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Lisa Frank meets Tom Of Finland | Roger Smith persona | marketing director @hellotushy | #BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter

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God when he was planning out 2020: #AllStars5 #DragRace
Retweeted by αɳԃყSome of y’all be looking like this when infringing upon others doesn’t go your way
Retweeted by αɳԃყ @sassyblackdiva the king is very spitty to believe India’s boyfriend was fully wearing Coco Montrese’s blue contacts because they both live in VegasYou’ve Got Mail, but it takes place on the dark web
Retweeted by αɳԃყI wish this season of All-Stars was just Jujubee’s talking heads #AllStars5Not Cracker making the same Gaga joke two weeks in a row #AllStars5
@coreykindberg yes definitely @bexandcall I’m trying to win!!! The secret to success on this show is being tall lmao @bexandcall Ok you’re in but if someone with longer legs applies I can’t make any promises @lapdogofficial Michael Cimino has one week to suck a dick or tender his resignation 😤Happy Hamilton Day everyone
Retweeted by αɳԃყI need to assemble my Floor Is Lava dream team.The fact I am not an Emmy voter is a failure on the part of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. @_Brodes I thought nipples were against TOS @NJDG No. ❤️ @NJDG In what universe is Bezos as secretary of commerce something people would want @kenny_benj @Johnatron4000 This was my plan too, feels like everyone else is beating us to itI’m in love I’m in love @speeeena Been there, the only thing more absurd is when they try to force you to change the actual medication @Pschlarm @Johnatron4000 he contains multitudes! @_Brodes Isabelle lives in the back room of City Hall with Tom Nook and hasn’t been outside the building since the… lovers, When you download @disneyplus to watch @HamiltonMusical today, here is a list of other shows you sh…
Retweeted by αɳԃყIf @ladygaga and @arianagrande Rain on Me was shot in Nigeria! Please tag @ladygaga @arianagrande till they see t…
Retweeted by αɳԃყ @OffBrandHeels @JoeWadlington ok but going back to the conversation earlier...did you have these bad boys @kwprime 🥱 amateur hour. TUSHY Ottoman is taller @samcorb Ru had a pointI don’t know what’s going on with Jada, but celebrity couples that got married in 1997 are forever. @dirtbagalien I want to know how Lucy Hale has somehow gotten infinite chances as a TV lead 👀
@monchhiciii He looks like a mini version of Chad @NJDG @OffBrandHeels @JoeWadlington 😍 @NJDG @JoeWadlington show us yours @JoeWadlington Go with bamboo @JoeWadlington You really should! Every home needs a bidet @JoeWadlington I am pretty sure seeing his armpit one afternoon is what awoke the baby 🚬 @JoeWadlington Tommy is still my man. @jono_thon I miss that blog @monchhiciii a defining power couple @DiscreetLatino no cops at pride...bad newsMe on the patio, not smoking someone brings up XES, all I can hear is Natalie Portman doing the Jackie accent saying “there won’t be an… @Peteyville I love looking up at you my tall king 😍Really hope Trump supporters don’t crowd theaters to see this or refuse to wear masks if they do 🥺🙏 @tdobshinsky @OffBrandHeels @_Brodes all the more reason for you to both become cam girls instead 😤
@TheAdamSass this is so sweet. do you have noise canceling headphones? That might help you avoid the “BORK BORK WHY… camera work fucking unfriendly reminder that reforms don't work because the only ones who can actually hold police accou…
Retweeted by αɳԃყDANG A LANG @Peteyville we have one like this @Peteyville If you keep forgetting to let the water sit, try getting a filter for your tap @samcorb This has big Bedder’s-Close-Friends-Spying-On-Sam energy @salvucciodamico What a terrible note to end pride on @fauxdeity Bond girls @robertguenette TY 🥺ANYWAY if you'd like to watch me and my pimple talk about growth marketing tomorrow night, sign-up here! @ANTFERNY mathk kingLove that throughout quarantine and isolation my skin and skincare routine kept glowing up, but now that I am prese… @JarettSays by the end of the show the way she held her iced coffee was the only thing likable about Nancy Botwin @JoeWadlington So while I’d love to pull ads from Facebook for a month, it is essentially a deathwish for any DTC brand. @JoeWadlington It also basically sets up these smaller companies to fail. Big corps that don’t rely on direct trave… @JoeWadlington Here’s the thing no one wants to solve for. There are so many small DTC brands (like my own) that ar…
@jpbrammer not this @MaxxAtom THEE great Harry Houdini @coreykindberg Goth Coco is such a rare Coco @jono_thon It might be a little of both. Did they give you a reason to break your trust?Chelsko Send tweetwell
Retweeted by αɳԃყ @DiscreetLatino “I like turtles.”You meet @DiscreetLatino’s 15 year old self. You are allowed to say three words. What do you say?🤔🙂 @PatchNavillus (I mean Lucy and Marissa) @PatchNavillus they are very good friends!!! @goldisacks That’s something we can both agree onHurry it up. @TDude1764 @davidmackau Maybe consider the hyperviolent rhetoric in these replies does nothing to help disprove his statement @theruraljuror_ The best are the ones from Nancy and the DCCC that are basically the Nina Bonina “well it’s over” meme @davidmackau The replies suggest you’ve quickly struck a nerve.Is Kim buying remy bundles for her Friesians?
@NJDG they literally make something to prevent this for people this lazyReally appreciate the CDC and WHO in a constant race to see who can inspire more dread.
Retweeted by αɳԃყWhy hasn't @BenKallos committed to #DefundNYPD?
Retweeted by αɳԃყ @interropangs !!!! @goldisacks This take feels ableist. @ChrisMySass @_megalodon666 omg a ven diagram of TUSHY users and ppl who buy books on Amazon would be two separate circlesAnd you thought your Philosophy degree was worthless
Retweeted by αɳԃყPOV, you're my trainer and I just paid you a lot of money to tell me to pick things up and put them back down @DiscreetLatino gender neutrality @RPinHD Oh totally, but I guest what I meant by redemption arc isn’t the literal televised version but just public… @DiscreetLatino drop the cam4 link @RPinHD That’s valid, and the unfortunate reality is there is no promise of a redemption arc bc those bridges went up in smoke a while ago @RPinHD Like...season 2 winner, second Black queen to win, the work room antics left a lasting impression in a way… @RPinHD Tyra is such a weird case when it comes to the show bc there are definite problems with racism, transphobia… @RPinHD Also having a whole ass conversation with his other account like they're not the same person???I don’t know who needs to hear this, but taking a selfie with friends while you’re out in public with a mask around… @ChrisDStedman Well. What *are* you going to dopeople wearing masks without covering their nose
Retweeted by αɳԃყWe're going to take this very slowly. 1. Please stop killing us 2. Stop removing episodes and pop culture relics a…
Retweeted by αɳԃყ @MaxxAtom No.❤️ @turnandstomp Harriet the Spy taught me all I know about petty vengeance. This scene also taught me that if you wan…