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Just found out the older British woman who’s been looking after my children is actually my EX-HUSBAND IN A COSTUME ????
Retweeted by Andy RichterIf Democrats win in Georgia marijuana will be decriminalized nationwide.
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Retweeted by Andy Richter @kibblesmith Mister, your van is getting towed“Most people prefer a gentle laxative, but I’m not most people. I want a laxative that’s mean...” - me at a virtual inauguration partyI think we owe it to these folks to take them at their word that they truly, really, deeply do not care how many pe…
Retweeted by Andy RichterHi friends! 💙 A blue Senate is necessary to passing vital legislation *like covid relief* which will help SAVE live…
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The theme of this book, Liberal Privilege, is about how liberals enjoy unearned privileges in life.
Retweeted by Andy RichterHey, let’s #ShowUpForGeorgia! I’m all in to take back the Senate — are you? Join me here:
Retweeted by Andy RichterI love her
Retweeted by Andy RichterAntonio Gades baila "All day and all of the night" de The Kinks versionada por Los Shakers, en la película 'Último…
Retweeted by Andy Richter"If those of you in the Senate are willing to stand strong and wage a principled fight, some of your Republican col…
Retweeted by Andy Richter @scottgairdner Well, it’s not like there’s anything else going on to pour your energies intoAn open letter to @Sen_JoeManchin to share with his colleagues in Congress: Our movement is deeply concerned about…
Retweeted by Andy RichterIn 2020, Biden won the popular vote by 7 million votes. In 2016, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes.…
Retweeted by Andy RichterAll eyes on Georgia. Let's keep winning! We've already raised $100K, but I think we can hit $250K over the weekend…
Listen to emo queen and "former CONAN PA" @phoebe_bridgers on "The Three Questions with @AndyRichter."…
Retweeted by Andy RichterHappy 72nd birthday to Oz. Hope you have a great day!
Retweeted by Andy RichterDescribing a decision not to celebrate treason in defense of human bondage as “woke” is an illuminating definition…
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This thread is absolutely extraordinary. A huge swath of American voters have bugs crawling around their brains:
Retweeted by Andy Richter @KenJennings How voice text thought this tweet should go, btw @KenJennings Still not enough, imo. You have to get it detailed @DanMentos Thanks, Dan. I try very hard to be entertaining, because life is rough enough, you know? Anyway, your ap… can’t stop thinking about how my daughter murdered me. *me, in car singing along to the radio* “You’re a really… @edwardderuiter YesI’m a rocker*! * if I have to stand in one spot for longer than 30 seconds, nervous energy causes me to sway back… my pardon include several films?
Retweeted by Andy Richter @imteddybless She’s stolen a bridesmaid’s dressThis is what cold, hard fury sounds like.
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Grammy nominated singer/songwriter @phoebe_bridgers joins @AndyRichter on "The Three Questions" this week. Listen n…
Retweeted by Andy RichterPRO TIP: when you become president, right after you take the oath of office, immediately preemptively pardon all your brosPolice complaint against Rosa Parks, sixty-five years ago today:
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Retweeted by Andy Richter#GiveThanksToGeorgia and get a Senate that passes helpful legislation, not conspiracies. We need to raise $50,000… to Georgia, Take the Senate! #GiveThanksToGeorgia and donate:
Retweeted by Andy RichterIf you like ⁦@phoebe_bridgers⁩ you will definitely want to hear me talk to her on the 3 Questions right now about getting my dog a cell phone so when she’s in the backyard I can text her to stop barkingI asked @phoebe_bridgers to be on my podcast (well, I didn’t personally ask) and she said yes and tomorrow you can… @LilyYily tyvm @LilyYily link? @Merman_Melville See? Annoying. @TVsAndyDaly Better wear your glasses! Because you need glasses! Ha!If you taxed Jeff Bezos at 99% of his net worth, he’d still be one of the richest people in the world. That’s it.…
Retweeted by Andy Richterwhere is she now
Retweeted by Andy Richter @maggieserota Excellent idea for resorts: hey, guests, come blow up a boat
@DylanGelula Lovely @emmkayeff The answer is always yes! @emmkayeff "Y'all ready to blow this boat up?"Eating a pangolin
Retweeted by Andy RichterGive to Georgia, Take the Senate! #GiveThanksToGeorgia and donate:
Retweeted by Andy Richterthis is really powerful
Retweeted by Andy Richter @caitiedelaney But it could potentially mean broken glass in your cake! And possible injury! Yum! @LEBassett Because of the cyber @owillis No way! Fuck all y’all! @ConorBronsdon @TheRiverWanders Did you see the “answer”? 😂
Retweeted by Andy Richter*dials 911* Hi I'd like to report a murder
Retweeted by Andy RichterHackers, 1995
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Retweeted by Andy Richter @BrotiGupta Please check first, my cortisol levels are through the roof now @saladinahmed That’s greatYou should listen to more Fats Domino. I took him for granted for most of my life, but he is fucking great. 1959 HI… @KatieTwoHands I think the moral of the story is to stay out of crosswalksI JUST figured out that the Cowboy Junkies’ version of Sweet Jane is just them singing Sweet Jane over the music fr… @DanMentos Man, do they reek of piss! @NiceGoingDanzig IT COULD BE A KIA (it isn’t) @MateoTorgy You see how it says “EV tweet”? That was to indicate that its subject matter was electric vehicles. It… can’t prove it, but based on observed behavior, I have a theory that lots of ppl traded in their BMW’s for TeslasEV tweet: I drive an electric car of Korean descent. In Bev Hills & all 4 electric car spots in parking structure h… I were the architect of the child separations I would not be asking complete strangers to celebrate the birth of…
Retweeted by Andy RichterThose. Were. Big. Counties. Reporting. Their. Vote. Totals.
Retweeted by Andy Richter @blainecapatch @AndyKindler No @HelloCullen Is this about Dexter?Maybe I won’t watch the Bears game @LukeMones I want that vest backStar Wars Detours is a terrific animated show that was produced nearly a decade ago and sadly has never seen the li…
Retweeted by Andy Richter @katienotopoulos Right
@toddlevin That fucking font is unhinged! It's gonna drive the squares bananas! FUCKING MONSTERS @toddstarnes This is not the burn you think it isFederico Fellini and Giulietta Masina 💕🎥
Retweeted by Andy Richter @toddstarnes Yes, and you do, too, Todd, and you know why. And now you’re going to have to spend years ranting and…“We all know” “It’s a fact” “It’s obvious” Perhaps deep down they know it’s bullshit because they all constantly ov… 30 years of dating David Sedaris, Hugh Hamrick finally tells his side of their story
Retweeted by Andy RichterCheck out Bones’ eye makeup. Distractingly pretty. @ArmandoNDK I forgot to say full disclosure iBy the way, I just saw this in the store. I was not buying it for my sweet angel who does not eat poop. Sometimes s…
I’m sorry, buddy, but we both know this needs to happen Parade >>>> Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
Retweeted by Andy Richter @PFTompkins One that smells like peeIt seems that the people who are all in for white male rule are at the quitting-and-taking-their-ball-home stage. B… fun over here in smokers @KFILE I’m so sorry, AndrewWhat animal is your heart? Is one of my favourite poetry questions. But I've never had an answer like this. Kyla is…
Retweeted by Andy RichterI understand the fear that federal prosecution further inflames the Trumpists. But failure to prosecute a racketeer…
Retweeted by Andy RichterTime Is A Precious Gift! WOOOOO!
Retweeted by Andy RichterGeorgia is a BLUE state Give to Georgia, Take the Senate! #GiveThanksToGeorgia and donate:
Retweeted by Andy Richter @bransonreese Yosemite Sam erasureGive to Georgia, Take the Senate! #GiveThanksToGeorgia and donate:
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