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Musician,DJ,Producer,Remixer,Soho Radio on a Saturday at 1200.Weller band alumnus.Catenary Wires/Pete Astor/Red Inspectors/Fay Hallam etc

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@grahamcoxon @prodnose Graham, you might remember this Beatle cover from upstairs at Blow Up - although thinking ab… @grahamcoxon @prodnose I’m hazarding a guess it’s Ray Horrocks and Ivor Raymonde producing and arranging, which wou… @PhilippeAuclair @prodnose @rocking_bob Yes! Possibly Herbie Flowers, maybe Les Hurdle. Whoever it is, they’re havi… @prodnose @rocking_bob This is so up my street there should be an AA sign pointing the way there. @m_robertson_SC @maryepworth Great mic. Almost identical in sound to an AKGC414. Brilliant value. Second hand they'… @maryepworth Bang for buck (cringe) though, the Aston Stealth is by far and away the most useful I've got. I've use… @maryepworth Best value mic at the minute will he Sontronics Podcast Pro. I've not got one yet (asap tho) but I've… @robertrotifer Everyone I know has had a go at that one. Great song. @robertrotifer See also and and and… Young here, not so much taking the mask off as dispensing with human form altogether.
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @WhenIsBirths Welcome, friend, to the ranks of the under employed and desperately skint, where well meaning colleag… @lamarr_mark @mossbat There is a better one. Oh yes, a better one even than that... goats are rising up. All hail our new goat overlords.
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @johnharris1969 Whenever honesty persists you'll hear the snap of broken ribs of anyone who'll take no more of the…
@Dani_L_112 Watford! @lethalbiznull @outonbluesix @quantick Vietnam war. Or a general purpose insert your own cause. @lethalbiznull @outonbluesix @quantick BooMany lords and masters were confused about the “free” part and assumed the knights would do it for the exposure
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @mossbat Possibly. I’ve a 45 of it. Might dig it out for Soho Radio next week. I’ve thought of doing a spoken word section.I’ve heard @smileydrums has published a memoir. Details from’s a touch of the “halfway down, I met the barrel coming up”* about this story *one o… an attitude like that I'm amazed Starfleet ever promoted him further than Lieutenant Junior Grade...’s Tips Part 11 (The great horse debate ) #tonystips #thehorsedebate
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @quantick @outonbluesix The earliest graffito I remember that really made an impact on me is, of course, BALLS TO E… @outonbluesix @quantick Brilliant! @outonbluesix @quantick Not the first graffiti I remember, but surely the most pointlessly vague. @outonbluesix @quantick PROTEST NOW STOP and nothing else on a railway bridge across Balmoral Road in Watford. It w… @outonbluesix “Yes, I think you probably do”. @johnharris1969 And when or if the sun shines lighting our once beautiful features, we’ll smile- but only for secon…
@prodnose This is totally my sort of thing! @prodnose Cheers! Always intrigued by your 7" choice. A Regal Zonophone A label tonight. Which one is it? @JudahWar @AlanKelloggs @johnharris1969 Yes! @timscottitv @LukeHaines_News @johnharris1969 How long before the drums come in? Too long to qualify! Woody had tim… @rcscribbler Hawkwind are very often underrated. I once took the roof off a mod/Britpop disco in Stockholm by playi… @quantick I had a Josella Playton moment the other day when I was queuing to get into the supermarket and got recog… @ScotlandJim @johnharris1969 No. How long does it go on until the rest of the band turn up? Too long, that's how lo… @AlanKelloggs About the only fill I can play with any finesse. @LukeHaines_News @johnharris1969 Oh YES this is my sort of thing entirely! Thanks, Luke. @Jeremymortimer @johnharris1969 That's a definite bit of naked vocal at the top of the tune, though. Sets the scene… @SamuelsNeil @rhodri It's true, although I barely manage the whole tune without making a hash of it. I'm not a very… @johnjudejack @johnharris1969 Top 75! @AlanKelloggs @johnharris1969 There are very few, and that's one of them. @LukeHaines_News @johnharris1969 Yes, sort of, though We Can Work It Out is closer to what I'm driving at. @simgeo35 @johnharris1969 Great song, but that's a definite intro there. So good they do it later on in the song. @alexmclaughlan @johnharris1969 All in together is what I'm looking for!David Godin profiled by James Truman. The Face, October 1983. #TheFace #October #MyLifeInTheUKMusicPress #1983
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @AlanKelloggs @johnharris1969 That's the one! Turns out The Beatles were quite good at it too...the follow up game… @alexmclaughlan @johnharris1969 Too much of a preamble. Great song though @JemMilner @johnharris1969 That's a good one! @KerryKezza1966 I'm the wrong person to ask sinceI don't use any software to DJ, I'm still a vinyl or compact disc jockey. Sorry about that! @rick_foot @johnharris1969 There's a whole lot of music before the singing starts, so no. In spite of that, it's a great intro.Knighted? He should get knotted @bristolanimator @johnharris1969 If it made the uk singles chart then yes. @NickJParry @johnharris1969 Absolutely not. That vocal a Capella bit at the beginning is an intro. Straight into th… @quantick No! And I don't know anything about gas boilers neither. #NationalPunchlinesDatabase @johnharris1969 Hey Jude starts with a “Hey” before the piano comes in, and it’s ages before the rest of the band t… @johnharris1969 (See also “Motown chart hits that don’t fade out”) @johnharris1969 The drum roll goes on longer than the other one I can think of, so it’s not that! Barely one beat,… @johnharris1969 Highest ever charting import single. One of only two UK chart hits that I can think of that start w…
We’ll have to avoid Watford. The place is crawling with Daleks... @quantick Michael Fabricant looks like all of the Lambrettas at once, as I’ve pointed out before. @andylewisuk @sohoradio Was just playing my 3" CD single of this yesterday afternoon!
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @andylewisuk @sohoradio Thanks for helping me keep sane! Take care over the next few weeks everyone at #sohoradio
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @Stevemor40 @sohoradio Thanks for listening in! @DNAtkinson @sohoradio @Mayfield_Studio Thanks for listening and I'm glad you like it!2 things that did not change since lockdown... house cleaning at saturday midday with soundtrack the one and only…
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @gracepetrie @outonbluesix'll be on @sohoradio as usual at midday. Business as usual @rhodri Every Mellotron I have ever used gets set to Flute and soundchecked with this.
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @outonbluesix Don’t talk to me, or anyone else trying to get “verified” for Universal Credit at the moment, about c… birthday Andrew Bown @MickeyUndertone Oh my. Responsible for one of the greatest ever theme tunes... @WesleyDoyleUK It's like riding a bike!Well goodbye old world, it was fun while it lasted Chinook helicopter flew over central London just now, loaded up with bog roll, pasta and paracetamol and heading straight for Number 10.#innerlight2020 sing a line, verse or chorus from a Beatles song, raises money for Covid-19 relief. Pass it on
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @johnharris1969 Tell her to keep up the good work. She’s really good, and will only get better. @johnharris1969 Nothing I’ve ever played on or produced gives me as much pleasure as the crash cymbal on “git” right now. Brilliant. @robertrotifer @RaleghLong I don't know when it's from, this song, but if it's just been recorded it doesn't half make you wonder. @robertrotifer @RaleghLong You know what it reminds me of? @BibiLynch Only there aren't any eggs. @quantick Saturday Night’s All Right For Skyping #isolationElton @johnharris1969 Fire escape solutions require time and a chance to relax
The 'Party of Business' don't understand business, do they? 80% of self-employed *profits* means we still have al…
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @AlanKelloggs John Phillips And The Bottle Openers (Phillips was his middle name. Yes it was!)Good job Avid et al didn't move over to a subscription model, eh? Cos that would have made things tricky right now. Oh.
Retweeted by Andy Lewis @prodnose It's Dr Martens' apocalypseWho is this journalist guy saying "won't some people just take the money and stay at home?" Isn't that the whole fucking point?!! @Jacecampbell03 Keep up the good work!Self employed people are a Tory dream. We have no sick pay, no holiday entitlement, no job security, no pension and…
Retweeted by Andy LewisThese record shops have made their online spaces as pleasing their physical counterparts:
Retweeted by Andy LewisAlso, it’s “Blow man, blow!” not “Suck man, suck!”“Dyson” auto corrects to “Dysentery”. There’s a reason for them not to move into medical tech, right there.
@DaveRowntree I think Alex handed it to me as you came off after the encore. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I… @DaveRowntree That show was amazing. I have a toy sheep someone threw onstage. There’s a note attached. Let me see if I can find it... @DaveRowntree The sticker from the auction was still on it when you toured with it! @owenhatherley Also this. Possibly one of my favourite ever songs @owenhatherley May I humbly suggest this @simonth Well, with two tours cancelled, no DJ gigs and a load of production work on hold until the crisis is over,…