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@callikitson Because it's an hour less time we have to quarantine for. Today is only 23 hours.I don't want to sound like a dick however I'm fed up with seeing people crying on the news about #CoronaVirus. Is… stanning a bit right now
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Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TVthat is so cute . bless u andy idek who u are but i love u
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Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TVandy this is an amazing decision to have made
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TV @AndyGibsonTV we’d have to fight for that legend status there but i respect the humbleness and the grind . keep doi…
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TVHe/she/that is sending me😂😂😂
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TVIf it wasn't for copyright reasons, this should be @NHS' branding right now. #ClapForNHS #ClapForCarers
@cassiebradleycb I'll start speaking in Doric, you won't have a clue. xAlso, I love how Cassie now feels comfortable enough to tweet me in her accent. So cute. x do you know when you can't see him? @PaigeForExample @disneyplus Are these about "the making of" those films? @seraCracroft @VodafoneUK Ydych chi wedi ceisio cysylltu â @MartinSLewis? x @NellyNel51573 I've always thought injections was a tiny dose of the illness they're trying to immune you from. You may have a point. @cassiebradleycb At the end of it we probably are going to look like an "inside cat". We certainly will be as hairy as one. x @seraCracroft @VodafoneUK Dyna wasanaeth ofnadwy, Sara. xRemember when @vodafoneuk cut me off as they couldn't allocate my payments.?They rectified problem but still put on…
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TV @benmitchelIs @ronniemitcheIls @gothangeIslnner Right, day zero. Everything from now is afresh. x @cassiebradleycb (decade)? xFrom one of the funniest episodes to probably the most boring. #FatherTed @NellyNel51573 Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ronniemitcheIls You've been unblocked for the last half an hour? @cassiebradleycb Are you stuck too? x"Jim?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! #FatherTed @ronniemitcheIls @benmitchelIs @gothangeIslnner Let's not go there again.This is one of the best episodes ever. They do not make comedy like this anymore. So funny. #FatherTed @dottysballum @KatSSlater @ronniemitcheIls @benmitchelIs @gothangeIslnner The context was there, Emily. Not getting into it again. @steveevets26 Starring Steve Evets? x @dottysballum @/EastEndersCrack did. From what I've been told. @dottysballum What bit, Ellie? x @ronniemitcheIls @katsslater You reckon?I'm Andy Gibson from Andy Gibson TV. I'm a legend, according to a former local radio broadcaster. I'm not really a…'ve just blocked @/EastEndersCrack and unblocked so he/she/that would no longer be following me. I do not, under a… @dottyscallum I will have anyone's back. I respect you, you respect me. It's how I operate. If you need my help I w… @dottyscallum I'm not the "big prick" as idiotic people will have you believe. I actually do care, surprisingly enough. xDouble of #FatherTed on @More4Tweets. Thank you, @All4. @katsslater @EastEndersCrack and please stop following me. In fact, let me do that for you. @katsslater @EastEndersCrack Please leave my loyal reader alone. It's clear she doesn't want to see your tweets any… it's about your life? x @EmmaLou93x You're doing amazingly too. Remember that. Thank you for your attempts in keeping morale high. x @BobGolen @MarieLoerzel We were?One of my readers went through a horrific experience in a local Medical Facility. It would be great if you retweete…
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TV @OliiviiaMoore I hope you don't mind me saying: You are beautiful. x @adampacitti That would be epic!That @WalkinshawAlex is fit. #Casualty #HolbyCity @Peteskii Glad you all are. x @Peteskii Did you have to remain in quarantine? xHi, @JaseDurr. My mum said it took her a very, very long time to realise you are PC Bradley from #Heartbeat. She sa… it! She has a DNR. #Casualty @cheskas_tweets I have fucked it off of my laptop. It is so intrusive and way too over-protective. It blocked me do… if a nurse would be taking selfies with patients. What was Hilary Frankland thinking? #CasualtyJade Lovall (@GabriellaLeon_) will always have a special place in my heart. #Casualty @CherylOfficial What a queen thing to say.Oh @StephenMulhern is in Nottingham. That's @CassieBradleyCB country. I wonder if we'll see her going about town. #InForAPenny @TheSukiSays I'm trying to. Getting rather bored now. 😘 @TheSukiSays Hope you both and your wife are doing well. xxThat has to be the most unique @AntAndDec's @ITVTakeaway in history. A masterclass in television production. I com… @ErikVanDjismie @X_Dannielle is on a mission.#BoycottPoundStretcher #BoycottBargainBuysMcAfee has to be THE most annoying antivirus software in existence. @x_dannielle I must be back in @Twitter's good books. xOne of my readers went through a horrific experience in a local Medical Facility. It would be great if you retweete… @Proudscot27Mac @x_dannielle My bestie is alright, ain't she. Love her loads. x @ElleJMulvaney Random, but I like it.So, this is how you bring in the weekend and raise community spirits in #Aberdeen! Our neighbour's son just marched…
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TV @WrestleTalk_TV I don't think the whole article has been published. @erjohnson0320 @ChipReiderson 👀 @SharonTweet How are you all doing at Marshall HQ? If you need to talk then my DMs are open. I hope you're alright. Xx #GetBritainTalking @DrunkUncleDean Their @WWE @WrestleMania match? I was bored stiff.Breaking my heart that I’m not seeing my family & friends for 3 weeks + and then we have arseholes out there that a…
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TVEvery cloud. @laura_lou1982 @GOVUK I'm worried as fuck. I've not gone this long in not seeing her. x @faithzalusky Same way you're gay, I imagine.#NewHeaderPic: #SayHomeSaveLives (Don't worry, @KatSSlater, you'll be back when we return to some normality) @dcmcmlxxvi @GOVUK I'm sorry to hear about your grandma's passing. I hope you're alright. xxDue to @GOVUK's #CoronaVirusOutbreak guidelines: For the first time in 22 years, my Grandma & I will not be allowed… @AllSportsView Who's stadium is it? #NotIntoFootballSomebody tell @NicolaThorp_ they're cooking beans on #SaturdayKitchen.
@CAA_Official Is one of you gay? I don't give a flying fuck if one of you are but I ask only to understand why you'… @NFGmart That sounds lush. Remember to #WashYourHands. Have a lovely evening, Martyn. Goodnight. xWhy is @CodyRhodes known simply as "Cody" in @AEWrestling and not Cody Rhodes or Cody Runnels? I don't mean any dis… Academy is massively underrated. #PoliceAcademy @fairylightgirl @OliiviiaMoore I just found it boring. Nothing in it made me go "WOW AWESOME", you know when you're… half of one years ago. Switched off and never looked back. #Drivel police now have powers to split up groups. I hope they start with Jonas Brothers.
Retweeted by Andy Gibson of Andy Gibson TV @laura_lou1982 Piss off, weirdo. That's crazy talk. ❤😂What kind of sick freak does that? @BrianFaklerBBC are you real? @x_dannielle Unfortunately you can't do anything until 11pm. Please be careful. x @MaxBowden I'm hoping for Footloose. @CAA_Official Are you sure it's not just a broken lawn mower? @RJKDuggan What an icon. Hyacinth, I mean, not your ex boyfriends. @X_Dannielle could write a book.'ve just remembered. @MissJoHud played a doctor. She should totally be brought back to operate on @LiamFoxActor. T…'s wonderful to see @ChrisChittell & #LesleyDunlop work together. Beautiful husband and wife team. #Emmerdale