drinksmcgee I'm here all week @drinksmcgee Raiders of the Lost Barksorry I deleted a tweet you see I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth in the last 7 minutes and the tweet represented the old me
Retweeted by a n d r e w @jlhginger Idk I'm not a doctor. Only one way to find out I think.
@TheRealBGSmoov God dammit @TristanTulini19 whilst hungover no doubt @nateandmufasa we actually refer to it as a million square meters @SortaBad hey @elonmusk your hair smells like a used muffler salesman @KylePlantEmoji holy shit I was so confused @Tommytoughstuff - world record for most time spent staring directly at an eclipse @FrickinDelanie we love it here @prestovision I love that one @prestovision ....or else (HAPPY GOTCHA DAY) @bigsharkguy No this is something I knew @bigsharkguy I love secrets @OwlFWGKTA here for you @OwlFWGKTA many are saying thisflight attendant: all we've got to watch is air bud me: I know how windows work pal
Retweeted by a n d r e w @ltpenguin_ @ValterSkarsgard @liltayxo Some King you are @ValterSkarsgard @liltayxo Who said that @damnfinetweet @CrockettForReal I'd like to thank God firstly @Shenaniglenns howof all the tweets to not have a coward's ratio. I salute y'all. @liltayxo I was actually just about to type a message of surprise to you when I saw this LMFAO @userjaymes @FuckYacob I...uh....I don't have an answer for tha- @flindis I have that effectwho called it docking and not making ends meet @userjaymes "actually I had to round up to an even thousand" @lynndewitttoya hey good morning LynnBrits be like "a golden shower? now you're really taking the piss" @adamgreattweet "reservoir dogs screenshot" also you brave, brave man yousecurity: sir you're gonna have to leave, quit making a scene director: CUT @JonathanRamen @mxmclain I thought that's just what happens if you watch Happy Days too much @pastrami_on_rei Ok I don't really have a rebuttal for that @SkinnerSteven you're older than you've ever been and now you're even older @gurudeezy this really hurts you know
@FrickinDelanie I think you're onto something @wydstepbrOoke I love that the default emoji size was just too big, that fucker needed downscaling @prufrockluvsong why'd I read that in a jersey accent