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@colonelnemo *Ira Glass voice* "He calls himself Pennywise, the dancing clown. You've probably never heard of him.…
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Famous labor and civil rights enthusiast, Wal-Mart storeslol bad"Houseless settler-colonizers" @PurelyPurgatory Yeah man, get their fucking homeless asses @DieRobinsonDie The more you dig into that family, the weirder it getsI love The Strand and I hope it survives, but Nancy bought Amazon stock with her PPP loan instead of keeping her wo…'s a common liberal line that once Trump is gone you'll be able to go about your day without being bothered by th… @BrianNormoyle @WajahatAli Shut up, nerd
Retweeted by andrew stando*sees a cartoon police dog from a modern kids show*: ACAB. Tool of fascism. Would never let my kids watch this filt…
Retweeted by andrew stando @depechejoe lolTangerine Milkshake IPA
Boy, those Star Trek episodes about the Q entity are a little weird to watch these days @depechejoe I remember the lore for mine was that it was a pantheon of elemental gods, and if one of your god cards… @ChrisCrash00 Nah, I'm watching an episode where some aliens want to kill him, and honestly good for them @DieRobinsonDie All the most insufferable people in media saluting Quibi like the end of Dead Poets SocietyOne could possibly argue that Wesley Crusher was unfairly maligned, but Wil Wheaton is just the fucking worst, that's not up for debateI'm not sure why I'm blocked by Twitter user "Racial Consciousness" but it's probably for the best @colonelnemo These dorks think the Firefly cast has been frozen in time since 2002
@MikeDelMoro Who careyeah man, we know men be shaking they fist and saying whatever happened to my Transylvania twist @pizzaboyfriend Watching it as a kid really felt like you being let in on some weird, cool secret, especially in the early years @pizzaboyfriend I first saw it on Adult Swim when I was in 7th grade and it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen in my life
Retweeted by andrew stando @HeyImNaveen Chris Pratt's eternal march towards Kirk Camerondom continueswas making sure I got the $845B figure correct and have you ever seen a more concise and depressing google result
Retweeted by andrew standoVery few falls from grace have been so complete, funny, and deserved as Rudy Giuliani'sIt's very funny that Chris Pratt thinks he has the necessary charisma and clout to be both a cool, beloved celebrit… @depechejoe what daI'm definitely a ramblin' man, no question there, but am I ramblin' GAMBLIN' man? That's where it gets dicey
Spending 23 hours a day online looking at tweets from people you hate will do some dark stuff to your brainI don't really care about Peter Daou or Ryan Knight one way or the other, but the R E S I S T crowd's reaction when… @ChrisCrash00 I'm so sorry, thinking of you both @jaketapper @TheRealOJ32 @JeffreyToobin Sir please delete this, this kind of divisiveness is not what we need right nowTurns out it's the other way around, Quibi has stock in the Democrats
@DieRobinsonDie time to break up the studios againThis was taken at the Vatican during a small conference on morality where both Evo and Bernie spoke. Glad the Boliv…
Retweeted by andrew stando @RiggedPig The Clown Prince of Mars
Retweeted by andrew standoFeel like pure shit, just want him back, etc.One year ago today @oppenheimera @MiamiHerald Owned.✊
Good morning. Sunday morning these days would rather have faith in Homer Simpson , than, the Honor System
Retweeted by andrew standoPOV: you decided to have your Zoom wedding in October
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Zoom wedding before Aaron Sorkin dies, the very last thing he does before his heart stops beating, will be to write an abs…'all, it changed my life when I first learned [thing that's not even remotely true] @colonelnemo Like air traffic control, but for spells. You don't want hexes colliding
@colonelnemo My sole complaint with that otherwise perfect episode is he shouldn't ever speak before that lineI really admire people on this site's commitment to making sure no one ever experiences even a moment of fun the classic Exam I Didn't Study For stress dream last night, but this time there was an extra twist and an old… @depechejoe Megan is like Jordan in his prime for Twitter pundits. No one else even comes close
Dianne Feinstein became mayor of San Francisco after the sitting mayor was assassinated
Retweeted by andrew standoThree Days of the Condor is about a man who dresses so fly the CIA wants him dead
Retweeted by andrew stando @depechejoe yes @Amy_Siskind Who care
@KamalaHarris @colonelnemo Dude that series whipped ass, every kid should have those @colonelnemo The season of Janice
electoral politics in the united states has convinced marginalized people that being a victim of voter suppression…
Retweeted by andrew standoThinking about how the Vietnam War episode of The Twilight Zone was originally set in Laos, but CBS made them chang… @nicknewt It's back on, Fremen Mode is disengaged.....for nowRemember how the Biden campaign told Wall Street not to worry, that all his more left proposals were just lies to s… building's water is shut off, all I have for now is whatever's in the refrigerator and the water bottle. Fremen Mode activated
There was a little while there in the 70s where Bob Dylan sounded exactly like Dr. Steve BruleMake Donald and Joe kissLmao forgot that it gets dark in New York at 4:30 PM for a good half of the calendar year @froonding_loom Whatta boob! @alexburnsNYT What the fuck are you talking about lmaoage 18: I am apolitical. That stuff doesn’t matter age 22: Crocodiles and alligators are literally the same thing…
Retweeted by andrew stando @RudyGiuliani I agree
@DieRobinsonDie It was before his face turn
@CarlBeijer hbd sophie
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When me and my homie are about to be on one
Retweeted by andrew standoAyy I'm vibin' here!!!I love it when various Long Island NYMag writers opine about social and economic conditions in my home state. Those… sucks on here again, time for another round of Republican covidKhomeini Musical: How does a dissident, criminal, son of a merchant and an exile, dropped in the middle of a shia…
Retweeted by andrew stando @RiggedPig Runnin' with the Joker @DieRobinsonDie Real "hate the word moist/scared of clowns" energy there
The West Wing timeline diverges from ours after the Nixon presidency, however Reagan was president in both, as allu… y'all, gentle reminder [some stupid bullshit that pisses you off] @stealexanderuk All of them.These are all the same man.'ve been eating a lot of salads lately which means it's official: I am depressed.
this needs to be the way it ends. it’s the perfect way that no one learns anything. man comes in on a wave of natio…
Retweeted by andrew stando @depechejoe I'm gonna do it next timeRegular haircut most normal man in the world @cenkuygur No I think it's wealthlol