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my pal andy @andylevy New York, NY

average king. "one of the former greats" - paul f. tompkins

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@mikeryan @ditzkoff you're an anti-dentite. i've tried to hang in there but i'm out @ditzkoff roughly 85% if i'm being honest @ditzkoff this tweet was pretty much just for u @mattsinger @mikeryan sam rockwell home feed moron @mikeryan @mattsinger if nasa confirms this thread @mousterpiece @coopercooperco lmao holy crap @mikeryan don't even get me started on the double standard with the sunnot sure the moon getting caught doing something almost everyone does should be a national story @Dschnoeb if u keep this up no company is ever gonna ask u to be in charge of social media engagement @Dschnoeb cmon man @Kappa_Kappa oh i believe that part @Kappa_Kappa they weren’t throwing u in the air they weren’t even in the same place as u it was a chat. the lying is out of control; @somecleverthing @DesiJed finally @somecleverthing @DesiJed smh @DesiJed @Kappa_Kappa oh sorry i didn’t know you’d unmuted her @DesiJed oh for sure i only reply to @Kappa_Kappa @Kappa_Kappa one sided @daveanthony whoops i voted
oh wow someone printed out a list of all the people who should still be alive @DesiJed @TheRachelFisher my man is just killing it @Mobute a close secondmother! @JimJarmuschHair lol i was literally about to forward this to u and i was like 'let me check first' @whatrosasaid got em @nkulw haha oh man now i’m just thinking about all the crazy things they got up to @DesiJed i don’t work for ubeen letting myself watch one ep of “ted lasso” a night and now i’m done and i would like some more please @tjchambersLA @DesiJed oh i LOVED it @DesiJed ted lasso @Xperienced_ ok all the best to u @Xperienced_ uh u do know that i am mocking them right @TrevorLess self kibosh @BBW_BFF i’ve watched the scooby one so many times @Ugarles lol yep @Ugarles well i mean u’d only get anything more than that from cnn’s media reporter if toobin worked for fnc @jasondashbailey jason...i enjoyed this v much @ScottWamplerBMD yes @scott_tobias and i were just saying... @ScottWamplerBMD absolutely my favorite part of that tweet except for maybe 'punitive mockery' @edzitron @alanarusso oh look at mr big shot self control over here @alanarusso shame on u alana @ItsDanSheehan sorry but i would be impressed by that @scott_tobias apparently this is somehow not a universally shared sentiment! @scott_tobias i honestly have no idea what is going on lol @Dave_Horwitz @zachheltzel hell yeah pay it forward @Dave_Horwitz what are u like 30 lol fuck off @Dave_Horwitz i hate this tweetnormalize 👏 zoom 👏 masturbation 👏 @DesiJed oh lord @DesiJed if miles doesn't cite me when he (inevitably) writes about this there's gonna be hell to pay
i mean @BillCorbett @BillStepien i have the video muted! @BillCorbett @BillStepien honestly i feel seen @katienolan he got that LAD“i thought i had muted the video” is killing me @johnbiggs i thought that said generously sized man hands and i was wondering what weird little twitter subculture… @coopercooperco smh no scenes from alita @joeycsims i've seen some people shitting on his performance and i don't get itHere is a piece I've been working on for long enough that the idea that it's actually published feels like pill-ind…
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@mattsinger "terrible game, great movie" - you at some point, probably, i assume @odomojuli u don’t have a choice @PFTompkins @slapclap part of the problem! @PFTompkins @slapclap i don’t believe u didn’t like it @Kappa_Kappa what do you think made u ask that @MarcBodnick done @Wiggism hm ok. my follow up tweet was that i enjoyed the movie so i’m not sure my joke qualifies as a actual dunk.… @Wiggism i guess i just don’t get how u look at a joke tweet and make it part of an “obsession” or why i’m suddenly… @Wiggism i have literally no idea what ur saying here @Kappa_Kappa in what way @Kappa_Kappa how so @MilesKlee @pettyintrigues this + laziness @KenLayne @MitchHorowitz instant purchase here @DesiJed "proving my point" twitter is the worst loldamn you hate to see rick losing his chill @RepMattGaetz settle down rick @FantomasCinema @faceyouhate if that's what makes u happy i support u! @daveanthony guess what i’m watching now @FantomasCinema @faceyouhate i hope you do whatever makes u happy
@daveanthony hm @daveanthony u mean i didn't think it was entertaining? @JeffAbbott ty aaron(i thought it was entertaining btw)aaron sorkin's the trial of the chicago 7, written and directed by aaron sorkin, starring sacha baron cohen as aaro… @faceyouhate thanks @faceyouhate i actually want you not to watch it @faceyouhate who cares @faceyouhate it's an entertaining movie @benschwartz_ as always travers got there first @HuffPostPol idk i feel like singled out doesn’t work here @Mobute @DesiJed fuxker probably had some researcher going thru time magazine year-end issues and making a list @r0wdy_ @DesiJed @MilesKlee faygo to the polls @CarterNixon i’ve been saying @DesiJed @MilesKlee welch’s grape soda so good @DesiJed lmao @DesiJed of the internet?? @DesiJed not really. there's some good sites i guess @DesiJed what do u mean 'we' @JBurkeNation u did good here everybody believes u
he's gonna change his name lol