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Andy Stanford-Clark @andysc Isle of Wight, UK

IBM CTO - UK & Ireland. Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor. IoT, MQTT. Long distance runner. Maker. @iwhiddenheroes. My views are my own.

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Looking forward to hosting #CTOforum event this evening on “Journey to Cloud”... what anecdotes do *you* have to share? @psychemedia @goatchurch I like them for following tutorials, but for development it doesn’t seem quite right... I’… @psychemedia @goatchurch @goatchurch have you linked notebooks to MQTT, so you have an “in” topic and an “out” topic to chat over?? @psychemedia I use them for almost all my python stuff, which is mostly qiskit (quantum computing). @goatchurch is…
@ruskin147 Safety driver...? More like a person walking in front with a flag ;) @trig11 @Martin_Adams It’s a wonderful thing! @Martin_Adams You know about the press and hold space bar thing, right?
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @synapticity @andypiper @ubuntu @popey @lauracowen probably not quite enough CPU power to do wobbly windows properly, LoL! @synapticity @andypiper @ubuntu @popey @lauracowen epic! @tony_hickman @ubuntu @popey @lauracowen yeah - not mine, I hasten to add @CertasBusiness how can I email you about an oil order, please? Or can I DM you and sort it out? @certasbusiness … one for you, I think…LoL: “Unfortunately is not a monitored mailbox”. Don’t call it “support” then, you idiots! #UXfailOpportunities Abound With Enterprise IoT Adoption. Learn what's next from thought leaders at these 5 companies: Blu…
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @andypiper @ubuntu @popey @lauracowen I have a Mac as my everyday work machine... not the Ubuntu system I used for about 10 years...
Wow, blast from the past! Found an ancient machine with @ubuntu #IntrepidIbex (2008!) on it, complete with wobbly w…
@holly_cummins @LazzaroChris The back should say “We do” ;) @iowct @RunMoreEatMore @GCHQ The oregano is unusually crunchy for the time of year, Vladislav! @RunMoreEatMore I’ll send pizza...! @woodpunk @tynemouthsw @Lillput You are most welcome :) @woodpunk @tynemouthsw @Lillput awesome! @woodpunk @Lillput I think I’d have a real dilemma with the keyboard... maybe build electronics to scan the matrix… @woodpunk <gasp>! @BadDogDesigns_ Marvellous! @BadDogDesigns_ Oh, probably not (now I think about how they work inside). Unix time? @BadDogDesigns_ Could they show the date?? @BadDogDesigns_ A thing of beauty (again!). Do the dials go round?Finished the Power Meter clock.. Question is, do I use it to tell the time, or disarm it! Made from lots of period…
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@nmcl @jbossdeveloper @RHMiddleware Looking forward to it!At IBM CTO Forum next week with @andysc talking about our journey to cloud @jbossdeveloper @RHMiddleware
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-ClarkThanks for all your suggestions for small arduinos. Just back from a couple of days away - I’ll sift through the re… this day, I'm amazed that students in the field of #quantumcomputing have free access to awesome multi-qubit dev…
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @embedded_iot Ah yes, I bought some of those ages ago...lmk if you work out how to reflash them, please!
@embedded_iot @p0welly Wow, tags on *all* products?!! @andysc @ForrisHilier @ste5eu But this one goes upto #1FFFFFF OK, it isn't quite the same as " this one goes up to 11" but you get the idea
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@ForrisHilier @ste5eu Definitely this. Avoid #FFFFFF ! @davekmorley @ste5eu Yes, I often power a #gloworb (Wemos plus a single neopixel) on a cheap power bank for pretty… @markusvankempen awesome. Epic battery <wink>#MakersHelp what’s the physically smallest #Arduino-like device that can light a NeoPixel? Pro-Mini? LilyPad?? Needs to be 5V power @ben_everard @ste5eu Write a blog post: that will be really valuable data :) @ben_everard @ste5eu Running power to the far end also helps. @ben_everard @ste5eu Is this with long runs? @ben_everard @ste5eu here’s the start of a 360 LED run on my recent project… @ben_everard @ste5eu they’re very forgiving: you can power them with 5V and control them with 3v3. Unless you have… @ben_everard @ste5eu short wires and a 1000uF capacitor have been the answers when I’ve had those kinds of problems… @ste5eu No, it looks after itself rather well, and neopixels are quite forgiving :) @DrLucyRogers @ste5eu You do! @ste5eu See any number of @DrLucyRogers’ Wemos projects, eg at @ste5eu Make sure you’re using a pin that’s not being pulled around by something else. D2 is a good bet. @ste5eu Yes, from the Wemos 5v pin. @ste5eu Neopixels? I have never had a problem not using a level shifter... and powering them with the 5v line. Cur…
@cheerlights blue @ZXGuesser @peter_mount @TheMagPi Thanks! @peter_mount @andysc @TheMagPi Don't follow those instructions as they're horribly out of date, and for a now aband…
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @amgarratt @pilgrimbeart STATOY! @ajgbarnes @SamAOneill @PrieshK @DavidBlanch @liisabarclay Happy Birthday :)
@embedded_iot @iotwatch Physical-Digital-Twin ... :) @iotwatch We’ve done quite a lot of DT predictive modelling on our @IBMIoT HQ in Munich. We should chat :) @clarksn @amcewen @DoESLiverpool Yes, I agree. I think #mqtt over serial from a PET would be quite cool enough! @peter_mount @TheMagPi thanks! @TheMagPi this is amazing! :) The link on on “How to build a Teefax teletext system on your… @embedded_iot @TuringTumble @DoESLiverpool how very dare they ;) @embedded_iot @TuringTumble @DoESLiverpool I really must have a play... had it nearly 2 years now, I think?! @ajgbarnes @SamAOneill @DavidBlanch @prlacey @liisabarclay @DrLucyRogers @johncohnvt @alexsmelamed @pragmatik
@tanurai that is SO cool @grifferz Great debugging there, Andy! @amcewen @DoESLiverpool I wonder if my TRS-80 model IV still fires up?? @amcewen @DoESLiverpool I wonder if you could connect it, across that new fangled “internet” magic to @clarksn’s PET?? @tanurai @nifty1a It will be interesting to see if it lights up in such scanners...or even in the RFID hoops in shops... @tanurai That is so cool! Does it glow when you pay by tap?? @dawnahukanna @JoeBaguley Stay safe, Dawn!
Wow. Just wow!
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @hardillb @AskPayPal I agree. I puzzle over this also. It’s like it goes off somewhere to see if the cookies confir… Turing machine now able to execute BF programs.. it turns out that ">[>]<+[<]>>>>>>>-->+++>+>--<<<<<" is the an…
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@jarkman Oooh, those look like serious business :) I really like my #bosch cordless, that I bought following many c… @andysc A restaurant in Bermuda once served me a flaming rum coffee, in a glass which shattered and poured it onto…
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @kiwidonkey Adding insult to injury, literally! @SimonPJelley @hifromkatie Yes, this one is great!A fabulous evening at @OTRyarmouth with @ComedyDinner1 ! Great show :) Basil!! @embedded_iot Ah yes, I did have a similar thought about polling “setmyhomework” to see if you have any @RF_Travel_News No comment @RF_Travel_News ?? @RF_Travel_News 6 was fine for the 0715. What suddenly happened? Is it the same thing that happened to 4 on the 064… where credit’s due for our day’s entertainment from yesterday! @mikewilks yes, I didn’t know you were on twitter, Mike, otherwise I would certainly have given due credit for this gem!
@CleaCoulter ha, brilliant!LoL, or “hay storage” as anyone who’s ever been near a field would know! @BBCNews @teknoteacher that’s great - you could sell those! @Steeleybobs @AWRunFitness just take it gently and increase gradually :) @marketingtom Connaught Rooms, apparently @andysc
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @andysc Haha 😄 It reminds me of this -
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @djh LoL, well remembered! @marketingtom not sure where it is - a colleague posted it on slack :) @abxlabs Similar lesson learned at a pavement cafe in St Helier: don’t pause from eating with a bacon sandwich in y…“Literally”
My friend CTT came up with a very interesting design for proximity sensing, no-contact elevator buttons- that still…
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-Clark @pinski1_ @taraannosaur @DrLucyRogers Great tip!Still, at least they didn’t do a “suggested 15% tip added for your comfort and convenience”, so I didn’t have to take it off the bill.
Retweeted by Andy Stanford-ClarkRiding down a glacier was never the smartest thing mankind has come up with. #DarwinAwards
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