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@seeratsohi Welcome to Wisconsin. @dallasmavs @haralabob @TreyBurke @ATT I once was behind Raul Neto in Brett Brown's rotation.
Stevie Nicks is the Carson Wentz of singers. She did her best work early in her career and it wasn't even that good.
@YahooSportsNBA "And the picks will swap" is as good as it gets. @TheSteinLine Wasn't Brooks supposed to get them KD?? @stevejones20 Last year it was Chris Paul. @DPommellsNBCS @TheBSLine @devong975 I hope so. I don't think he helps as much as he helps anyone. @TheBSLine @DPommellsNBCS @devong975 #PleaseNotHere
That is the Carson Wentziest TD ever. @bykevinclark To Nelson Agoholor! @billbarnwell Games play so fast these days too. You can get the ball back.Down 11, you’re going to need a touchdown, a two-point conversion, a field goal, a win in overtime, *and* you’re go…
Retweeted by Manfred the MusicalIt's not the getting down the field. To me the Seahawks have been good for at least 3 most of the night since the first two drives. @eagsfan And Seattle so far reversing the script.Two much is usually made of the way Wentz plays down two scores late. Not enough made of the drive where the Seahaw… @D_DoubleU_El Would be nice.His process may be the same but he takes up 20 percent of the cap. It is unrealistic to expect that the supporting cast is perfect. @eagsfan No spy ever. You need to keep the defense honest. He is not talented enough to ignore his skills. @eagsfan They are pretty lucky to be even close.Smart QBs take a shot on that play.That should have been Wentz first play.Actually the Eagles have two turnovers tonight(4th downs).Is Frank Reich the John Harbaugh for Doug Pederson? @eagsfan The voodoo mind trick d from Jim Schwartz that works seemingly once a month has had a solid start. @eagsfan At least with the Kid we can imagine him getting better.What the hell Pederson? @RealMamaEagle Not faire. Carson can run whenever. He did when he was last good.It's time for the Kid.Seahawks scheme always gives you the QB run and Carson Wentz still imagining he is Nick Foles. @D_DoubleU_El Carlos Hyde too.Pretty shocked that worked.If Carroll takes doesn't take the fg this is going to end badly. The only thing the Eagles do is red zone. @RoobNBCS Seattle is historically bad against the pass.Alshon Jeffery is suffering from the 'Curse of Agoholor.'Only in Denver the show goes on.
@PGar58 It's twice postponed now I think.Tony Dungy is as good as anyone calling the NFL week in week out except maybe Romo. @geoffschwartz Especially if you are Nate Newton! @PGar58 It's always coming for him! @PGar58 Pat Bowlen rolling over in grave.How come doesn't get in Aaron Rodgers head?
@PhillyFreck215 Did we switch to the single wing? @TheSeigeDFS It figures that you back Hinton since you only really like backups. @BrandonThornNFL and Adan Gase? @PGar58 Having no QB >> playing against Pat Mahomes. @PGar58 Not sure.Makes no sensee. @RealMamaEagle He won because he ran 7+ times. The same will be true when Carson wins this year or every year.Hill looks just like Drew Brees on the road. @PGar58 You can not bend over backwards for the Ravens and screw the Broncos in the same week.I don't think talented Justin Herbert really needs Austin Ekeler.Carson Wentz is leading the league in interceptions, fumbles and times sacked. @TyJohnsonNews 2 straight years of worse and worse and worse, If he is trying the he is terrible. @eagsfan It's three years running he has murdered this team. All you need to know how this worked with Rodgers, Bra… @RealMamaEagle Relative performance matters. Too many people look at Carson Wentz and compare him to the numbers they grew up with."Nate Robinson" We all know no matter what happens in the Jake Paul / Nate Robinson fight that there is no way Jake… @manoffrm Did they suddenly ,ale the NBA a 162 game season. They still had the prime waster. @ThatEricAlper "I Love Rock and Roll".
@JasonLaCanfora This is not linebacker playing fullback.It's pretty hard to justify postponing Baltimore(and others) and not allow delay for the Broncos. be fair the Eagles have played the whole year without a quarterback.If Nick Saban = Gene Hackman then definitely Steve Sarkisian = 'Shooter.' @gettysburgmaam Ambrose Burnside.
I know it's the holiday truly when America gets together to vote against Notre Dame. @ArkansasFred This should be a Zillow flag. @brianklaas @bridgetherrmann Anyone on either side who finds View or ratings important is at best simple. We should care 0.0 percent. @ProFootballTalk What about getting them to hang out with Marty McFly's mother?The Ducks signed Carson Wentz? @TheBSLine Mute until they call him "The Greatest Curry." @PGar58 Google too. I might struggle on ward with Direct TV though they barely work on their website. The NBA ha… @PGar58 I believe it may go back where it is not Direct TV anyway.....they seem to be trending. @PGar58 I only have direct for the NFL which is messed up online right now for me.If the NFl was the XFL Vince would have a broadcast in Jason Garret's house.How bad has the Eagles QB been to even being close with Washington, NY and Dallas is pretty astounding. @PGar58 I am looking to get out when the season ends. I will probably end up back at Chafter.The M(Mclaurin) and M(Metcalf) boys both went after JJ Arcega-Whiteide.This is a must go for it.
@RealMamaEagle Those likely are Eagles fans and maybe the smartest ones.Sadly this is much less tragic than the either football game. NFC East is going to end in an 8 team tie.Hockenson would be the best tackler on the Eagles.This is a Johnson and Johnson mathchupI always love Tony Romo lecturing a QB for doing things he never did. @geoffschwartz Fried Catalogs?Somehow always Dallas ends up with extra rest after the Trurkey Day extravaganza.Michael Irvin got 157 when people played defense. @JimmyKempski The Eagles wouldn't be the worst team on Turkey Day.
@VVergamini98 @EliotShorrParks Regardless whether you care its every other metric including Eagles winning percentage. @VVergamini98 @EliotShorrParks His ANYA peaked in the Super Bowl year and has only got worse. His football outsider… @EliotShorrParks He had already started degrading. His play has gotten worse for 2 years consecutively before Jalen…
@minakimes She is being kind. Play the Kid...It's time. @bdetrick It's not by definition "high leverage" when it comes for a 6th seed. @RealMamaEagle Until you have lived with Rich Kotite's charts you know no pain.I won't watch the Macy's Day Parade unless the floats have masks. @eagsfan @Ike58Reese It's past time. His ANYA is better than only one starter Sam Darnold. He is murdering this t… @eagsfan @Ike58Reese It's time to give the Kid a try.
What makes Mahomes so scary is his Tempo. He goes fast....but not TOO fast. @PairFace Yes. They are at a different part of the development curve. That was always his charm randomly finding extra assets somewhere. @PairFace He had the hardest predecessor. @PairFace That might be the Goat. Even worse than Colangelo. @ArmandoSalguero @AdamHBeasley Huge Mistake.