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Andy Milonakis @andymilonakis Koreatown, Los Angeles

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@chelseaperetti soy sauce and wasabi flavored almonds or some Tzatziki with pita chips @PissedOffMcGraw You’re a loser I’m not going to “un” block youI love black people and the only reason racists don’t is because their brains are so fucked up and damaged that the… @AvaGG 😎 @AvaGG my photosynthesis brings all the flies to the yard. Ok i'm done, im a weirdo @AvaGG What are you a Penis fly trap?
@FaZe_Rain be strong for your friends and loved ones, when you are in the wrong headspace it's not a good time to m… that poor young girl #PoliceBrutality #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutalityPandemic
Retweeted by Andy Milonakis @schmvttvrling People say that to every tweet I write nowRacism is a mental disease @TTfue you digging Warzone? It's so fun besides the stupid ass big trucks and rockets.Can we some numbers of how many officers resigned in different US States after seeing all these videos of straight… you're on the ground,'re still not allowed to simply talk or you get sprayed? Disgusting @thechadallan nope, not even closeYou just passed the police psychological exam. You can pick up your badge in the morning. @vinny_latham maybe some day
Who is this serving? Who is this protecting?
Retweeted by Andy Milonakis @aidiw00 not if they sneakly dip to the side really quickly and aim right for their eyes. Fucking grossWe're just concerned for your safety (3 seconds later) *goes up to protester that is walking away from a busy area,… @MasonTryst Yeah a lot of people stole it from me it’s all good @Wild_West_RP @imaSpaceboy thanks @imaSpaceboy @Wild_West_RP thanks for reminding me. I just did made one right now because of this tweet
@labeepyoself no the odds of the other one was like 1 in a trillion, no point in trying that. That type of stuff happens or it doesntEmpathy seems like the most underrated character trait, too many sociopaths @cody_b_ Shaking in my boots 🥾 @taylor_hickman doubt it :) @Jamham666 good riddance pussy
@REALMizkif @Greekgodx @pokelawls Hypocrite Andy over there. Congrats on the house @JoshDarnit haha nah it slowed down but it's still crazynot even 4 million. I'm a scrub. Should I delete it?Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
Retweeted by Andy Milonakis @BrianLynch thanks baby doll @_wadexwilson thanks for the info, i will pick another oneyour mom should have cancelled our date, now you're my step son and oh yeah, you have a baby brother coming soon didn't cave, there are enough stubborn, hard headed people in the world. I'm always willing to listen. I'm still… having a tweet that blew up worldwide & seeing the trash anonymous racists in the comments made me a little j… @andymilonakis Just spreading the word on it or being involved by donating or protesting is amazing. Any platform i…
Retweeted by Andy MilonakisBe honest. If I helped big in other ways/other platforms but I didn't bring the conversation to twitter. Would you… @SidemenExtra im not saying BLM is just drama, I'm saying twitter is drama @Slasher And if I do press because of that tweet, I absolutely will, but making a statement in the newspaper or on… @Slasher I see that it's a good way of spreading that. Maybe I'm jaded when my popular tweet is filled with thousan… to get cancelled. The drama hounds are out. I better get my publicist to start writing something really profound @Slasher I think it's spitting in the face of people who are out their every day peacefully protesting....To use yo… @Bjorn_ow Just keep copy and pasting my tweets, maybe you'll learn something @Bjorn_ow you got the answer you wanted by making it up. Whatever makes you happy. @Bjorn_ow maybe you don't know how to read @Bjorn_ow no, maybe reread the sentence a few times until you get it @nectrons Keep assuming shit, weirdo. NicePeople on twitter complaining that I'm not currently using the platform to talk about what's going on right now. Th… @Canna_Bae_ @SpaceX Who are you? Don’t force that shit on me. Take your soap box somewhere else. I already have ten… @FloNellessen thanks @BoostedJ Haha word @ShoganNinja @SpaceX I didn't say it was weirdo @Makalijohn8 Nah, the numbers are slowing down a bit. 4m might happen thoI was lucky enough to get a guided tour of @SpaceX a few years ago. It was like the Willy Wonkas Chocolate factory… @Zedd thanks for liking my tweet man, I loved your house tour @Sa6mie haha who?
@1983CJ8 no @Jimmy08323668 35k about @koppes_josh i got about 35K followersSomeone asked to see the analytics of the tweet so i might as well put it on my timeline. @StephMBuck I’d rather have you make assumptions, isn’t that how twitter works? @StephMBuck funny because sometimes I wish all the people on a soap box talking on twitter instead of actually doin… @KevinRobMartin Crazy manJust hit 3.1 Mil. The top 3 liked tweets of all time are.... Obama, Obama and some fat washed up MTV Star. hahaha @subject_nope nice assumption, I didn't steal shit @multifanisshook haha nutsThe Island of Crete in Greece. Where my dad was born and raised. ♥️ @TomDwan dm'd it to u @TomDwan thanks bro @TomDwan Tom I miss you man @dave_petr oh nice, thanks man @mrskimyadawson I'm downWHAT? My tweet is the 5th most liked tweet of all time? Is this real life. I've been a twitter fan for over a decad… Million likes. CrazyWowww 1 million likes!!!!! @stonecold2050 thanks for stealing my tweet bro @gtconway3d Thanks that was my tweetJust got almost 700k likes on a single tweet. I'm going to Disney Wo.......oh wait. Never mind
@FATJEW thx for the postholy shit first time I hit 100k likes on a tweet, after being on here for over 10 years. Thanks babies @inthedark9232 :) @Rdiigen good pointCongratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice @SeelbinderScott No problem man, sorry you have to go through that shit @KEEMSTAR it's not a game, I'm moving to MarsSo long and thanks for all the fish @70sShawty damn right🥡NEW EPISODE ALERT🥡 Comedy legend @AndyMilonakis teams up with @Dumbfoundead to talk Anthony Bourdain and bust a ta…
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@Seymour34770445 I’ve had plenty of jobs before and your assumption that I don’t work is stupid. You can have money and still work hard @Dinozoz nice @Seymour34770445 BullshitHow many people on LSF does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 1000. 1 clip of a streamer to twist it in and 999 comm… anyone feel a complete numbness when thinking about how fucked up humanity is? @anything4views @keemstar fuck off i can only find the facebook link to this, remember this shit?Σε αγαπώ